“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”― Dr. Seuss

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”― Abraham Lincoln

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
― Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married

“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”― Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”― Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

“The Paradoxical Commandments
People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.
The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.
The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.
People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.”
― Kent M. Keith, The Silent Revolution: Dynamic Leadership in the Student Council

The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce
“The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.

From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.”
― Frederick Lewis Donaldson

“There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”
― Albert Camus

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel
that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words but great deeds.
To live in faith that the whole world is on your side
so long as you are true to the best that is in you.”
― Christian D. Larson, Your Forces and How to Use Them

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”― Tom Bodett

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
― Charles M. Schulz

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”― Jonathan Safran Foer

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.”― Gabriel García Márquez

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
― George Burns

“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.”― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes”.”
― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson

“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.”
― Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”
― Mark Twain

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”
― Paul Simon

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”― W.P. Kinsella

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”
― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild
“The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”― Bette Midler

“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing you hold the whole world.”
― Orhan Pamuk, Snow

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.”
― Ayn Rand

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

“It’s like Tolstoy said. Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

“please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. And i will always believe the same about you.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“I’m happy. Which often looks like crazy.”― David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

“All happiness depends on courage and work.”
― Honoré de Balzac

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”
― Mark Twain

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

“The Paradoxical Commandments
People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.
The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway.
The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
Think big anyway.
People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you have anyway.”
― Kent M. Keith, The Silent Revolution: Dynamic Leadership in the Student Council

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
― Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married

“It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
― Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce
“The Seven Social Sins are:
Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Worship without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.

From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.”
― Frederick Lewis Donaldson

“There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”
― Albert Camus

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
― John Lennon

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel
that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words but great deeds.
To live in faith that the whole world is on your side
so long as you are true to the best that is in you.”
― Christian D. Larson, Your Forces and How to Use Them

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
― Tom Bodett

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”
― Audrey Hepburn

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
― Charles M. Schulz

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.”
― Gabriel García Márquez

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
― George Burns

“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

“You can’t be happy unless you’re unhappy sometimes”.”
― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson

“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.”
― Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”
― Mark Twain

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.”
― Paul Simon

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
― W.P. Kinsella

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

“Happiness [is] only real when shared”
― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

“The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”
― Bette Midler

“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing you hold the whole world.”
― Orhan Pamuk, Snow

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.”
― Ayn Rand

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

“It’s like Tolstoy said. Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

“please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. And i will always believe the same about you.”
― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being A Wallflower

“I’m happy. Which often looks like crazy.”
― David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

“All happiness depends on courage and work.”
― Honoré de Balzac

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”
― Mark Twain

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”
― Steve Maraboli

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”
― George Washington Burnap, The Sphere and Duties of Woman: A Course of Lectures

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”
― Mother Teresa

“I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride.”
― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

“I think and think and think, I‘ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer

“I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”
― Hunter S. Thompson

“Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground, White Nights, The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, and Selections from The House of the Dead

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon.”
― Edward Lear, The Owl and the Pussycat

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.”
― Charlotte Brontë

“One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.”
― Rita Mae Brown

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”
― Aristotle

“It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“I know that’s what people say– you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, youll be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him.”
― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

“I’d far rather be happy than right any day.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

, the sound of the sea. Nothing else.”
― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Sometimes life knocks you on your ass… get up, get up, get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“People like to say love is unconditional, but it’s not, and even if it was unconditional, it’s still never free. There’s always an expectation attached. They always want something in return. Like they want you to be happy or whatever and that makes you automatically responsible for their happiness because they won’t be happy unless you are … I just don’t want that responsibility.”
― Katja Millay, The Sea of Tranquility

“Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.”
― Robert Frost

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Generally speaking, the most miserable people I know are those who are obsessed with themselves; the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others…By and large, I have come to see that if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.”
― Roman Payne

“Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the overcompensations for misery. And, of course, stability isn’t nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“Maybe the truth is, there’s a little bit of loser in all of us. Being happy isn’t having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it’s about stringing together all the little things.”
― Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”
― Aristotle

“I am the happiest creature in the world. Perhaps other people have said so before, but not one with such justice. I am happier even than Jane; she only smiles, I laugh.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

“Happiness is an accident of nature, a beautiful and flawless aberration.”
― Pat Conroy, The Lords of Discipline

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

“Ester asked why people are sad.
“That’s simple,” says the old man. “They are the prisoners of their personal history. Everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan. They never ask if that plan is theirs or if it was created by another person. They accumulate experiences, memories, things, other people’s ideas, and it is more than they can possibly cope with. And that is why they forget their dreams.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

“I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in, could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane

“Happily ever after, or even just together ever after, is not cheesy,” Wren said. “It’s the noblest, like, the most courageous thing two people can shoot for.”
― Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

“What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more’ … Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: ‘You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science

“Part of the problem with the word ‘disabilities’ is that it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do other things that many of us take for granted. But what of people who can’t feel? Or talk about their feelings? Or manage their feelings in constructive ways? What of people who aren’t able to form close and strong relationships? And people who cannot find fulfillment in their lives, or those who have lost hope, who live in disappointment and bitterness and find in life no joy, no love? These, it seems to me, are the real disabilities.”
― Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember

“Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable
“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”
― Seneca

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city”
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess
“It is the very mark of the spirit of rebellion to crave for happiness in this life”
― Henrik Ibsen, Ghosts

“A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Family Happiness

“There is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human- in not having to be just happy or just sad- in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”
― Carrie Jones, Need

“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run—in the long-run, I say!—success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it”
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.
If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.”
― G.K. Chesterton

“I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“Whoever is happy will make others happy.”
― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

“People are unhappy when they get something too easily. You have to sweat–that’s the only moral they know.”
― Dany Laferrière, I Am a Japanese Writer

“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”
― Drew Barrymore

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens”
― Tony DeLiso, Legacy: The Power Within

“Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Take responsibility of your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“A mathematical formula for happiness:Reality divided by Expectations.There were two ways to be happy:improve your reality or lower your expectations.”
― Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

“This planet has – or rather had – a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height. Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance.”
― Osho, Everyday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now

I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit
“I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT…Goodbye.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy
Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“After all, what is happiness? Love, they tell me. But love doesn’t bring and never has brought happiness. On the contrary, it’s a constant state of anxiety, a battlefield; it’s sleepless nights, asking ourselves all the time if we’re doing the right thing. Real love is composed of ecstasy and agony.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello

“I have no faith in human perfectibility. I think that human exertion will have no appreciable effect upon humanity. Man is now only more active – not more happy – nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.”
― Max Ehrmann, Desiderata: A Poem for a Way of Life

“Stop giving other people the power to control your happiness, your mind, and your life. If you don’t take control of yourself and your own life, someone else is bound to try.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”
― Groucho Marx, The Essential Groucho: Writings For By And About Groucho Marx

“Laughter is poison to fear.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

“Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called “All the Things That Could Go Wrong.”
― Marianne Williamson

“Name one hero who was happy.”
I considered. Heracles went mad and killed his family; Theseus lost his bride and father; Jason’s children and new wife were murdered by his old; Bellerophon killed the Chimera but was crippled by the fall from Pegasus’ back.
“You can’t.” He was sitting up now, leaning forward.
“I can’t.”
“I know. They never let you be famous AND happy.” He lifted an eyebrow. “I’ll tell you a secret.”
“Tell me.” I loved it when he was like this.
“I’m going to be the first.” He took my palm and held it to his. “Swear it.”
“Why me?”
“Because you’re the reason. Swear it.”
“I swear it,” I said, lost in the high color of his cheeks, the flame in his eyes.
“I swear it,” he echoed.
We sat like that a moment, hands touching. He grinned.
“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”
― Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

“I have a million things to talk to you about. All I want in this world is you. I want to see you and talk. I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.”
― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”
― Roman Payne

“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

“We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain.”
― Charles Bukowski

“The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it’s the small things that count.”
― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

“Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

“I don’t know what’s worse: to not know what you are and be happy, or to become what you’ve always wanted to be, and feel alone.”
― Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”
― Martha Washington

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation

“Stop comparing yourself to other people, just choose to be happy and live your own life.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!”
― Bill Watterson, Weirdos From Another Planet: Calvin & Hobbes Series: Book Six: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection

“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.”
― Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

“I am a happy camper so I guess I’m doing something right. Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.”
― J. Richard Lessor

“And I can’t be running back and fourth forever between grief and high delight.”
― J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

“I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I’d invented it, because it is very true.”
― Audrey Hepburn

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”
― John Keats, Endymion: A Poetic Romance

“I am very happy
Because I have conquered myself
And not the world.
I am very happy
Because I have loved the world
And not myself.”
― Sri Chinmoy

“Perfectionism is the enemy of happiness. Embrace being perfectly imperfect. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself, you’ll be happier. We make mistakes because we are imperfect. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, and keep moving forward.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“The sense of unhappiness is so much easier to convey than that of happiness. In misery we seem aware of our own existence, even though it may be in the form of a monstrous egotism: this pain of mine is individual, this nerve that winces belongs to me and to no other. But happiness annihilates us: we lose our identity.”
― Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead,
“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“What can I do with my happiness? How can I keep it, conceal it, bury it where I may never lose it? I want to kneel as it falls over me like rain, gather it up with lace and silk, and press it over myself again.”
― Anaïs Nin, Henry & June

“Do not set aside your happiness. Do not wait to be happy in the future. The best time to be happy is always now.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“Even if you cannot change all the people around you, you can change the people you choose to be around. Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you. Spend your life with people who make you smile, laugh, and feel loved.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“I’ve always thought people would find a lot more pleasure in their routines if they burst into song at significant moments.”
― John Barrowman

“I’m a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.”
― J.D. Salinger, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction

“The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That’s the deal.”
― C.S. Lewis

“Life is not a PG feel-good movie. Real life often ends badly. Literature tries to document this reality, while showing us it is still possible for us to endure nobly.”
― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook

“Happiness consists in frequent repetition of pleasure”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

“This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.”
― Susan Polis Schutz

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
― Oprah Winfrey

“Smile more. Smiling can make you and others happy.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”
― Louisa May Alcott

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ”
― William James
“If only we’d stop trying to be happy, we could have a pretty good time.”
― Edith Wharton

“Happiness is a risk. If you’re not a little scared, then you’re not doing it right.”
― Sarah Addison Allen, The Peach Keeper

“No one should ever ask themselves that: why am I unhappy? The question carries within it the virus that will destroy everything. If we ask that question, it means we want to find out what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have now, then we must either change once and for all or stay as we are, feeling even more unhappy.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

“I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow, than a man swear he loves me.”
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

“Even if things don’t unfold the way you expected, don’t be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling
“There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

“Why Not You?

Today, many will awaken with a fresh sense of inspiration. Why not you?

Today, many will open their eyes to the beauty that surrounds them. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to leave the ghost of yesterday behind and seize the immeasurable power of today. Why not you?

Today, many will break through the barriers of the past by looking at the blessings of the present. Why not you?

Today, for many the burden of self doubt and insecurity will be lifted by the security and confidence of empowerment. Why not you?

Today, many will rise above their believed limitations and make contact with their powerful innate strength. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to live in such a manner that they will be a positive role model for their children. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to free themselves from the personal imprisonment of their bad habits. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to live free of conditions and rules governing their own happiness. Why not you?

Today, many will find abundance in simplicity. Why not you?

Today, many will be confronted by difficult moral choices and they will choose to do what is right instead of what is beneficial. Why not you?

Today, many will decide to no longer sit back with a victim mentality, but to take charge of their lives and make positive changes. Why not you?

Today, many will take the action necessary to make a difference. Why not you?

Today, many will make the commitment to be a better mother, father, son, daughter, student, teacher, worker, boss, brother, sister, & so much more. Why not you?

Today is a new day!

Many will seize this day.

Many will live it to the fullest.

Why not you?”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Happiness. It was the place where passion, with all its dazzle and drumbeat, met something softer: homecoming and safety and pure sunbeam comfort. It was all those things, intertwined with the heat and the thrill, and it was as bright within her as a swallowed star.”
― Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone

“My happiness is not the means to any end. It is the end. It is its own goal. It is its own purpose.”
― Ayn Rand, Anthem

“It takes three to make love, not two: you, your spouse, and God. Without God people only succeed in bringing out the worst in one another. Lovers who have nothing else to do but love each other soon find there is nothing else. Without a central loyalty life is unfinished.”
― Fulton J. Sheen, Seven Words of Jesus and Mary: Lessons from Cana and Calvary

“Be believing, be happy, don’t get discouraged. Things will work out.”
― Gordon B. Hinckley

“All who joy would win
Must share it — Happiness was born a twin.”
― George Gordon Byron, Don Juan

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”
― Epictetus

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

“The belief that unhappiness is selfless and happiness is selfish is misguided. It’s more selfless to act happy. It takes energy, generosity, and discipline to be unfailingly lighthearted, yet everyone takes the happy person for granted. No one is careful of his feelings or tries to keep his spirits high. He seems self-sufficient; he becomes a cushion for others. And because happiness seems unforced, that person usually gets no credit.”
― Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy.”
― Alex Flinn, Beastly

“You are in charge of your own happiness; you don’t need to wait for other people’s permission to be happy.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Wait a second,” Four says. I turn toward him, wondering which version of Four I’ll see now-the one who scolds me, or the one who climbs Ferris wheels with me. He smiles a little, but the smile doesn’t spread to his eyes, which look less tense and worried.

“You belong here, you know that?” he says. “You belong with us. It’ll be over soon, so just hold on, okay?”

He scratches behind his ear and looks away, like he’s embarrassed by what he said.

I stare at him. I feel my heartbeat everywhere, even in my toes. I feel like doing something bold, but I could just as easily walk away. I am not sure which option is smarter, or better. I am not sure that I care.

I reach out and take his hand. His fingers slide between mine. I can’t breathe.

I stare up at him, and he stares down at me. For a long moment, we stay that way. Then I pull my hand away and run after Uriah and Lynn and Marlene. Maybe now he thinks I’m stupid, or strange. Maybe it was worth it.”
― Veronica Roth, Divergent

“Happy girls are the prettiest”
― Audrey Hepburn

“All I ask is one thing, and I’m asking this particularly of young people: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism, for the record, it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”
― Conan O’Brien

“It is a curious thing, but as one travels the world getting older and older, it appears that happiness is easier to get used to than despair. The second time you have a root beer float, for instance, your happiness at sipping the delicious concoction may not be quite as enormous as when you first had a root beer float, and the twelfth time your happiness may be still less enormous, until root beer floats begin to offer you very little happiness at all, because you have become used to the taste of vanilla ice cream and root beer mixed together. However, the second time you find a thumbtack in your root beer float, your despair is much greater than the first time, when you dismissed the thumbtack as a freak accident rather than part of the scheme of a soda jerk, a phrase which here means “ice cream shop employee who is trying to injure your tongue,” and by the twelfth time you find a thumbtack, your despair is even greater still, until you can hardly utter the phrase “root beer float” without bursting into tears. It is almost as if happiness is an acquired taste, like coconut cordial or ceviche, to which you can eventually become accustomed, but despair is something surprising each time you encounter it.”
― Lemony Snicket, The End

“There are as many styles of beauty as there are visions of happiness.”
― Stendhal, Love

“And therein lies the whole of man’s plight. Human time does not turn in a circle; it runs ahead in a straight line. That is why man cannot be happy: happiness is the longing for repetition.”
― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

“Success is getting what you want..
Happiness is wanting what you get.”
― Dale Carnegie

“It is difficult to live in and enjoy the moment when you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You cannot change your past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about your future. Learn from the past, plan for the future. The more you live in and enjoy the present moment, the happier you will be.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“It is sometimes easier to be happy if you don’t know everything.”
― Alexander McCall Smith, Morality for Beautiful Girls

“I don’t think that there are any limits to how excellent we could make life seem.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

“It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched for they are full of the truthless ideal which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real, they are bruised and wounded. It looks as if they were victims of a conspiracy; for the books they read, ideal by the necessity of selection, and the conversation of their elders, who look back upon the past through a rosy haze of forgetfulness, prepare them for an unreal life. They must discover for themselves that all they have read and all they have been told are lies, lies, lies; and each discovery is another nail driven into the body on the cross of life.”
― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”
― Anne Frank

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.”
― Joanne Harris, Chocolat

“There you go…let it all slide out. Unhappiness can’t stick in a person’s soul when it’s slick with tears.”
― Shannon Hale, Princess Academy

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.
“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”
― Mary Tyler Moore

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”
― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful

My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; it has
“My past has not defined me, destroyed me, deterred me, or defeated me; it has only strengthened me.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Nothing makes a person happier than having a happy heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.”
― Edmund Burke

“They’ve got no idea what happiness is, they don’t know that without this love there is no happiness or unhappiness for us–there is no life.”
― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Love is too precious to be ashamed of.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, A Stroke of Midnight

“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it. Peace, Montag. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

“Just because you are happy it does not mean that the day is perfect but that you have looked beyond its imperfections”
― Bob Marley

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”
― Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

“Feathers filled the small room. Our laughter kept the feathers in the air. I thought about birds. Could they fly if there wasn’t someone, somewhere, laughing?”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

“I was an adventurer, but she was not an adventuress. She was a ‘wanderess.’ Thus, she didn’t care about money, only experiences – whether they came from wealth or from poverty, it was all the same to her.”
― Roman Payne, The Wanderess

“We’re all golden sunflowers inside.”
― Allen Ginsberg

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”
― Carlos Castaneda

“Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain.”
― Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power or our will. ”
― Epictetus

“Happy. Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running—that’s the way to live. All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there, with the Ma-Wink fallopian virgin warm stars reflecting on the outer channel fluid belly waters. And if your cans are redhot and you can’t hold them in your hands, just use good old railroad gloves, that’s all.”
― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

“Obscurity and a competence—that is the life that is best worth living.”
― Mark Twain, Notebook

“Maybe happiness didn’t have to be about the big, sweeping circumstances, about having everything in your life in place. Maybe it was about stringing together a bunch of small pleasures. Wearing slippers and watching the Miss Universe contest. Eating a brownie with vanilla ice cream. Getting to level seven in Dragon Master and knowing there were twenty more levels to go.

Maybe happiness was just a matter of the little upticks- the traffic signal that said “Walk” the second you go there- and downticks- the itch tag at the back of your collar- that happened to every person in the course of the day. Maybe everybody had the same allotted measure of happiness within each day.

maybe it didn’t matter if you were a world-famous heartthrob or a painful geek. Maybe it didn’t matter if your friend was possibly dying.

Maybe you just got through it. Maybe that was all you could ask for.”
― Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

“There are two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations.”
― Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes
“Changing your outside world cannot make you happy if you are an unhappy person. The real personal change can only happen from the inside out. If you firstly create the change within yourself, you can turn your life around.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“You cannot be with someone just because you don’t want to hurt him. You have your own happiness to think about.”
― Melissa de la Cruz, The Van Alen Legacy

“Many people think excitement is happiness…. But when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Power

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
― Susan Polis Schutz

“I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes”
― Jeremy Aldana

“Sometimes you break your heart in the right way, if you know what I mean.”
― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

“When you find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stand in front of you when other’s cast stones, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who will hold your hand when your sick, who thinks your pretty without makeup, the one who turns to his friends and say, ‘that’s her’, the one that would bear your rejection because losing you means losing his will to live, who kisses you when you screw up, watches the stars and names one for you and will hold and rock that baby for hours so you can sleep…..you marry him all over again.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf.”
― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

“Memory is the happiness of being alone.”
― Lois Lowry, Anastasia Krupnik

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”
― John Lubbock, The Pleasures of Life

“People wait around too long for love. I’m happy with all of my lusts!”
― C. JoyBell C.

“One swallow does not make a summer,
neither does one fine day;
similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”
― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

“Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.”
― Françoise Sagan

“I don’t understand the point of being together if you’re not the happiest.”
― Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”
― Hafez

“People tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will descend like fine weather if you’re fortunate. But happiness is the result of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

“Is anyone anywhere happy?”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

“Later she remembered all the hours of the afternoon as happy — one of those uneventful times that seem at the moment only a link between past and future pleasure, but turn out to have been the pleasure itself.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night

“But what was there to say?

Only that there were tears. Only that Quietness and Emptiness fitted together like stacked spoons. Only that there was a snuffling in the hollows at the base of a lovely throat. Only that a hard honey-colored shoulder had a semicircle of teethmarks on it. Only that they held each other close, long after it was over. Only that what they shared that night was not happiness, but hideous grief.

Only that once again they broke the Love Laws. That lay down who should be loved. And how. And how much.”
― Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things

“But maybe happiness isn’t in the choosing. Maybe it’s in the fiction, in the pretending: that wherever we have ended up is where we intended to be all along.”
― Lauren Oliver, Requiem

“A smile puts you on the right track. A smile makes the world a beautiful place. When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.”
― Katerina Stoykova Klemer

“Expectations make people miserable, so whatever yours are, lower them. You’ll definitely be happier.”
― Simone Elkeles, How to Ruin Your Boyfriend’s Reputation

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”
― Ben Carson

“My God, a moment of bliss. Why, isn’t that enough for a whole lifetime?”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, White Nights

“Pierre was right when he said that one must believe in the possibility of happiness in order to be happy, and I now believe in it. Let the dead bury the dead, but while I’m alive, I must live and be happy.”
― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

“Most of us must learn to love people and use things rather than loving things and using people.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“it is impossible to build one’s own happiness on the unhappiness of others. This perspective is at the heart of Buddhist teachings.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“Listen to what is being preached today. Look at everyone around us. You’ve wondered why they suffer, why they seek happiness and never find it. If any man stopped and asked himself whether he’s ever held a truly personal desire, he’d find the answer. He’d see that all his wishes, his efforts, his dreams, his ambitions are motivated by other men. He’s not really struggling even for material wealth, but for the second-hander’s delusion – prestige. A stamp of approval, not his own. He can find no joy in the struggle and no joy when he has succeeded. He can’t say about a single thing: ‘This is what I wanted because I wanted it, not because it made my neighbors gape at me’. Then he wonders why he’s unhappy.”
― Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

“It is a happiness to wonder; — it is a happiness to dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe

“Singing in the rain. I’m singing in the rain. And it’s such a fucking glorious feeling. An unexpected downpour and I am just giving myself into it. Because what the fuck else can you do? Run for cover? Shriek and curse? No–when the rain falls you just let it fall and you grin like a madman and you dance with it because if you can make yourself happy in the rain, then you’re doing pretty alright in life.”
― David Levithan, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”
― Andy Rooney

“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy. ”
― Lucille Ball

“I don’t know what good it is to know so much and be smart as whips and all if it doesn’t make you happy.”
― J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

“Certainly the most destructive vice if you like, that a person can have. More than pride, which is supposedly the number one of the cardinal sins – is self pity. Self pity is the worst possible emotion anyone can have. And the most destructive. It is, to slightly paraphrase what Wilde said about hatred, and I think actually hatred’s a subset of self pity and not the other way around – ‘ It destroys everything around it, except itself ‘.

Self pity will destroy relationships, it’ll destroy anything that’s good, it will fulfill all the prophecies it makes and leave only itself. And it’s so simple to imagine that one is hard done by, and that things are unfair, and that one is underappreciated, and that if only one had had a chance at this, only one had had a chance at that, things would have gone better, you would be happier if only this, that one is unlucky. All those things. And some of them may well even be true. But, to pity oneself as a result of them is to do oneself an enormous disservice.

I think it’s one of things we find unattractive about the american culture, a culture which I find mostly, extremely attractive, and I like americans and I love being in america. But, just occasionally there will be some example of the absolutely ravening self pity that they are capable of, and you see it in their talk shows. It’s an appalling spectacle, and it’s so self destructive. I almost once wanted to publish a self help book saying ‘How To Be Happy by Stephen Fry : Guaranteed success’. And people buy this huge book and it’s all blank pages, and the first page would just say – ‘ Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself – And you will be happy ‘. Use the rest of the book to write down your interesting thoughts and drawings, and that’s what the book would be, and it would be true. And it sounds like ‘Oh that’s so simple’, because it’s not simple to stop feeling sorry for yourself, it’s bloody hard. Because we do feel sorry for ourselves, it’s what Genesis is all about.”
― Stephen Fry

“Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel. TRUST. HOPE. LOVE. WISH. BELIEVE. Most of all, enjoy every moment of the journey, and appreciate where you are at this moment instead of always focusing on how far you have to go.”
― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities.”
― Aldous Huxley

If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor
“If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy.”
― Dorothy Parker

“The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”
― Stephen Richards

“[F]or just one second, look at your life and see how perfect it is. Stop looking for the next secret door that is going to lead you to your real life. Stop waiting. This is it: there’s nothing else. It’s here, and you’d better decide to enjoy it or you’re going to be miserable wherever you go, for the rest of your life, forever.”
― Lev Grossman, The Magicians

“The foundation of irreligious criticism is: Man makes religion, religion does not make man. Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man – state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world…

Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.

Criticism has plucked the imaginary flowers on the chain not in order that man shall continue to bear that chain without fantasy or consolation, but so that he shall throw off the chain and pluck the living flower. The criticism of religion disillusions man, so that he will think, act, and fashion his reality like a man who has discarded his illusions and regained his senses, so that he will move around himself as his own true Sun. Religion is only the illusory Sun which revolves around man as long as he does not revolve around himself.”
― Karl Marx, Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

“Always forgive, but never forget, else you will be a prisoner of your own hatred, and doomed to repeat your mistakes forever.”
― Wil Zeus, Sun Beyond the Clouds

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”
― J.M. Barrie

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. (21)”
― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.”
― Joseph Addison

“These… things, householder, are welcome, agreeable, pleasant, & hard to obtain in the world:

Long life is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, & hard to obtain in the world.

Beauty is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, & hard to obtain in the world.

Happiness is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, & hard to obtain in the world.

Status is welcome, agreeable, pleasant, & hard to obtain in the world.

…Now, I tell you, these… things are not to be obtained by reason of prayers or wishes. If they were to be obtained by reason of prayers or wishes, who here would lack them? It’s not fitting for the disciple of the noble ones who desires long life to pray for it or to delight in doing so. Instead, the disciple of the noble ones who desires long life should follow the path of practice leading to long life. In so doing, he will attain long life…

[Ittha Sutta, AN 5.43]”
― Gautama Buddha

“To be stupid, and selfish, and to have good health are the three requirements for happiness – though if stupidity is lacking, the others are useless.”
― Julian Barnes, Flaubert’s Parrot

“Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child. Nature doesn’t disdain what lives only for a day. It pours the whole of itself into the each moment. We don’t value the lily less for not being made of flint and built to last. Life’s bounty is in its flow, later is too late. Where is the song when it’s been sung? The dance when it’s been danced? It’s only we humans who want to own the future, too. We persuade ourselves that the universe is modestly employed in unfolding our destination. We note the haphazard chaos of history by the day, by the hour, but there is something wrong with the picture. Where is the unity, the meaning, of nature’s highest creation? Surely those millions of little streams of accident and wilfulness have their correction in the vast underground river which, without a doubt, is carrying us to the place where we’re expected! But there is no such place, that’s why it’s called utopia. The death of a child has no more meaning than the death of armies, of nations. Was the child happy while he lived? That is a proper question, the only question. If we can’t arrange our own happiness, it’s a conceit beyond vulgarity to arrange the happiness of those who come after us.”
― Tom Stoppard, The Coast of Utopia

“There are random moments – tossing a salad, coming up the driveway to the house, ironing the seams flat on a quilt square, standing at the kitchen window and looking out at the delphiniums, hearing a burst of laughter from one of my children’s rooms – when I feel a wavelike rush of joy. This is my true religion: arbitrary moments of of nearly painful happiness for a life I feel privileged to lead.”
― Elizabeth Berg, The Art of Mending

“Everybody in the world is seeking happiness—and there is one sure way to find it. That is by controlling your thoughts. Happiness doesn’t depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions.”
― Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

“Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here.”
― Leo Tolstoy

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.”
― Doris Mortman

“Can a person steal happiness? Or is just another internal, infernal human trick?”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

“You don’t ask people with knives in their stomachs what would make them happy; happiness is no longer the point. It’s all about survival; it’s all about whether you pull the knife out and bleed to death or keep it in…”
― Nick Hornby, How to Be Good

“So he tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong, just as he had tasted for a little while the deep happiness.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, All the Sad Young Men

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.”
― Carroll Bryant

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet.”
― James Oppenheim

“Destiny is real. And she’s not mild-mannered. She will come around and hit you in the face and knock you over and before you know what hit you, you’re naked- stripped of everything you thought you knew and everything you thought you didn’t know- and there you are! A bloody nose, bruises all over you, and naked. And it’s the most beautiful thing.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“I am not good at noticing when I’m happy, except in retrospect.”
― Tana French, In the Woods

“Happiness doesn’t lie in conspicuous consumption and the relentless amassing of useless crap. Happiness lies in the person sitting beside you and your ability to talk to them. Happiness is clear-headed human interaction and empathy. Happiness is home. And home is not a house-home is a mythological conceit. It is a state of mind. A place of communion and unconditional love. It is where, when you cross its threshold, you finally feel at peace.”
― Dennis Lehane

“The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist; a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

“right in this moment, I can´t even remember what unhappy feels like.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

“And I didn’t choose it, Kat. I chose you.”
― Ally Carter, Heist Society

“I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. I’m not talking about the short-term gratification of pleasures like sex, drugs or gambling (though I’m not knocking them), but something that will bring true and lasting happiness. The kind that sticks.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily, laughing? (136-137)”
― Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”
― Stephen Richards

“Happiness only real when shared.”
― Christopher McCandless

“Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous.”
― Marie Rutkoski, The Winner’s Curse

“You, of all people, deserve a happy ending. Despite everything that happened to you, you aren’t bitter. You aren’t cold. You’ve just retreated a little and been shy, and that’s okay. If I were a fairy godmother, I would give you your heart’s desire in an istant. And I would wipe away your tears and tell you not to cry.

-Rachel to Julia”
― Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel’s Inferno

“Life is painful. It has thorns, like the stem of a rose. Culture and art are the roses that bloom on the stem. The flower is yourself, your humanity. Art is the liberation of the humanity inside yourself.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”
― H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy

“There is a kind of happiness and wonder that makes you serious. It is too good to waste on jokes.”
― C.S. Lewis

“Perfect love casts out fear. Where there is love there are no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy; my happiness does not lie in you. If you were to leave me, I will not feel sorry for myself; I enjoy your company immensely, but I do not cling.”
― Anthony de Mello, Awareness: Conversations with the Masters

“One is happy as a result of one’s own efforts once one knows the necessary ingredients of happiness: simple tastes, a certain degree of courage, self denial to a point, love of work, and above all, a clear conscience.”
― George Sand

“Ahhh. Bed, book, kitten, sandwich. All one needed in life, really.”
― Jacqueline Kelly, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“That’s life for you. All the happiness you gather to yourself, it will sweep away like it’s nothing. If you ask me I don’t think there are any such things as curses. I think there is only life. That’s enough.”
― Junot Díaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

“The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.”
― Marcel Pagnol

“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person–without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other.”
― Osho

“إن السعادة هي أن أشرب كوب شاي.. مع صديق.. في لحظة رضا.”
― محمد المخزنجي, البستان

“Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling”
― Tony DeLiso, Legacy: The Power Within

“I shall take the heart. For brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.

― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”
― Dale Carnegie

“If you wish to be happy,Eragon, Think not of what is to come nor of that which you have no control over but rather of the now and that which you are able to change” ~Oromis to eragon ,Brisingr~618”
― Christopher Paolini

“My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.”
― Dan Howell

“To see and feel one’s beloved naked for the first time is one of life’s pure, irreducible epiphanies. If there is a true religion in the universe, it must include that truth of contact or be forever hollow. To make love to the one true person who deserves that love is one of the few absolute rewards of being a human being, balancing all of the pain, loss, awkwardness, loneliness, idiocy, compromise, and clumsiness that go with the human condition. To make love to the right person makes up for a lot of mistakes.”
― Dan Simmons, The Rise of Endymion

“Having a low opinion of yourself is not ‘modesty.’ It’s self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not ‘egotism.’ It’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success.”
― Bobbe Sommer

“Why? Why does what was beautiful suddenly shatter in hindsight because it concealed dark truths? Why does the memory of years of happy marriage turn to gall when our partner is revealed to have had a lover all those years? Because such a situation makes it impossible to be happy? But we were happy! Sometimes the memory of happiness cannot stay true because it ended unhappily. Because happiness is only real if it lasts forever? Because things always end painfully if they contained pain, conscious or unconscious, all along? But what is unconscious, unrecognized pain?”
― Bernhard Schlink, The Reader

“dear today,
i spend all of you pretending i’m okay when i’m not, pretending i’m happy when i’m not, pretending about everything to everyone.”
― Nina LaCour, Hold Still

“Happiness and the absurd are two sons of the same earth. They are inseparable.”
― Albert Camus

“She had never imagined she had the power to make someone else so happy. And not a magical power, either–a purely human one.”
― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

“You must be the best judge of your own happiness.”
― Jane Austen, Emma

“Happiness comes from within. It is not dependent on external things or on other people. You become vulnerable and can be easily hurt when your feelings of security and happiness depend on the behavior and actions of other people. Never give your power to anyone else.”
― Brian L. Weiss

“That’s how stories happen — with a turning point, an unexpected twist. There’s only one kind of happiness, but misfortune comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s like Tolstoy said. Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

“Maybe you think you’ll be entitled to more happiness later by forgoing all of it now, but it doesn’t work that way. Happiness takes as much practice as unhappiness does. It’s by living that you live more. By waiting you wait more. Every waiting day makes your life a little less. Every lonely day makes you a little smaller. Every day you put off your life makes you less capable of living it.”
― Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting

“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.”
― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

“Those born to wealth, and who have the means of gratifying every wish, know not what is the real happiness of life, just as those who have been tossed on the stormy waters of the ocean on a few frail planks can alone realize the blessings of fair weather.”
― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

“Happiness is the most natural thing in the world when you have it, and the slowest, strangest, most impossible thing when you don’t. It’s like learning a foreign language: You can think about the words all you want, but you’ll never be able to speak it until you suck up your courage and say them out loud.”
― Dan Wells, Partials

“Adrian tipped my face up toward his and kissed me. Like always, the world around me stopped moving. No, the world became Adrian, only Adrian. Kissing him was as mind-blowing as ever, full of that same passion and need I had never believed I’d feel. But today, there was even more to it. I no longer had any doubt about whether this was wrong or right. It was a culmination of a long journey . . . or maybe the beginning of one.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I didn’t care that we were out in public. I didn’t care that he was Moroi. All that mattered was that he was Adrian, my Adrian. My match. My partner in crime, in the long battle I’d just signed on for to right the wrongs in the Alchemist and Moroi worlds. Maybe Marcus was right that I’d also signed myself up for disaster, but I didn’t care. In that moment, it seemed that as long as Adrian and I were together, there was no challenge too great for us.

I don’t know how long we stood there kissing. Like I said, the world around me was gone. Time had stopped. I was awash in the feel of Adrian’s body against mine, in his scent, and in the taste of his lips. That was all that mattered right now.”
― Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.”
― Michael J. Fox

“I may never be happy, but tonight I am content.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

“Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place, but there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around.”
― E.L. Konigsburg, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

“What disturbs and depresses young people is the hunt for happiness on the firm assumption that it must be met with in life. From this arises constantly deluded hope and so also dissatisfaction. Deceptive images of a vague happiness hover before us in our dreams, and we search in vain for their original. Much would have been gained if, through timely advice and instruction, young people could have had eradicated from their minds the erroneous notion that the world has a great deal to offer them.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

“If you’ve got nothing to dance about, find a reason to sing.”
― Melody Carstairs

“It is indisputable that the being whose capacities of enjoyment are low, has the greatest chance of having them fully satisfied; and a highly endowed being will always feel that any happiness which he can look for, as the world is constituted, is imperfect. But he can learn to bear its imperfections, if they are at all bearable; and they will not make him envy the being who is indeed unconscious of the imperfections, but only because he feels not at all the good which those imperfections qualify.

It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, is of a different opinion, it is only because they only know their own side of the question.”
― John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism

“There was a thing called Heaven; but all the same they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol.”

“There was a thing called the soul and a thing called immortality.”

“But they used to take morphia and cocaine.”

“Two thousand pharmacologists and biochemists were subsidized in A.F. 178.”

“Six years later it was being produced commercially. The perfect drug.”

“Euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant.”

“All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.”

“Take a holiday from reality whenever you like, and come back without so much as a headache or a mythology.”

“Stability was practically assured.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“I think, that if the world were a bit more like ComicCon, it would be a better place.”
― Matt Smith

“You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

“You were already in a prison. You’ve been in a prison all your life. Happiness is a prison, Evey. Happiness is the most insidious prison of all. Your lover lived in the penitentiary that we are all born into, and was forced to rake the dregs of that world for his living. He knew affection and tenderness but only briefly. Eventually, one of the other inmates stabbed him with a cutlass and he drowned upon his own blood. Is that it, Evey? Is that the happiness worth more than freedom? It’s not an uncommon story, Evey. Many convicts meet with miserable ends. Your mother. Your father. Your lover. One by one, taken out behind the chemical sheds… and shot. All convicts, hunched and deformed by the smallness of their cells, the weight of their chains, the unfairness of their sentences. I didn’t put you in a prison, Evey. I just showed you the bars.’
‘You’re wrong! It’s just life, that’s all! It’s just how life is. It’s what we’ve got to put up with. It’s all we’ve got. What gives you the right to decide it’s not good enough?’
‘You’re in a prison, Evey. You were born in a prison. You’ve been in a prison so long, you no longer believe there’s a world outside. That’s because you’re afraid, Evey. You’re afraid because you can feel freedom closing in upon you. You’re afraid because freedom is terrifying. Don’t back away from it, Evey. Part of you understands the truth even as part pretends not to. You were in a cell, Evey. They offered you a choice between the death of your principles and the death of your body. You said you’d rather die. You faced the fear of your own death and you were calm and still. The door of the cage is open, Evey. All that you feel is the wind from outside.”
― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

“With my eyes closed, I would touch a familiar book and draw its fragrance deep inside me. This was enough to make me happy. ”
― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”
― Albert Schweitzer

“You can’t buy happiness”
― Kurt Cobain

“It is almost as if happiness is an acquired taste, like coconut cordial or ceviche, to which you can eventually become accustomed, but despair is something surprising each time you encounter it.”
― Lemony Snicket, The End

“Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.”
― Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

“Freedom is the only worthy goal in life. It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.”
― Epictetus

“Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.”
― Robert Anthony

“How often since then has she wondered what might have happened if she’d tried to remain with him; if she’d returned Richard’s kiss on the corner of Bleeker and McDougal, gone off somewhere (where?) with him, never bought the packet of incense or the alpaca coat with rose-shaped buttons. Couldn’t they have discovered something larger and stranger than what they’ve got. It is impossible not to imagine that other future, that rejected future, as taking place in Italy or France, among big sunny rooms and gardens; as being full of infidelities and great battles; as a vast and enduring romance laid over friendship so searing and profound it would accompany them to the grave and possibly even beyond. She could, she thinks, have entered another world. She could have had a life as potent and dangerous as literature itself.

Or then again maybe not, Clarissa tells herself. That’s who I was. This is who I am–a decent woman with a good apartment, with a stable and affectionate marriage, giving a party. Venture too far for love, she tells herself, and you renounce citizenship in the country you’ve made for yourself. You end up just sailing from port to port.

Still, there is this sense of missed opportunity. Maybe there is nothing, ever, that can equal the recollection of having been young together. Maybe it’s as simple as that. Richard was the person Clarissa loved at her most optimistic moment. Richard had stood beside her at the pond’s edge at dusk, wearing cut-off jeans and rubber sandals. Richard had called her Mrs. Dalloway, and they had kissed. His mouth had opened to hers; (exciting and utterly familiar, she’d never forget it) had worked its way shyly inside until she met its own. They’d kissed and walked around the pond together.

It had seemed like the beginning of happiness, and Clarissa is still sometimes shocked, more than thirty years later to realize that it was happiness; that the entire experience lay in a kiss and a walk. The anticipation of dinner and a book. The dinner is by now forgotten; Lessing has been long overshadowed by other writers. What lives undimmed in Clarissa’s mind more than three decades later is a kiss at dusk on a patch of dead grass, and a walk around a pond as mosquitoes droned in the darkening air. There is still that singular perfection, and it’s perfect in part because it seemed, at the time, so clearly to promise more. Now she knows: That was the moment, right then. There has been no other.”
― Michael Cunningham, The Hours

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone;
For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.”
― Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Poems of Passion

“Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Three or four times only in my youth did I glimpse the Joyous Isles, before they were lost to fogs, depressions, cold fronts, ill winds, and contrary tides… I mistook them for adulthood. Assuming they were a fixed feature in my life’s voyage, I neglected to record their latitude, their longitude, their approach. Young ruddy fool. What wouldn’t I give now for a never-changing map of the ever-constant ineffable? To possess, as it were, an atlas of clouds.”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

“Happiness, you see, its just an illusion of Fate, a heavenly sleight of hand designed to make you believe in fairy tales. But there’s no happily ever after. You’ll only find happy endings in books. Some books.”
― Ellen Hopkins

“I keep remembering one of my Guru’s teachings about happiness. She says that people universally tend to think that happiness is a stroke of luck, something that will maybe descend upon you like fine weather if you’re fortunate enough. But that’s not how happiness works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it, you must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it. If you don’t you will eat away your innate contentment. It’s easy enough to pray when you’re in distress but continuing to pray even when your crisis has passed is like a sealing process, helping your soul hold tight to its good attainments.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“Age does not make us childish, as some say; it finds us true children.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Dustfinger still clearly remembered the feeling of being in love for the first time. How vulnerable his heart had suddenly been! Such a trembling, quivering thing, happy and miserably unhappy at once.”
― Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

“When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive, the rational world is my friend because I am the friend of happiness. When these things can be said, then may that country boast its constitution and government. Independence is my happiness, the world is my country and my religion is to do good.”
― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

“I was something that lay under the sun and felt it, like the pumpkins, and I did not want to be anything more. I was entirely happy. Perhaps we feel like that when we die and become a part of something entire, whether it is sun and air, or goodness and knowledge. At any rate, that is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep.”
― Willa Cather, My Ántonia

“Life is such unutterable hell, solely because it is sometimes beautiful. If we could only be miserable all the time, if there could be no such things as love or beauty or faith or hope, if I could be absolutely certain that my love would never be returned: how much more simple life would be. One could plod through the Siberian salt mines of existence without being bothered about happiness. Unfortunately the happiness is there. There is always the chance (about eight hundred and fifty to one) that another heart will come to mine. I can’t help hoping, and keeping faith, and loving beauty. Quite frequently I am not so miserable as it would be wise to be.”
― T.H. White, Ghostly, Grim and Gruesome

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.”
― Aeschylus

“Exactly. How can you know it makes you happy if you’ve never experienced it?”
“There are different kinds of happy,” she said. “Some kinds don’t need any proof.”
― Jennifer E. Smith, This Is What Happy Looks Like

“That’s the big picture, your happiness. And health. You should never care what a man thinks of you — until he demonstrates to you that he cares about making you happy. If he isn’t trying to make you happy, then send him back from “whence” he came because winning him over will have no benefit. At the end of the day, happines, joy…and yes…your emotional stability…those comprise the only measuring stick you really need to have.”
― Sherry Argov, Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship

“Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves, in order to discover two truths: that we are not who we thought we were; and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being. (109)”
― Jean-Yves Leloup, Compassion and Meditation: The Spiritual Dynamic between Buddhism and Christianity

“He whose face gives no light, shall never become a star.”
― William Blake

“I do not think we have a “right” to happiness. If happiness happens, say thanks.”
― Marlene Dietrich, Marlene Dietrich’s ABC

“Adrian smiled and clasped my hands, taking a few steps toward me. “And as for who you are, you’re the same beautiful, brave, and ridiculously smart caffeinated fighter you’ve been since the day I met you.” Finally, he put “beautiful” at the top of his list of adjectives. Not that I should have cared.

“Sweet talker,” I scoffed. “You didn’t know anything about me the first time we met.”

“I knew you were beautiful,” he said. “I just hoped for the rest.”
― Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

“Of all the means to insure happiness throughout the whole life, by far the most important is the acquisition of friends.”
― Epicurus, A Guide To Happiness

“Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity…When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently.”
― Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun

“In fact no one recognizes the happiest moment of their lives as they are living it. It may well be that, in a moment of joy, one might sincerely believe that they are living that golden instant “now,” even having lived such a moment before, but whatever they say, in one part of their hearts they still believe in the certainty of a happier moment to come. Because how could anyone, and particularly anyone who is still young, carry on with the belief that everything could only get worse: If a person is happy enough to think he has reached the happiest moment of his life, he will be hopeful enough to believe his future will be just as beautiful, more so.”
― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

“We have to go. I’m almost happy here.”
― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

“I’m going to enjoy every second, and I’m going to know I’m enjoying it while I’m enjoying it. Most people don’t live; they just race. They are trying to reach some goal far away on the horizon, and in the heat of the going they get so breathless and panting that they lose sight of the beautiful, tranquil country they are passing through; and then the first thing they know, they are old and worn out, and it doesn’t make any difference whether they’ve reached the goal or not.”
― Jean Webster

“When your back is to the wall and you are facing fear head on, the only way is forward and through it.”
― Stephen Richards, Releasing You from Fear

“That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another….”
― Charles M. Schulz

“Life is at its best when everything has fallen out of place, and you decide that you’re going to fight to get them right, not when everything is going your way and everyone is praising you.”
― Thisuri Wanniarachchi

“Hurt is a part of life. To be honest, I think hurt is a part of happiness, that our definition of happiness has gotten very narrow lately, very nervous, a little afraid of this brawling, fabulous, unpredictable world.”
― Julian Gough, Juno & Juliet

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.”
― Dale Carnegie

“Some people appear to be happy, but they simply don’t give the matter much thought. Others make plans: I’m going to have a husband, a home, two children, a house in the country. As long as they’re busy doing that, they’re like bulls looking for the bullfighter: they react instinctively, they blunder on, with no idea where the target is. They get their car, sometimes they even get a Ferrari, and they think that’s the meaning of life, and they never question it. Yet their eyes betray the sadness that even they don’t know they carry in their soul. Are you happy?”
― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

“A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply because you’re not living in alignment; you’re not be being true to yourself.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Happiness, like unhappiness, is a proactive choice.”
― Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

“That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep.”
― Willa Cather, My Ántonia

“When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it; and this path is virtue, uprightness, faithfulness, holiness, and keeping all the commandments of God.”
― Joseph Smith Jr.

“The secret of happiness is to face the fact that the world is horrible, horrible, horrible.”
― Bertrand Russell

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“As I focus on diligent joy, I also keep remembering a simple idea my friend Darcey told me once — that all the sorrow and trouble of this world is caused by unhappy people. Not only in the big global Hitler-‘n’-Stalin picture, but also on the smallest personal level. Even in my own life, I can see exactly where my episodes of unhappiness have brought suffering or distress or (at the very least) inconvenience to those around me. The search for contentment is, therefore, not merely a self-preserving and self-benefiting act, but also a generous gift to the world. Clearing out all your misery gets you out of the way. You cease being an obstacle, not only to yourself but to anyone else. Only then are you free to serve and enjoy other people.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”
― Pearl S. Buck

“She had been proud of his decision to serve his country, her heart bursting with love and admiration the first time she saw him outfitted in his dress blues. ”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One

“Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when soul is satisfied.”
― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

“It was their secret, a secret meant for just the two of them, and she’d never been able to imagine how it would sound coming from someone else. But, somehow, Logan made it sound just right.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One

“Judgment is a negative frequency.”
― Stephen Richards

“You have a unique gift to offer this world. Be true to yourself, be kind to yourself, read and learn about everything that interests you and keep away from people who bring you down. When you treat yourself kindly and respect the uniqueness of those around you, you will be giving this world an amazing gift… YOU!”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Ink runs from the corners of my mouth.
There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry.”
― Mark Strand, Selected Poems

“Anne was always glad in the happiness of her friends; but it is sometimes a little lonely to be surrounded everywhere by happiness that is not your own.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

“Got no checkbooks, got no banks. Still I’d like to express my thanks – I’ve got the sun in the mornin’ and the moon at night.”
― Irving Berlin

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”
― Robin Williams

“Happiness is not a life without pain, but rather a life in which the pain is traded for a worthy price.”
― Orson Scott Card, Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”
― Petar Dunov

“Come clean with a child heart
Laugh as peaches in the summer wind
Let rain on a house roof be a song
Let the writing on your face
be a smell of apple orchards on late June.”
― Carl Sandburg, Honey and Salt

“Why should we build our happiness on the opinons of others, when we can find it in our own hearts?”
― Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract and Discourses

“Create all the happiness you are able to create; remove all the misery you are able to remove. Every day will allow you, –will invite you to add something to the pleasure of others, –or to diminish something of their pains.”
― Jeremy Bentham

“For what prevents us from saying that the happy life is to have a mind that is free, lofty, fearless and steadfast – a mind that is placed beyond the reach of fear, beyond the reach of desire, that counts virtue the only good, baseness the only evil, and all else but a worthless mass of things, which come and go without increasing or diminishing the highest good, and neither subtract any part from the happy life nor add any part to it?
A man thus grounded must, whether he wills or not, necessarily be attended by constant cheerfulness and a joy that is deep and issues from deep within, since he finds delight in his own resources, and desires no joys greater than his inner joys.”
― Seneca, The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters

“Everybody has something, that one thing they must do to feel happy. I think this is yours, and I want you to be happy. You don’t have to do it, but it’s here if you choose to come back to it.”
― Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”
― Ramana Maharshi

Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being
“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Why not seize the pleasure at once? — How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!”
― Jane Austen, Emma

“They will hate you if you are beautiful. They will hate you if you are successful. They will hate you if you are right. They will hate you if you are popular. They will hate you when you get attention. They will hate you when people in their life like you. They will hate you if you worship a different version of their God. They will hate you if you are spiritual. They will hate you if you have courage. They will hate you if you have an opinion. They will hate you when people support you. They will hate you when they see you happy. Heck, they will hate you while they post prayers and religious quotes on Pinterest and Facebook. They just hate. However, remember this: They hate you because you represent something they feel they don’t have. It really isn’t about you. It is about the hatred they have for themselves. So smile today because there is something you are doing right that has a lot of people thinking about you.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.”
― Albert Camus

“You know, people ask me. They say ‘Dan, three years later do you really want to be drawing cat whiskers on your face?’ but they don’t understand. The cat whiskers, they come from within.”
― Dan Howell

“The strength of a man isn’t seen in the power of his arms. It’s seen in the love with which he EMBRACES you.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.”
― Socrates

“Personally I am very pessimistic. But when, for instance, one of my staff has a baby you can’t help but bless them for a good future. Because I can’t tell that child, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have come into this life.’ And yet I know the world is heading in a bad direction. So with those conflicting thoughts in mind, I think about what kind of films I should be making.”
― Hayao Miyazaki

“Happiness does not come from without, it comes from within”
― Helen Keller

“If we never experience the chill of a dark winter, it is very unlikely that we will ever cherish the warmth of a bright summer’s day. Nothing stimulates our appetite for the simple joys of life more than the starvation caused by sadness or desperation. In order to complete our amazing life journey successfully, it is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse.”
― Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny

“Happiness is like those palaces in fairytales whose gates are guarded by dragons: We must fight in order to conquer it.”
― Alexandre Dumas

“Some day you will find out that there is far more happiness in another’s happiness than in your own.”
― Honoré de Balzac, Père Goriot

“The way I define happiness is being the creator of your experience, choosing to take pleasure in what you have, right now, regardless of the circumstances, while being the best you that you can be.”
― Leo Babauta

“I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances. a”
― Martha Washington

“I may never be happy, but tonight I am content. Nothing more than an empty house, the warm hazy weariness from a day spent setting strawberry runners in the sun, a glass of cool sweet milk, and a shallow dish of blueberries bathed in cream. When one is so tired at the end of a day one must sleep, and at the next dawn there are more strawberry runners to set, and so one goes on living, near the earth. At times like this I’d call myself a fool to ask for more…”
― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

“…is ignorance bliss, I don’t know, but it’s so painful to think, and tell me, what did thinking ever do for me, to what great place did thinking ever bring me? I think and think and think, I’ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

“The victim mindset dilutes the human potential. By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we greatly reduce our power to change them.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Her happiness floated like waves of ocean along the coast of her life. She found lyrics of her life in his arms but she never sung her song.”
― Santosh Kalwar

“The trick. . .is to find the balance between the bright colors of humor and the serious issues of identity, self-loathing, and the possibility for intimacy and love when it seems no longer possible or, sadder yet, no longer necessary.”
― Wendy Wasserstein

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”
― Oscar Wilde

“Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.”
― Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy

“[I]t is well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible.”
― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

“You see, there are some people that one loves, and others that perhaps one would rather be with.”
― Henrik Ibsen, A Doll’s House

“The hardest thing about depression is that it is addictive. It begins to feel uncomfortable not to be depressed. You feel guilty for feeling happy.”
― Pete Wentz

“When you’re unhappy, you get to pay a lot of attention to yourself. And you get to take yourself oh so very seriously. Your truly happy people, which is to say, your people who truly like themselves, they don’t think about themselves very much. Your unhappy person resents it when you try to cheer him up, because that means he has to stop dwellin’ on himself and start payin’ attention to the universe. Unhappiness is the ultimate form of self-indulgence.”
― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

“They say all marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning.”
― Clint Eastwood

“The big reason why folks leave a small town,’ Rant used to say, ‘is so they can moon over the idea of going back. And the reason they stay put is so they can moon about getting out.’

Rant meant that no one is happy, anywhere.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

“Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear”
― Taylor Swift

“Mara, that’s the life I want to give you. That’s what I’m offering you. I want to fill you life with color and warmth. I want to fill it with light. Give me a chance”
― Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love

“Paradise was always over there, a day’s sail away. But it’s a funny thing, escapism. You can go far and wide and you can keep moving on and on through places and years, but you never escape your own life. I, finally, knew where my life belonged. Home.”
― J. Maarten Troost, Getting Stoned with Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu

“Always be like a water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches its surface.”
― Santosh Kalwar


Hear the sledges with the bells –
Silver bells!
What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
In the icy air of night!
While the stars that oversprinkle
All the heavens, seem to twinkle
With a crystalline delight;
Keeping time, time, time,
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells –
From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.


Hear the mellow wedding bells –
Golden bells!
What a world of happiness their harmony foretells!
Through the balmy air of night
How they ring out their delight! –
From the molten – golden notes,
And all in tune,
What a liquid ditty floats
To the turtle – dove that listens, while she gloats
On the moon!
Oh, from out the sounding cells,
What a gush of euphony voluminously wells!
How it swells!
How it dwells
On the Future! – how it tells
Of the rapture that impels
To the swinging and the ringing
Of the bells, bells, bells –
Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells –
To the rhyming and the chiming of the bells!


Hear the loud alarum bells –
Brazen bells!
What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!
In the startled ear of night
How they scream out their affright!
Too much horrified to speak,
They can only shriek, shriek,
Out of tune,
In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire,
In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire,
Leaping higher, higher, higher,
With a desperate desire,
And a resolute endeavor
Now – now to sit, or never,
By the side of the pale – faced moon.
Oh, the bells, bells, bells!
What a tale their terror tells
Of Despair!
How they clang, and clash and roar!
What a horror they outpour
On the bosom of the palpitating air!
Yet the ear, it fully knows,
By the twanging,
And the clanging,
How the danger ebbs and flows;
Yet the ear distinctly tells,
In the jangling,
And the wrangling,
How the danger sinks and swells,
By the sinking or the swelling in the anger of the bells –
Of the bells –
Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells –
In the clamor and the clanging of the bells!


Hear the tolling of the bells –
Iron bells!
What a world of solemn thought their monody compels!
In the silence of the night,
How we shiver with affright
At the melancholy menace of their tone!
For every sound that floats
From the rust within their throats
Is a groan.
And the people – ah, the people –
They that dwell up in the steeple,
All alone,
And who, tolling, tolling, tolling,
In that muffled monotone,
Feel a glory in so rolling
On the human heart a stone –
They are neither man nor woman –
They are neither brute nor human –
They are Ghouls: –
And their king it is who tolls: –
And he rolls, rolls, rolls,
A paean from the bells!
And his merry bosom swells
With the paean of the bells!
And he dances, and he yells;
Keeping time, time, time,
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the paean of the bells: –
Of the bells:
Keeping time, time, time
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the throbbing of the bells –
Of the bells, bells, bells: –
To the sobbing of the bells: –
Keeping time, time, time,
As he knells, knells, knells,
In a happy Runic rhyme,
To the rolling of the bells –
Of the bells, bells, bells –
To the tolling of the bells –
Of the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells, –
To the moaning and the groaning of the bells. ”
― Edgar Allan Poe

“Joy came always after pain.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire

“The summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is.”
― Erasmus

“Well, I always know what I want. And when you know what you want–you go toward it. Sometimes you go very fast, and sometimes only an inch a year. Perhaps you feel happier when you go fast. I don’t know. I’ve forgotten the difference long ago, because it really doesn’t matter, so long as you move.”
― Ayn Rand, We the Living

“Compassion is the signature of Higher Consciousness. Non-violence is the tool to evolve into the Higher Consciousness.”
― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power


So early it’s still almost dark out.
I’m near the window with coffee,
and the usual early morning stuff
that passes for thought.

When I see the boy and his friend
walking up the road
to deliver the newspaper.

They wear caps and sweaters,
and one boy has a bag over his shoulder.
They are so happy
they aren’t saying anything, these boys.

I think if they could, they would take
each other’s arm.
It’s early in the morning,
and they are doing this thing together.

They come on, slowly.
The sky is taking on light,
though the moon still hangs pale over the water.

Such beauty that for a minute
death and ambition, even love,
doesn’t enter into this.

Happiness. It comes on
unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really,
any early morning talk about it.”
― Raymond Carver

“To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.”
― Gustave Flaubert

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.”
― Hugh Downs

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”
― Mother Teresa

“If happy I can be I will, if suffer I must I can.”
― William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom!

“I think most people are just trying to be happy, and that most of their actions, however misguided, are in line with that goal. Most people just want to feel they belong somewhere, want to be loved, and want to feel they’re important to someone. If you really examine all the wrongheaded and messed-up things they do, they can most often be traced back to that basic desire. The abusers, the addicted, the cruel and unpleasant, the manipulators –these are just people who started this quest for happiness in the basement of their lives. Someone communicated to them through word or deed that they were undeserving, so they think they have to claw their way there over the backs of others, leaving scars and creating damage. Of course, they only create more misery for themselves and others.”
― Lisa Unger, Sliver of Truth

“The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.”
― Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste: Or, Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy

“Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul.”
― Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

“Cinderella was such a dork. She left behind her glass slipper at the ball and then went right back to her step-monster’s house. It seems to me she should have worn the glass slipper always, to make herself easier to find. I always hoped that after the prince found Cinderella and they rode away in their magnificent carriage, after a few miles she turned to him and said, “Could you drop me off down the road please? Now that I’ve finally escaped my life of horrific abuse, I’d like to see something of the world, you know?… I’ll catch back up with you later, Prince, once I’ve found my own way.”
― Rachel Cohn, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

“A man wants to earn money in order to be happy, and his whole effort and the best of a life are devoted to the earning of that money. Happiness is forgotten; the means are taken for the end.”
― Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays

“لا أعرف أحداً بين الناس يستطيع أن يرسم لي خطة سعادتي كما أرسمها لنفسي”
― مصطفى لطفي المنفلوطي, العبرات

“Even in Siberia there is happiness.”
― Anton Chekhov

“Happiness wasn’t a mystical place to be reached or won–some bright terrain beyond the boundary of misery, a paradise waiting for them to find it–but something to carry doggedly with you through everything, as humble and ordinary as your gear and supplies.”
― Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters

“For who would dare to assert that eternal happiness can compensate for a single moment’s human suffering”
― Albert Camus, The Plague

“Whether our action is wholesome or unwholesome depends on whether that action or deed arises from a disciplined or undisciplined state of mind. It is felt that a disciplined mind leads to happiness and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering, and in fact it is said that bringing about discipline within one’s mind is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

“Nothing can illustrate these observations more forcibly, than a recollection of the happy conjuncture of times and circumstances, under which our Republic assumed its rank among the Nations; The foundation of our Empire was not laid in the gloomy age of Ignorance and Superstition, but at an Epoch when the rights of mankind were better understood and more clearly defined, than at any former period, the researches of the human mind, after social happiness, have been carried to a great extent, the Treasures of knowledge, acquired by the labours of Philosophers, Sages and Legislatures, through a long succession of years, are laid open for our use, and their collected wisdom may be happily applied in the Establishment of our forms of Government; the free cultivation of Letters, the unbounded extension of Commerce, the progressive refinement of Manners, the growing liberality of sentiment… have had a meliorating influence on mankind and increased the blessings of Society. At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a Nation, and if their Citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own.

[Circular to the States, 8 June 1783 – Writings 26:484–89]”
― George Washington, Writings

“The thing everyone should realize is that the key to happiness is being happy for yourself and yourself.”
― Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously… I’m Kidding

“Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying. The consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.”
― Elise Boulding

“Take all that you can of this book upon reason, and the balance on faith, and you will live and die a happier man. (When a skeptic expressed surprise to see him reading a Bible)”
― Abraham Lincoln

“The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

“Watch any plant or animal and let it teach you acceptance of what is, surrender to the Now.
Let it teach you Being.
Let it teach you integrity — which means to be one, to be yourself, to be real.
Let it teach you how to live and how to die, and how not to make living and dying into a problem.”
― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

“I guess money can’t buy happiness if you shop in the wrong places.”
― Nora Roberts, Tribute

“Live your life. Be happy as you can be, let go of the things that don’t matter, and fight.”
― Kiera Cass, The One

“Be happy — if you’re not even happy, what’s so good about surviving?”
― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

“To me, the meaning of a human life is to be happy. It’s to achieve happiness right now, it’s to make sure you’re happy in the future.

And if some people on YouTube try to have a message to give people, I guess that mine is: do whatever you have to do to be happy.”
― Dan Howell

“When we are collecting books, we are collecting happiness.”
― Vincent Starrett

“Happiness is such a fragile thing, isn’t it? So easily burst, like a bubble blown by a child, and always on the verge of being carried away.”
― Nenia Campbell, Endgame

“Sometimes you get everything you ever wanted, only it doesn’t look like what you wanted anymore.”
― Leila Sales, Past Perfect

“Even if it were possible to cast my horoscope in this one life, and to make an accurate prediction about my future, it would not be possible to ‘show’ it to me because as soon as I saw it my future would change by definition. This is why Werner Heisenberg’s adaptation of the Hays Office—the so-called principle of uncertainty whereby the act of measuring something has the effect of altering the measurement—is of such importance. In my case the difference is often made by publicity. For example, and to boast of one of my few virtues, I used to derive pleasure from giving my time to bright young people who showed promise as writers and who asked for my help. Then some profile of me quoted someone who disclosed that I liked to do this. Then it became something widely said of me, whereupon it became almost impossible for me to go on doing it, because I started to receive far more requests than I could respond to, let alone satisfy. Perception modifies reality: when I abandoned the smoking habit of more than three decades I was given a supposedly helpful pill called Wellbutrin. But as soon as I discovered that this was the brand name for an antidepressant, I tossed the bottle away. There may be successful methods for overcoming the blues but for me they cannot include a capsule that says: ‘Fool yourself into happiness, while pretending not to do so.’ I should actually want my mind to be strong enough to circumvent such a trick.”
― Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir

“There’s a taste in the air, sweet and vaguely antiseptic, that reminds him of his teenage years in these streets, and of a general state of longing, a hunger for life to begin that from this distance seems like happiness.”
― Ian McEwan, Saturday

“Last night
the rain
spoke to me
slowly, saying,
what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,
to be happy again
in a new way
on the earth!
That’s what it said
as it dropped,
smelling of iron,
and vanished
like a dream of the ocean
into the branches
and the grass below.
Then it was over.
The sky cleared.
I was standing
under a tree.
The tree was a tree
with happy leaves,
and I was myself,
and there were stars in the sky
that were also themselves
at the moment
at which moment
my right hand
was holding my left hand
which was holding the tree
which was filled with stars
and the soft rain –
imagine! imagine!
the long and wondrous journeys
still to be ours.”
― Mary Oliver

“I like to believe that you don’t need to reach a certain goal to be happy. I prefer to think that happiness is always there, and that when things don’t go the way we might like them to, it’s a sign from above that something even better is right around the corner.”
― David Archuleta, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance

“In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance.”
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“The true measure of a man is how he treats you when others are not looking.”
― Alessandra Torre

“It’s funny how one summer can change everything. It must be something about the heat and the smell of chlorine, fresh-cut grass and honeysuckle, asphalt sizzling after late-day thunderstorms, the steam rising while everything drips around it. Something about long, lazy days and whirring air conditioners and bright plastic flip-flops from the drugstore thwacking down the street. Something about fall being so close, another year, another Christmas, another beginning. So much in one summer, stirring up like the storms that crest at the end of each day, blowing out all the heat and dirt to leave everything gasping and cool. Everyone can reach back to one summer and lay a finger to it, finding the exact point when everything changed. That summer was mine.”
― Sarah Dessen, That Summer

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“Recipe For Happiness Khaborovsk Or Anyplace’

One grand boulevard with trees
with one grand cafe in sun
with strong black coffee in very small cups.

One not necessarily very beautiful
man or woman who loves you.

One fine day.”
― Lawrence Ferlinghetti

“I’ll never wake up in a good mood again.
I’m tired of these stinky boots”
― Jim Morrison, An American Prayer

“If I had a shiny gun
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folks that cause me pains :)”
― Dorothy Parker

“Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”
― Ingrid Bergman

“الفرح الوحشي والمرح العنيف والضحك المجلجل حالات لا تدل على السعادة ، إنها تشنجات البؤساء الذين يريدون أن يأكدوا لأنفسهم وللناس أنهم يفرحون، يفرحون بشدة.”
― مصطفى محمود, الأحلام

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
― Roman Payne

“Education doesn’t make you happy. Nor does freedom. We don’t become happy just because we’re free – if we are. Or because we’ve been educated – if we have. But because education may be the means by which we realize we are happy. It opens our eyes, our ears, tells us where delights are lurking, convinces us that there is only one freedom of any importance whatsoever, that of the mind, and gives us the assurance – the confidence – to walk the path our mind, our educated mind, offers.”
― Iris Murdoch

“It sometimes takes a state of solitude to bring to mind the real power of companionship.”
― Stephen Richards

“They’ll say you are bad
or perhaps you are mad
or at least you
should stay undercover.
Your mind must be bare
if you would dare
to think you can love
more than one lover.”
― David Rovics

“The intention that man should be happy is not in the plan of Creation.”
― Sigmund Freud

“Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.”
― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

― Megan McCafferty, Second Helpings

“The greatest thing about dreams is they don’t expire. They can lay dormant for years and when you pull them out and dust them off, they shine like new.”
― Casi McLean

“In the midst of happiness or despair
in sorrow or in joy
in pleasure or in pain:
Do what is right and you will be at peace.”
― Jess Rothenberg, The Catastrophic History of You and Me

“We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Candida

“It’s not about working for money, it’s about having money work for you.”
― Stephen Richards

“A disciplined mind leads to happiness, and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

“Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness.”
― Robertson Davies

“The institutions of human society treat us as parts of a machine. They assign us ranks and place considerable pressure upon us to fulfill defined roles. We need something to help us restore our lost and distorted humanity. Each of us has feelings that have been suppressed and have built up inside. There is a voiceless cry resting in the depths of our souls, waiting for expression. Art gives the soul’s feelings voice and form.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
― C. JoyBell C.

“Whenever I see an ambulance, I like to think there is a baby being born, rather than a death.”
― Phil Lester

“I find no importance in showing others that I am happy; it’s not important to me that they know or think that I am happy but what is important to me is that I am happy. I am interested in being happy, not in making others think or know that I am.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.”
― Jacques Prévert

“My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.”
― Socrates

“…nothing wonderful lasted forever. Joy was as fleeting as a shooting star that crossed the evening sky, ready to blink out at any moment.”
― Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven

“I consider myself a stained-glass window. And this is how I live my life. Closing no doors and covering no windows; I am the multi-colored glass with light filtering through me, in many different shades. Allowing light to shed and fall into many many hues. My job is not to direct anything, but only to filter into many colors. My answer is destiny and my guide is joy. And there you have me.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“For those who are poor in happiness, each time is a first time; happiness never becomes a habit.”
― Marilyn Monroe, My Story

“Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”
― George Washington

“Happiness is a state of activity.”
― Aristotle

“I needed to stop being what everyone thought I was.”
― Sarah Addison Allen

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves—say rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

“I spit on your happiness! I spit on your idea of life–that life that must go on, come what may. You are all like dogs that lick everything they smell. You with your promise of a humdrum happiness–provided a person doesn’t ask much of life. I want everything of life, I do; and I want it now! I want it total, complete: otherwise I reject it! I will not be moderate. I will not be satisfied with the bit of cake you offer me if I promise to be a good little girl. I want to be sure of everything this very day; sure that everything will be as beautiful as when I was a little girl. If not, I want to die!”
― Jean Anouilh, Antigone

“[Fireheart]mewed,”It’s not my place to judge you.” Greystripe looked up as Fireheart went on.” Greystripe, whatever you decide to do, I will always be your friend.”
― Erin Hunter, Fire and Ice

“I’m a happy person. If you want to be around me, you can either choose to be happy too, or follow the signs to the nearest exit!”
― Sharon Swan

“Dear Human:
You’ve got it all wrong.
You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. This is where you came from and where you’ll return.
You came here to learn personal love.
Universal love.
Messy love.
Sweaty Love.
Crazy love.
Broken love.
Whole love.
Infused with divinity.
Lived through the grace of stumbling.
Demonstrated through the beauty of… messing up.

You didn’t come here to be perfect, you already are.

You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous.

And rising again into remembering.

But unconditional love? Stop telling that story.

Love in truth doesn’t need any adjectives.
It doesn’t require modifiers.
It doesn’t require the condition of perfection.

It only asks you to show up.
And do your best.
That you stay present and feel fully.
That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU.

Its enough.

It’s Plenty.”
― Courtney A. Walsh

“We’d just shared the last beer and slung the empty can out the window at a stop sign and were just waiting back to get the feel of the day, swimming in that kind of tasty drowsiness that comes over you after a day of going hard at something you enjoy doing — half sunburned and half drunk and keeping awake only because you wanted to savor the taste as long as you could.”
― Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“We’ve got everything we need right here, and everything we need is enough.”
― Jack Johnson

“But I don’t want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin.’

‘In fact,’ said Mustapha Mond, ‘you’re claiming the right to be unhappy.’

‘All right then,’ said the Savage defiantly, ‘I’m claiming the right to be unhappy.’

‘Not to mention the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and cancer; the right to have too little to eat; the right to be lousy; the right to live in constant apprehension of what may happen tomorrow; the right to catch typhoid; the right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind.’ There was a long silence.

‘I claim them all,’ said the Savage at last.

Mustapha Mond shrugged his shoulders. ‘You’re welcome,” he said.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“Truly amazing, what people can get used to, as long as there are a few compensations.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

“Reason, Observation and Experience — the Holy Trinity of Science — have taught us that happiness is the only good; that the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is to make others so. This is enough for us. In this belief we are content to live and die. If by any possibility the existence of a power superior to, and independent of, nature shall be demonstrated, there will then be time enough to kneel. Until then, let us stand erect.”
― Robert G. Ingersoll, On the Gods and Other Essays

“It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving, it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.”
― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason

“Why not let people differ about their answers to the great mysteries of the Universe? Let each seek one’s own way to the highest, to one’s own sense of supreme loyalty in life, one’s ideal of life. Let each philosophy, each world-view bring forth its truth and beauty to a larger perspective, that people may grow in vision, stature and dedication.”
― Algernon Black

“For the likes of you, the path to happiness is one mean son of a bitch of a path.”
― Dean Koontz, Dead and Alive

“Happiness has to do with your mindset, not with outside circumstance.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Sometimes when I meet old friends, it reminds me how quickly time passes. And it makes me wonder if we’ve utilized our time properly or not. Proper utilization of time is so important. While we have this body, and especially this amazing human brain, I think every minute is something precious. Our day-to-day existence is very much alive with hope, although there is no guarantee of our future. There is no guarantee that tomorrow at this time we will be here. But we are working for that purely on the basis of hope. So, we need to make the best use of our time. I believe that the proper utilization of time is this: if you can, serve other people, other sentient beings. If not, at least refrain from harming them. I think that is the whole basis of my philosophy.

So, let us reflect what is truly of value in life, what gives meaning to our lives, and set our priorities on the basis of that. The purpose of our life needs to be positive. We weren’t born with the purpose of causing trouble, harming others. For our life to be of value, I think we must develop basic good human qualities—warmth, kindness, compassion. Then our life becomes meaningful and more peaceful—happier.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

“Indeed there has never been any explanation of the ebb and flow in our veins–of happiness and unhappiness.”
― Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

“Most men either compromise or drop their greatest talents and start running after, what they perceive to be, a more reasonable success, and somewhere in between they end up with a discontented settlement. Safety is indeed stability, but it is not progression.”
― Criss Jami, Killosophy

“I don’t want anyone to look to me, not for protection, not for happiness, not for love, not for anything.”
― P.D. James, The Children of Men

“I remember watching it all and getting the tickling in my chest and thinking to myself: This is what happiness feels like.”
― Gayle Forman, If I Stay

“Call no man happy, said Shadow, until he is dead”
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

“I think people would be happier if they admitted things more often. In a sense we are all prisoners of some memory, or fear, or disappointment – we are all defined by something we can’t change.”
― Simon Van Booy, The Illusion of Separateness

“It sounded old. Deserve. Old and tired and beaten to death. Deserve. Now it seemed to him that he was always saying or thinking that he didn’t deserve some bad luck, or some bad treatment from others. He’d told Guitar that he didn’t “deserve” his family’s dependence, hatred, or whatever. That he didn’t even “deserve” to hear all the misery and mutual accusations his parents unloaded on him. Nor did he “deserve” Hagar’s vengeance. But why shouldn’t his parents tell him their personal problems? If not him, then who? And if a stranger could try to kill him, surely Hagar, who knew him and whom he’d thrown away like a wad of chewing gum after the flavor was gone––she had a right to try to kill him too.

Apparently he though he deserved only to be loved–from a distance, though–and given what he wanted. And in return he would be…what? Pleasant? Generous? Maybe all he was really saying was: I am not responsible for your pain; share your happiness with me but not your unhappiness.”
― Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

“No one invites you to the top – you have to claw your way up. When you get there, you will sit with the others who were also uninvited – giggling. ”
― Staness Jonekos

“Accustom yourself to the belief that death is of no concern to us, since all good and evil lie in sensation and sensation ends with death. Therefore the true belief that death is nothing to us makes a mortal life happy, not by adding to it an infinite time, but by taking away the desire for immortality. For there is no reason why the man who is thoroughly assured that there is nothing to fear in death should find anything to fear in life. So, too, he is foolish who says that he fears death, not because it will be painful when it comes, but because the anticipation of it is painful; for that which is no burden when it is present gives pain to no purpose when it is anticipated. Death, the most dreaded of evils, is therefore of no concern to us; for while we exist death is not present, and when death is present we no longer exist. It is therefore nothing either to the living or to the dead since it is not present to the living, and the dead no longer are.”
― Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus

“If I had a camera,” I said, “I’d take a picture of you every day. That way I’d remember how you looked every single day of your life.”

“I look exactly the same.”

“No, you don’t. You’re changing all the time. Every day a tiny bit. If I could, I’d keep a record of it all.”

“If you’re so smart, how did I change today?”

“You got a fraction of a millimeter taller, for one thing. Your hair grew a fraction of a millimeter longer. And your breasts grew a fraction of a—”

“They did not!”

“Yes, they did.”

“Did NOT.”

“Did too.”

“What else, you big pig?”

“You got a little happier and also a little sadder.”

“Meaning they cancel out each other, leaving me exactly the same.”

“Not at all. The fact that you got a little happier today doesn’t change the fact that you also become a little sadder. Every day you become a little more of both, which means that right now, at this exact moment, you’re the happiest and the saddest you’ve ever been in your whole life.”

“How do you know?”

“Think about it. Have you ever been happier or sadder than right now, lying here in this grass?”

“I guess not. No.”

“And have you ever been sadder?”


“It isn’t like that for everyone, you know. Some people[…]”

“What about you? Are you the happiest and saddest right now that you’ve ever

“Of course I am.”


“Because nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than you.”
― Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

“Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”
― Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby

“Happiness is not the absence of problems; it’s the ability to deal with them.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Happiness is a myth. It was invented to make us buy new things.”
― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

“I don’t think man was meant to attain happiness so easily. Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it.”
― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

“There are a few moments in your life when you are truly and completely happy, and you remember to give thanks. Even as it happens you are nostalgic for the moment, you are tucking it away in your scrapbook.”
― David Benioff, When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories

“If everything really does get better, the way everyone claims, then happiness should be graphable. But that’s crap, because better isn’t quantifiable.”
― Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of Everything

“Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.”
― Nelson Mandela

“Any intelligent person knows that life is a beautiful thing and that the purpose of life is to be happy,” said my father as he watched the three beauties. “But it seems only idiots are ever happy. How can we explain this?”
― Orhan Pamuk, The Museum of Innocence

“No one asked you to be happy. Get to work.”
― Colette

“No one can grant you happiness. Happiness is a choice we all have the power to make.”
― Dean Koontz, Life Expectancy

“In a person’s lifetime there may be not more than half a dozen occasions that he can look back to in the certain knowledge that right then, at that moment, there was room for nothing but happiness in his heart.”
― Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, Belles on Their Toes

“I’ve pursued dreams and achieved them, but I don’t think anybody should think their life is incomplete if they don’t follow some dream. Happiness doesn’t come from achievements, or money, or any sort of treasure. Happiness is a frame of mind, not a destination. It’s appreciating what you’ve got and building relationships with those around you.”
― Janette Rallison

“I like living in my head because in there, everyone is kind and innocent. Once you start integrating yourself into the world, you realize that people are nasty, mean creatures. They’re worse than zombies. People try to crush your soul and destroy your happiness, but zombies just want to have a little nibble of your brain.”
― J. Cornell Michel, Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

“Marriage becomes hard work once you have poured the entirety of your life’s expectations for happiness into the hands of one mere person. Keeping that going is hard work.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

“An entire life spent reading would have fulfilled my every desire; I already knew that at the age of seven. The texture of the world is painful, inadequate; unalterable, or so it seems to me. Really, I believe that an entire life spent reading would have suited me best. Such a life has not been granted me…”
― Michel Houellebecq, Whatever

“Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.”
― Steve Maraboli

“There is no list of rules. There is one rule. The rule is: there are no rules. Happiness comes from living as you need to, as you want to. As your inner voice tells you to. Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be. Being traditional is not traditional anymore. It’s funny that we still think of it that way. Normalize your lives, people. You don’t want a baby? Don’t have one. I don’t want to get married? I won’t. You want to live alone? Enjoy it. You want to love someone? Love someone. Don’t apologize. Don’t explain. Don’t ever feel less than. When you feel the need to apologize or explain who you are, it means the voice in your head is telling you the wrong story. Wipe the slate clean. And rewrite it. No fairy tales. Be your own narrator. And go for a happy ending. One foot in front of the other. You will make it.”
― Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

“Life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The thing everyone should realize is that the key to happiness is being happy by yourself and for yourself. Happiness comes from within. You have the power to change your own mindset so that all the negative, horrible thoughts that try to invade your psyche are replaced with happy, positive, wonderful thoughts.”
― Ellen DeGeneres, Seriously… I’m Kidding

“I want him to be happy. And I want you to be happy, too. Even if you can only find that happiness without me.”
― S.J. Watson, Before I Go to Sleep

“and our few good times will be rare because we have the critical sense
and are not easy to fool with laughter”
― Charles Bukowski

“Be patient. Your skin took a while to deteriorate. Give it some time to reflect a calmer inner state. As one of my friends states on his Facebook profile: “The true Losers in Life, are not those who Try and Fail, but those who Fail to Try.”
― Jess C. Scott, Clear: A Guide to Treating Acne Naturally

“Today, many will choose to live free of conditions and rules governing their own happiness. Why not you? Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions! Today’s a new day!”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“How aware are we of our own inner life, our spirituality-something so intangible yet so priceless? How much effort do we make to perceive that which is not obvious, which can neither be seen nor heard? I believe the exploration and enrichment of the human spirit is what determines our very humanity. Such enrichment provides an inner compass that can lead civilizations to greatness.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“It seemed like this day could go in so many directions, like a spiderweb shooting out toward endless possibilities. Whenever you made a choice, especially one you’d been resisting, it always affected everything else, some in big ways, like a tremor beneath your feet, others in so tiny a shift you hardly noticed a change at all. But it was happening.”
― Sarah Dessen

“The secret of a happy life is respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others.”
― Ayad Akhtar, American Dervish

“Doing what you love is freedom.
what you do is happiness.”
― Lana Del Rey

“Concentration attracts luck factor.”
― Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

“No one is to blame because there is no one other than you. Nothing is to disrespect because there is nothing other than you.”
― Amit Ray

“It was that impossible thing: happiness that does not wilt to reveal the thin shoots of some new desire rising from within it.”
― George Saunders, Tenth of December

“The single greatest lesson the garden teaches is that our relationship to the planet need not be zero-sum, and that as long as the sun still shines and people still can plan and plant, think and do, we can, if we bother to try, find ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world. ”
― Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

“I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.”
― Cristiano Ronaldo

“When I die, don’t come, I wouldn’t want a leaf
to turn away from the sun — it loves it there.
There’s nothing so spiritual about being happy
but you can’t miss a day of it, because it doesn’t last.”
― Frank O’Hara

“We are one of those couples i used to watch, thinking to myself that I’d never be on the inside of something so special. I remember reassuring myself that it probably looked nicer than it actually was, I am happy to be wrong about that.”
― Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed

“He was a wonderful man. And when a man is that special, you know it sooner than you think possible. You recognize it instinctively, and you’re certain that no matter what happens, there will never be another one like him.”
― Nicholas Sparks

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”
― Will Smith

“I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.

Brian Sibley: Or brains even?

Oh gosh, yes, brains is one of the least. You can be a lovely person without brains, absolutely lovely. Kindness – that simple word. To be kind – it covers everything, to my mind.
If you’re kind that’s it.”
― Roald Dahl

“There is no greater power than that of a laugh and happiness is a force which can save a person from the horrors of the world.”
― Hillary DePiano, The Love of Three Oranges: A Play for the Theatre That Takes the Commedia Dell’arte of Carlo Gozzi and Updates It for the New Millennium

“It is essential to happiness that our way of living should spring from our own deep impulses and not from the accidental tastes and desires of those who happen to be our neighbors, or even our relations.”
― Bertrand Russell

“Fate never promises to tell you everything up front. You aren’t always shown the path in life you’re supposed to take. But if there was one thing she’d learned in the past few weeks, it was that sometimes, when you’re really lucky, you meet someone with a map.”
― Sarah Addison Allen

“Sometimes I think of you and I feel giddy. Memory makes me lightheaded, drunk on champagne. All the things we did. And if anyone has said this was the price I would have agreed to pay it. That surprises me; that with the hurt and the mess comes a shift of recognition. It was worth it. Love is worth it.”
― Jeanette Winterson, Written on the Body

“I’ve learned …. That when you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.”
― Andy Rooney

“At the end of the day your ability to connect with your readers comes down to how you make them feel.”
― Benjamin J. Carey, Barefoot in November

“All I want in this life are three…
a moonlit beach on the starlit sea,
a breath of opium,
and thee.”
― Roman Payne

“If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Oh, how unbearable is a happy person sometimes!”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, White Nights

“Often, moreover, it is…that aspect of our being that society finds eccentric, ridiculous, or disagreeable, that holds our sweet waters, our secret well of happiness, the key to our equanimity in malevolent climes.”
― Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

“You have to be willing to get happy about nothing.”
― Andy Warhol

“It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him.”
― Max Planck, Where is Science Going?

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government”
― Spurious quote attributed to George Washington but never said by him .

“Today only the person who no longer believes in a happy ending, only he who has consciously renounced it, is able to live. A happy century does not exist; but there are moments of happiness, and there is freedom in the moment.”
― Ernst Jünger, The Glass Bees

“The dead don’t desire revenge, but the happiness of the livng. To dirty your small hands would bring joy to no one.
-Kenshin to Eiji”
― Nobuhiro Watsuki

“[Happiness is] a ghost, it’s a shadow. You can’t really chase it. It’s a by-product, a very pleasant side effect to a life lived well.”
― Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World

“People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition

“What would a narrative of happiness be like? All that can be described is what prepares it, and then what destroys it.”
― André Gide, The Immoralist

“Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection.”
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

“There’s little of the melancholy element in her, my lord: she is never sad but when she sleeps; and not ever sad then; for I have heard my daughter say, she hath often dreamt of unhappiness, and waked herself with laughing.”
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

“If you write it down, you can make it happen.”
― Staness Jonekos

“Vipassana meditation is an ongoing creative purification process. Observation of the moment-to-moment experience cleanses the mental layers, one after another.”
― Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style

“Your success and happiness are forgiven you only if you generously consent to share them. But to be happy it is essential not to be too concerned with others. Consequently, there is no escape. Happy and judged, or absolved and wretched.”
― Albert Camus, The Fall

“Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious.”
― Will Rogers

“Love is the energy of life.”
― Robert Browning

“The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“The point of simple living, for me has got to be:

A soft place to land

A wide margin of error

Room to breathe

Lots of places to find baseline happiness in each and every day”
― Leo Babauta

“After all the world is indeed beautiful and if we were any other creature than man we might be continuously happy in it.”
― Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture

“We are all happy if we but knew it.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“It’s hard not to feel happy when you make someone smile.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“The most important thing is this: to be able at any moment to be free to choose a life that makes you happy.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but you thoughts about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking.”
― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

“Love and compassion are the mother and father of a smile. We need to create more smiles in our world today. Smiles, after all, pave the way to a happy world.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“What good is money if it can’t buy happiness?”
― Agatha Christie, The Man in the Brown Suit

“We are a noisy and blessed little family”
― Nancy E. Turner, These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901

“Maybe if we stopped trying to achieve movie standards of greatness, we’d be happy with what we have.”
― Amber L. Johnson, Puddle Jumping

“Happy the man, and happy he alone,
he who can call today his own:
he who, secure within, can say,
Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.

Be fair or foul, or rain or shine
the joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine.
Not Heaven itself, upon the past has power,
but what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.”
― Horace

“Write it on your heart you are the most beautiful soul of the Universe. Realize it, honor it and celebrate the life.”
― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

“The object of this Essay is to assert one very simple principle, as entitled to govern absolutely the dealings of society with the individual in the way of compulsion and control, whether the means used be physical force in the form of legal penalties, or the moral coercion of public opinion. That principle is, that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinions of others, to do so would be wise, or even right. These are good reasons for remonstrating with him, or reasoning with him, or persuading him, or entreating him, but not for compelling him, or visiting him with any evil, in case he do otherwise. To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him must be calculated to produce evil to someone else. The only part of the conduct of any one, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.”
― John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

“Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers.”
― Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

“Let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges and anger. Simplify your life. Let go of the poisonous past and live the abundantly beautiful present… today.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“The First Splendid Truth: To be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.”
― Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun

“The pleasure of criticizing takes away from us the pleasure of being moved by some very fine things.”
― Jean de La Bruyère

“The truly revolutionary promise of our nation’s founding document is the freedom to pursue happiness-with-a-capital-H. ”
― Dan Savage, Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America

“when he smiles it’s as if you’d just told him the first joke on earth.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

“Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes”
― Bertolt Brecht, Galileo

“I think we go well together. I like being with you because I’m never bored. Even when we’re not talking, even when we’re not touching, even when we’re not in the same room, I’m not bored. I’m never bored. I think it’s because I have confidence in you, in your thoughts. Do you understand? I love everything I see in you, and everything I don’t see. I know your faults, but as it turns out, I feel as though your faults go well with my qualities. We’re not afraid of the same things. Even our inner demons go well together! You, you’re worth more than you show…”
― Anna Gavalda, Someone I Loved (Je l’aimais)

“…The world is full of happy people but no one ever hears of them. You have to fight and make a scandal to get in the papers. No one knows about all the happy people…”
― Gene Stratton-Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost

“I must die. Must I then die lamenting? I must be put in chains. Must I then also lament? I must go into exile. Does any man then hinder me from going with smiles and cheerfulness and contentment?”
― Epictetus

“Marriage is just a piece of paper if it’s not a happy one.”
― Phil Lester

“Man…who lives in three places – in the past, in the present, and in the future – can be unhappy if one of these three is worthless. Religion has even added a fourth – eternity.”
― Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

“Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

“Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.”
― Walt Whitman

“There were two ways to be happy: improve your reality, or lower your expectations”
― Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes

“The great source of both the misery and disorders of human life, seems to arise from over-rating the difference between one permanent situation and another. Avarice over-rates the difference between poverty and riches: ambition, that between a private and a public station: vain-glory, that between obscurity and extensive reputation. The person under the influence of any of those extravagant passions, is not only miserable in his actual situation, but is often disposed to disturb the peace of society, in order to arrive at that which he so foolishly admires. The slightest observation, however, might satisfy him, that, in all the ordinary situations of human life, a well-disposed mind may be equally calm, equally cheerful, and equally contented. Some of those situations may, no doubt, deserve to be preferred to others: but none of them can deserve to be pursued with that passionate ardour which drives us to violate the rules either of prudence or of justice; or to corrupt the future tranquillity of our minds, either by shame from the remembrance of our own folly, or by remorse from the horror of our own injustice.”
― Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments

“Can you be happy with the movies, and the ads, and the clothes in the stores, and the doctors, and the eyes as you walk down the street all telling you there is something wrong with you? No. You cannot be happy. Because, you poor darling baby, you believe them.”
― Katherine Dunn, Geek Love

“Are you going to allow the world around you to change while you remain stagnant? Make this the time you throw away old habits that have hindered your happiness and success and finally allow your greatest self to flourish.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Life itself is simple…it’s just not easy.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Your success and happiness lie in you.”
― Helen Keller

“Surely every one realizes, at some point along the way, that he is capable of living a far better life than the one he has chosen.”
― Henry Miller, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

“Non-violence, which is the quality of the heart, cannot come by an appeal to the brain.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

“I don’t want to be the one who says life is beautiful. I want to be the one who feels it.”
― Marty Rubin

“Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly is a stress reliever.”
― Besa Kosova

“Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”
― Deepak Chopra

“I’ve come to think that flourishing consists of putting yourself in situations in which you lose self-consciousness and become fused with other people, experiences, or tasks. It happens sometimes when you are lost in a hard challenge, or when an artist or a craftsman becomes one with the brush or the tool. It happens sometimes while you’re playing sports, or listening to music or lost in a story, or to some people when they feel enveloped by God’s love. And it happens most when we connect with other people. I’ve come to think that happiness isn’t really produced by conscious accomplishments. Happiness is a measure of how thickly the unconscious parts of our minds are intertwined with other people and with activities. Happiness is determined by how much information and affection flows through us covertly every day and year.”
― David Brooks

“All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.”
― Samuel Butler

“Be Sure To Notice When You’re Happy”
― Brenda Farrar-ejemai

“It was the general opinion of ancient nations, that the divinity alone was adequate to the important office of giving laws to men… and modern nations, in the consecrations of kings, and in several superstitious chimeras of divine rights in princes and nobles, are nearly unanimous in preserving remnants of it… Is the jealousy of power, and the envy of superiority, so strong in all men, that no considerations of public or private utility are sufficient to engage their submission to rules for their own happiness? Or is the disposition to imposture so prevalent in men of experience, that their private views of ambition and avarice can be accomplished only by artifice? — … There is nothing in which mankind have been more unanimous; yet nothing can be inferred from it more than this, that the multitude have always been credulous, and the few artful. The United States of America have exhibited, perhaps, the first example of governments erected on the simple principles of nature: and if men are now sufficiently enlightened to disabuse themselves of artifice, imposture, hypocrisy, and superstition, they will consider this event as an era in their history. Although the detail of the formation of the American governments is at present little known or regarded either in Europe or America, it may hereafter become an object of curiosity. It will never be pretended that any persons employed in that service had any interviews with the gods, or were in any degree under the inspiration of heaven, any more than those at work upon ships or houses, or labouring in merchandize or agriculture: it will for ever be acknowledged that these governments were contrived merely by the use of reason and the senses. As Copley painted Chatham, West, Wolf, and Trumbull, Warren and Montgomery; as Dwight, Barlow, Trumbull, and Humphries composed their verse, and Belknap and Ramzay history; as Godfrey invented his quadrant, and Rittenhouse his planetarium; as Boylston practised inoculation, and Franklin electricity; as Paine exposed the mistakes of Raynal, and Jefferson those of Buffon, so unphilosophically borrowed from the Recherches Philosophiques sur les Américains those despicable dreams of de Pauw — neither the people, nor their conventions, committees, or sub-committees, considered legislation in any other light than ordinary arts and sciences, only as of more importance. Called without expectation, and compelled without previous inclination, though undoubtedly at the best period of time both for England and America, to erect suddenly new systems of laws for their future government, they adopted the method of a wise architect, in erecting a new palace for the residence of his sovereign. They determined to consult Vitruvius, Palladio, and all other writers of reputation in the art; to examine the most celebrated buildings, whether they remain entire or in ruins; compare these with the principles of writers; and enquire how far both the theories and models were founded in nature, or created by fancy: and, when this should be done, as far as their circumstances would allow, to adopt the advantages, and reject the inconveniences, of all. Unembarrassed by attachments to noble families, hereditary lines and successions, or any considerations of royal blood, even the pious mystery of holy oil had no more influence than that other of holy water: the people universally were too enlightened to be imposed on by artifice; and their leaders, or more properly followers, were men of too much honour to attempt it. Thirteen governments thus founded on the natural authority of the people alone, without a pretence of miracle or mystery, which are destined to spread over the northern part of that whole quarter of the globe, are a great point gained in favour of the rights of mankind.

[Preface to ‘A Defence of the Constitutions of the United States of America’, 1787]”
― John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America: Akashic U.S. Presidents Series

“Life is so short. The only person you hurt when you stay angry or hold grudges is you. Forgive everyone, including yourself.”
― Tom Giaquinto

“Actually, I jade very quickly. Once is usually enough. Either once only, or every day. If you do something once it’s exciting, and if you do it every day it’s exciting. But if you do it, say, twice or just almost every day, it’s not good any more.”
― Andy Warhol

“A woman’s happiness is in throwing everything away to live for love.”
― Ai Yazawa, Paradise Kiss, Vol. 5

“She avoids deep thought like an empty restaurant, not out of stupidity, but a canny resolve to be happy.”
― Alex Shakar, Luminarium

“To the European, it is a characteristic of the American culture that, again and again, one is commanded and ordered to ‘be happy.’ But happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy.’ Once the reason is found, however, one becomes happy automatically. As we see, a human being is not one in pursuit of happiness but rather in search of a reason to become happy, last but not least, through actualizing the potential meaning inherent and dormant in a given situation.”
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

“I wanted color. I wanted to soar with happiness even if it meant dealing with the weight of fear and guilt, too. I wanted to live.”
― Heather Anastasiu, Glitch

“When I was in Piazza di Spagna, in Rome, I watched (along with others) how many locals came to drink water from the fountain there. The people beside me said to each other “Oh my goodness, how disgusting, people just drink water from anywhere,” while the whole time, I was thinking “Oh my goodness, how wonderful, people can drink water from anywhere.” We can be in the exact same place, looking at the exact same thing, but see that thing in a completely different way. You can go around the world, and go to all the beautiful places, but never be happy, because happiness is something that you bring inside of you, it is not where you are or what you are looking at, but it is how you are and how you look at.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“Sometimes pain is so unmanageable that the idea of spending another day with it seems impossible. Other times pain acts as a compass to help you get through the messier tunnels of growing up. But the pain can only help you find happiness if you can remember it.”
― Adam Silvera, More Happy Than Not

“I Love Loving You

You are my favorite song; a rhythm of beauty that captures my spirit.

You are my favorite poem; an exquisite grouping of ideas set in motion with an unmatched enchanting elegance.

You are my best friend; from our laughter to our deep conversations, our moments together are a timeless pleasure.

You are my soul mate; a connection so pure, so powerful, that it can only be considered divine.

You are my lover; a passionate entwinement, a chorus of ecstasy, and a feeling of complete unity that words could never adequately describe.

You are my angel; you remind me of the goodness in this world and inspire me to be the greatest version of myself.

You are my home; it is in your loving gaze that I find the comfort, acceptance, and the sense of belonging.

You are my love ~ mi amor; there are not enough days in forever to allow me to fully express my love for you.

I love loving you.”
― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.”
― Bob Marley

“Dads. It’s time to show our sons how to properly treat a woman. It’s time to show our daughters how a girl should expect be treated. It’s time to show forgiveness and compassion. It’s time to show our children empathy. It’s time to break social norms and teach a healthier way of life! It’s time to teach good gender roles and to ditch the unnecessary ones. Does it really matter if your son likes the color pink? Is it going to hurt anybody? Do you not see the damage it inflicts to tell a boy that there is something wrong with him because he likes a certain color? Do we not see the damage we do in labeling our girls “tom boys” or our boys “feminine” just because they have their own likes and opinions on things? Things that really don’t matter?”
― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

“Pleasure is the only thing one should live for, nothing ages like happiness.”
― Oscar Wilde

“God wanted to make heaven and the earth is that heaven. Nowhere in the universe there is so much love, life, beauty and peace. Enjoy your stay with the fellow beings.”
― Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

“The secret of happiness is not doing what we like but in liking what we do.”
― J.M. Coetzee

“When she absently worried her bottom lip with one of her adorable little fangs, he sighed.
The Enemy of Old fucking sighed.
Dear gods, it’d finally happened to him.
Then his own fangs sharpened.I will kill anyone who tries to take this feeling away from me.”
― Kresley Cole, Lothaire

“Leave behind the passive dreaming of a rose-tinted future. The energy of happiness exists in living today with roots sunk firmly in reality’s soil.”
― Daisaku Ikeda

“God is the highest good of the reasonable creature. The enjoyment of him is our proper; and is the only happiness with which our souls can be satisfied. To go to heaven, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here. Better than fathers and mothers, husbands, wives, or children, or the company of any, or all earthly friends. These are but shadows; but the enjoyment of God is the substance. These are but scattered beams; but God is the sun. These are but streams; but God is the fountain. These are but drops, but God is the ocean.”
― Jonathan Edwards, The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 17: Sermons and Discourses, 1730-1733

“I think by the time you’re grown you’re as happy as you’re goin to be. You’ll have good times and bad times, but in the end you’ll be about as happy as you was before. Or as unhappy. I’ve knowed people that just never did get the hang of it.
”― Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men

“When you find yourself in need of spiritual nourishment, it is in the opportunities to serve others that you will find the abundance you seek.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Finding happiness should not be seen as finding a needle in a haystack. Happiness is within. Each day is a blessing that brings an abundance of happiness. Therefore, finding happiness should be like finding a gift in a stack of gifts.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“The secret of being miserable is to have leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is occupation, because occupation means pre-occupation; and the pre-occupied person is neither happy nor unhappy, but simply alive and active. That is why it is necessary to happiness that one should be tired.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Misalliance

“Have you noticed how nobody ever looks up? Nobody looks at chimneys, or trees against the sky, or the tops of buildings. Everybody just looks down at the pavement or their shoes. The whole world could pass them by and most people wouldn’t notice.”
― Julie Andrews Edwards, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles

“Cheer up and dry your damp eyes,
And tell me when it rains,
And I’ll blend up that rainbow above you & shoot it through your veins…
‘Cause your heart has a lack of color,
And we should’ve known
That we’d grow up sooner or later,
‘Cause we wasted all our free time alone. <3” ― Owl City “De pronto tuve conciencia de que ese momento, de que esa rebanada de cotidianidad, era el grado máximo de bienestar, era la Dicha. Nunca había sido tan plenamente feliz como en ese momento, pero tenía la hiriente sensación de que nunca más volvería a serlo, por lo menos en ese grado, con esa intensidad” ― Mario Benedetti, La tregua “I was happy anywhere I could see the ocean.” ― Ai Yazawa, Nana, Vol. 18 “To be happy--one must find one's bliss” ― Gloria Vanderbilt “What is more cheerful, now, in the fall of the year, than an open-wood-fire? Do you hear those little chirps and twitters coming out of that piece of apple-wood? Those are the ghosts of the robins and blue-birds that sang upon the bough when it was in blossom last Spring. In Summer whole flocks of them come fluttering about the fruit-trees under the window: so I have singing birds all the year round.” ― Thomas Bailey Aldrich “It will hurt." said Petra. "But let's make the most of what we have, and not let future pain ruin present happiness.” ― Orson Scott Card, Shadow Puppets “If you're not happy in life then you need to change, calibrate, readjust...flush your negative energy and fill it with positive energy; How do we do that you might ask? well I would start by making others happy, deseases are not the only thing that spreads easy. We are all connected in some form of unseen energy... think how those around you will impact you and make you feel if they were happy?” ― Al Munoz “When you know love then that is the time you forget hate.” ― Stephen Richards “You are an ocean in a drop of dew, all the universes in a thin sack of blood. What are these pleasures then, these joys, these worlds that you keep reaching for, hoping they will make you more alive?” ― Jalaluddin Rumi “I was entirely happy. Perhaps we feel like that when we die and become a part of something entire, whether it is sun and air. or goodness and knowledge. At any rate, that is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. When it comes to one, it comes as naturally as sleep.” ― Willa Cather, My Antonia “You don't have to be part of a couple to be happy, you know.” ― Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Alice Alone “An ordinary man can surround himself with two thousand books and thenceforward have at least one place in the world in which it is always possible to be happy.” ― Augustine Birrell “God favors men and women who delight in being made worthy of happiness before the happiness itself.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “A piece of happiness should never be taken as due.” ― Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World “Hearts will break and people will hurt you, darling.” Her mother said. “But when you let those people control your outlook on the life, you only allow them to have a greater hold on your happiness. Once you accept the fact that every day is a new day to begin again, life becomes a much easier path to walk.” ― Courtney Giardina, Holding on to Georgia “A doctor, a logician and a marine biologist had also just arrived, flown in at phenomenal expense from Maximegalon to try to reason with the lead singer who had locked himself in the bathroom with a bottle of pills and was refusing to come out till it could be proved conclusively to him that he wasn't a fish. The bass player was busy machine-gunning his bedroom and the drummer was nowhere on board. Frantic inquiries led to the discovery that he was standing on a beach on Santraginus V over a hundred light years away where, he claimed, he had been happy for over half an hour now and had found a small stone that would be his friend.” ― Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe “Clearly the secret of happiness...is a variation on the general principle of banging your head against a wall, and then stopping.” ― Stef Penney, The Tenderness of Wolves “She laughed. 'It won't last. Nothing lasts. But I'm happy now.' 'Happy,' I muttered, trying to pin the word down. But it is one of those words, like Love, that I have never quite understood. Most people who deal in words don't have much faith in them and I am no exception--especially the big ones like Happy and Love and Honest and Strong. They are too elusive and far too relative when you compare them to sharp, mean little words like Punk and Cheap and Phony. I feel at home with these, because they're scrawny and easy to pin, but the big ones are tough and it takes either a priest or a fool to use them with any confidence.” ― Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary “One of the biggest favors that you can do for yourself is to accept your loved ones for who they are, and not be constantly disappointed because they are not who you think they should be.” ― Jennifer O'Neill, Inspirational Quotes “She was happy, yes, in her own way, as best as she knew. But there’s a difference between a single candle in darkness and a sunrise.” ― Victoria Aveyard, Queen Song “Science of happiness lies in our understanding. The secrets of happiness lie in our capacity to expand our heart.” ― Amit Ray, Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Life Style “Point me out the happy man and I will point you out either extreme egotism, selfishness, evil -- or else an absolute ignorance.” ― Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter “I still believe that peace and plenty and happiness can be worked out some way. I am a fool.” ― Kurt Vonnegut “Are you happy?” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 “Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich “Remember laughing? Laughter enhances the blood flow to the body’s extremities and improves cardiovascular function. Laughter releases endorphins and other natural mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals, improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs. Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases!” ― Patch Adams “A grateful mindset can set you free from the prison of disempowerment and the shackles of misery.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few.” ― Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems “The Anatomy of Conflict: If there is no communication then there is no respect. If there is no respect then there is no caring. If there is no caring then there is no understanding. If there is no understanding then there is no compassion. If there is no compassion then there is no empathy. If there is no empathy then there is no forgiveness. If there is no forgiveness then there is no kindness. If there is no kindness then there is no honesty. If there is no honesty then there is no love. If there is no love then God doesn't reside there. If God doesn't reside there then there is no peace. If there is no peace then there is no happiness. If there is no happiness ----then there IS CONFLICT BECAUSE THERE IS NO COMMUNICATION!” ― Shannon L. Alder “Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.” ― Ingrid Bergman “It is my observations, though, that happiness limits the amount of suffering one is willing to inflict upon others” ― Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel's Dart “How simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. . . . All that is required to feel that here and now is happiness is a simple, frugal heart.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis “The pretty ones are usually unhappy. They expect everyone to be enamored of their beauty. How can a person be content when their happiness lies in someone else's hands, ready to be crushed at any moment? Ordinary-looking people are far superior, because they are forced to actually work hard to achieve their goals, instead of expecting people to fall all over themselves to help them.” ― J. Cornell Michel, Jordan's Brains: A Zombie Evolution “We're all pieces of the same ever-changing puzzle; some connected for mere seconds, some connected for life, some connected through knowledge, some through belief, some connected through wisdom, some through Love, and some connected with no explanation at all. Yet, as spiritual beings having a human experience, we're all here for the sensations this reality or illusion has to offer. The best anyone can hope for is the right to be able to Live, Learn, Love then Leave. After that, reap the benefits of their own chosen existence in the hereafter by virtue of simply believing in what they believe. As for here, it took me a while but this progression helped me with my life: "I like myself. I Love myself. I am myself.” ― Stanley Victor Paskavich “Happiness simply cannot be relied upon as a measure of success.” ― John C. Maxwell, Your Road Map for Success: You Can Get There from Here “Good morning, Hell-A. In the land of the lotus-eaters, time plays tricks on you. One day you’re dreaming, the next, your dream has become your reality. It was the best of times. If only someone had told me. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned. My family goes on without me, while I drown in a sea of pointless pussy. I don’t know how I got here. But here I am, rotting away in the warm California sun. There are things I need to figure out, for her sake, at least. The clock is ticking. The gap is widening. She won’t always love me “no matter what” ― Hank Moody “We can't be so desperate for love that we forget where we can always find it; within.” ― Alexandra Elle “You must remember this feeling, Jon. The feeling of being happy. It doesn't happen often but when it does, you must grab it with both hands and hold it close. Let it overwhelm you. Don't over analyse any emotion. But remember it. Always remember it.” ― pleasefindthis, Intentional Dissonance “The business of being happy requires making a conscious choice. People think being happy will just happen to them someday, if only they do this or that right. But it doesn't - you have to choose it. You choose happiness, you don't wait for it to choose you.” ― Bethenny Frankel, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life “IN THE HANDS OF MAN He who creates a poison, also has the cure. He who creates a virus, also has the antidote. He who creates chaos, also has the ability to create peace. He who sparks hate, also has the ability to transform it to love. He who creates misery, also has the ability to destroy it with kindness. He who creates sadness, also has the ability to to covert it to happiness. He who creates darkness, can also be awakened to produce illumination. He who spreads fear, can also be shaken to spread comfort. Any problems created by the left hand of man, Can also be solved with the right, For he who manifests anything, Also has the ability to Destroy it.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem “I believe there is a kind of happiness to be found in every thing in life, in all that is good and pleasing, as well as in that which is sad or poignant.” ― Syrie James, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen “Suffering teaches joy.” ― Sonia Rumzi “In pursuit of happiness, smart people often end up dumbing down themselves.” ― Erol Ozan “But pearls are for tears, the old legend says," Gilbert had objected. "I'm not afraid of that. And tears can be happy as well as sad. My very happiest moments have been when I had tears in my eyes—when Marilla told me I might stay at Green Gables—when Matthew gave me the first pretty dress I ever had—when I heard that you were going to recover from the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert, and I'll willingly accept the sorrow of life with its joy." -Anne” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams “The decision is mine, and I choose happiness” ― Malori Howell “People with a grudge against the world are always dangerous. They seem to think life owes them something. I've known many an invalid who has suffered worse and been cut off from life much more . . . and they've managed to lead happy contented lives. It's what's in yourself that makes you happy or unhappy.” ― Agatha Christie, A Murder Is Announced “Suffering just means you’re having a bad dream. Happiness means you’re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.” ― Jed McKenna “I do not care about happiness simply because I believe that joy is something worth fighting for.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “Once people said: Give me liberty or give me death. Now they say: Make me a slave, just pay me enough.” ― Todd Garlington “Why did I hope we would be happy abroad? A change of environment is that traditional fallacy upon which doomed loves, and lungs, rely.” ― Vladimir Nabokov “But, like all happiness, it did not last long…” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women “The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.” ― Shannon L. Alder “The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.” ― William Saroyan, My Heart's in the Highlands “The tragedy of this world is that no one is happy, whether stuck in a time of pain or joy.” ― Alan Lightman, Einstein's Dreams “Sky is not a limit for me; because I have no limit for myself in life. Because life is a world full of risk taking and possibilities. No matter how hard or easy life is; I will always find a way to enjoy myself; even in the mist of circumstances; because problems is a sense of adventure in sheep's clothing.” ― Temitope Owosela “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” ― Margaret Lee Runbeck “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” ― Benjamin Disraeli “Much of what we called "depression" was really dissatisfaction, a result of setting a bar impossibly high or expecting treasures we weren't willing to work for.” ― Mitch Albom, Have a Little Faith: a True Story “At any given moment the choice to be happy is present- we just have to choose to be happy.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “I believe that being happy is the only important thing. Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or torturous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” ― Joanne Harris “one of the best and the most painful things about time traveling has been the opportunity to see my mother alive.” ― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife “I earnestly wish to point out in what true dignity and human happiness consists. I wish to persuade women to endeavor to acquire strength, both of mind and body, and to convince them that the soft phrases, susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment, and refinement of taste, are almost synonymous with epithets of weakness, and that those beings are only the objects of pity, and that kind of love which has been termed its sister, will soon become objects of contempt.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman “كنت كلما رأيتها في لباسها الفلسطيني المليء بالمزركشات والموتيفات الحية والنوار، اعترتني رغبة في أخذ الفرشاة بجنون وتغميسها في لباسها ورسم أشكال مجنونة من ألوان فستانها” ― واسيني الأعرج, سوناتا لأشباح القدس “Happiness in this world, when it comes, comes incidentally. Make it the object of pursuit, and it leads us a wild-goose chase, and is never attained. Follow some other object, and very possibly we may find that we have caught happiness without dreaming of it.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne “She felt an enveloping happiness to be alive, a joy made stronger by the certainty that someday it would all come to an end. Afterward she felt a little foolish, and never spoke to anyone about it. Now, however, she knows she wasn't being foolish. She realizes that for no particular reason she stumbled into the core of what it is to be human. It's a rare gift to under stand that you life is wondrous, and that it won't last forever. ” ― Steven Galloway, The Cellist of Sarajevo “The value of a moment is immeasurable. The power of just ONE moment can propel you to success and happiness or chain you to failure and misery.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness, whether it be to make baskets, or broadswords, or canals, or statues, or songs.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson “Stay away from conflictive, negative people that pull you down, because they contaminate your energy and impede your progress. Search for people who look at the world with optimism, that inspire you, make you happy and provide peace of mind.” ― Pablo “Stop lying to yourself. When we deny our own truth, we deny our own potential.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happily Single" is recognizing that you don’t need or want to be rescued from your life by a handsome prince because your life is pretty awesome, as is.” ― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass “Work harder to appreciate your ordinary day.” ― Gretchen Rubin “Here at last is her smile: burn it into your memory; you won't see it often.” ― Junot Díaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao “Sometimes we assume that the new person in our life is better for us because they are totally different from the last person we dated. Only later do we see that we have chosen a different version of the same thing and they both leave us unsatisfied.” ― Kristen Crockett, The Gift of Past Relationships “Love, I thought to myself abstractedly. Not 'This is love' or 'Is this love?' Not a sentence, not a certainty, not a thought with moving parts or direction. Just love, all of it, as it is. Whether it's enough or not. Wthether it's real or we're making it up. However shoddy it gets, or bent out of shape. It's still extraordinary. However foolish, however vain. However badly it ends. Love.” ― Julian Gough, Juno & Juliet “Happiness was never important. The problem is that we don't know what we really want. What makes us happy is not to get what we want. But to dream about it. Happiness is for opportunists. So I think that the only life of deep satisfaction is a life of eternal struggle, especially struggle with oneself. If you want to remain happy, just remain stupid. Authentic masters are never happy; happiness is a category of slaves.” ― Slavoj Žižek “Maybe this is a characteristic of happy people. An ability to be entertained by the world.” ― Clare Morrall, The Language Of Others “It's all about the smiles!” ― Emmy Swain “Happiness is the best revenge” ― Jacki Kane, Sass Mouth: Destiny is a Joke “She still cared for me, and the best way I could make amends to her was to be happy. I do have a knack for finding great women.” ― Craig Ferguson, American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot “There's a difference between living and just surviving. Do something you love, and find someone to love who loves that you love what you do. It is really that simple. And that hard.” ― John Connolly, The Infernals “Remember, someone, somewhere in some corner of this somewhat big world, is out there crying if you’re unhappy and is happy if you are! And you know who that someone is!” ― Faraaz Kazi “A woman laughing is a woman conquered.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte, In the Words of Napoleon: A Collection of Quotations of Napoleon Bonaparte “If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Insecurities have the ability to shape and mold our minds to live with everything that’s bad; like crying on the inside, while smiling on the outside…thus creating pain…but, alas, I have the answer; forget about what you thought and enjoy (embrace) what you feel” ― Jeremy Aldana “I don't have a diary, I don't write things into a diary. I imprint myself into the sky and when the sunlight shines brightly, I can stand under the sun's rays and everything I have imprinted of myself into the sky, I will begin to see again, feel again, remember. And when the wind begins to blow, it blows the details over my face, and I remember everything I left in the sky and see new things being born. I am unwritten.” ― C. JoyBell C. “Talking about someone who makes you happy actually makes you happy.” ― Elizabeth Scott, Bloom “I’d rather be miserable loving you than happy with anyone else.” ― Angela Morrison, Sing Me to Sleep “Deep within everyone's heart there always remains a sense of longing for that hour, that summer, that one brief moment of blossoming. For several weeks or months, rarely longer, a beautiful young woman lives outside ordinary life. She is intoxicated. She feels as if she exists beyond time, beyond its laws; she experiences not the monotonous succession of days passing by, but moments of intense, almost desperate happiness.” ― Irène Némirovsky, Jezebel “If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don't, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.” ― Matt D. Miller “True happiness, we are told, consists in getting out of one's self; but the point is not only to get out - you must stay out; and to stay out you must have some absorbing errand.” ― Henry James, Roderick Hudson “My request today is simple. Today. Tomorrow. Next week. Find somebody, anybody, that’s different than you. Somebody that has made you feel ill-will or even hateful. Somebody whose life decisions have made you uncomfortable. Somebody who practices a different religion than you do. Somebody who has been lost to addiction. Somebody with a criminal past. Somebody who dresses “below” you. Somebody with disabilities. Somebody who lives an alternative lifestyle. Somebody without a home. Somebody that you, until now, would always avoid, always look down on, and always be disgusted by. Reach your arm out and put it around them. And then, tell them they’re all right. Tell them they have a friend. Tell them you love them. If you or I wanna make a change in this world, that’s where we’re gonna be able to do it. That’s where we’ll start. Every. Single. Time.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “To like many people spontaneously and without effort is perhaps the greatest of all sources of personal happiness.” ― Bertrand Russell “I do want more. I am not content with being happy. I was not made for it. It is not my destiny. My destiny is the opposite.” ― Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf “Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. So start each day by thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for. Your future will depend very largely on the thoughts you think today. So think thoughts of hope and confidence and love and success.” ― Dale Carnegie “Most people think, when they're young, that they're going to the top of their chosen world, and that the climb up is only a formality. Without that faith, I suppose, they might never start. Somewhere on the way they lift their eyes to the summit and know they aren't going to reach it; and happiness then is looking down and enjoying the view they've got, not envying the one they haven't.” ― Dick Francis, Reflex “and we laugh and laugh and all I know is at this moment I feel like I can do anything I want and be anyone I want and go anywhere on the globe and still call it home” ― Kirsten Smith, The Geography of Girlhood “Free yourself from the complexities of your life! A life of simplicity and happiness awaits you.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “We have everything we need to be happy, but we aren't happy. Something's missing.” ― Ray Bradbury “Happiness comes from righteous living and the development of a noble character. You can observe this by noticing that people who are truly happy are honest, unselfish, kind, responsible and have a high moral standards. On the other hand, unhappy people are invariably selfish, lazy, irresponsible and lacking of self discipline. And people who are miserable tend to be immoral, dishonest, greedy, cruel, or in other ways dark in character. ” ― Helen B. Andelin “Happiness is what you choose, what you follow, not what follows you. These are the things I have seen, these are the things I now know, these are the things I will carry with me as I go.” ― Allison Winn Scotch “my child, if you want to have a beautiful and happy life... 2 things you need... learn the art of love and practice it with your beloved one.” ― Carlos Barrios “You know what my father told me when I was little, one day, when he found me crying? He told me that God gave people a fixed number of tears and are of two kinds: tears of sadness and tears of happiness. And that I should not waste my tears elsewhere, but keep them for the moments of happiness. Would be a shame to not have tears to cry then ... ” ― Irina Binder, Fluturi “When you win and the other fellow loses, what do you see? A losing face. There is great joy in losing and making the other person win and have a happy face. Who will be the happiest person? The one who brings happiness to others.” ― Swami Satchidananda “JOY goes against the foundations of mathematics: it multiplies when we divide.” ― Paulo Coelho “You don’t have to be happy to smile.” ― Daniel Willey “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” ― Roy Bennett “The British do not expect happiness. I had the impression, all the time that I lived there, that they do not want to be happy; they want to be right.” ― Quentin Crisp “You will be your best self when you take time to understand what you really need, feel and want.” ― Deborah Day, BE HAPPY NOW! “We never realize just how many other lives we can help when their paths cross our own.” ― Wil Zeus, Sun Beyond the Clouds “Taking a risk to survive isn’t that impressive. Taking a risk to be happy, that takes guts.” ― Sarah Noffke, Revived “The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain. If you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em. If it hurts, repeat it. But to praise despair is to condemn delight, to embrace violence is to lose hold of everything else. We have almost lost hold; we can no longer describe a happy man, nor make any celebration of joy.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wind's Twelve Quarters, Volume 1 “Do not sabotage your new relationship with your last relationship’s poison.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “I've learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” ― Martha Washington “You are forgiven for your happiness and your successes only if you generously consent to share them.” ― Albert Camus “And for a moment―for a split second―everything else falls away, the whole pattern and order of my life, and a huge joy crests in my chest. I am no one, and I owe nothing to anybody, and my life is my own.” ― Lauren Oliver, Hana “He went to the church, and walked about the streets, and watched the people hurrying to and for, and patted the children on the head, and questioned beggars, and looked down into the kitchens of homes, and up to the windows, and found that everything could yield him pleasure. He had never dreamed of any walk, that anything, could give him so much happiness. (p. 119)” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol “Last weekend a young man asked me how I remain so positive. “It seems all the negativity in the world doesn’t affect you,” he said. I had no more than a minute with the young man so I offered this: It’s all about where you choose to put your attention, and I choose to be happy.” ― Jason Mraz “The devil's happy when the critics run you off.” ― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms “Because I was more often happy for other people, I got to spend more time being happy. And as I saw more light in everybody else, I seemed to have more myself. (250)” ― Victoria Moran, Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty “Who’s happy? Happy is just what people think they are when they can’t find anything to bitch about.” ― Rasmenia Massoud, Human Detritus “Sometimes when you're young, you have moments of such happiness, you think you're living on someplace magical, like Atlantis must have been. Then we grow up and our hearts break into two.” ― Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis “May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory” ― Mizuo Shinonome, Princess Tu Tu Volume 1 “The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.” ― Oprah Winfrey “You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “We all look for happiness, but without knowing where to find it: like drunkards who look for their house, knowing dimly that they have one” ― Voltaire “Perhaps some people really are born unhappy. I surely hope not. Speaking for my sister and myself: We were born with the capacity and determination to be utterly happy all the time. Perhaps even in this we were freaks. Hi ho.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slapstick, or Lonesome No More! “Sometimes it just feels really really wonderful to be alive.” ― Doug Coupland “Happiness must be grown in one's own garden. ” ― Mary Engelbreit “We are young, but We already know that in life's great game those who are most unhappy are those who haven't taken the risk to be happy. And I don't want to be one of those” ― Guillaume Musso, Que serais-je sans toi? “A life of happiness, peace, and love is all within our grasp.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “Today is Your Day to Dance Lightly with Life. It Really Is.” ― Jonathan Lockwood Huie “Erase from your vocabulary the word “someday.” Do not save things for “special occasions.” Take into account the fact that every day is special. Every day is a gift that we must appreciate and be thankful for. Wear your attractive clothes, wear your nice perfume, use your fine silverware and dishes, and drink from your expensive crystal glasses … just because. Live every day to the fullest and savor every minute of it.” ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes “Max." Fang let go of my hand. "Right now, it's really all about—us." He swooped down to the right in a big semicircle, ending facing me. Slowly we climbed upward, until we were almost vertical, flying straight up to the sun. While carefully synchronizing our wings—they almost touched—Fang leaned in, gently put one hand behind my neck, and kissed me. It was just about as close to heaven as I'll ever get, I guess. I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling of flying and kissing and being with the one person in the world I completely, utterly trusted. When we finally broke apart, we looked down at the others, who were way far below us now. Angel was shading her eyes, looking up at us with a big smile. She was sitting on a dolphin's back, and I hoped soon someone would explain to the dolphin that he shouldn't let Angel take advantage of his good nature. Still looking up at us, Angel gave us a big thumbs-up. "She approves," Fang said with a hint of amusement. "Jeez," I wondered aloud. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” ― James Patterson, Max “Pure joy is rare. That’s why for every meal I eat a really bloody steak.” ― Bauvard, Some Inspiration for the Overenthusiastic “People who say that money can't buy happiness just don't know where to shop.” ― Kathy Lette “When we fulfill our function, which is to truly love ourselves and share love with others, then true happiness sets in.” ― Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness “Yes, faith; it is my cousin's duty to make curtsy and say 'Father, as it please you.' But yet for all that, cousin, let him be a handsome fellow, or else make another curtsy and say 'Father, as it please me.” ― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing “To live long and achieve happiness, cultivate the art of radiating happiness.” ― Malcolm Forbes “Well,’ you may ask, ‘how may I know when I am in love?’ . . . George Q. Morris [who later became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, gave this reply]: ‘My mother once said that if you meet a girl in whose presence you feel a desire to achieve, who inspires you to do your best, and to make the most of yourself, such a young woman is worthy of your love and is awakening love in your heart.” ― David O. McKay “A psychiatrist once told me early in treatment, “Stop trying to make me like you,” and what a sobering and welcome smack in the face that statement was. Yet somehow, every day of my life is still a campaign for popularity, or better yet, a crowded funeral.” ― John Waters “If we live our lives looking for the excitement and exhilaration that change can bring, we will be much happier than when we are eventually forced to accept it anyways.” ― Daniel Willey “The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness.” ― Deepak Chopra “Friendship is thinking of the other person first.” ― George Alexiou “Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they look for a place to dump it. And if you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So when someone wants to dump on you, don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me. You’ll be happier.” ― David J. Pollay, The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and How to Stop Dumping on Others “I would cling to unhappiness because it was a known, familiar state. When I was happier, it was because I knew I was on my way back to misery. I've never been convinced that happiness is the object of the game. I'm wary of happiness.” ― Hugh Laurie “Happiness does not depend on outward circumstances, but on the state of the heart.” ― J.C. Ryle, A Call to Prayer “Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing, but of enjoying. It is a warm glow of the heart at peace with itself. A martyr at the stake may have happiness that a king on his throne might envy. Man is the creator of his own happiness. It is the aroma of life, lived in harmony with high ideals. For what a man has he may be dependent upon others; what he is rests with him alone.” ― David O. McKay, Pathways to Happiness “Doing the tough things sets winners apart from losers.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful “Live Today! Do not allow your spirit to be softened of your happiness to be limited by a day you cannot have back or a day that does not yet exist.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “To be happy you must have taken the measure of your powers, tasted the fruits of your passion, and learned your place in the world.” ― George Santayana “I sit quietly and think about my mom. It's funny how memory erodes, If all I had to work from were my childhood memories, my knowledge of my mother would be faded and soft, with a few sharp memories standing out.” ― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife “When a small child, I thought that success spelled happiness. I was wrong, happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away. ” ― Anna Pavlova “Our life is like a land journey, too even and easy and dull over long distances across the plains, too hard and painful up the steep grades; but, on the summits of the mountain, you have a magnificent view--and feel exalted--and your eyes are full of happy tears--and you want to sing--and wish you had wings! And then--you can't stay there, but must continue your journey--you begin climbing down the other side, so busy with your footholds that your summit experience is forgotten.” ― Lloyd C. Douglas, The Robe “The happiness of love is in action; its test is what one is willing to do for others.” ― Lew Wallace, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ “When we give freely, we feel full and complete; when we withhold, we feel small, petty, impotent, and lacking. We are meant to learn this great truth, that giving fulfills us, while withholding and trying to get causes us to feel empty and even more needy. This truth runs counter to our programming, which drives us to try to get something from others to fulfill our neediness, only to end up even more needy, grasping, lacking, and unfulfilled.” ― Gina Lake, What about Now?: Reminders for Being in the Moment “Make the most of every moment. Get excited about every little thing. Why not? Why not have your wonderful moment of excited anticipation? Why not be happy NOW? This is my greatest challenge, but something I'm pouring my heart into: learning how to enjoy what I have, right here, right now. Every moment is precious and although sometimes I struggle to see it, I see it more and more every day.” ― Bethenny Frankel, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life “They luxuriated in the feeling of deep and all pervading satisfaction, a feeling of knowing absolutely that all was well with the world and them and that the world was not only their oyster it was also their linguine with clam sauce. Not only were all things possible, but all things were theirs. ” ― Hubert Selby Jr., Requiem for a Dream “You can be right or you can be happy.” ― Gerald G. Jampolsky, Love Is Letting Go of Fear “Happiness doesn't have to be chased...it merely has to be chosen.” ― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass “How exquisitely human was the wish for permanent happiness, and how thin human imagination became trying to achieve it.” ― Toni Morrison, Paradise “The advance of regret can be so gradual that it is impossible to say "yesterday I was happy, today I am not.” ― E.M. Forster, Where Angels Fear to Tread “People, he thought, were as hungry for a sight of joy as he had always been--for a moment's relief from that gray load of suffering which seemed so inexplicable and unnecessary. He had never been able to understand why men should be unhappy.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged “It is not as much about who you used to be, as it is about who you choose to be.” ― Sanhita Baruah “A dim vastness is spread before our souls; the perceptions of our mind are as obscure as those of our vision... But alas! when we have attained our object, when the distant 'there' becomes the present 'here,' all is changed; we are as poor and circumscribed as ever, and our souls still languish for unattainable happiness.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther “Lord, make me now As happy as the field. With flowers enriched...” ― Eileen A. Soper “I had always been taught that the pursuit of happiness was my natural (even national) birthright. It is the emotional trademark of my culture to seek happiness. Not just any kind of happiness, either, but profound happiness, even soaring happiness. And what could possibly bring a person more soaring happiness than romantic love.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage “It had seemed like the beginning of happiness, and Clarissa is still sometimes shocked, more than thirty years later to realize that it was happiness; that the entire experience lay in a kiss and a walk. The anticipation of dinner and a book. The dinner is by now forgotten; Lessing has been long overshadowed by other writers. What lives undimmed in Clarissa's mind more than three decades later is a kiss at dusk on a patch of dead grass, and a walk around a pond as mosquitoes droned in the darkening air. There is still that singular perfection, and its perfect in part because it seemed, at the time, so clearly to promise more. Now she knows: That was the moment, right then. There has been no other.” ― Michael Cunningham “If you are a dreamer, come in, If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer... If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire For we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ― Shel Silverstein “Well, I am happy, and I won't fret, but it does seem as if the more one gets the more one wants…” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women “Happiness, it has been observed, is best achieved by those who have been most unhappy heretofore.” ― Millard Kaufman, Bowl of Cherries “السعادة شيء ينبع من داخل الإنسان ولا يستورد من خارجه، وإذا كانت السعادة شجرة منبتها النفس البشرية والقلب الإنساني، فإن الإيمان بالله والدار الآخرة هو ماؤها.. وغذائها.. وهوائها.. وضياؤها” ― Yusuf Al-Qaradawi “Sometimes I wish life was written pencil so we could erase it and write it all over again.” ― Thisuri Wanniarachchi, COLOMBO STREETS “You and your purpose in life are the same thing. Your purpose is to be you.” ― George Alexiou “...because if you can make yourself happy in the rain then you're doing pretty alright in life.” ― David Levithan, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist “Learn from your history, but don’t live in it.” ― Steve Maraboli “The best parts of life are the things we can't plan. And it's a lot harder to find happiness if you're only searching in one place. Sometimes, you just have to throw away the map. Admit that you don't know where you're going and stop pressuring yourself to figure it out. Besides...a map is a life someone else already lived. It's more fun to make your own.” ― Cora Carmack, Finding It “...the face has limited space. My mother used to say, if you fill your face with laughing, there will be no more room for crying.” ― Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance “Take responsibility for your own happiness, do not expect people or things to bring you happiness, or you could be disappointed.” ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes “Probably the wisest words that were ever uttered to me. Came from a therapist. I was sitting in her office, crying my eyes out. . . and she said, "So let me get this straight. You base your personal happiness on things entirely out of your control.” ― Laura Munson, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness “After all, is not a real Hell better than a manufactured Heaven?” ― E.M. Forster, Maurice “An important decision I made was to resist playing the Blame Game. The day I realized that I am in charge of how I will approach problems in my life, that things will turn out better or worse because of me and nobody else, that was the day I knew I would be a happier and healthier person. And that was the day I knew I could truly build a life that matters.” ― Steve Goodier “The only horrible thing in the world is ennui.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray “The negation of severe suffering was the nearest approach to happiness I expected to know. Besides, I seemed to hold two lives - the life of thought, and that of reality.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Villette “Justice is the only worship. Love is the only priest. Ignorance is the only slavery. Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now, The place to be happy is here, The way to be happy is to make others so. Wisdom is the science of happiness.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll “The road is long, we carry on, try to have fun in the meantime.” ― Lana Del Rey “There is nothing worse for the lying soul than the mirror of reality.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness… the door is open and unlocked… just walk through it.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Berhentilah mencari laki-laki untuk membuatmu baagia. Mulailah menjadi perempuan bahagia yang dicari laki-laki.” ― Christian Simamora, Guilty Pleasure “We try to fix the outside so much, but our control of the outer world is limited, temporary, and often, illusory.” ― Matthieu Ricard, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill “Where happiness was not a possibility, the illusion of it was always more important.” ― Colum McCann, Zoli “I am thankful when I am hungry because then I know that when I eat, the food will taste better. Life has taught me that my true contentment rests in hope, and the pleasure itself is secondary. It is self-awareness, not happiness, that maintains peace.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ― Deborah Day “Life isn't all grand, but it isn't all miserable either. There's both sweet and sour in every day. So why focus on the ugly when you can gaze at what's beautiful? Concentrate on the good.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year “Live your life, sing your song. Not full of expectations. Not for the ovations. But for the joy of it.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life.” ― Todd Stocker, Refined: Turning Pain Into Purpose “Happiness is good, but well-overrated: what we hate most are the very motivators that put us in gear. A man drifts along with little to contribute until something agitates him enough to make a difference, whether for himself or for his communities.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “To enlarge the sphere of social happiness is worthy of the benevolent design of a Masonic institution; and it is most fervently to be wished, that the conduct of every member of the fraternity, as well as those publications, that discover the principles which actuate them, may tend to convince mankind that the grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race. [Letter to the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, January 1793]” ― George Washington, Writings There is something beautiful about watching two people lovingly act silly together; behaving as though “There is something beautiful about watching two people lovingly act silly together; behaving as though no one else existed.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “If you want good luck; you must go out there and search for that luck!! Because luck is waiting for you to look for it.” ― Temitope Owosela “You are so intense. Like a storm. It's shocking how intense you are.” ― Francesca Lia Block, Blood Roses “We are all doomed to seek our own happiness; we can't help ourselves. We are all, the cruel and the gentle alike, condemned to seeking that happiness in the dark. We use our need as the blind use a walking stick, to determine the safety of every forward step. ” ― Jesse Browner “Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward & learning to enjoy whatever life has and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.” ― John Chrysostom “People who can change and change again are so much more reliable and happier than those who can’t” ― Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot “Learn to love someone when they least deserve it, because that is when they need your love most.” ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes “Free yourself from the burden of feeling the need to hold on to anything. Let go… you are a part of everything.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.” ― Groucho Marx “Today, just take time to smell the roses, enjoy those little things about your life, your family, spouse, friends, job. Forget about the thorns -the pains and problems they cause you - and enjoy life” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive, Your Dreams Will Not Die “I cannot tell if what the world considers ‘happiness’ is happiness or not. All I know is that when I consider the way they go about attaining it, I see them carried away headlong, grim and obsessed, in the general onrush of the human herd, unable to stop themselves or to change their direction. All the while they claim to be just on the point of attaining happiness.” ― Zhuangzi “Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is at their heels.” ― Bertolt Brecht “The only way to avoid being miserable is not to have enough leisure to wonder whether you are happy or not.” ― George Bernard Shaw “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” ― Dale Carnegie “I learned you pay for your happiness. That's why I don't expect to be happy all the time. I'd rather be surprised by one moment every so often to remind me that joy is possible, even if I have to pay for it later.” ― Esmeralda Santiago, Conquistadora “Associate with the noblest people you can find; read the best books; live with the mighty; but learn to be happy alone.” ― Saul Bellow, Ravelstein “I like living, breathing better than working...my art is that of living. Each second, each breath is a work which is inscribed nowhere, which is neither visual nor cerebral, it's a sort of constant euphoria.” ― Marcel Duchamp “when happiness makes a guest appearance in one's life,it's important to make the most of it.It may not stay around for long and when it has gone wouldn't it be terrible to think that all the time one could have been happy was wasted worrying when the happiness would be taken away.” ― Marian Keyes, Watermelon “Those who wish to sing always find a song.” ― Swedish Proverb “I learned from a very young age that if I persued the things that truly excited me, that they would reward in more important ways, like happiness.” ― Brandon Boyd “You can be happy with money and you can be wretched with it. It depends on what kind of person you are. -- A Prologue to Love” ― Taylor Caldwell “Freddie often fold me that you've got to be happy when you can, because life won't wait for you to take the time. And she was right.” ― April Genevieve Tucholke, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea “I silently smiled at my incessant good fortune.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walden “All things, even the deepest sorrow or the most profound happiness are all temporary. Hope is fuel for the soul, without hope, forward motion ceases.” ― Landon Parham, First Night of Summer “Then the world will be for the common people, and the sounds of happiness will reach the deepest springs. Ah! Come! People of every land, how can you not be roused.” ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto “تعرفون اني لم أكن ملاكا طيلة الوقت , و أن الخلافات كانت تحدث من حيت لآخر , لكن لو نظرت للصورة الإجمالية من بعيد -حين تختفي البقع السوداء الصغيرة لأدركت اننا سعيدين حقا ..” ― أحمد خالد توفيق “... too much brooding, not enough doing.” ― Timothy Findley “Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing.” ― Wayne W. Dyer, Your Erroneous Zones “She was not too young to be wise, but she was too young to know that wisdom shouldn't be spoken aloud when you are happy.” ― Graham Greene, Loser Takes All “I want to feel what I feel. What's mine. Even if it's not happiness, whatever that means. Because you're all you've got.” ― Toni Morrison “Happy is the soul that has a friend. Happier is the soul that trusts in the truth of the heart of a friend. Happiest is the soul that knows the solemnity of friendship and honours its laws.” ― Ogwo David Emenike “How can you tell somebody who is pursuing happiness that they're somehow not American when that was the very first promise that America made?” ― Dan Savage “Men spend their lives in anticipations,—in determining to be vastly happy at some period when they have time. But the present time has one advantage over every other—it is our own. Past opportunities are gone, future have not come. We may lay in a stock of pleasures, as we would lay in a stock of wine; but if we defer the tasting of them too long, we shall find that both are soured by age.” ― Charles Caleb Colton “The secret to happiness is the journey, not the destination.” ― Claire Chilton “Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.” ― Shannon L. Alder “Three o'clock in the morning. The soft April night is looking at my windows and caressingly winking at me with its stars. I can't sleep, I am so happy.” ― Anton Chekhov, About Love and Other Stories “Almost all of our sorrows spring out of our relations with other people. There is no more mistaken path to happiness than worldliness.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer “If you pursue happiness, you are an ordinary person. If happiness pursues you, you are an extraordinary person. Do not chase happiness; let it chase you.” ― Petar Dunov “If one has failed to develop curiosity and interest in the early years, it is a good idea to acquire them now, before it is too late to improve the quality of life. To do so is fairly easy in principle, but more difficult in practice. Yet it is sure worth trying. The first step is to develop the habit of doing whatever needs to be done with concentrated attention, with skill rather than inertia. Even the most routine tasks, like washing dishes, dressing, or mowing the lawn become more rewarding if we approach them with the care it would take to make a work of art. The next step is to transfer some psychic energy each day from tasks that we don’t like doing, or from passive leisure, into something we never did before, or something we enjoy doing but don’t do often enough because it seems too much trouble. There are literally millions of potentially interesting things in the world to see, to do, to learn about. But they don’t become actually interesting until we devote attention to them.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life “Stop waiting for the right person to come into your life. Be the right person to come to someone’s life” ― Leo Babauta “Call no man happy until he is dead.” ― Solon “LEONATO Well, then, go you into hell? BEATRICE No, but to the gate; and there will the devil meet me, like an old cuckold, with horns on his head, and say 'Get you to heaven, Beatrice, get you to heaven; here's no place for you maids:' so deliver I up my apes, and away to Saint Peter for the heavens; he shows me where the bachelors sit, and there live we as merry as the day is long.” ― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing “When you let go of control and commit yourself to happiness, it is so easy to offer compassion and forgiveness. This propels you from the past, into the present. People that are negative, spend so much time trying to control situations and blame others for their problems. Committing yourself to staying positive is a daily mantra that states, “I have control over how I plan to react, feel, think and believe in the present. No one guides the tone of my life, except me!” ― Shannon L. Alder “Do not think that one has to be sad in order to be militant, even though the thing one is fighting is abominable.” ― Michel Foucault, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia “Why did you look at the sunset?' Philip answered with his mouth full: Because I was happy.” ― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage “I wanted to hold happiness in reserve, like a bottle of champagne. I postponed it because I was afraid, because I overvalued it, and then I didn't want to use it up, because what do you wish for then?” ― Curtis Sittenfeld, The Man of My Dreams “The exaltation and happiness of any community, goes hand in hand with the knowledge possessed by the people, when applied to laudable ends; whereupon we can exclaim like the wise man; righteousness exalteth a nation; for righteousness embraces knowledge and knowledge is power.” ― Joseph Smith Jr. “And from the midst of cheerless gloom I passed to bright unclouded day.” ― Emily Brontë “Don't be afraid to be who you are bacause you are the only person who knows you best.” ― Saredo Ali “Always try to be joyful and proactively benign to the people. By doing so everyday, people have no control at all over my mood.” ― Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza “All the external adoration, respect and adulation in the word, can't drown out the internal voices that tell us, we are not good enough and unworthy of; happiness, love and an abundant life. When we need others to tell us were amazing, worthy and lovable, in order to feel good about ourselves, it is never enough. It goes into the bottomless pit where our inherent self-worth should be. It may feel like we are reaching out to receive love, but in actuality, we are seeking external noise to help drown out our negative core beliefs. Love blossoms from the inside out. That is why it is so important to do the work necessary to heal our emotional wounds, to love ourselves and stand strong in who we are. Only then, are we truly free to give and receive love, unconditionally and in abundance.” ― Jaeda DeWalt “if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?” ― Sheryl Crow “I want that. I want that awful intense and serious unhappiness, cos then I might feel better, and then I might be happy.” ― David Thewlis, The Late Hector Kipling “And so it turned out that only a life similar to the life of those around us, merging with it without a ripple, is genuine life, and that an unshared happiness is not happiness.” ― Boris Pasternak “Zakath stared at the floor. 'I suddenly feel very helpless,' he admitted, 'and I don't like the feeling. I've been rather effectively dethroned, you know. This morning I was the Emperor of the largest nation on earth; this afternoon, I'm going to be a vagabond.' You might find it refreshing,' Silk told him lightly. Shut up, Kheldar,' Zakath said almost absently. He looked back at Polgara. 'You know something rather peculiar?' What's that?' Even if I hadn't given my word, I'd still have to go to Kell. It's almost like a compulsion. I feel as if I'm being driven, and my driver is a blindfolded girl who's hardly more than a child.' There are rewards,' she told him. Such as what?' Who knows? Happiness, perhaps.' He laughed ironically. 'Happiness has never been a driving ambition of mine, Lady Polgara, not for a long time now.' You may have to accept it anyway,' She smiled. 'We aren't allowed to choose our rewards any more than we are our tasks. Those decisions are made for us.” ― David Eddings, Sorceress of Darshiva “Happiness is inseparably connected with decent, clean behavior. ” ― Boyd K. Packer “Happiness had never been like this before. Now it came like sun showers, the sun and the rain together. Happiness was happier than it had been - sharp, piercing, and snatched, like a breath while swimming in surf.” ― Elizabeth Knox, Dreamhunter “A day unemployed is like a bagel- even when it's bad, it's still pretty good...” ― CrimethInc., Evasion “Sometimes happiness consists of finding the right balance of misery.” ― Orson Scott Card, Sarah “REFLECTIONS OF TRUTH Where you find Truth Is where you find your reflection And where you find your reflection Is where you find love And where you find love Is where you find light And where you find light Is where you find faith And where you find faith Is where you find purpose And where you find purpose Is where you find happiness And where you find happiness Is where you find Truth And when you find Truth Truth will set you free.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem “There's the risk of being loved...and that would keep me from being happy.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “I've never been afraid of them. Not once. Because I had you.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me “If you wish to make Pythocles rich, do not add to his store of money, but subtract from his desires.” ― Epicurus “he is both the source of my happiness and the one i want to share it with. i have to believe that’s a sign.” ― John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson “The greatest love stories are not those in which love is only spoken, but those in which it is acted upon.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “too much happiness always overflowed into tears of sorrow.” ― Amy Tan, The Hundred Secret Senses “...so i will greet you in a way all loved things are meant to be greeted with a tear in my heart and a poem in my eye.” ― Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence “Don't put off happiness you can have today. Tomorrow is a hope, not a promise” ― Debra Anastasia “Champagne arrived in flûtes on trays, and we emptied them with gladness in our hearts... for when feasts are laid and classical music is played, where champagne is drunk once the sun has sunk and the season of summer is alive in spicy bloom, and beautiful women fill the room, and are generous with laughter and smiles... these things fill men's hearts with joy and remind one that life’s bounty is not always fleeting but can be captured, and enjoyed. It is in writing about this scene that I relive this night in my soul.” ― Roman Payne “There is a fine line between compassion and a victim mentality. Compassion though is a healing force and comes from a place of kindness towards yourself. Playing the victim is a toxic waste of time that not only repels other people, but also robs the victim of ever knowing true happiness.” ― Bronnie Ware, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing “Ah, happiness courts the light so we deem the world is gay. But misery hides aloof so we deem that misery there is none.” ― Herman Melville, Bartleby the Scrivener “There were times when I lifted my face to the sky, stretched my arms wide to the winter night, and laughed out loud, so happy was I. The memory of it makes me laugh now, but not from happiness. Be careful what you show the world. You never know when the wolf is watching.” ― Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution “And I don't believe in such a thing as "happily ever after". There's only happily every now and then. I find the hardest trick is to recognize the now-and-thens, and to bask in them when they come. Happiness is a choice we make, like how to wear our hair, or having coffee with breakfast and tea at night.” ― Cindy Bonner, The Passion of Dellie O'Barr “This moment is yours and yours alone! Take charge, seize this moment and allow it to propel you to the high levels of an empowered life. Allow upon this fertile moment to be planted the seeds of your happiness and success.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “He saw in happiness the seeds of independence, and in independence the seeds of revolt.” ― Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan “Honest, open communication is the only street that leads us into the real world... We then begin to grow as never before. And once we are on this road, happiness cannot be far away.” ― John Powell, Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?: 25 Guidelines for Good Communication “My happiness has to come from within myself or it is too fragile a thing to be of any use to me and too much of a burden to benefit any of my loved ones.” ― Mary Balogh, First Comes Marriage “How was life before Pop-Tarts, Prozac and padded playgrounds? They ate strudel, took opium and played on the grass.” ― Jennifer Michael Hecht, The Happiness Myth: The Historical Antidote to What Isn't Working Today “Everyone who is not happy must be shot.” ― John le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl “In Kilanga, people knew nothing of things they might have had - a Frigidaire? a washer-dryer combination? Really, they'd sooner imagine a tree that could pull up its feet and go bake bread. It didn't occur to them to feel sorry for themselves.” ― Barbara Kingsolver “Happiness is never there to stay [...] Happiness is merely a respite offered by inquietude.” ― André Maurois, Climats “Some people would rather live in a hell they've got used to than in a paradise they've never experienced before. ” ― Urania Sarri, Gate Deadlock “Action and personal happiness have no truck with each other; they are eternally at war.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Night Flight “She'd spoken of their happiness as though it were an undeniable fact, no matter what happened--apart from everything else and not subject to it. It was a new idea for him, that happiness wasn't a mystical place to be reached or won--some bright terrain beyond the boundary of misery, a paradise waiting for them to find it--but something to carry doggedly with you through everything, as humble and ordinary as your gear and supplies. Food, weapons, happiness. With hope that the weapons could in time vanish from the picture.” ― Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters “She was wearing her fuzzy pink hat and she was happy, which was so obnoxious. She'd become one of those people who waltzed through life without so much as a split end, and I was still one of those people who changed diapers for free but still got treated like a rented mule.” ― Lorraine Zago Rosenthal, Other Words for Love “Where we fall are the stepping-stones for our journey.” ― Lolly Daskal, Thoughts Spoken From The Heart “There is indeed a certain sense of gratification when we do a good deed that gives us inward satisfaction, and a generous pride that accompanies a good conscience…These testimonies of a good conscience are pleasant; and such a natural pleasure is very beneficial to us; it is the only payment that can never fail. “On Repentance” ― Michel de Montaigne “When, therefore, we maintain that pleasure is the end, we do not mean the pleasures of profligates and those that consist in sensuality, as is supposed by some who are either ignorant or disagree with us or do not understand, but freedom from pain in the body and from trouble in the mind. For it is not continuous drinkings and revelings, nor the satisfaction of lusts, nor the enjoyment of fish and other luxuries of the wealthy table, which produce a pleasant life, but sober reasoning, searching out the motives for all choice and avoidance, and banishing mere opinions, to which are due the greatest disturbance of the spirit.” ― Epicurus “And all the best words together couldn't hold the happiness.” ― Katherine Hannigan, Emmaline and the Bunny “Be consistent in your dedication to showing your gratitude to others. Gratitude is a fuel, a medicine, and spiritual and emotional nourishment.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “True happiness is not found in any other reward than that of being united with God. If I seek some other reward besides God Himself, I may get my reward but I cannot be happy.” ― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island “He had awoken too late for happiness, but not for strength, and could feel an austere joy, as of a warrior who is homeless but stands fully armed.” ― E.M. Forster, Maurice “I drink cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself.” ― Debasish Mridha “The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.” ― Epictetus “Be happy without picking flaws.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables “Children are gifts. They are not ours for the breaking. They are ours for the making.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “What is given to you is what is needed; what you want, requires giving up what you don't need.” ― George Alexiou “LEONATO Well, niece, I hope to see you one day fitted with a husband. BEATRICE Not till God make men of some other metal than earth. Would it not grieve a woman to be overmastered with a pierce of valiant dust? to make an account of her life to a clod of wayward marl? No, uncle, I'll none: Adam's sons are my brethren; and, truly, I hold it a sin to match in my kindred.” ― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing “And hard times are good in their own way, too. Because the only way you can achieve true happiness is if you experience true sadness as well. It's all about light and shade. Balance.” ― Gabrielle Williams, Beatle Meets Destiny “Happiness doesn't always come from a pursuit. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it.” ― Dalai Lama XIV “I'm so alive. As I stand facing the beauty of the never-ending Pacific Ocean, a late afternoon breeze blows down from the hills behind. As always, it is a beautiful day. The sun is making its final descent. The magic is about to begin. The skies are ready to burn with brilliance, as it turns from a soft blue to a bright orange. Looking towards the West, I stare in awe at the hypnotic power of the waves. A giant curl begins to take form, then breaks with a thundering clap as it crashes on the shore.” ― Dave Pelzer, A Child Called "It" “I Am In Love With Myself, With My Heart.” ― Nirav Sanchaniya “What is your idea of earthly happiness? To be vindicated in my own lifetime.” ― Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir “When my mother didn't come back I realized that any moment could be the last. Nothing in life should simply be a passage from one place to another. Each walk should be taken as if it is the only thing you have left. You can demand something like this of yourself as an unattainable ideal. After that, you have to remind yourself about it every time you're sloppy about something. For me that means 250 times a day.” ― Peter Høeg, Smilla's Sense of Snow “But the happiest people are the ones who understand that good things occur when one allows them to.” ― Danny Wallace, Yes Man “God wants to rescue us, not destroy us. You don't have to be afraid of being happy, thinking that he wants to take that happiness away from you That's not who he is." "How can you be sure?" "Because when you've had a taste of goodness, it helps you recognize the difference between good and evil. I believe that people like Grace and St. Francis and a whole host of other kind, loving people show us what God is like. He isn't waiting to punish you and he doesn't give you blessings just to strip them away.” ― Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel's Redemption “Happiness is a big joke; let us laugh at it loud.” ― Santosh Kalwar “The key to ultimate happiness and fulfillment lies within our own transformation. The more we learn and grow and evolve as individuals, the more we will find happiness and satisfaction in relationships, work and life.” ― Kristi Bowman “The secret to happiness is low expectations.” ― Barry Schwartz “The process of discovering your fearless self is of refinement, not adding. The best way to reconnect with your freedom is to look at the rules you have that govern your freedom.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “There is no happily-ever-after to run to. We have to work for happiness.” ― Mary Balogh, Simply Magic “Happiness is based on a just discrimination of what is necessary, what is neither necessary nor destructive, and what is destructive” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas “The purpose of empowerment is to urge you towards freedom, to help each of you to break free of all limitations. It is that freedom that will give you eternal happiness and finally connect you with the unconditional realization of TRUTH.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free “Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a huge research staff to study the problem.” ― Bill Vaughan “It is always worth itemising happiness, there is so much of the other thing in a life, you had better put down the markers for happiness while you can.” ― Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture “Whoever said happiness needs a plan?” ― Robert Holden “The greenest of pastures are right here on earth.” ― Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution “It’s true that laughter really is cheap medicine. It’s a prescription anyone can afford. And best of all, you can fill it right now.” ― Steve Goodier “I ran across an excerpt today (in English translation) of some dialogue/narration from the modern popular writer, Paulo Coelho in his book: Aleph.(Note: bracketed text is mine.)... 'I spoke to three scholars,' [the character says 'at last.'] ...two of them said that, after death, the [sic (misprint, fault of the publisher)] just go to Paradise. The third one, though, told me to consult some verses from the Koran. [end quote]' ...I can see that he's excited. [narrator]' ...Now I have many positive things to say about Coelho: He is respectable, inspiring as a man, a truth-seeker, and an appealing writer; but one should hesitate to call him a 'literary' writer based on this quote. A 'literary' author knows that a character's excitement should be 'shown' in his or her dialogue and not in the narrator's commentary on it. Advice for Coelho: Remove the 'I can see that he's excited' sentence and show his excitement in the phrasing of his quote.(Now, in defense of Coelho, I am firmly of the opinion, having myself written plenty of prose that is flawed, that a novelist should be forgiven for slipping here and there.)Lastly, it appears that a belief in reincarnation is of great interest to Mr. Coelho ... Just think! He is a man who has achieved, (as Leonard Cohen would call it), 'a remote human possibility.' He has won lots of fame and tons of money. And yet, how his preoccupation with reincarnation—none other than an interest in being born again as somebody else—suggests that he is not happy!” ― Roman Payne “These fucking women really piss me off,' April said. 'Because instead of being elated by the thought of making their own happiness and chasing some crazy dream, all they want to do is narrow their options and do something safe.” ― J. Courtney Sullivan, Commencement “Happy are those who evolve from within.” ― Amit Abraham “Happiness isn't always easy," he'd said. "But it's a priority.” ― Goldy Moldavsky, Kill the Boy Band “The Master said, “What a worthy man was Yan Hui! Living in a narrow alley, subsisting upon meager bits of rice and water—other people could not have borne such hardship, and yet it never spoiled Hui’s joy. What a worthy man was Hui!” (Analects 6.11)” ― Confucius “It was always a relief when she came home to him. Like water or food. Like music or that moment when you cut yourself with a knife and squeeze the skin and no blood oozes out.” ― Francesca Lia Block, Blood Roses “There are lots of ways of being miserable, but there’s only one way of being comfortable, and that is to stop running round after happiness. If you make up your mind not to be happy there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a fairly good time.” ― Edith Wharton, Ethan Frome and Other Short Fiction “Stop trying to 'fix' yourself; you're NOT broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “He took a hairpin out of my untidy hair (by now my complicated arrangement of ringlets must have looked as if a couple of birds had been nesting there); he took a strand of it and wound it around his finger. With his other hand he began stroking my face, and then he bent down and kissed me again, this time very cautiously. I closed my eyes - and the same thing happened as before: my brain suffered that delicious break in transmission.” ― Kerstin Gier, Ruby Red “I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?" "For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment...” ― C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce “The one who would be constant in happiness must frequently change.” ― Anthony de Mello, Awareness: Conversations with the Masters “How would your life be different if...You decided to give freely, love fully, and play feverously? Let today be the day...You free yourself from the conditioned rules that limit your happiness and dilute the beautiful life experience. Have fun. Give - Love - Play!” ― Steve Maraboli, The Power of One “I think that fame removes true happiness. Because when you are famous, people know you for who they think you are and when you are happy, it's because people have met you and see you for who you really are. Of course, if you are not a great person, it's better to be famous. But if you have greatness, it's better to not be famous.” ― C. JoyBell C. “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis.” ― Margaret Wander Bonanno “Sometimes you just have to jump in a mud puddle because it's there. Never get so old that you forget about having fun.” ― Tom Giaquinto, Be A Good Human “When all things seem to fail, stand on your inner strength, shovel today's challenges for your tomorrow's freedom.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “Everything is easier said than done. Wanting something is easy. Saying something is easy. The challenge and the reward are in the doing.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “You would not want to be responsible for someone else’s happiness, so please do not hold someone else responsible for yours!” ― Jennifer O'Neill, Inspirational Quotes “Happiness is something you lay siege to, it is a battle like a game of go. I will take hold of all the pain and snuff it out.” ― Shan Sa, The Girl Who Played Go “And he, like many jaded people, had few pleasures left in life save good food and drink.” ― Honoré de Balzac “To answer your question as honestly as I can, I've wanted since I was very little to not have to worry about money. I've never been poverty-level poor (I mean, there's been years where I've been officially beneath the poverty line, but that wasn't poverty: that was being a student and living the Student Lifestyle), but I've been in a place where you know you can't afford a better-quality food, where you can't do certain things because of money, and I'd prefer not to have those problems if I can. I sort of have troubles with money in general, with how it determines so much of our lives but with how we all try to ignore it, but I would like to be (and stay) in a place where I can pick up some new comics and games and not worry about how much they cost. This is terrible; you're asking me where I want to be in the future, what I want my life to be like, and the only thing I can tell you is "Man, all I know is I don't want to be POOR.” ― Ryan North “When it comes down to it, even on the natural plane, it is much happier and more enlivening to love than to be loved.” ― Dorothy Day “The secret of happiness: Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.” ― Daniel C. Dennett “Most of our suffering comes from resisting what is already here, particularly our feelings. All any feeling wants is to be welcomed, touched, allowed. It wants attention. It wants kindness. If you treated your feelings with as much love as you treated your dog or your cat or your child, you'd feel as if you were living in heaven every day of your sweet life.” ― Geneen Roth “A truly radical resolution would be to embrace existence just as it is, as the only thing that matters, to proclaim that the world itself is heaven, made for our total enjoyment and fulfillment...” ― CrimethInc., Expect Resistance: A Field Manual “It's not my job to make you happy. It's your job to learn that only those who quit selfishly seeking their own happiness find it.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year “You are happy when you are enthusiastic and action-oriented, not when you are luxury and pleasure oriented.” ― Debasish Mridha “Tatsuya: What you have "right now" won't necessarily continue on until forever... Hiro: ... Yeah, I know.” ― Ibuki Haneda, Koizora (Love Sky), Volume 1 “To fill the hour──that is happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson “The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.” ― C.P. Snow “God bless Dunkin' Donuts.” ― Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall “The notion that a human being should be constantly happy is a uniquely modern, uniquely American, uniquely destructive idea.” ― Andrew Weil “We talked for hours. He talked and I listened. It was like wind and sunlight. It blew all the cobwebs away.” ― John Fowles “Man does not strive for happiness; only the Englishman does that.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols “Guidance counselors always love to say, 'Just think positively,' but that's impossible when you have this thing inside of you, strangling every ounce of happiness you can muster. My body is an efficient happy-though-killing machine.” ― Jasmine Warga “Ladies, stress shows on your face. Happiness is the true beauty weapon." As quoted in The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets ( Kym Douglas / Cindy Pearlman, 2006)” ― Susan Sarandon “Yesterday I was sad, today I am happy! Yesterday I had a problem, today I still have the same problem! But today I changed the way I look at it!” ― C. JoyBell C. “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it, you must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it. If you don’t, you will leak away your innate contentment. It’s easy enough to pray when you’re in distress but continuing to pray even when your crisis has passed is like a sealing process, helping your soul hold tight to its good attainments.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love “A week feels like a year when you’re seventeen and in love. A twenty minute drive might as well be an ocean. But we were together again and the whole world was rejoicing, even the gravel crunched melodiously under our feet as we danced onward through the night.” ― Chloe Rattray, Sacré Noir “You need to figure out what you want, Josh. If that means you need to swim against the tide to get it, at least youre aiming for something that could make you very happy.” ― Jay Asher, The Future of Us “The quickest way to experiencing the peace inside, is to learn to recognize when I am not at peace.” ― James Patrick McDonald “People will always notice something about you. It might be the way you walk or the way you talk, or just simply your personality. Live each day in the way you want to be remembered. Live in such a way that people will be inspired by those unique qualities that you have and strive to live better lives for themselves.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana “If you wait for a cake to be given to you so you will be happy- then you will be happy when someone gives you a cake. But if you buy a cake (or bake one) for yourself so you will be happy, you have found the way of happiness.” ― C. JoyBell C. “I've always believed that happiness is just around the corner. The trick is fining the right corner.” ― Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World “Our purest form of joy comes when people we envy get hurt. That most genuine form of joy.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted “Happiness is a strange thing. It is something I tend to recognize only after it has passed, when I realize I miss it.” ― Claire Holden Rothman, The Heart Specialist “Dear me! how happy and good we'd be, if we had no worries!” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women “If you're not getting happier as you get older, then you're fuckin' up” ― Ani DiFranco “Challenges in life can either enrich you or poison you. You are the one who decides.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “ولمّا فتحت قلبي لكي ارى السعادة, وجدت مرآتها وسريرها وملابسها, لكنّي لم اجدها.” ― Kahlil Gibran “I think instead [of happiness] we should be working for contentment... an inner sense of fulfillment that's relatively independent of external circumstances.” ― Andrew Weil “You are the point of origin for everything in your world: you set the standard for yourself.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “The universe never complains. When you're wrong or right, She always loves and cares, She always gives and shares. When you get lost she becomes the light, Helps you to find what is right. But she never forgets To show you the light.” ― Debasish Mridha “And I ask myself what it is about me that makes this wonderful, beautiful woman return. Is it because I'm pathetic, helpless in my current state, completely dependent on her? Or is it my sense of humour, my willingness to tease her, to joke my way into painful, secret places? Do I help her understand herself? Do I make her happy? Do I do something for her that her husband and son can't do? Has she fallen in love with me? As the days pass and I continue to heal, my body knitting itself back together, I begin to allow myself to think that she has.” ― Mohsin Hamid, Moth Smoke “We need more than just the Law of Attraction. We need to connect with its more successful twin, the Law of Generosity. And further entwine ourselves with their parent; the Law of Love.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happiness is the pleasantest of emotions; because of this, it is the most dangerous. Having once felt happiness, one will do anything to maintain it, and losing it, one will grieve.” ― Kij Johnson, The Fox Woman “The really happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery, even when they have to take a detour.” ― James Hopwood Jeans “She couldn't avoid being serious about things she cared for, and happiness made her grave at the thought of all the things which might destroy it.” ― Graham Greene, A Gun for Sale “If one were to build the house of happiness, the largest space would be the waiting room.” ― Jules Renard, The Journal of Jules Renard “The best way to insure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally.” ― Deborah Day, BE HAPPY NOW! “You would not be here TODAY if YESTERDAY was your defining moment. LIVE THIS DAY and move towards your dreams.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Blaming is so much easier than taking responsibility, because if you take responsibility … then you might be to blame.” ― Jennifer O'Neill, The Pursuit of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules to Sucess “Sadness is never bad," said Amparo. "Sadness is the mirror of being happy” ― Tim Willocks, The Religion “Don't show a friend your gift, or your bag of money if you still want to maintain your relationship, but if nay, go on, and all you'll see is hate and jealousy, and you'll fight with him in the street like a dog and all you'll feel is regret.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invicible host against difficulties.” ― Helen Keller “His hand lay across my stomach as he slept soundly. I entwined my fingers with his and breathed through the warmth that seeped through my chest. Such a simple, sweet thing to do, yet holding hands in bed was incredibly intimate.” ― N.R. Walker, Spencer Cohen “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” ― Luther Burbank “One could be happy not only without love, but despite it.” ― Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera “I was happy, but happy is an adult word. You don't have to ask a child about happy, you see it. They are or they are not. Adults talk about being happy because largely they are not. Talking about it is the same as trying to catch the wind. Much easier to let it blow all over you. This is where I disagree with the philosophers. They talk about passionate things but there is no passion in them. Never talk happiness with a philosopher.” ― Jeanette Winterson, The Passion “It's impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho!” ― Noel Fielding “In his or her own way, everyone I saw before me looked happy. Whether they were really happy or just looked it, I couldn't tell. But they did look happy on this pleasant early afternoon in late September, and because of that I felt a kind of loneliness new to me, as if I were the only one here who was not truly part of the scene.” ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood “I think my quarry is illusion. I war against magic. I believe that, though illusion often cheers and comforts, it ultimately and invariably weakens and constricts the spirit.” ― Irvin D. Yalom, Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy “As Venus within Eros does not really aim at pleasure, so Eros does not aim at happiness. We may think he does, but when he is brought to the test it proves otherwise... For it is the very mark of Eros that when he is in us we had rather share unhappiness with the Beloved than be happy on any other terms.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves “The formula of happiness and success is just, being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.” ― Meryl Streep “There is nothing around me but money, money, money.” ― Stephen Richards “Suffering sucks. Don't do it. Go home and love your wife. Go home and love yourself. Go home and base your happiness on one thing and one thing only: freedom. Choose freedom, not suffering. Create a life of freedom, not wanting. Have some really good coffee and listen to the red-winged blackbirds in the marsh. Ignore the mosquitoes.” ― Laura Munson, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is: A Season of Unlikely Happiness “Happiness There's just no accounting for happiness, or the way it turns up like a prodigal who comes back to the dust at your feet having squandered a fortune far away. And how can you not forgive? You make a feast in honor of what was lost, and take from its place the finest garment, which you saved for an occasion you could not imagine, and you weep night and day to know that you were not abandoned, that happiness saved its most extreme form for you alone. No, happiness is the uncle you never knew about, who flies a single-engine plane onto the grassy landing strip, hitchhikes into town, and inquires at every door until he finds you asleep midafternoon as you so often are during the unmerciful hours of your despair. It comes to the monk in his cell. It comes to the woman sweeping the street with a birch broom, to the child whose mother has passed out from drink. It comes to the lover, to the dog chewing a sock, to the pusher, to the basket maker, and to the clerk stacking cans of carrots in the night. It even comes to the boulder in the perpetual shade of pine barrens, to rain falling on the open sea, to the wineglass, weary of holding wine.” ― Jane Kenyon tags: happiness, jane, kenyon “(about William Blake) As for Blake's happiness--a man who knew him said: "If asked whether I ever knew among the intellectual, a happy man, Blake would be the only one who would immediately occur to me." And yet this creative power in Blake did not come from ambition. ...He burned most of his own work. Because he said, "I should be sorry if I had any earthly fame, for whatever natural glory a man has is so much detracted from his spiritual glory. I wish to do nothing for profit. I wish to live for art. I want nothing whatever. I am quite happy." ...He did not mind death in the least. He said that to him it was just like going into another room. On the day of his death he composed songs to his Maker and sang them for his wife to hear. Just before he died his countenance became fair, his eyes brightened and he burst into singing of the things he saw in heaven. ” ― Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit “It's about the quality of the worry," I said. "I have happier worries now than I used to.” ― David Gilmour, The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and Son “Money can't buy happiness but it can buy a huge yacht that sails right next to it.” ― David Lee Roth “It is more important to be free than to be happy.” ― Tom Robbins “Unhappiness can be like a virus spreading from one person, to the next person, to the next one and so on. When someone is mean or rude to you, do not let their unhappiness infect your own life. If you are the unhappy one, please quarantine yourself so you do not infect others!” ― Jennifer O'Neill, Soul DNA: Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose “Happiness is not in things; happiness is in you.” ― Robert Holden, Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST “But I am king. And the well-being of my kingdom depends on my sound judgment and clear head. And those things depend on my state of happiness. And I have known for a long time that my state of happiness depends on you.” ― Sharon Shinn, Summers at Castle Auburn “We thought everything would be forgotten, but I still remember your claws running down my back. I wonder if you still think about us, the way I do. How our legs would crash into each other in the middle of the night, and how we ended up creating the moon in the confines of our beds.” ― Zaeema J. Hussain, The Sky Is Purple “True happiness is when the love that is within us finds expression in external activities.” ― Mata Amritanandamayi “Imagination doesn't always make you long for what you cannot have, but rather thrive in what you do not have.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “To be happy, you have to risk being unhappy.” ― Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy “A friend is a friend who continues to love you and like you when you don't love him or like him any more.” ― Debasish Mridha “I think now that maybe true sweetness can only happen in limbo.” ― Peter Heller, The Dog Stars “Be happy. It's one way of being wise” ― Colette “If one’s life is so unsatisfying that an unhealthy activity brings a shred of happiness, it is nigh impossible to give it up unless something that brings greater happiness can be enjoyed in its stead. (28)” ― Prem Prakash, The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion A Modern Translation of the Narada Bhakti Sutras “The only means by which one could attain complete happiness is to avoid living in constant expectation of it. It's the expectation that causes our unhappiness and consequent bitterness about life” ― Mohammed Naseehu Ali, The Prophet of Zongo Street: Stories “Money is made at Christmas out of holly and mistletoe, but who save the vendors would greatly care if no green branch were procurable? One symbol, indeed, has obscured all others--the minted round of metal. And one may safely say that, of all the ages since a coin first became the symbol of power, ours is that in which it yields to the majority of its possessors the poorest return in heart's contentment.” ― George Gissing, The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft “Smartass Disciple: Master, what is the secret recipe of your happiness? Master of Stupidity: If I tell you, there is nobody left to be made fun of.” ― Toba Beta “(the whole world is at the throat of the world, everybody feels angry, short-changed, cheated, everybody is despondent, disillusioned.) I welcomed shots of peace, tattered shards of happiness.” ― Charles Bukowski, Betting on the Muse: Poems and Stories “If you have done something meritorious, you experience pleasure and happiness; if wrong things, suffering. A happy or unhappy life is your own creation. Nobody else is responsible. If you remember this, you won’t find fault with anybody. You are your own best friend as well as your worst enemy. (99)” ― Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras “The Christmas presents once opened are Not So Much Fun as they were while we were in the process of examining, lifting, shaking, thinking about, and opening them. Three hundred sixty-five days later, we try again and find that the same thing has happened. Each time the goal is reached, it becomes Not So Much Fun, and we're off to reach the next one, then the next one, then the next. That doesn't mean that the goals we have don't count. They do, mostly because they cause us to go through the process and it's the process that makes us wise, happy, or whatever. If we do things in the wrong sort of way, it makes us miserable, angry, confused, and things like that. The goal has to be right for us, and it has to be beneficial, in order to ensure a beneficial process. But aside from that, it's really the process that's important.” ― Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh “Take one cup of love, two cups of loyalty, three cups of forgiveness, four quarts of faith and one barrel of laughter. Take love and loyalty and mix them thoroughly with faith; blend with tenderness, kindness and understanding. Add friendship and hope. Sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Bake it with sunshine. Wrap it regularly with lots of hugs. Serve generous helpings daily.” ― Zig Ziglar “Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.” ― Victor Hugo “Live in this moment ... for it is the only moment we have!” ― Stephen Richards “To buy a cake... to howl at the moon... to know true happiness... I am happy.” ― C. JoyBell C. “Three weeks ago, he’d seen hail fall from the sky, only to be followed minutes later by a spectacular rainbow that seemed to frame the azalea bushes. The colors, so vivid they seemed almost alive, made him think that nature sometimes sends us signs, that it’s important to remember that joy can always follow despair. But a moment later, the rainbow had vanished and the hail returned, and he realized that joy was sometimes only an illusion.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Choice “Sooner or later in life everyone discovers that perfect happiness is unrealizable, but there are few who stop to consider the antithesis; that perfect unhappiness is equally unattainable.” ― Primo Levi “Happiness is not to be achieved at the command of emotional whims. Happiness is not the satisfaction of whatever irrational wishes you might blindly attempt to indulge. Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy—a joy without penalty or guilt, a joy that does not clash with any of your values and does not work for your own destruction, not the joy of escaping from your mind, but of using your mind's fullest power, not the joy of faking reality, but of achieving values that are real, not the joy of a drunkard, but of a producer. Happiness is possible only to a rational man, the man who desires nothing but rational goals, seeks nothing but rational values and finds his joy in nothing but rational actions.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged “To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.” ― John Dewey “There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson, An Apology for Idlers “When true happiness shows up, the ego is bored with it: It's too plain, too ordinary, and it doesn't leave us feeling special or above the fray. It doesn't take away our problems, which is the ego's idea of happiness. The ego wants no more difficulties: no ore sickness, no more need for money, no more work, no more bad feelings, only unending pleasure and bliss. Such perfection is the ego's idea of a successful life. However, the happiness the ego dreams of will never be attained by anyone. The ego denies the reality of this dimension, where challenges are necessary to evolution and blissful states and pleasure come and go.” ― Gina Lake, What about Now?: Reminders for Being in the Moment “I drink to the general joy o’ the whole table." Macbeth” ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth “The bitterness of joy lies in the knowledge that it cannot last. Nor should joy last beyond a certain season, for, after that season, even joy would become merely habit.” ― Tanith Lee, Delusion's Master “Unhappiness is caused when we cannot let go of our memories.” ― Jed Rubenfeld, The Interpretation of Murder “It's not strength, it's PERCEPTION that makes you stronger. If you change how you SEE it, you'll change how you FEEL about it.” ― Yvonne Pierre, The Day My Soul Cried: A Memoir “Happiness is like a cat. If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you. It will never come. But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you'll find it rubbing up against your legs and jumping into your lap.” ― William J. Bennett “You must never forget that greatness does not guarantee happiness but goodness always does” ― Sri Chinmoy “And although it might be best of all to be Socrates satisfied, having both happiness and depth, we would give up some happiness in order to gain the depth.” ― Robert Nozick, The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations “When I became convinced that the Universe is natural – that all the ghosts and gods are myths, there entered into my brain, into my soul, into every drop of my blood, the sense, the feeling, the joy of freedom. The walls of my prison crumbled and fell, the dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts, and bars, and manacles became dust. I was no longer a servant, a serf or a slave. There was for me no master in all the wide world -- not even in infinite space. I was free -- free to think, to express my thoughts -- free to live to my own ideal -- free to live for myself and those I loved -- free to use all my faculties, all my senses -- free to spread imagination's wings -- free to investigate, to guess and dream and hope -- free to judge and determine for myself -- free to reject all ignorant and cruel creeds, all the "inspired" books that savages have produced, and all the barbarous legends of the past -- free from popes and priests -- free from all the "called" and "set apart" -- free from sanctified mistakes and holy lies -- free from the fear of eternal pain -- free from the winged monsters of the night -- free from devils, ghosts and gods. For the first time I was free. There were no prohibited places in all the realms of thought -- no air, no space, where fancy could not spread her painted wings -- no chains for my limbs -- no lashes for my back -- no fires for my flesh -- no master's frown or threat – no following another's steps -- no need to bow, or cringe, or crawl, or utter lying words. I was free. I stood erect and fearlessly, joyously, faced all worlds. And then my heart was filled with gratitude, with thankfulness, and went out in love to all the heroes, the thinkers who gave their lives for the liberty of hand and brain -- for the freedom of labor and thought -- to those who fell on the fierce fields of war, to those who died in dungeons bound with chains -- to those who proudly mounted scaffold's stairs -- to those whose bones were crushed, whose flesh was scarred and torn -- to those by fire consumed -- to all the wise, the good, the brave of every land, whose thoughts and deeds have given freedom to the sons of men. And then I vowed to grasp the torch that they had held, and hold it high, that light might conquer darkness still.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll “An empty bus hurtles through the starry night Perhaps the driver is singing and happy because he sings.” ― Günter Grass “Try to be happy within the context of the life we are actually living. Happiness is not a situation to be longed for or a convergence of lucky happenstance. Through the power of our own minds, we can help ourselves.” ― Wayne Coyne “The midsummer sun shines but dim, The fields strive in vain to look gay; But when I am happy in Him December's as pleasant as May.” ― John Newton “Embrace being perfectly imperfect. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself, you’ll be happier.” ― Roy Bennett “According to the Buddha, the failure to recognize the illusion of the self is the source of all ignorance and unhappiness. It is only by renouncing the self, that is, by dropping his ego defences and committing metaphorical suicide, that a person can open up to different modes of being and relating and thereby transform himself into a pure essence of humanity. In so doing, he becomes free to recast himself as a much more joyful and productive person, and attains the only species of transcendence and immortality that is open to man.” ― Neel Burton, Hide and Seek: The Psychology of Self-Deception “The average human being is actually quite bad at predicting what he or she should do in order to be happier, and this inability to predict keeps people from, well, being happier. In fact, psychologist Daniel Gilbert has made a career out of demonstrating that human beings are downright awful at predicting their own likes and dislikes. For example, most research subjects strongly believe that another $30,000 a year in income would make them much happier. And they feel equally strongly that adding a 30-minute walk to their daily routine would be of trivial import. And yet Dr. Gilbert’s research suggests that the added income is far less likely to produce an increase in happiness than the addition of a regular walk.” ― Kerry Patterson, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything “The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count. Everyone's so busy waiting in the Waiting Place. If we stopped to remember that there's such a thing as a Purina Tower and a view like this, we'd all be happier.” ― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places “Trustful people are the pure at heart, as they are moved by the zeal of their own trustworthiness.” ― Criss Jami, Healology “Like love, like talent, like any other virtue, like anything else in this life, happiness needs to be nurtured - this is the truth of the whole matter.” ― Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy “Happiness when sustained too long in print can rightly be construed as sappiness...” ― Millard Kaufman, Bowl of Cherries “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” ― Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery “Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.” ― Stephen Richards “The more I understand the mind and the human experience, the more I begin to suspect there is no such thing as unhappiness; there is only ungratefulness.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “I know from the bottom of my heart and with all of it, that it doesn't matter if at the end of your life you can say that you shared the best of yourself with the rest of the world and it doesn't matter if everyone in the world remembers you as wonderful; but what matters is if at the end of your life you can say that you shared the best of yourself with the handful of people who are around you, that you gave the wonderful in you, to the people you love and who love you. Happiness never has and never will come from fame.” ― C. JoyBell C. “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” ― Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven “We will never be happy until we make God the source of our fulfillment and the answer to our longings. He is the only one who should have power over our souls.” ― Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Woman “We are often insane with happiness. We are also very unhappy for reasons neither of us can do anything about. Like being separated.” ― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife The universe doesn't give you what you want in your mind; it gives you what “The universe doesn't give you what you want in your mind; it gives you what you demand with your actions.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happiness is a nothingness without completeness.” ― Hlovate, Contengan Jalanan “There are very few things in the mind which eat up as much energy as worry. It is one of the most difficult things not to worry about anything. Worry is experienced when things go wrong, but in relation to past happenings it is idle merely to wish that they might have been otherwise. The frozen past is what it is, and no amount of worrying is going to make it other than what it has been. But the limited ego-mind identifies itself with its past, gets entangled with it and keeps alive the pangs of frustrated desires. Thus worry continues to grow into the mental life of man until the ego-mind is burdened by the past. Worry is also experienced in relation to the future when this future is expected to be disagreeable in some way. In this case it seeks to justify itself as a necessary part of the attempt to prepare for coping with the anticipated situations. But, things can never be helped merely by worrying. Besides, many of the things which are anticipated never turn up, or if they do occur, they turn out to be much more acceptable than they were expected to be. Worry is the product of feverish imagination working under the stimulus of desires. It is a living through of sufferings which are mostly our own creation. Worry has never done anyone any good, and it is very much worse than mere dissipation of psychic energy, for it substantially curtails the joy and fullness of life.” ― Meher Baba, Discourses “One should cultivate good habits of memory, for it is capable of making existence a Paradise or an Inferno.” ― Baltasar Gracián, The Art of Worldly Wisdom “Everyone knew that if you divided reality by expectation, you got a happiness quotient. But when you invert the equation - expectation divided by reality - you didn't get the opposite of happiness. What you got, Lewis realized, was hope.” ― Jodi Picoult, Nineteen Minutes “There are hours for rest, and hours for wakefulness; nights for sobriety and nights for drunkenness—(if only so that possession of the former allows us to discern the latter when we have it; for sad as it is, no human body can be happily drunk all the time).” ― Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy “There is no happiness in love, except at the end of an English novel.” ― Anthony Trollope, Barchester Towers “.. she believed a great happiness awaited her somewhere, and for this reason she remained calm as the days flew by.” ― Gyula Krúdy, Sunflower “It makes no difference where you go, there you are. And it makes no difference what you have, there’s always more to want. Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy because of what you have.” ― Zig Ziglar “Everyone has a right to be a little happy, asshole.” ― John Irving, Last Night in Twisted River “These men are worth your tears. You are not worth their merriment.” ― Wilfred Owen, The Poems Of Wilfred Owen “Sex could be a blissful communion,. But it could also be a weapon, and its absence, sometimes, was required for the establishment of peace.” ― Ann Brashares, Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood “I hate going through this when we just found...," his voice trailed off. "Found what?" "Each other," he finished, half-smiling.” ― Markelle Grabo, The Elf Girl “I am in an altogether new world now. I can think of nothing more wonderful. It is a real touch of all that heaven means.” ― Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption “Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.” ― Karen Maezen Miller, Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life “Oh, Marilla, I thought I was happy before. Now I know that I just dreamed a pleasant dream of happiness. This is the reality.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams “If there was one thing that life has taught me, it’s to accept the most foolish and unthinkable happiness.” ― Anne-Laure Bondoux, The Killer's Tears “Not that happiness is dull. Only that it doesn't tell well. And of our consuming diversions as we age is to recite, not only to others but to ourselves, our own story.” ― Lionel Shriver, We Need to Talk About Kevin “If one's bowels move, one is happy, and if they don't move, one is unhappy. That is all there is to it.” ― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living “I looked long and hard for the paper roses! I found the reddest red ribbon, and a little golden card! We were all there together, many of us, in the same place; but I was the only one who found the paper roses, the only one who chose the reddest red ribbon, and the only one who topped off with a golden card. And so I learned that if people are unhappy, it is only because they don't know how to look for the paper roses, they don't see the reddest red ribbon, and they don't like the little golden cards. We are all in the same wrap-shoppe in this life. But we are different. Because some of us are looking for the paper roses, choosing the reddest red ribbon, and picking up the little golden cards.” ― C. JoyBell C. My girlfriend is so besotted that she can't take her eyes off me. After we've turned out the light she puts on her night-vision goggles, and watched me as I sleep. Quite often I am woken by her sighing and involuntary yelps of happiness. This has been going on for years, and is showing no sign of abating. Once I asked her to stop all this infra-red activity, but it didn't really work; I'd wake up to find her covering me in luminous paint, and softly whispering, 'Sometimes I wonder if you know how much I love you.” ― Dan Rhodes, Anthropology “There can be many opinions on a thing, but there is only one truth." Vashet smiled lazily. "And if the pursuit of the truth was my goal, that would concern me." She gave a long yawn, stretching like a happy cat. "Instead I will focus on the joy in my heart, [...}” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear “الحب يعني أن تهتم بسعادة شخص آخر أكثر من اهتمامك بسعادتك أنت ، بغض النظر عن مدى الألم الذي سيسببه لك قرارك” ― Nicholas Sparks, Dear John “Maybe happiness too is a metaphor invented on a day of boredom” ― Gustave Flaubert, November “If you see the world and yourself through a lens smudged by negativity then you’ll find much misery. If you look outwards and inwards through lens brightened by positivity you’ll find much to be happy and appreciative about.” ― Henrik Edberg, The 7 Timeless Habits of Happiness “In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money cannot buy...to wit--the wag of a dog's tail.” ― Josh Billings “Happiness is spiritual, born of truth and love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it.” ― Mary Baker Eddy “i have laughed more than daffodils and cried more than June.” ― Sanober Khan “Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. They rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves. Broken lines do not know what they want. With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners. It is another story with curved lines. The song of the curved line is called happiness.” ― René Crevel “Remember the botched brothel-visit in L’Education sentimentale and remember its lesson. Do not participate: happiness lies in the imagination, not the act. Pleasure is found first in anticipation, later in memory.” ― Julian Barnes, Flaubert's Parrot “But suppose the endlessly dead were to wake in us some emblem: they might point to the catkins hanging from the empty hazel trees, or direct us to the rain descending on black earth in early spring. --- And we, who always think of happiness rising, would feel the emotion that almost baffles us when a happy thing falls.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies “Culture is an elevated expression of the inner voice which the different peoples of the Earth have heard in the depths of their being, a voice which conveys the vibrant compassion and wisdom of the cosmic life. For different cultures to engage in interaction is to catalyze each other's souls and foster mutual understanding.” ― Daisaku Ikeda “He tapped my chest. 'Happy is here.' He tapped his own chest. 'Here.' I looked down past my chin. 'Inside?' 'Inside.' It was getting crowded in there. First angel. Now happy. It seemed there was more to me than cabbage and turnips.” ― Jerry Spinelli, Milkweed “Mother earth cried so much that she has pool of tears more than the land of happiness.” ― Santosh Kalwar “These examples suggest what one needs to learn to control attention. In principle any skill or discipline one can master on one’s own will serve: meditation and prayer if one is so inclined; exercise, aerobics, martial arts for those who prefer concentrating on physical skills. Any specialization or expertise that one finds enjoyable and where one can improve one’s knowledge over time. The important thing, however, is the attitude toward these disciplines. If one prays in order to be holy, or exercises to develop strong pectoral muscles, or learns to be knowledgeable, then a great deal of the benefit is lost. The important thing is to enjoy the activity for its own sake, and to know that what matters is not the result, but the control one is acquiring over one’s attention.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life “I enjoy melancholic music and art. They take me to places I don't normally get to go.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “So what's the point, then, if we can't be happy? Why are we doing any of this?" "Oh, there's definitely happiness," Jack said, turning his back on the ocean and looking at her. "But it's just about moments, not ever-afters." He grinned. "Like when you're right in the middle of the ocean with your friends, with no one trying to kill you in any kind of horrifying way. You have to appreciate these moments when they happen, 'cause obviously we don't get many of them.” ― James Riley, The Half Upon a Time Trilogy: Half Upon a Time; Twice Upon a Time; Once Upon the End “if you feel happy, Smile with all your heart. if you're down, smile with all your might.” ― Paul Ian Guillermo “When we strike a balance between the challenge of an activity and our skill at performing it, when the rhythm of the work itself feels in sync with our pulse, when we know that what we're doing matters, we can get totally absorbed in our task. That is happiness. The life coach Martha Beck asks new potential clients, "Is there anything you do regularly that makes you forget what time it is?" That forgetting -- that pure absorption -- is what the psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi calls "flow" or optimal experience. In an interview with Wired magazine, he described flow as "being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you're using your skills to the utmost." In a typical day that teeters between anxiety and boredom, flow experiences are those flashes of intense living -- bright against the dull. These optimal experiences can happen when we're engaged in work paid and unpaid, in sports, in music, in art. The researchers Maria Allison and Margaret Duncan have studied the role of flow in women's lives and looked at factors that contributed to what they call "antiflow." Antiflow was associated with repetitive household tasks, repetitive tasks at work, unchallenging tasks, and work we see as meaningless. But there's an element of chaos when it comes to flow. Even if we're doing meaningful and challenging work, that sense of total absoprtion can elude us. We might get completely and beautifully lost in something today, and, try as we might to re-create the same conditions tomorrow, our task might jsut feel like, well, work. In A Life of One's Own, Marion Milner described her effort to re-create teh conditions of her own recorded moments of happiness, saying, "Often when I felt certain that I had discovered the little mental act which produced the change I walked on air, exulting that I had found the key to my garden of delight and could slip through the door whenever I wished. But most often when I came again the place seemed different, the door overgrown with thorns and my key stuck in the lock. It was as if the first time I had said 'abracadabra' the door had opened, but the next time I must use a different word. (123-124).” ― Ariel Gore, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness “Nothing in the world can make you happy; everything in the world can encourage you to be happy” ― Robert Holden, Happiness Now!: Timeless Wisdom for Feeling Good FAST “It was not in me It came and went I wanted to hold it It was held by wine (I no longer know what it was)” ― Rainer Maria Rilke “A lifetime of lonely regret or happiness with some pain along the way.” ― Melissa Nathan, Persuading Annie “Sometimes I think if we didn’t have these problems the whole world would stop spinning on her axis, we’d all stop spinning on our axises, axes, or whatever you want to call them, and then we’d have to settle into the nasty business of finding a way to be happy.” ― Daniel Clausen, Ghosts of Nagasaki: Silence “هكذا يأتي الفرح فجأة ولا نكون أبدا متأنقين لاستقباله” ― ياسمين ثابت, آشيا “If you’re not happy, then something is wrong. A person comes into the world as a happy being, yet over time, the happiness fades away and they find themselves in this bubble of anxiety and misery all the time. And it’s a comfortable place to stay, so they end up hanging out in this bubble for years and years before it suddenly dawns on them that life is meant to be happy. And, it is. It’s just that they’re too busy getting caught up in worry and stress to notice that life is magnificent and beautiful. Being alive is good. Being alive should already make you happy.” ― Leigh Hershkovich “Happiness earned, not given.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut “So he caught her in his arms and kissed her, and they were very happy, and told each other what a beautiful world it was, and how wonderful it was that they should have found each other, seeing that the world is not only beautiful but rather large.” ― E. Nesbit, The Magic World “When life gives you pain, accept it. When life gives you happiness, reject it.” ― Santosh Kalwar “Dreams. They start in your beautiful mind. Think of beautiful things and it will manifest into actions because your body will listen to you. Like it always does.” ― Diana Rose Morcilla “God is peace, bliss, beauty and truth. Focus your energy on that, life will be like that.” ― Amit Ray “He will make you happy, Fanny; I know he will make you happy; but you will make him everything.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park “In order to have great happiness, you have to have great pain and unhappiness-otherwise how would you know when you're happy?” ― Leslie Caron “The greatest happiness is when the eye discovers beauty where neither then mind conceived of nor the hand intended any.” ― Orhan Pamuk, The Innocence of Objects “Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.” ― Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free “Happiness is something we reap from the seeds we sow. Plant misery seeds and that us what you reap.” ― Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free “Money does not buy you happiness, but lack of money certainly buys you misery.” ― Daniel Kahneman, Well-Being: Foundations of Hedonic Psychology: Foundations of Hedonic Psychology “I don't think two people could have been happier than we have been.” ― Michael Cunningham, The Hours “Don't wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, generous, or friendly... lead the way!” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Stop waiting for the perfect day or the perfect moment... Take THIS day, THIS moment and lead it to perfection.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “The key to knowing joy is being easily pleased.” ― Mark Nepo “They think I’m simpleminded because I seem to be happy. Why shouldn’t I be happy? I have everything I ever wanted and more. Maybe I am simpleminded. Maybe that’s the key: simple.” ― Dolly Parton, Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business “It's what's in yourself that makes you happy or unhappy.” ― Agatha Christie, A Murder Is Announced “Every day has its great grief or its small anxiety. ... One cloud is dispelled, another forms. There is hardly one day in a hundred of real joy and bright sunshine.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables “Dream your dream; and realize that you are more than just the dreamer, you are the point of origin for its reality.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happiness comes in many forms — in the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when you make someone else’s dream come true, or in the promise of hope renewed. It’s okay to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.” ― Lucas Scott “She was happy, she knew she was happy, and knew she ought to be happy.” ― Jane Austen, Emma “You will realize one day that all the money in the world cannot buy you happiness. Nor can it make you a person of good character. ” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year “The only way I can be angry at you is when I have thought, said, or done something that is unkind in my own opinion.” ― Byron Katie “This idea of perpetual happiness is crazy and overrated, because those dark moments fuel you for the next bright moments; each one helps you appreciate the other.” ― Brad Pitt “He was persuaded he could know no happiness but in the society of one with whom he could for ever indulge the melancholy that had taken possession of his soul.” ― Horace Walpole, The Castle of Otranto “[Poem: Slates of Grey] Sullen faces like slates of grey— What I’d seen on a walk today. Bodies rushing bodies bolting Time for life a disregarding. Money to make and to grow old What about the hands to hold? Deadlines, projects, people to meet What about our own two feet. Sullen faces like slates of grey... What I’d see most anyday.” ― Jess C. Scott, Trouble “Frugality, I've learned, has its own cost, one that sometimes lasts forever.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding “I wonder if people always choose what will make them unhappy.” ― Megan Whalen Turner, A Conspiracy of Kings “Happiness isn’t the reward we retrieve after a long struggle. It arrives daily, in those clear moments when our hearts are tender, pricked by the embrace of a loved one, the beauty of a single flower, the majesty of the world in which we are central. Look over your shoulder at how far you’ve come and all the good things you’ve experienced and that is when you will see the smiling face of happiness.” ― Toni Sorenson “There is no such thing as a perfectly happy or perfectly unhappy man in the world. One has more happiness in his life and another more unhappiness, and the same circumstance may produce widely different effects on individuals of different temperaments.” ― Giacomo Casanova, The Story of My Life “It is in the balancing of your spirituality with your humanity that you will find immeasurable happiness, success, good health, and love.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happiness,... even the smallest happiness, is like a step out of Time, and the greatest happiness is sharing in Eternity.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “I know money isn't everything. but it certainly is something.” ― Thisuri Wanniarachchi, COLOMBO STREETS “Now some of you will say that the two are one and the same - happiness and joy - but this is not so. Happiness is a feeling. Happiness is fleeting, dependent on the moment, the circumstances, even the weather. Joy is transcendent, enduring, and, in the biblical context, is not an emotion. Joy is an attitude of the heart. Joy brings us peace, a refuge in the midst of troubles. God gives us joy through His Spirit. But the enemy tries to steal your joy and give you temporary happiness instead. Now, is there anything wrong with being happy? Nee, but it cannot last. So, you may wonder why I bring up the difference between these two - it is simple really. [...] marriage is sacred before the Lord, a decision for a lifetime, but too often I think young people look upon it as a source of happiness. Do not look at marriage this way. See it as a reservoir of joy, a deep, welling spring that endures the icy blast of temper, the bite of an angry word, the void of loneliness in a heart hungry for talk when there is no response. [...] Seek joy in each other, not happiness.” ― Kelly Long, Lilly's Wedding Quilt “I used to float along in all of this, like a leaf on a coursing stream, but i am heavier now, less easily moved, more resolute and steadfast. I am no longer in pursuit of happiness. As I stand here at my front door, key in hand, I think it is just possible that happiness, at least for now, today, this hour, may be in pursuit of me.” ― Anne Giardini, The Sad Truth About Happiness “If you love a person, you should show it in adundance, not reserve it for special occasions like fine china.” ― Bryan Cohen, The Post-College Guide to Happiness “I surround myself with things that make me happy. Why? Because ... it makes me happy.” ― Kelly Epperson “I wished upon a star and the heavens sent me you” ― Sonya Watson, The Tide Breaker “Why are those who are notoriously undisciplined and unmoral also most contemptuous of religion and morality? They are trying to solace their own unhappy lives by pulling the happy down to their own abysmal depths.” ― Fulton J. Sheen, Seven Words of Jesus and Mary: Lessons from Cana and Calvary “I don't know whether it is beautiful or sad, that I find such blissful happiness within the confines of my own mind, more so than I do in the reality that surrounds me.” ― Kendal Rob “The moon is the reflection of your heart and moonlight is the twinkle of your love.” ― Debasish Mridha “Comparison is the thief of joy.” ― Theodore Roosevelt “Human happiness is defined by the hardships and conflicts you have been through. The greater they are, the greater is your happiness.” ― Petar Dunov “Why sadness was created? So we could rest from laughing.” ― Nelson M. Lubao “In my judgment, the woman is the equal of the man. She has all the rights I have and one more, and that is the right to be protected. That is my doctrine. You are married; try and make the woman you love happy. Whoever marries simply for himself will make a mistake; but whoever loves a woman so well that he says 'I will make her happy,' makes no mistake. And so with the woman who says, 'I will make him happy.' There is only one way to be happy, and that is to make somebody else so.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child “The good news is that I believe every woman who wants to can find a great partner. You're just going to need to get rid of the idea that marriage will make you happy. It won't. Once the initial high wears off, you'll just be you, except with twice as much laundry. Because ultimately, marriage is not about getting something -- it's about giving it. Strangely, men understand this more than we do. Probably because for them marriage involves sacrificing their most treasured possession -- a free-agent penis -- and for us, it's the culmination of a princess fantasy so universal, it built Disneyland.” ― Tracy McMillan “Gratitude always comes into play; research shows that people are happier if they are grateful for the positive things in their lives, rather than worrying about what might be missing.” ― Dan Buettner, Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way “Happiness will grow if you plant the seeds of love in the garden of hope with compassion and care.” ― Debasish Mridha “Be like a branch of a tree; flex your body to face 'wind of sorrow'; flex little harder to dance in the 'wind of happiness'.” ― Santosh Kalwar “How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!” ― Jane Austen, Emma “I think about my mother singing after lunch on a Summer afternoon, twirling in blue dress across the floor of her dressing room” ― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler's Wife “The old man slowly raised himself from the piano stool, fixed those cheerful blue eyes piercingly and at the same time with unimaginable friendliness upon him, and said: "Making music together is the best way for two people to become friends. There is none easier. That is a fine thing. I hope you and I shall remain friends. Perhaps you too will learn how to make fugues, Joseph.” ― Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game “that's exactly the good thing about the Injun life--you don't have to stop and think about whether or not you're 'happy'--which in my opinionis a highly overrated human condition invented by white folks” ― Jim Fergus, One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd “Expect more get less and feel sadness Or expect less get more and feel happiness” ― Vijay Dhameliya “Nothing that happens to you was meant to be. The only thing about you that was meant to be is you. Blaze your own trail.” ― George Alexiou “Happiness: being able to forget or, to express in a more learned fashion.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life “Our own front door can be a wonderful thing, or a sight we dread; rarely is it only a door.” ― Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? “We left behind the other kids; their path-working, drinking, and being grown up- and rejected all that made them grumpy, uncreative and lifeless. We dumpstered, squatted, and shoplifted our lives back. Everything fell into place when we decided our lives were meant to be lived. Life serves the risk taker...” ― CrimethInc., Evasion “If life throws you a few bad notes or vibrations, don't let them interrupt or alter your song.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem “Why do I want to run from happiness?” ― Mary Balogh, More Than a Mistress “Once he said to her: 'You are like me; you are different from other people. You are Kamala and no one else, and within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat any time and be yourself, just as I can. Few people have that capacity and yet everyone could have it.” ― Hermann Hesse “His gut was stitched up good and tight, but that didn’t prevent it from flopping. He wiped his damp palms on the legs of his jeans and stood up shakily, leaning heavily on his cane. He called himself a masochist for putting himself through this torture day after day. He braced himself for the disappointment of having to go home alone. He braced himself for happiness like he’d never known in his entire life. He watched the door they would come through.” ― Sandra Brown, Lethal “Your most important “want” should be the one you can control!” ― Shannon L. Alder “Happiness is a good business these days, more you talk crap about happiness the large number of crowd you will gather.” ― Santosh Kalwar “Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” ― Helen Keller “In all human love it must be realized that every man promises a woman, and every woman promises a man that which only God alone can give, namely, perfect happiness. One of the reasons why so many marriages are shipwrecked is because as the young couple leave the altar, they fail to realize that human feelings tire and the enthusiasm of the honeymoon is not the same as the more solid happiness of enduring human love. One of the greatest trials of marriage is the absence of solitude. In the first moments of human love, one does not see the little hidden deformities which later on appear.” ― Fulton J. Sheen, Three to Get Married “A person cannot direct his emotional life in the way he bids his motor system to reach for a cup. He cannot will himself to want the right thing or to love the right person or to be happy after a disappointment, or even to be happy in happy times. People lack this capacity not through a deficiency of discipline but because the jurisdiction of will is limited to the latest brain and to those functions within its purview. Emotional life can be influenced, but it cannot be commanded.” ― Thomas Lewis, A General Theory of Love “The happiness of a family is such a complex matter. Like a table laid out with a tea service, it looks so ordinary until it's threatened. Then it becomes infinitely precious.” ― Lynda Williams, Holy war “Before you can successfully make friends with others, first you have to become your own friend.” ― Stephen Richards “When you fail, that is when you get closer to success.” ― Stephen Richards “Happiness is not only a hope, but also in some strange manner a memory ... we are all kings in exile.” ― G.K. Chesterton, The Thing “A withered maple leaf has left its branch and is falling to the ground; its movements resemble those of a butterfly in flight. Isn't it strange? The saddest and deadest of things is yet so like the gayest and most vital of creatures?” ― Ivan Turgenev, Fathers and Sons “When we give up the chase, we give up our wishing.” ― Stephen Richards “Suddenly I realized that I wanted everything to be as it was when I was younger. When you're young enough, you don't know that you live in a cheap lousy apartment. A cracked chair is nothing other than a chair. A dandelion growing out of a crack in the sidewalk outside your front door is a garden. You could believe that a song your parent was singing in the evening was the most tragic opera in the world. It never occurs to you when you are very young to need something other than what your parents have to offer you.” ― Heather O'Neill, Lullabies for Little Criminals “What would it be like to look in the mirror and actually accept what you see? Not loathe the reflection, or despise it, or be resigned to it? But to like it?” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful “When we lose our spiritual child then that is when we have grown old.” ― Stephen Richards “No man is happy who does not think himself so.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations “She tried to act as though it were nothing to go to the library alone. But her happiness betrayed her. Her smile could not be restrained, and it spread from her tightly pressed mouth, to her round cheeks, almost to the hair ribbons tied in perky bows over her ears.” ― Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown “Unhappiness is bondage; therefore, happiness is freedom.” ― Lauren Oliver, Delirium “Again, I am surprised why people seek to eliminate lust and cling to love; as they wish to ignore happiness and cleave unto joy! Now, now, let's not sugar-coat things! Lust has a lot more to do with life and what is the good of life if you do not carry much lust inside of you at all times? And joy is a noble thing, but happiness though fleeting can be found every day and in every small little way!” ― C. JoyBell C. “Many married women who have deliberately spurned the "hour" of childbearing are unhappy and frustrated. They never discovered the joys of marriage because they refused to surrender to the obligation of their state. In saving themselves, they lost themselves!” ― Fulton J. Sheen, Seven Words of Jesus and Mary: Lessons from Cana and Calvary “Happiness is attained, not through self-interest, but through unconditional fidelity in endless love of eternal light.” ― Aaron Cohen “The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life.” ― Euripides “I took the dog out for a walk tonight, and together we wandered across the meadow next door. It was a warm summer's night, dark, and moonless. There were a handful of fireflies flickering intermittently, some so close to me I could see they were burning green as they flew, and some further away, who seemed to be flashing white. And in the sky above them a continual roil of distant summer lightning (the storm distant enough that it was silent) burned and flashed and illuminated the clouds. It seemed as if the lightning bugs were talking to the lightning, in a perfect call and response of flash and counterflash. I watched the sky and the meadow flash and flash while the dog walked ahead of me, and realised that I was perfectly happy...” ― Neil Gaiman “If you stay in the company of anger, pain, or hurt, happiness will find someone else to visit. Make the choice to view all of your past relationships as a gift. Throw out what hasn’t worked in the past and incorporate new concepts. Focus on being happy.” ― Kristen Crockett, The Gift of Past Relationships “How can I tell Bob that my happiness streams from having wrenched a piece out of my life, a piece of hurt and beauty, and transformed it to typewritten words on paper? How can he know I am justifying my life, my keen emotions, my feeling, by turning it into print?” ― Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath “You see, nothing matters except pleasure - which is the opposite of happiness, its tragic part, I expect.” ― Lawrence Durrell, The Alexandria Quartet “I was terrified of my weakness, of my sharp tongue, of my every flaw. I was terrified that this moment, my chance to live in happiness for however short a time we may have had, would be ruined because I was simply not carved out of the same wood as happiness, and that my grain was too twisted to ever take its form.” ― Amy Lane, Truth in the Dark “The thing about life is, you’ve got to somehow make it through the day. Don’t wait for the beautiful evening. Go on with your life. Of course, the beautiful evening will come. In fact, she’s on her way. And she’s coming to you as fast as she can. And dude, she’s beautiful.” ― Thisuri Wanniarachchi “If you really want to be happy, don't just go for the money. Go for the relationship that lasts. Go for things of greater value.” ― Tony Meloto (Your First Job by: N. Dy) “It is not where we are that matters nor what we have, it is what we do with where we are and what we have.” ― Sonia Rumzi “The secret of happiness is something to do” ― John Burroughs “Happiness without freedom, or freedom without happiness. There was no third alternative.” ― Yevgeny Zamyatin, We “And Nedley started saying,'Shut Up!Quit that! And i knew it really meant something to him. So I asked for his help,"Mark said. "Don't tell the story like that," Nedley laughed. "What he said was 'Quit pretendin you're a bad guy I need your help, and I need it now!” ― Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Brave “I'm generally a happy person -with the help of antidepressants, that is- so there is something to be said for surrounding myself with happy people.” ― Rachel Machacek, The Science of Single: One Woman's Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding L ove “For a woman to deny the necessity of true love in her life would be to deny herself, and her creator.” ― Dwain K. White Sr., Every Woman's Dream “I want to be careful not to throw all this away. This is happiness. I think this is what happiness is. I haven't got it yet, but I can sense it out there. I feel I'm close to it. Some days, I'm so close I can almost smell it.” ― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby “I have been poisoned in your love and now I need antidote Jacqueline.L.J! <3” ― Omaid olovejlj Zazai “Happiness. It comes on unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really, any early morning talk about it.” ― Raymond Carver “Come here, let me share a bit of wisdom with you. Have you given much thought to our mortal condition? Probably not. Why would you? Well, listen. All mortals owe a debt to death. There's no one alive who can say if he will be tomorrow. Our fate moves invisibly! A mystery. No one can teach it, no one can grasp it. Accept this! Cheer up! Have a drink! But don't forget Aphrodite--that's one sweet goddess. You can let the rest go. Am I making sense? I think so. How about a drink. Put on a garland. I'm sure the happy splash of wine will cure your mood. We're all mortal you know. Think mortal. Because my theory is, there's no such thing as life, it's just catastrophe.” ― Anne Carson, Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides “Even the smallest shift in perspective can bring about the greatest healing.” ― Joshua Kai, The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible “It's hard to say. Sometimes people have had terrible childhoods. And sometimes they just haven't found their special place in life. And sometimes they're dogs from hell and must be destroyed.” ― Charles Addams “It almost seemed as if there must be some random and of course unfair thrift in the emotional housekeeping of the world, if the great happiness--however temporary, however flimsy--of one person could come out of the great unhappiness of another.” ― Alice Munro, Too Much Happiness “Happiness is not a state of being. Happiness is a vector, it is movement.” ― Neal Shusterman, Bruiser “The man with toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. The poverty stricken man makes the same mistake about the rich man.” ― George Bernard Shaw “We’re young, we’re not monsters, no fools: we’ll conquer happiness for ourselves.” ― Ivan Turgenev “Children must early learn the the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving.” ― Charles Alexander Eastman “I have lived through much, and now I think I have found what is needed for happiness. A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books , music, love for one's neighbor - such is my idea of happiness. And then, on top of all that, you for a mate, and children, perhaps - what more can the heart of a man desire?” ― Leo Tolstoy, Family Happiness “We live in a community of people not so that we can suppress and dominate eachother or make each other miserable but so that we can better and more reliably satisfy all life's healthy needs.” ― Wilhelm Reich, Children of the Future: On the Prevention of Sexual Pathology “Christopher McCandless:"I will miss you too, but you are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships. God's place is all around us, it is in everything and in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at things.” ― Shunryu Suzuki “Happiness is the lucky pane of glass you carry in your head. It takes all your cunning just to hang on to it, and once it's smashed you have to move into a different sort of life.” ― Carol Shields, Unless “Nurturing, Providing, and loving you passionately. May that be, my number of responsibilities. As one to the end, forever more. That's how long I desire, our love to last for. Providing for you many and joyful memories. In hours of darkness, as well as brightness. I plan to supply for you. For your love for me and happiness, is all that matters to me.” ― Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Friends 2 Lovers: The Unthinkable “We are living in a time when flowers are trying to live on flowers, instead of on good rain and black loam.” ― Ray Bradbury “Shovel today's challenges for your tomorrow's freedom.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “Reading messed with my brain in an unaccountable way. It made me happy; or something.” ― Salvatore Scibona “Share your love, share you happiness, care for others; your wealth will be endless.” ― Debasish Mridha “The secret of happiness is love and secret of love is nonjudgmental care.” ― Debasish Mridha “Raise you awareness and share your uniqueness to the world.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step “Joy is distinctly a Christian word and a Christian thing. It is the reverse of happiness. Happiness is the result of what happens of an agreeable sort. Joy has its spring deep down inside. And that spring never runs dry, no matter what happens. Only Jesus gives that joy.” ― Samuel Gordon “It is too late for me to learn your wisdom in this matter. From the time I knew aught, I have lived with a knight and his lady whose love lit and warmed the dark hall on winter's nights. Madam, my example comes not from any book of romance. My grandparents walked and breathed; they kissed and quarreled. This I must have, and I will seek it with the point of my knife in a bad husband's heart if I can find it no other way.” ― Roberta Gellis “It was a pity that people did not risk enough to speak out in behalf of one another's happiness and their own. ”― Louis Zukofsky, Collected Fiction “Through strength I found love In time I found myself in happiness with you” ― Alexis Jordan “As I watch him, a sudden recognition comes over me: Tonight, I can be anyone I want… maybe being happy only means living in the moment, appreciating the exact moment you're in and not thinking about the worries of the future.” ― Laura Fitzgerald, Veil of Roses “I know how syrupy this sounds, how dull, provincial, and possibly whitewashed, but what can I do? Happy childhoods happen” ― Marisa de los Santos, Belong to Me “People expected something for nothing, that’s why they did nothing so beautifully these days.” ― Holly Hood, Prison of Paradise “Happiness consists in always aspiring perfection, the pause in any level in perfection is the pause of happiness” ― Leo Tolstoy “Many of us seem to live our lives looking for happiness. That is not always a bad thing, but it can be if we continually believe that happiness is someplace else and not in the present.” ― Barbara Barrington Jones “Respect? Of course, always, to all, because everything seems funnier when you're trying to show respect.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “Happy people produce. Bored people consume.” ― Stephen Richards “No matter how small you start, always dream big.” ― Stephen Richards “-We need more love, to supersede hatred, -We need more strength, to resist our weaknesses, -We need more inspiration, to lighten up our innermind. -We need more learning, to erase our ignorance, -We need more wisdom, to live longer and happier, -We need more truths, to suppress deceptions, -We need more health, to enjoy our wealth, -We need more peace, to stay in harmony with our brethren -We need more smiles, to brighten up our day, -We need more hero's, and not zero's, -We need more change of ourselves, to change the lives of others, -We need more understanding, to tackle our misunderstanding, -We need more sympathy, not apathy, -We need more forgiveness, not vengeance, -We need more humility to be lifted up, -We need more patience and not undue eagerness, -We need more focus, to avoid distraction, -We need more optimism, not pessimism -We need more justice, not injustice, -We need more facts, not fiction, -We need more education, to curb illiteracy, -We need more skills, not incompetence, -We need more challenges, to make attempts, -We need more talents, to create the extraordinary, -We need more helping hands, not stingy folks, -We need more efforts, not laziness, -We need more jokes, to forget our worries, -We need more spirituality, not mean religion, -We need more freedom, not enslavement, -We need more peacemakers, not revolutionaries...with these, we create an heaven on earth.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “No beating yourself up. That’s not allowed. Be patient with yourself. It took you years to form the bad habits of thought that you no longer want. It will take a little time to form new and better ones. But I promise you this: Even a slight move in this direction will bring you some peace. The more effort you apply to it, the faster you’ll find your bliss, but you’ll experience rewards immediately.” ― Holly Mosier “All that you are is all around you.” ― Stephen Richards “Relationships: If you put up with it, you’re going to end up with it. Set the standard you want and don’t settle for less.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Without friends you have nothing!” ― Stephen Richards “Don’t we get it? To put our arm around someone who is gay, someone who has an addiction, somebody who lives a different lifestyle, someone who is not what we think they should be… doing that has nothing to do with enabling them or accepting what they do as okay by us. It has nothing to do with encouraging them in their practice of what you or I might feel or believe is wrong vs right. It has everything to do with being a good human being. A good person. A good friend.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “Keep in mind that the reason you know you can be good to others is only because you've taken strides to be better for and to yourself.” ― Alexandra Elle, Words from a Wanderer “Don't nourish your fears more than you nourish your hopes.” ― Steve Maraboli “To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage. The bridge that merges the two is commitment.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Future is one of the wildest experiences that you will ever have.” ― J.T.Abraham “Separate yourself from those who hinder your vision. Make a choice to walk away from the trap set to ensnare you. Realize when someone is pulling you backwards every time you take a step forward. Separate from them and the result of your action will be a life of success.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana “If the sun is shining, stand in it- yes, yes, yes. Happy times are great, but happy times pass- they have to- because time passes. The pursuit of happiness is more elusive; it is life-long, and it is not goal-centred. What you are pursuing is meaning- a meaningful life... There are times when it will go so wrong that you will be barely alive, and times when you realise that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else's terms.” ― Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? “Nos-tal-gic,’ Akira said, as though it were a word he had been struggling to find. Then he said a word in Japanese, perhaps the Japanese for ‘nostalgic.’ ‘Nos-tal-gic. It is good to be nos-tal-gic. Very important.’ ‘Really, old fellow?’ ‘Important. Very important. Nostalgic. When we nostalgic, we remember. A world better than this world we discover when we grow. We remember and wish good world come back again. So very important. Just now, I had dream. I was boy. Mother, Father, close to me. in our house.’ He fell silent and continued to gaze across the rubble. ‘Akira,’ I said, sensing that the longer this talk went on, the greater was some danger I did not wish fully to articulate. ‘We should move on. We have much to do.” ― Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans “It is sad that people need alcohol to make them happy.” ― Habeeb Akande “Happiness does not come from a job. It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs.” ― Mike Rowe “Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your mental afflictions and the discomfort of being ruled by them.” ― Yongey Mingyur, The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness “The more death, the more birth. People are entering, others are exiting. The cry of a baby, the mourning of others. When others cry, the other are laughing and making merry. The world is mingled with sadness, joy, happiness, anger, wealth, poverty, etc.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “It is not really hard to do nothing. Many can. The hard part is doing nothing without feeling guilty about it.” ― Haim Shapira, Things That Matter “I neither knew nor cared whether my experience was insanity, dreaming, or magic; but was determined to gaze on brilliance and gaiety at any cost.” ― H.P. Lovecraft “As contraries are known by contraries, so is the delights of presence best known by the torments of absence.” ― Alcibiades “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness... but only when you pay your taxes? That means your freedom is rented, leased, & not unalienable.” ― Steve Maraboli “The years lay spread out before her, spacious untouched canvases on which she was presently going to paint the picture of her life. It was to be a very beautiful picture, she said to herself with an extraordinary feeling of proud confidence; not beautiful because of any gifts or skill of hers, for never was a woman more giftless, but because of all the untiring little touches, the ceaseless care for detail, the patient painting out of mistakes; and every touch and every detail was going to be aglow with the bright colours of happiness.” ― Elizabeth von Arnim, The Pastor's Wife “Everyone knew as much as they needed to know to be happy.” ― Ian McEwan, Sweet Tooth “It was not often that Flay approved of happiness in others. He saw in happiness the seeds of independence, and in independence the seeds of revolt. But on an occasion such as this it was different, for the spirit of convention was being rigorously adhered to, and in between his ribs Mr. Flay experienced twinges of pleasure.” ― Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan “A Friend Someone You're happy to see, Who's happy to see you. Someone You like for who they are Not just for what they can do for you.” ― Nancy J. Cavanaugh, This Journal Belongs to Ratchet “Give Happiness, Patience, kindness, and Care, and the PAIN goes away. Then only LOVE remains...” ― Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, 108 Ways to Grab My Apples “Merry hearts are vulnerable to death, don't be over-joyed to the state of oblivion, lest the enemy poison your meal.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson “Here, also, the future was cried aloud by the wind through the rocks, so that all those who heard would shiver, and then the liquid spring song of the thrush would make all the beauty of moonlight and sunlight blend together, making it true, so true, that happiness must come again” ― Elyne Mitchell, Moon Filly “She had known happiness, exquisite happiness, intense happiness, and it silvered the rough waves a little more brightly, as daylight faded, and the blue went out of the sea and it rolled in waves of pure lemon which curved and swelled and broke upon the beach and the ecstasy burst in her eyes and waves of pure delight raced over the floor of her mind and she felt, It is enough! It is enough!” ― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse “If you think you can then you can.” ― Stephen Richards “We were all born equal, but where we are in life now is of our own making.” ― Stephen Richards “I like how Mother Teresa put it: "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile." If you approach life this way, always looking for ways to build instead of to tear down, you'll be amazed at how much happiness you can give to others and find for yourself” ― Sean Covey, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens “I never had one hour's happiness in her society, and yet my mind all round the four-and-twenty hours was harping on the happiness of having her with me unto death.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations “The true test of one's mettle is how many times you will try before you give up.” ― Stephen Richards “He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.” ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo “Here is a commandment for you: seek happiness in sorrow. Work, work tirelessly.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov “There is a difference between talented people and gifted people.Talented people are good AT something; Gifted people ARE that something.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Even when in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary.” ― Stephen Richards, The Ultimate Cosmic Ordering Meditation “I willingly allow that money does not guarantee happiness; but it must also be allowed that it makes happiness a great deal easier to achieve.” ― Pierre-Ambroise Choderlos de Laclos, Les Liaisons dangereuses “The good life doesn't knock on the door. Joy is a job.” ― Lionel Shriver “If you can channel the best part of you that is bigger than yourself, where it’s not about your ego and not about getting ahead, then you can have fun and you aren’t jealous of others. You see other people's talent as another branch of your own. You can keep it rooted in joy. Life is long and there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes. The point of it all is to learn.” ― Ethan Hawke “Happiness is the highest form of self-respect. A person who allows himself to be happy shows his self-respect.” ― Maery Rubin “For what are the words with which to summarize a lifetime, so much crowded confused happiness terminated by such stark slow-motion pain?” ― Joyce Carol Oates, We Were the Mulvaneys “Envy nobody. It is the true secret of happiness, or at least the only one I know. (By Moonlight)” ― Peter S. Beagle, We Never Talk about My Brother “الإيمان الحق نفيض السعادة التافهة” ― نجيب محفوظ, حضرة المحترم “Wanna be always Happy? Always carry some chocolate with you ;)” ― Pablo “Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… decide what you want, create a simple plan, and get moving!” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “You can enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness in life despite challenging circumstances. It's all in how you think about it.” ― Kristi Bowman “And though I was currently living a fairy tale, some part of my soul knew that happiness couldn't last forever. I didn't deserve a happily ever after, and there weren't many other cards to play when that was the truth.” ― Alysha Speer, Sharden “The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. Your have to catch up with it yourself.” ― Benjamin Franklin “Happiness never made anyone rich or famous. That must be why ambitious people avoid it.” ― Marty Rubin “A string of excited, fugitive, miscellaneous pleasures is not happiness; happiness resides in imaginative reflection and judgment, when the picture of one’s life, or of human life, as it truly has been or is, satisfies the will, and is gladly accepted.” ― George Santayana “We were so happy.” ― Liane Moriarty, What Alice Forgot “People with the most interests live, not only longest, but happiest.” ― George Matthew Allen “Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world.” ― William Lyon Phelps “You know, when you're unhappy you don't have the strength left to take care of others. But it doesn't mean you don't love them.” ― Francesca Marciano, Casa Rossa “No man should ever completely realize his dreams. What else would there then be to live for?” ― David Gemmell, Lion of Macedon “The disempowered mind believes dreams come true; the empowered mind knows you bring your dreams to life.” ― Steve Maraboli “It might be that to surrender to happiness was to accept defeat, but it was a defeat better than many victories.” ― W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage “Up then, fair phoenix bride, frustrate the sun; Thyself from thine affection Takest warmth enough, and from thine eye All lesser birds will take their jollity. Up, up, fair bride, and call Thy stars from out their several boxes, take Thy rubies, pearls, and diamonds forth, and make Thyself a constellation of them all; And by their blazing signify That a great princess falls, but doth not die. Be thou a new star, that to us portends Ends of much wonder; and be thou those ends.” ― John Donne, The Complete English Poems “I know you have it in you, Guy," Anne said suddenly at the end of a silence, "the capacity to be terribly happy.” ― Patricia Highsmith, Strangers on a Train “Peace is something like happiness; you cannot say "I will be happy when..." and you can't say "I will be peaceful when..." Your happiness shouldn't depend on the situation you're in nor on the circumstances that surround you. In the same breath, you cannot wait for everything around you to become peaceful in order for you to say "I am peaceful." In both happiness and peace, there is a heart of strength, determination and steadfastness; a heart that has the power to make things happen. You have to be at peace. You have to be happy. Now.” ― C. JoyBell C. “The green thumb is equable in the face of nature's uncertainties; he moves among her mysteries without feeling the need for control or explanations or once-and-for-all solutions. To garden well is to be happy amid the babble of the objective world, untroubled by its refusal to be reduced by our ideas of it, its indomitable rankness.” ― Michael Pollan, Second Nature: A Gardener's Education “Seek happiness in tranquility and avoid ambition even if it be only the apparently innocent one of distinguishing yourself in science and discoveries.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley “Ivan tells Anna: "I used to imagine that being embraced by a woman . . . as something so wonderful that it would make me forget everthing . . . [But] happiness, it turns out, will be to share with you the burden I can't share with anyone else.” ― Vasily Grossman, Everything Flows “Remember that our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and knows what's best for us . . . . Surely, His knowledge is greater than ours. We just have to have faith in Him. If we don't, well, that doesn't change what happened, it just makes us more miserable because we refuse to trust His will. Our Heavenly Father wants us to have joy. And happiness. But we need to look for those opportunities that give us joy. If we don't, what would be the purpose for existing?” ― Jeri Gilchrist, Out of Nowhere “If [God] send me no husband, for the which blessing I am at him upon my knees every morning and evening ...” ― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing “I had decided to stop chasing the money, and start chasing the passion.” ― Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose “...anticipation of happiness can sometimes be as gratifying as its consummation.” ― Gaynor Arnold, Girl in a Blue Dress “Fate is the malevolent little jester sitting up in the heavens and pondering over how ridiculous we humans are and he does his best to make fools out of all of us. And sooner or later he succeeds.” ― Lisa Kleypas, Forever My Love “Give more, so that we can build more, put interest in understanding another more in whatever actions one might carry out in life. Because we all are fighting for survival against adversaries and are sometimes falling, but if we stand together and help shield and strengthen one another, imagine the world that we will live in together, having more happiness with one another, at one another’s side.” ― Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Neglected But Undefeated “Sometimes customizing is necessary because of an injury or the inability to do, for a short or long period, the kind of exercise you formerly did. When you're used to customizing for fun, doing it under duress won't seem like such an imposition. Either way, experiment until you find activities that make you happy as well as healthy. Choose your exercise using the same criteria you'd apply to choosing a date--that is, attractive to you and able to hold your interest for an hour.” ― Victoria Moran, Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit “Some nonreligious people are disgruntled by the word "faith," feeling that it has no connection to them. But we all have faith. Broadly speaking, "faith" does not apply only to belief in the supernatural. We have faith in our life, for example, believing we will live to see tomorrow, or in our health, believing we have years of healthy life ahead of us. Husbands and wives, parents and children have faith in one another.” ― Kentetsu Takamori, Unlocking Tannisho: Shinran's Words on the Pure Land Path “The proper basis for marriage is mutual misunderstanding. The happiness of a married man depends on the people he has not married. One should always be in love - that's the reason one should never marry.” ― Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories “For some people, she thought, trials were only temporary; they sailed towards happiness through the roughest weather.” ― Emma Donoghue, Slammerkin “جدارة الرسالات السامية تقاس عادة بما تحققه من سعادة للبشر تتمثل أول ما تتمثل في الأخذ بيد المضطهدين” ― نجيب محفوظ, Sugar Street “It's lovely to see people so happy.” ― Louisa May Alcott, Jo's Boys “The first sure symptom of a mind in health Is rest of heart and pleasure felt at home.” ― Edward Young “Cynicism is the calling card of unhappy people.” ― Iimani David “..Such practices and beliefs, which interfere with happiness, are neither inevitable nor necessary; they evolved by chance, as a result of random responses to accidental conditions. But once they become part of the norms and habits of a culture, people assume that this is how things must be; they come to believe they have no other options.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience “Outside, she thought that there ought to be a word for it: the air temperature that was perfectly neither hot nor cold. One degree lower, and she might have felt a faint misgiving about not having brought a jacket. One degree higher, and a skim of sweat might have glistened at her hairline. But at this precise degree, she required neither wrap nor breeze. Were there a word for such a temperature, there would have to be a corollary for the particular ecstasy of greeting it - the heedlessness, the needlessness, the suspended lack of urgency, as if time could stop, or should. Usually temperature was a battle; only at this exact fulcrum was it an active delight.” ― Lionel Shriver, The Post-Birthday World “How to Find Your Joylah 1. Try new things 2. Be open to new friends 3. Visit new places 4. Listen to new ideas 5. Remember each day is a new day 6. And it's really no big deal if beads get mixed up every once in a while” ― Elizabeth Atkinson, I, Emma Freke “Mankind were intended to be happy... that government being only the means of securing freedom and happiness to the people, whenever it deviates from this end, and their freedom and happiness are in great danger of being irrevocably lost, the government is no longer entitled to their allegiance. ("The Principles of an American Whig"-1777)” ― Jamie Iredell “I did, of course, on both counts, and started going out with the boy I lost my virginity to - all of it. He lost his to me too, except that neither of us felt we had lost anything - just discovered the meaning of life and love and everything else unnecessary in between.” ― Elly Varrenti, This is Not My Beautiful Life: Love, Happiness and Other Great Expectations “She needed to recover. His father had died in January; it was only the end of May. They needed to stick to the routine they'd established during the intervening months. in that way, their life would return to its original shape, like a spring stretched in bad times but contracting eventually into happiness. That the world could come permanently unsprung had never occurred to him.” ― David Wroblewski, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle “Happiness is the feeling we experience when we are too busy to be miserable.” ― Thomas L. Masson “I see you and St. John have been quarrelling, Jane,' said Diana, 'during your walk on the moor. But go after him; he is now lingering in the passage expecting you - he will make it up.' I have not much pride under such circumstances: I would always rather be happy than dignified; and I ran after him - he stood at the foot of the stairs.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre “There are some moments you feel like you'll remember forever. Rare, still moments when everything is NOW, as if everything has been stopped and hushed so that you can take it all in. When things are just as they should be, and everyone is one your side, and the whole world makes sense [...] Suddenly, there's peace, perfection, happiness. In that one, tiny moment of time.” ― Simon Cheshire, Plastic Fantastic “They couldn’t have known that even this was a lie—that we never really choose, not entirely. We are always being pushed and squeezed down one road or another. We have no choice but to step forward, and then step forward again, and then step forward again; suddenly we find ourselves on a road we haven’t chosen at all. But maybe happiness isn’t in the choosing. Maybe it’s in the fiction, in the pretending: that wherever we have ended up is where we intended to be all along.” ― Lauren Oliver, Requiem “Dads. Do you not realize that a child is what you tell them they are? That people almost always become what they are labeled? Was whatever your child just did really the “dumbest thing you’ve ever seen somebody do”? Was it really the “most ridiculous thing they ever could have done”? Do you really believe that your child is an idiot? Because she now does. Think about that. Because you said it, she now believes it. Bravo.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “Dads. It’s time to tell our kids that we love them. Constantly. It’s time to show our kids that we love them. Constantly. It’s time to take joy in their twenty-thousand daily questions and their inability to do things as quickly as we’d like. It’s time to take joy in their quirks and their ticks. It’s time to take joy in their facial expressions and their mispronounced words. It’s time to take joy in everything that our kids are.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “If you really want to remove a cloud from your life, you do not make a big production of it, you just relax and remove it from your thinking. That's all there is to it.” ― Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah “The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries, that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion. It has been the most dishonourable belief against the character of the divinity, the most destructive to morality, and the peace and happiness of man, that ever was propagated since man began to exist. It is better, far better, that we admitted, if it were possible, a thousand devils to roam at large, and to preach publicly the doctrine of devils, if there were any such, than that we permitted one such impostor and monster as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and the Bible prophets, to come with the pretended word of God in his mouth, and have credit among us. Whence arose all the horrid assassinations of whole nations of men, women, and infants, with which the Bible is filled; and the bloody persecutions, and tortures unto death and religious wars, that since that time have laid Europe in blood and ashes; whence arose they, but from this impious thing called revealed religion, and this monstrous belief that God has spoken to man? The lies of the Bible have been the cause of the one, and the lies of the Testament of the other.” ― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason “Don’t be afraid to stand tall in YOUR truth! Boldly and confidently face everything that has, and is, keeping you bound. Fight for your inner peace! Fight for your happiness! Fight for everything and everybody that’s important to you! You are NOT a victim! Don’t even play into that. You owe it to yourself to LIVE! Live your life without the regrets, without the resentments, without the unforgiveness, without the blame game, without the self-pity, without any and everything that keeps you from experiencing true joy within! You are too important to waste your life away! Learn to appreciate and value your life, but most importantly, learn to appreciate and value yourself! You count too, no matter what you’ve done!” ― Stephanie Lahart “My scars tell a story. They are a reminder of times when life tried to break me, but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded.” ― Steve Maraboli “If I could take a bite of the whole world And feel it on my palate I’d be more happy for a minute or so... But I don’t always want to be happy. Sometimes you have to be Unhappy to be natural... Not every day is sunny. When there’s been no rain for a while, you pray for it to come. So I take unhappiness with happiness Naturally, like someone who doesn’t find it strange That there are mountains and plains And that there are cliffs and grass... What you need is to be natural and calm In happiness and in unhappiness, To feel like someone seeing, To think like someone walking, And when it’s time to die, remember the day dies, And the sunset is beautiful, and the endless night is beautiful... That’s how it is and that’s how it should be...” ― Alberto Caeiro, The Keeper of Sheep “At any given moment, your circumstances can change. You may not be where you want to be right now. You may not even be doing what you prefer to do. But, if you change your way of thinking and realize that you have all the opportunities available to you just like each one of us. You can begin to focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana “Entertainment is temporary happiness, but the real happiness is permanent entertainment.” ― Amit Kalantri “Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens. ― Douglas William Jerrold “so many thoughts, my kvothe. you know too much to be happy.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man's Fear “To sense the peace of extinguished passion Happiness in not knowing the ultimate knowledge” ― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sign and Its Children “But there was, she knew, something else. Happiness, she supposed. Whatever that might be. What, exactly, she wondered, was happiness. Very positively she wanted it.” ― Nella Larsen, Quicksand “Love is my inner strength and my power.” ― Debasish Mridha “But 'tis a sad thing that all one's happiness is only that the world does not know you are miserable.” ― Dorothy Osborne, Letters to Sir William Temple “For there to be harmony and peace, everything must be balanced. And for there to be balance, there must be equality. And where there is equality, there will be justice. And where justice is honored and preserved, there will always be truth. Eliminate the concept of division by class, skills, race, income, and nationality. We are all equals with a common pulse to survive. Every human requires food and water. Every human has a dream and desire to be happy. Every human responds to love, suffering and pain. Every human bleeds the same color and occupies the same world. Let us recognize that we are all part of each other. We are all human. We are all one.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem “Je tiefer sich das Leid in euer Sein eingräbt, desto mehr Freude könnt ihr fassen.” ― Kahlil Gibran “Es dauerte einen Moment, bis er ihr antwortete: Nein, ich spreche von... von eurer Freiheit, glaube ich. Von dem Glück, das ihr habt, für euch zu leben und auf alles andere zu pfeifen.” ― Anna Gavalda, Hunting and Gathering “Always be happy, you never know how happy you can make another by just being happy.” ― Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy “Some people are like a thermometer. If their environment is negative, they are negative. If bad things happen, they are sad. If good things happen, they are happy. They are simply a product of their environment. Successful people, on the other hand, are more like a thermostat. Even if their environment is negative, they choose to be positive.” ― Cameron C. Taylor, 8 Attributes of Great Achievers “Happiness springs up from within. Do not seek it without.” ― Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy “Pain may be the only reality but if mankind had any sense it would pursue the delusion called happiness. All the philosophers and poets who tell us that pain and suffering have a place and purpose in the cosmic order of things are welcome to them. They are frauds. We justify pain because we do not know what to make of it, nor do we have any choice but to bear it. Happiness alone can make us momentarily larger than ourselves.” ― Kiran Nagarkar “No matter how much someone else loves you or you love other people, if you don’t love yourself then it can never be enough.” ― Shannon Kaiser “According to the philosopher Andre Comte-Sponville: The wise man has nothing left to expect or to hope for. Because he is entirely happy, he needs nothing. Because he needs nothing, he is entirely happy.” ― Matthieu Ricard “I feel as though the world is a friendly boy walking along in the sun.” ― Robert Rauschenberg “Let people be the pursuits of happiness, you be the pursuit of perfection.” ― Amit Kalantri “Thoughts are just thoughts, and they can’t hurt you. My thoughts land in my mind like a butterfly; they stay for a while, then flutter away. The butterfly isn’t me. I can step away from it, and watch it, learn from it, enjoy it, without needing to absorb it into my identity.” ― Julie Farrell “كل إنسان يحاول أن يكون أسعد من الآخرين .. والصعوبة هي أننا نبالغ في تقدير سعادة الآخرين” ― أنيس منصور, قالوا “Love your life. That's a direct route to something people used to call "happiness".” ― Clementine Holzinger, EL32 “Each new friend gives rise to the possibility of anything!” ― Stephen Richards “You know what Marshall needs to do. He needs to stop being sad. When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story.” ― Barney Stinson “Start with big dreams and make life worth living.” ― Stephen Richards “Unless you know where you are going then you will not know how to get there.” ― Stephen Richards “Don’t dare to dream big, just dream BIG!” ― Stephen Richards “If we lose all of our wealth and are only left with love then, indeed, we shall never be poor.” ― Stephen Richards “There had to be something wrong with my life. I should have been born a Yugoslavian shepherd who looked up at the Big Dipper every night.” ― Haruki Murakami, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World “It is in doing things and not reading about them that results come about.” ― Stephen Richards “It is your vibrational thoughts that give life to the goals you wish for.” ― Stephen Richards “It is anticipation and recollection that fill the heart—never the sensation of the moment.” ― Roger Zelazny, Threshold “To be happy, make others happy.” ― Stephen Richards “Beliefs are not related to religion but they are basically about who you are.” ― Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free “It's no shame in reaching second or third base if you aimed for first base.” ― Stephen Richards “The more you take responsibility for your attitudes, the more you can adjust yourself in a forward thinking manner.” ― Deborah Day “When faced with a hurdle then give it all you've got to jump over it because it can't be done in two stages.” ― Stephen Richards “One who swims with the tide and not the other side will benefit from the opportunity that flows.” ― Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free “Sometimes you have to get sad before you get happy 'cause otherwise how would you know the difference?” ― Maureen Child, And Then Came You: Sam's Story “We just wanna be the happy bums that we are. That's all.” ― Mike Patton “Use ‘Why?’ to help you follow the breadcrumbs back to the source of the problem.” ― Stephen Richards “Your purpose is your why.” ― Deborah Day “Move on. Be well. Go for it!” ― Sally Stubbs, If Life Gives You Lemons: How 10-Seconds a Day Will Bring You Happiness “In the West, for example, people believe they must 'pursue happiness' as if it were some kind of a flighty bird that is always out of reach. In the East, we believe we are born with happiness and one of life's important takes, my mother told me, is to protect it.” ― Le Ly Hayslip, When Heaven and Earth Changed Places: A Vietnamese Woman's Journey from War to Peace “I have wanted only one thing to make me happy. That thing is everything.” ― Sebastian Horsley “The search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness.” ― Eric Hoffer “Sadness is not the beginning or end of a process, but the lag between pleasure and happiness.” ― Isra “The face of a truly happy man seldom lacks smiles.” ― Ogwo David Emenike, Happiness Recipe: Eat and Stay Happy “Be a good human.” ― Tom Giaquinto, Be A Good Human “Living the dream.” ― Tom Giaquinto, Be A Good Human “That sense of happiness just out beyond my reach - I'm not sure I'd grasped that exactly, but I'd got something close to it, contentment maybe, or at least a functioning routine with regular rewards.” ― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby “Don't blame me. That's evolution. Evolution's always hard. Hard and bleak. No such thing as happy evolution.” ― Haruki Murakami, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World “The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness” ― Esther Hicks “Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.” ― François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness “Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position.” ― Christopher Marlowe “There are few nicer things than sitting up in bed, drinking strong tea, and reading.” ― Alan Clark “A sandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, where all is sweetness and delicacy and harmony.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes “Happiness is a quality of the soul...not a function of one's material circumstances.” ― Aristotle “I'm not "happy" but I'm not unhappy about it.” ― Alan Bennett, The History Boys “Every day, you get the opportunity to change your life. Change what you do not want. Change what makes you unhappy.” ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes “Nonetheless, when it finally ended and the hairdressers left and Tess insisted upon pulling her to the mirror, Fire saw, and understood, that everyone had done the job well. The dress, deep shimmering purple and utterly simple in design, was so beautifully-cut and so clingy and well-fitting that Fire felt slightly naked. And her hair. She couldn’t follow what they’d done with her hair, braids thin as threads in some places, looped and wound through the thick sections that fell over her shoulders and down her back, but she saw that the end result was a controlled wildness that was magnificent against her face, her body, and the dress. She turned to measure the effect on her guard - all twenty of them, for all had roles to play in tonight’s proceedings, and all were awaiting her orders. Twenty jaws hung slack with astonishment - even Musa’s, Mila’s, and Neel’s. Fire touched their minds, and was pleased, and then angry, to find them open as the glass roofs in July. ‘Take hold of yourselves,’ she snapped. ‘It’s a disguise, remember? This isn’t going to work if the people meant to help me can’t keep their heads.’ ‘It will work, Lady Granddaughter.’ Tess handed Fire two knives in ankle holsters. ‘You’ll get what you want from whomever you want. Tonight King Nash would give you the Winged River as a present, if you asked for it. Dells, child - Prince Brigan would give you his best warhorse.” ― Kristin Cashore, Fire “There were happy days, with watermelon, and sad days of whiskey.” ― Lewis Nordan “There are some delightful places in this world which have a sensual charm for the eyes. One loves them with a physical love. We people who are attracted by the countryside cherish fond memories of certain springs, certain woods, certain ponds, certain hills, which have become familiar sights and can touch our hearts like happy events. Sometimes indeed the memory goes back towards a forest glade, or a spot on a river bank or an orchard in blossom, glimpsed only once on a happy day, but preserved in our heart.” ― Guy de Maupassant, Selected Short Stories “Many people think that happiness comes from having more power or more money.” ― François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness “Then he thought himself unhappy, but happiness was all in the future; now he felt that the best happiness was already in the past.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina “I absolutely think that happiness is a choice. One of the most potent forces in human psychology is the power of habit. Do something, think something, often enough and it will become the only thing you can do or think. Choose to be unhappy and soon that’s all you will be. Live in a swamp and you’ll grow webbed feet.” ― Nicholas Evans “…I realized my happiness was artificial. I felt happy because I saw the others were happy and because I knew I should feel happy, but I wasn't really happy.” ― Roberto Bolaño, 2666 “Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day.” ― Francis Gray “Making money isn't hard in itself,what's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting your life to” ― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind “It turns out that what money buys has rapidly diminishing emotional returns ... As long as we're not destitute, happiness depends less on getting what we want than appreciating what we already have.” ― Robert B. Reich “Intent not followed by action is an insult to your design. Decide what you want, create a plan, and get your ass out there!” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “One recipe for happiness is to have to sense of entitlement.' To this she added a star and noted at the bottom of the page: 'This is not a lesson I have ever been in a position to learn.” ― Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader “He had learned that, as there is no situation in the world in which a man can be happy and perfectly free, so there is no situation in which he can be perfectly unhappy and unfree.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace “I feel as though I should say something profound, or enact some rite, or trade something to make it official. I want to transfer some trinket which would allow me to say that she's my girl, some kind of currency that proves to people that she likes me back. Something that would permit me to think about her all the time without feeling guilty or helpless or hopelessly far away. I guess I'm just so excited, I want to cage this thing like a tiny red bird so if can't fly away, so it stays the same, so it's still there the next time. For keeps, like a coin in your pocket. Like a peach pit from Mad Jack Lionel's tree. Like scribbled words in a locked suitcase. A bright balloon to tie to your bedpost. And you want to hug it close, hold it, but not so tight it bursts.” ― Craig Silvey, Jasper Jones “We remember though all the firelit glow Of a great hearth's gleam and glare, And we looked for a space at each happy face And the love that was written there.” ― Caris Brooke “…Elizabeth, agitated and confused, rather knew that she was happy, than felt herself to be so…” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice “I could hear the knock and whistle of the water pipes, the purr of the calico cat. And at that moment a happiness filled me that was pure and perfect and yet it was bled with despair - as if I had been handed a cup of ambrosial nectar to drink from and knew that once I finished drinking, the cup would be withdrawn forever, and nothing to come would ever taste as good.” ― David Leavitt, While England Sleeps “The end of the creation is that God may communicate happiness to the creature” ― John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life “Happiness is a decision and so as Love. If you decide to be happy then you're happy. If you decide to love then you love.” ― Ann Marie Aguilar “Não é verdade que a felicidade é aquilo que procuramos sem nunca sermos capazes de a reconhecer?” ― Marc Levy, Le premier jour “If you think happiness is a rare bird you won't see much of it.” ― Marty Rubin “Happiness is something that you cannot see. It is naturally felt. When you feel it, you wouldn't wanna let go of it. It makes you smile. It keeps you going. It gives you the energy that nothing and nobody can give. Ig pushes to do things that renders positive vibe inside. Happiness is felt in the most unexpected time and place. It's a natural phenomenon.” ― Nio Noveno “Let me implore the reader to try to believe, if only for a moment, that God, who made these deserving people, may really be right when He thinks that their modest prosperity and the happiness of their children are not enough to make them blessed: that all this must fall from them in the end, and if they have not learned to know Him they will be wretched. And therefore He troubles them, warning them in advance of an insufficiency that one day they will have to discover. The life to themselves and their families stands between them and the recognition of their need; He makes that life less sweet to them. If God were proud He would hardly have us on such terms: but He is not proud, He stoops to conquer, He will have us even though we have shown that we prefer everything else to Him, and come to Him because there is 'nothing better' now to be had.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain “Those only are happy (I thought) who have their minds fixed on some object other than their own happiness; on the happiness of others, on the improvement of mankind, even on some art or pursuit, followed not as a means, but as itself an ideal end. Aiming thus at something else, they find happiness by the way. The enjoyments of life (such was now my theory) are sufficient to make it a pleasant thing, when they are taken en passant, without being made a principal object. Once make them so, and they are immediately felt to be insufficient. They will not bear a scrutinizing examination. Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so. The only chance is to treat, not happiness, but some end external to it, as the purpose of life. Let your self-consciousness, your scrutiny, your self-interrogation, exhaust themselves on that; and if otherwise fortunately circumstanced you will inhale happiness with the air you breathe, without dwelling on it or thinking about it, without either forestalling it in imagination, or putting it to flight by fatal questioning.” ― John Stuart Mill, Autobiography “Satiety depends not at all on how much we eat, but on how we eat. It's the same with happiness, the very same...happiness doesn't depend on how many external blessings we have snatched from life. It depends only on our attitude toward them. There's a saying about it in the Taoist ethic: 'Whoever is capable of contentment will always be satisfied.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The First Circle “The happy man needs nothing and no one. Not that he holds himself aloof, for indeed he is in harmony with everything and everyone; everything is "in him"; nothing can happen to him. The same may also be said for the contemplative person; he needs himself alone; he lacks nothing.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Original, in French: La bonne cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur. English: Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” ― Auguste Escoffier “I'm not in pursuit of happiness, I'm happiness in pursuit; ready to happen everywhere I go.” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive “When I was a boy, I naively thought that this thing called happiness would be something I would wake up to find every day once I could smoke, drink and fornicate.” ― Jeffrey Bernard, Reach for the Ground: The Downhill Struggle of Jeffrey Bernard “Man is here for the sake of other men - above all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.” ― Albert Einstein “Do we take less pride in the possession of our home because its walls were built by some unknown carpenter, its tapestries woven by some unknown weaver on a far Oriental shore, in some antique time? No. We show our home to our friends with the pride as if it were our home, which it is. Why then should we take less pride when reading a book written by some long-dead author? Is it not our book just as much, or even more so, than theirs? So the landowner says, ‘Look at my beautiful home! Isn’t it fine?’ And not, ‘Look at the home so-and-so has built.’ Thus we shouldn’t cry, ‘Look what so-and-so has written. What a genius so-and-so is!’ But rather, ‘Look at what I have read! Am I not a genius? Have I not invented these pages? The walls of this universe, did I not build? The souls of these characters, did I not weave?” ― Roman Payne “You cannot be buried in obscurity: you are exposed upon a grand theater to the view of the world. If your actions are upright and benevolent, be assured they will augment your power and happiness.” ― Cyrus the Great “Радость. Долг каждого человека - взращивать свою внутреннюю радость. Но многие религии забыли это правило. Большинство храмов темны и холодны. Литургическая музыка помпезна и грустна. Священники одеваются в черное. Ритуалы прославляют пытки мучеников и соперничают в изображении жестокостей. Как если бы мучения, которые претерпели их пророки, были свидетельствами их истинности. Не является ли радость жизни лучшим способом отблагодарить Бога за его существование, если он существует? А если Бог существует, почему он должен быть мрачным существом?” ― Bernard Werber, L'Empire des anges “The happy life does not mean loving what we possess, but possessing what we love." Possession of the beloved, St. Thomas holds, takes place in an act of cognition, in seeing, in intuition, in contemplation.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “The rider evolved to serve to the elephant.” ― Jonathan Haidt, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom “The ultimate meaning of the active life is to make possible the happiness of contemplation.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “When you let go of past pain, believe in yourself, and follow your dreams—you can find true happiness!” ― Casi McLean “La felicidad es una bendición, pero generalmente es también una conquista.” ― Paulo Coelho “Times of terror and the deepest misery may arrive, but if there is to be any happiness in this misery it can only be a spiritual happiness, related to the past in the rescue of the culture of early ages and to the future in a serene and indefatigable championship of the spirit in a time which would otherwise completely swallow up the material.” ― Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game “No one can obtain felicity by pursuit. This explains why one of the elements of being happy is the feeling that a debt of gratitude is owed, a debt impossible to pay. Now, we do not owe gratitude to ourselves. To be conscious of gratitude is to acknowledge a gift.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Our greatest happiness comes from the experience of love & compassion.” ― Allan Lokos, Pocket Peace: Effective Practices for Enlightened Living “..there is more to life than just pleasure. We want to achieve our happiness and not just experience it.” ― Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World “We each sell alittle piece of happiness. You are elevating someone's spirit in some way, and to do that you have to understand the source of their angst and then you have to frame your product as a solution.” ― Sonia Marciano “Ideas and philosophies have a shelf-life. They must be kept fresh and renewed or they will spoil. If left unattended, the same ideas and philosophies that once nourished you and helped you grow can poison you and make you sick. Become aware of new ideas that can refresh your way of life and be open to the fact that your old ideas and philosophies can work for you for some time, but when the shelf-life has passed, those ideas and philosophies could also harm you.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “The golden rule of business is supply and demand. I venture to say that this is also the rule of happiness. When a balance is achieved between our desires and another's willingness to satisfy them, the result is a sympathetic, mutually rewarding relationship. (...) a thriving economy of love.' - character Mike Lambeth” ― Caroline Adderson, Sitting Practice: A Novel “I am happy and content because I think I am.” ― Alain-René Lesage “It is not the rich man you should properly call happy, but him who knows how to use with wisdom the blessings of the gods, to endure hard poverty, and who fears dishonor worse than death, and is not afraid to die for cherished friends or fatherland.” ― Horace “Don't look to a husband or a child or a friend or your family to make you happy. It is not within their capacity to do so.” ― Barbara Barrington Jones, The Incredible Gifts of Women: 12 Gifts That Will Change Your Life Now “Each to their own reality” ― T. Donaldson “Можно лежать на мосту и смотреть, как течет вода. Или бегать, или побродить по болоту в красных сапожках, или же свернуться клубочком и слушать, как дождь стучит по крыше. Быть счастливой очень легко.” ― Tove Jansson, Moominvalley in November “May I nurture the serenity to accept the things I cannot change the courage to change the things I can change and wisdom to know the difference” ― Frank Ra (Exstatica), A Course in Happiness: An Authentic Happiness Formula for Well-Being, Meaning and Flourishing “…feeling as if all the happiness and support of their lives was about to be taken from them.” ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women “Only a fool can be happy. For happiness consists of two contradictory elements: contentment and pleasure. Enjoy pleasure and you have no contentment; be content and you have no pleasure. For this reason happiness is conceivable only for those who enjoy themselves without thinking that they will always want more and thus be discontented, or for those who are content without thinking that they have no pleasure. Whoever reflects can never be happy, unless he is a fanatic and thus blinded…thus exercising control over his intelligence with his feelings, instead of the other way round” ― Marcellus Emants, A Posthumous Confession “Analyzing data from 79 men and women who wore inconspicuous devices that recorded some of their conversations over the course of four days, researchers from Washington University and the University of Arizona found a correlation between feelings of well-being and the amount of time spent talking every day. Moreover, the more substantive your conversations, the happier you're likely to be. In other words, heart-to-hearts trump small talk. (LA Times, "A lof of happy talk", March 11, 2010, A21.)” ― Meghan Daum “My parents have been married forty-two years. I wonder how many of those were happy.” ― Michael Palin, Diaries: The Python Years, 1969-1979 “No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities..” ― Christian Nestell Bovee “He turned from the sight of human ignorance and human fate and the sea eating the ground we stand on, which, had he been able to contemplate it fixedly might have led to something; and found consolation in trifles so slight compared with the august theme just now before him that he was disposed to slur that comfort over, to deprecate it, as if to be caught happy in a world of misery was for an honest man the most despicable of crimes.” ― Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse “It might be true that it is “quality time” that counts, but after a certain point quantity has a bearing on quality.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience “Being happy is a great science. If you are not happy, do not be confused. Happiness is hard to achieve.” ― Petar Dunov “Happiness is the change that comes over me when I describe the world It comes over the world Happiness is the change that comes over me when I'm afraid It comes over the world For instance I can be afraid of and for the world afraid because the world consists among other things of me so swiftly dying” ― Inger Christensen, it “Expectation has brought me disappointment. Disappointment has brought me wisdom. Acceptance, gratitude and appreciation have brought me joy and fulfilment.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “Daily dance uplift the soul to spiritual realms.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind “People argue themselves out of their pleasures” ― Jude Morgan, Indiscretion “There is a preppy wabi-sabi to soft, faded khakis and cotton shirts, but it's not nice to be surrounded by things that are worn out or stained or used up.” ― Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun “...the Puritans compressed whatever mirth and public joy they deemed allowable to human infirmity; thereby so far dispelling the customary cloud, that, for the space of a single holiday, they appeared scarcely more grave than most other communities at a period of general affliction.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter “It's always something here - if there isn't a riot, then someone's usually trying to escape. The wasted effort helps me see the positives of imprisonment. Unlike those pulling their hair out in good society, here we don't have to feel ashamed of our day-to-day unhappiness. Here we have someone visible to blame - someone wearing shiny boots. That's why, on consideration, freedom leaves me cold. Because out there in the real world, freedom means you have to admit authorship, even when your story turns out to be a real stinker.” ― Steve Toltz, A Fraction of the Whole “A sense of peace came over me and I must have been smiling as I fell asleep.” ― Harry Bernstein, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers “When I count my blessings, I find you in every one.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich “Where else," I will say, "does an old turtle crossing the path Make all the difference in the world?” ― Patricia MacLachlan, All the Places to Love “Holiness leads to wholeness and wholeness leads to happiness.” ― Leslie Vernick, Lord, I Just Want to Be Happy “Money is time. With money I buy for cheerful use the hours which otherwise would not in any sense be mine; nay, which would make me their miserable bondsman.” ― George Gissing “Health, wealth, happiness, live long and always prosper, have families and also friends, let them be lasting in me forever.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut “Find happiness where you can," she said softly. "It's not just the great big whammo things. Look for the beauty of life in the small things, and you'll be the happiest person alive.” ― Jackie Sigmund, The Right Words at the Right Time: Volume 2: Your Turn! “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product. attr to Buthan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck” ― John Robbins, Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples “I have dedicated my life to fight against the heinous rottenness of modern capitalism because it robs the laborer of this world's goods. But blow for blow I shall strike against Communism, because it robs us of the next world's happiness.” ― Charles E. Coughlin “Kurzes Glück kann jeder.” ― Kurt Tucholsky, Schloß Gripsholm / Rheinsberg “The glitter of the great world, you know, is only so much froth and spume: you may look in vain for happiness there.” ― Jude Morgan, Indiscretion “It has been observed in all ages that the advantages of nature or of fortune have contributed very little to the promotion of happiness; and that those whom the splendour of their rank, or the extent of their capacity, have placed upon the summits of human life, have not often given any just occasion to envy in those who look up to them from a lower station; whether it be that apparent superiority incites great designs, and great designs are naturally liable to fatal miscarriages; or that the general lot of mankind is misery, and the misfortunes of those whose eminence drew upon them an universal attention, have been more carefully recorded, because they were more generally observed, and have in reality only been more conspicuous than others, not more frequent, or more severe.” ― Samuel Johnson, Life of Richard Savage “Life always gives us another change: It's called "To Move On".” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “Your words, thoughts, intentions and actions today are your best hope, comfort, building blocks and insurance for tomorrow. But it is now alone that is guaranteed – tomorrow is a dream, a maybe a potential gift. It’s now - not tomorrow - where happiness and fulfilment live...awaiting your discovery. It’s all this that will make each extra day that may arrive extra special and rich.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “I believe our clever young man has intuited that while only the pursuit of happiness is promised to all Americans, unhappiness is guaranteed for many.” ― Viet Thanh Nguyen “She doesn't need your money. Even a penniless fool like you can make her fall in love with you. That's just miracle.” ― Vann Chow, Shanghai Nobody “I once had a love who folded secrets between her thighs like napkins and concealed memories in the valley of her breasts. There was no match for the freckles on her chest, and no one could mistake them for a field of honeysuckles. Upon her lips, a thousand lies were spread in sweet gloss. Her kiss was like a storybook from ancient history. She was at home with the body of a man inside her, beside her. At night, when she lay in bed crying, no one could mistake the tears she wept for a summer shower She is gone, my love. She was a wanderess, a wildflower.” ― Roman Payne “Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.” ― Shannon L. Alder “If you have time to whine then you have time to find solution.” ― Dee Dee Artner “Joy weathers any storm: Happiness rides the waves.” ― Todd Stocker “Don't interpret anything too much. This is time waster number 1.” ― Dee Dee Artner “If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind.” ― Todd Stocker “How is it that from beauty I have derived a type of unloveliness?—from the covenant of peace a simile of sorrow? But as, in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so, in fact, out of joy is sorrow born.” ― Edgar Allan Poe, Berenice “WE can learn to rejoice in even the smallest blessings our life holds. It is easy to miss our own good fortune; often happiness comes in ways we don’t even notice.” ― Pema Chödrön, The Pocket Pema Chodron “Manners and politeness will never become old-fashioned.” ― Auliq Ice “We will be able to depart this life with the quiet peace-giving notion, that we were permitted to contribute to the happiness of many who will live after us. In our long lives we endeavored to unfold the collective consciousness. In our lives we have known hell and heaven; the final balance, however, is that we helped pave the way to dynamic harmony in this earthly house. That, I believe, is the meaning of life.” ― R.W. van Bemmelen “He should be happy because he can think about the unhappiness of others! He’s stupid if he doesn’t know other people’s unhappiness is theirs, And isn’t cured from the outside, Because suffering isn’t like running out of ink, Or a trunk not having iron bands! There being injustice is like there being death.” ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro “There is nothing more powerful than truth. It is undeniable and should always be appreciated. The truth gives you unlimited freedom to be who you are and express how you feel. The truth offers you peace of mind which is something we all love.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana “Happy people are those who use a lower threshold in order to label an event positive.” ― David Niven “Be like the flower, content with its nature.” ― Seth D. “To fall in love for any reason does cause fires of emotion. When we are in love, we ride on a positive energy as compared to not being in love. When we are love, we transcend conditional love to that of unconditional and we are now flowering in consciousness. Love is a very important element of consciousness as it becomes purer with Source union even as our consciousness is expanded further. Consciousness is love that is light.” ― Nandhiji, Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet: Liberate Yourself with Yogic Wisdom. “Huge difference between being happy at will, and chasing euphoric moments as an escape. One doesn't cost a dime, the other will tax your soul.” ― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence" “It is difficult to live in and enjoy the moment when you are thinking about the past or worrying about the future.” ― Roy Bennett “Happiness is wanting what you have.” ― Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Achingly Alice “Compromise brings harmony to both, happiness to none.” ― Amit Kalantri “By making yourself a life-long leaner you’ll keep discovering new and exciting things about yourself and others.” ― Rachel Robins, How To Feel Good About Yourself - Boost Your Confidence & Tackle Low Self Esteem. Packed with Self Improvement Techniques, Positive Thinking Tips & Inspirational Quotes “You are the moon that breaks the night . You are the fear that I hate to fight. Times are wrong in all that is done. My treasure is love that I give to only one. Cherrish the treasures given to your heart and never let anything hurt from the start. You chose your path so accept and believe, that peace love and light are needed to breathe.” ― Peace Gypsy “(...) La felicidad es tener un corazón capaz de amar. Es saber que has sido importante para alguien... Que de algún modo, en algún momento, has marcado la diferencia. Y la muerte no es nada en comparación con esos momentos.” ― José Antonio Cotrina, La sombra de la luna “Your happiness and suffering depend on your actions and not on my wishes for you.” ― Jack Kornfield, The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace “I am happy that I can aid those admirable men, both living and dead, who by their pens or their tongues have aided the great cause of human liberty and universal happiness.” ― James Watson “Success, like happiness, is a by-product, not a goal.” ― Roy Bennett “The more people I meet the happier I become.” ― Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot “I like the disaster of the night sky, stars spilling this way and that as if they were upturned from a glass. I like the way good madness feels. I like the way laughter always spills. That's the word for it. It never just comes, it spills. I like the word 'again'. Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. I like the quiet sound a coffee cup makes when it's set down on a wooden table. So hushed. So inviting. Like morning light yawning through the window and stretching out onto the kitchen floor. I like the way girls' lips look like they're stained with berries. I like the way morning light breaks like a prism through the empty wine bottles on our dusty apartment floor. Glasses empty except for the midnight hour. I like the way blueberries stain my fingers during the summer. I like the way light hits your eyes and turns it into a color that doesn't exist anywhere else other than in this moment. I want it all. I want the breeze to call my name as it rushes down my street, looking for me. I want to feel grass underneath my bare feet and I want to feel the sun kiss freckles onto my cheeks. I want to hear you yell hello as you make your way towards me, not goodbye as you have to go. That's just a little bit about me.” ― Marlen Komar, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts “We advocate the atheistic philosophy because it is the only clear, consistent position which seems possible to us. As atheists, we simply deny the assumptions of theism; we declare that the God idea, in all its features, is unreasonable and unprovable; we add, more vitally, that the God idea is an interference with the interests of human happiness and progress. We oppose religion not merely as a set of theological ideas; but we must also oppose religion as a political, social and moral influence detrimental to the welfare of humanity.” ― E. Haldeman-Julius, The meaning of atheism “Between natural ability and education choose natural ability, as it will keep you happy and will fetch you the glory sooner.” ― Amit Kalantri “Smile more. Smiling can make you and others happy.” ― Roy Bennett “A truly happy woman drives some men and almost every other woman absolutely crazy” ― John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany “Make a pledge to yourself right now, to declare that you are worth your time and energy.” ― Deborah Day “I am the happiest man alive. I have that in me that can convert poverty to riches, adversity to prosperity, and I am more invulnerable than Archilles; Fortune hath not one place to hit me.” ― Thomas Browne “The most important reason for your “no” is that you need your downtime so you won’t behave like a jerk because you’re depleted. And you don’t want to battle an appetite spiked by the stress of overcommitment. But that’s your secret; others don’t need that information. So just smile, say no, thank you, and keep moving.” ― Holly Mosier “The tragedy is that what you disapprove of in others is the very thing you disapprove of in yourself.” ― Stephen Richards “Recognizing that you are not where you want to be is a starting point to begin changing your life.” ― Deborah Day “Easily mistaken, it is not about a love for adversity, it is about knowing a strength and a faith so great that adversity, in all its adverse manifestations, hardly even exists.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “Today I am even richer.” ― Stephen Richards “We think a wise person is someone who solves problems. Truth is, a wise person is someone who avoids problems.” ― Prem Rawat “Riches can all be lost, but that happiness in your own heart can only be veiled, and it will bring you happiness again, as long as you live.” ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl “Dads. Do your faces light up when you first see your child in the morning or when you come home from work? Do you not understand that a child’s entire sense of value can revolve around what they see in your face when you first see them?” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “The cake had a trick candle that wouldn't go out, so I didn't get my wish. Which was just that it would always be like this, that my life could be a party just for me.” ― Janet Fitch, White Oleander “You don't have to be like anyone else. You just need to learn more about your own creative self and start blooming.” ― Deborah Day “I think it doesn’t matter if you or I or anybody else thinks homosexuality is a sin. It doesn’t matter if you or I think anything is a sin. It doesn’t matter if homosexuality is a sin or not. In fact, it doesn’t matter if anything anybody else does is a sin or not. Because sin is a very personal thing! It always has been and it always will be! And it has nothing to do with love.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. It is “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. It is in this relationship that you set the standard for all others.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Do you not realize that your kids are going to make mistakes, and a lot of them? Do you not realize the damage you do when you push your son’s nose into his mishaps or make your daughter feel worthless because she bumped or spilled something? Do you have any idea how easy it is to make your child feel abject? It’s as simple as letting out the words, “why would you do that!?” or “how many times have I told you…” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “If you can have everything at fifty that you wanted when you were fifteen, you're happy.” ― Alfred Bester, The Stars My Destination “[Happiness] comes when we choose to be who we are, to be ourselves, at this present moment in our lives.” ― Jean Vanier, Finding Peace “The future never happens; there will always be a future.” ― Stephen Richards “I swore that I would not suffer from the world's grief and the world's stupidity and cruelty and injustice and I made my heart as hard in endurance as the nether millstone and my mind as a polished surface of steel. I no longer suffered, but enjoyment had passed away from me.” ― Sri Aurobindo “Pick a sunset, and we'll ride off into it together.” ― T.M. Brenner “There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.” ― Maria Mitchell “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. [Eddie Scissons]” ― W.P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe “We had some good times at school. I didn't know how good those times was till I left, but I guess that's the way of it” ― Ron Rash, Serena “If you are doing things in order to be happy... you're doing them in the wrong order.” ― Michael Neill “Your beliefs have the power to unlock your inner genius or keep you from fully achieving your greatest potential.” ― Deborah Day, BE HAPPY NOW! “Give up smoking cold turkey. Start a diet in the next 5 min. Accept that job right away. Life can be beautiful without planning!” ― Rossana Condoleo “On the top of Cadair Idris, I felt how happy a man might be with a little money and a sane intellect, and reflected with astonishment and pity on the madness of the multitude.” ― Thomas Love Peacock “Life isn't about counting what you've earned or what you've done for others. I think life is in those in-between moments when you do something, and you feel really, truly happy just by doing it.” ― Snigdha Rai “This planet is a "Hell" and there is no "Heaven" up there. So, learn to be "Happy in Hell".” ― Sandeep Mehra “Life is such unutterable hell, solely because it is sometimes beautiful. If we could only be miserable all the time, if there could be no such things as love or beauty or faith or hope, if I could be absolutely certain that my love would never be returned: how much more simple life would be. One could plod through the Siberian salt mines of existence without being bothered about happiness.” ― T.H. White, Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories That Scared Even Me “If you do not have persistence then no amount of education, talent or genius can make up for it.” ― Stephen Richards “Don't live to be judged for what you haven't done. Live to be judged for what you have done.” ― Stephen Richards “The only thing limiting your aspiration is your imagination.” ― Stephen Richards “Percy wakes me (fourteen) Percy wakes me and I am not ready. He has slept all night under the covers. Now he’s eager for action: a walk, then breakfast. So I hasten up. He is sitting on the kitchen counter Where he is not supposed to be. How wonderful you are, I say. How clever, if you Needed me, To wake me. He thought he would a lecture and deeply His eyes begin to shine. He tumbles onto the couch for more compliments. He squirms and squeals: he has done something That he needed And now he hears that it is okay. I scratch his ears. I turn him over And touch him everywhere. He is Wild with the okayness of it. Then we walk, then He has breakfast, and he is happy. This is a poem about Percy. This is a poem about more than Percy. Think about it.” ― Mary Oliver, Swan: Poems and Prose Poems “When our emotional health is in a bad state, so is our level of self-esteem. We have to slow down and deal with what is troubling us, so that we can enjoy the simple joy of being happy and at peace with ourselves.” ― Jess C. Scott, Clear: A Guide to Treating Acne Naturally “You are human, so stop acting as if though you are a sheep and start thinking for yourself.” ― Stephen Richards “In the autumn of your years don't make it so that what you look back on is regret. Live your life now so that whatever you do gives some sunshine before you head into the winter of your life.” ― Stephen Richards “What I'm feeling, I think, is joy. And it's been some time since I've felt that blinkered rush of happiness, This might be one of those rare events that lasts, one that'll be remembered and recalled as months and years wind and ravel. One of those sweet, significant moments that leaves a footprint in your mind. A photograph couldn't ever tell its story. It's like something you have to live to understand. One of those freak collisions of fizzing meteors and looming celestial bodies and floating debris and one single beautiful red ball that bursts into your life and through your body like an enormous firework. Where things shift into focus for a moment, and everything makes sense. And it becomes one of those things inside you, a pearl among sludge, one of those big exaggerated memories you can invoke at any moment to peel away a little layer of how you felt, like a lick of ice cream. The flavor of grace.” ― Craig Silvey, Jasper Jones “Grief helps you come to grips with the loss of a loved one. Guilt helps you make better moral decisions or bring you to apologise for a wrongdoing. In proper doses, these types of negative emotions are necessary and healthy.” ― Stephen Richards “If it is possible to die of grief then why on earth can't someone be healed by happiness?” ― Jodi Picoult, Keeping Faith “Without enthusiasm then what we have surrounded ourselves with becomes worthless.” ― Stephen Richards “There is one kind of laugh that I always did recommend; it looks out of the eye first with a merry twinkle, then it creeps down on its hands and knees and plays around the mouth like a pretty moth around the blaze of a candle, then it steals over into the dimples of the cheeks and rides around in those whirlpools for a while, then it lights up the whole face like the mellow bloom on a damask rose, then it swims up on the air, with a peal as clear and as happy as a dinner-bell, then it goes back again on gold tiptoes like an angel out for an airing, and it lies down on its little bed of violets in the heart where it came from.” ― Josh Billings “How does one craft happiness out of something as important, as complicated, as unrepeatable and as easily damaged as life?” ― Sonya Hartnett, The Ghost's Child “What did it matter if he existed for two or for twenty years? Happiness was the fact that he had existed.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “Pessimists never go on a voyage of discovery, equally so they never leave the shoreline in search of new horizons.” ― Stephen Richards “Just like your body and lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy, the same is true with your beliefs. Your beliefs can be your medicine or your poison.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “When we have reached the depths of despair, only then can we look up and see the light of hope.” ― Stephen Richards “There is no greater misery than false joys.” ― Bernard of Clairvaux “The Law of Attraction is a theory. Cosmic Ordering is a practice putting that theory to work.” ― Stephen Richards “-Please, Anita, go home, and don’t freak. Just go home, and be happy. Be happy, and let everyone around you be happy. Is that so hard? When Jason said it like that, it didn’t seem hard. In fact, it seemed to make a lot of sense, but inside, it felt hard. Inside it felt like the hardest thing in the world. To just let go, and not pick everything to death. To just let go and enjoy what you had. To just let go and not make everybody around you miserable with your own internal dialogue. To just let go and be happy. So simple. So difficult. So terrifying.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams “Our country in general assumes that "the pursuit of happiness" really means "the pursuit of pleasure" and that therefore pleasure is the greatest good.” ― Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet “Jean was visited by one of her rare moments of happiness, one of those moments when the goodness of God was so real to her that it was like taste and scent; the rough strong taste of honey in the comb and the scent of water. Her thoughts of God had a homeliness that at times seemed shocking, in spite of their power, which could rescue her from terror or evil with an ease that astonished her.” ― Elizabeth Goudge, The Scent of Water “Through my choices and actions, I have learned the most effective way of speaking to God is without saying a word.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “While amidst the crowd and seeking quieteness in another zone you can still get away from them by homing in on matters within.” ― Stephen Richards “I believe that if one man were to live out his life fully and completely, were to give form to every feeling, expression to every thought, reality to every dream - I believe that the world would gain such a fresh impulse of joy that we would forget all the maladies of medievalism, and return to the Hellenic ideal - to something finer, richer, than the Hellenic ideal, it may be. But the bravest man amongst us is afraid of himself. The mutilation of the savage has its tragic survival in the self-denial that mars our lives. We are punished for our refusals.” ― Oscar Wilde “The world is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be as happy as kings. The world is full of happiness, and plenty to go round, if you are only willing to take the kind that comes your way.” ― Jean Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs “If all our happiness is bound up entirely in our personal circumstances it is difficult not to demand of life more than it has to give.” ― Bertrand Russell “I let all that anger and worry go because they don't belong to me any more than the future does. And I don't wanna feel them anyhow, because the truth is, whatever happens when this war ends, here and now, far from Richmond County, I'm freer than I've ever been.” ― Teresa R. Funke, Dancing in Combat Boots “When you are in a room with Kurtis, whether its one or a hundred he is the only person that matters.” ― Dee Remy, There Once Was A Boy “The basic mistake people make is to think that happiness is the goal!” ― François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.” ― Plato “Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of Habit, the leaden weight of Routine, the cloak of many Cares and the slavery of Civilization, man feels once more happy.” ― Richard Francis Burton “Many people are so poor that the only thing they have is money. Cultivate your spiritual growth.” ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes “Many people see happiness only in their future.” ― François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness “Happiness is the most tired word in any language.” ― Erol Ozan “Once more I realized to what an extent earthly happiness is made to the measure of man. It is not a rare bird which we must pursue at one moment in heaven, at the next in our minds. Happiness is a domestic bird found in our own courtyards.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis, Report to Greco “…she had nothing to do but to forgive herself and be happier than ever…” ― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey “#1487: Hug a cow.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr., The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book “Happiness is an illusion, Natalie. It doesn't actually exist." "Of course it does," I said. "It's what you feel when you're not sad." "That's unconsciousness. And I'm pretty sure that I'm miserable when I am unconscious, too.” ― Lee Goldberg, Mr. Monk on the Couch “Our ancestors derived less from life than we do, but they also expected much less and were less intent on controlling the future. We are of the arrogant generations who believe a lasting happiness was promised to us at birth. Promised? By whom?” ― Amin Maalouf, Orígenes “Nothing succeeds like indifference to success.” ― Marty Rubin “I am happy. I have something to accomplish, create, and achieve. I am happy.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration “The truest of all truths is this: You are a child of God. Out of more than six billion people on earth now, He knows your name, what you fear and what you revere. He cares about the things you care about. He wants your happiness and success, and will reach to the farthest corner of the universe to see that you obtain your noblest dreams.” ― Toni Sorenson “You know, a few months ago, I made a terrible mistake. I realized something, and instead of crushing the thought the moment it came I... I let it hang on, and now I know it to be true. And I'm afraid it's stuck in my head forever. These are the best days of our lives. It's a terrible thing to know, but I know it.” ― Richard Curtis “Peace and happiness are powerful weapons against the Egos.” ― Belsebuub “Enjoy the rainbow while it lasts and don't chase it when it's gone.” ― Marty Rubin “[...]eu nunca tive porra de ideal nenhum, eu só queria era salvar a minha, veja só que coisa mais individualista elitista capitalista, eu só queria era ser feliz, cara, gorda, burra, alienada e completamente feliz.” ― Caio Fernando Abreu “it was dawning on me how uphill a poet's path was, and I confessed to her that if I had to be the choice between being happy or being a poet, I'd choose to be happy.” ― Mary Karr “Julia was as happy as Betsy was, almost. One nice thing about Julia was that she rejoiced in other people's luck.” ― Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown “But there was happiness elsewhere which no description can reach.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park “I hate you. I wish you was dead." Mrs. Carey gasped. He said the words so savagely that it gave her quite a start. She had nothing to say. She sat down in her husband's chair; and as she thought of her desire to love the friendless, crippled boy and her eager wish that he should love her--she was a barren woman and, even though it was clearly God's will that she should be childless, she could scarcely bear to look at little children sometimes, her heart ached so--the tears rose to her eyes and one by one, slowly, rolled down her cheeks. Philip watched her in amazement. She took out her handkerchief, and now she cried without restraint. Suddenly Philip realised that she was crying because of what he had said, and he was sorry. He went up to her silently and kissed her. It was the first kiss he had ever given her without being asked. And the poor lady, so small in her black satin, shrivelled up and sallow, with her funny corkscrew curls, took the little boy on her lap and put her arms around him and wept as though her heart would break. But her tears were partly tears of happiness, for she felt that the strangeness between them was gone. She loved him now with a new love because he had made her suffer.” ― W. Somerset Maugham “The key to happiness? Find someone who would rather you be happy than themselves and then you treat them the same way. That way, no matter what, you are both trying to insure the OTHER person's happiness and in turn, yours is undeniable.” ― Sharon Swan “Not matter what your sacred or religious book is, it's not how well you know the book, it's how well you're in alignment with the author.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happiness is so nonsynonymous with joy or pleasure that it is not infrequently sought and felt in grief and deprivation.” ― Wilhelm von Humboldt, Humanist Without Portfolio: An Anthology of the writings of Wilhelm von Humboldt “Learn to cherish the chase as much as you treasure the trophy.” ― Joe Caruso, The Power of Losing Control “...[A] certain degree of un-understanding (not mis-, but un-) is the only possible sanctuary which one human being can offer to another in the midst of the devastating intimacy of a happy marriage.” ― Jan Struther, Mrs. Miniver “Happiness: the feeling of being alive.” ― Marty Rubin “...with a rush of feeling he felt that this must be happiness. As soon as the thought came to him, he fought it back, blaming the whiskey. The very idea was as dangerous as presumptive speech: happiness could not be sought or worried into being, or even fully grasped; it should be allowed its own slow pace so that it passes unnoticed, if it ever comes at all.” ― John McGahern, That They May Face The Rising Sun “As we drove off into the moonless night, raindrops danced through our headlights like the fireflies of my childhood. I silently cursed the frailty of happiness and doubted whether it ever existed for me. I could remember happier times, though, and those memories fluttered about my mind like fireflies, beckoning with their elusive splendor. But chasing memories held no more promise than catching fireflies. The pursued feelings either vanished or lost their magic upon examination, hardly the green-glowing beauty seen at a distance. So I looked ahead of me and dreamed on into the darkness, hoping to one day find someone who would love me.” ― Scott Gaille, The Unmerciful Lawyer “... but happiness is to joy as an electric light bulb is to the sun. Happiness always has an object, you're happy because of something, it's a condition whose existence depends on external things. Joy, on the other hand, has no object. It seizes you for no apparent reason, it's like the sun, its burning is fueled by its own heart.” ― Susanna Tamaro, Follow Your Heart “Listen, Harriet. I do unterstand. I know you don't want either to give or to take ... You don't want ever again to have to depend for happiness on another person." "That's true. That's the truest thing you ever said." "All right. I can respect that. Only you've got to play the game. Don't force an emotional situation and then blame me for it." "But I don't want any situation. I want to be left in peace.” ― Dorothy L. Sayers, Have His Carcase “And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beating and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for their are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against. So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man? Me? I won't stomach them for a minute. And so when houses were finally fireproofed completely, all over the world (you were correct in your assumption the other night) there was no longer need of firemen for the old purposes. They were given the new job, as custodians of our peace of mind, the focus of our understandable and rightful dread of being inferior: official censors, judges and executors. That's you, Montag, and that's me.” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 “Men who give up the common goal of all things that exist, thereby cease to exist themselves. Some may perhaps think it strange that we say that wicked men, who form the majority of men, do not exist; but that is how it is. I am not trying to deny the wickedness of the wicked; what I do deny is that their existence is absolute and complete existence. Just as you might call a corpse a dead man, but couldn't simply call it a man, so I would agree that the wicked are wicked, but could not agree that they have unqualified existence.” ― Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy “O seasons, O castles, What soul is without flaws? All its lore is known to me, Felicity, it enchants us all.” ― Arthur Rimbaud, Season in Hell & Other Poems “في الفرح عدوى ، تمامًا كالحماسة والحب ، أو الحزن أو الاكتئاب أو الكراهية” ― Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello “I did not believe that a Cause which stood for a beautiful ideal, for anarchism, for release and freedom from convention and prejudice, should demand the denial of life and joy. I insisted that our Cause could not expect me to become a nun and that the movement would not be turned into a cloister. If it meant that, I did not want it.” ― Emma Goldman, Living My Life “The important thing for you to remember, Montag, is we're the Happiness Boys, the Dixie Duo, you and I and the others. We stand against the small tide of those who want to make everyone unhappy with conflicting theory and thought. We have our fingers in the dike. Hold steady. Don't let the torrent of melancholy and drear philosophy drown our world. We depend on you. I don't think you realize how important you are, we are, to our happy world as it stands now.” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 “لم يربط الناس دائمًا الواقع بالحزن وكأن من المفروض أن يكون الجميع تعساء” ― Jodee Blanco, Please Stop Laughing at Me... One Woman's Inspirational Story “At some point in the night she had a dream. Or it was possible that she was partially awake, and was only remembering a dream? She was alone among the rocks on a dark coast beside the sea. The water surged upward and fell back languidly, and in the distance she heard surf breaking slowly on a sandy shore. It was comforting to be this close to the surface of the ocean and gaze at the intimate nocturnal details of its swelling and ebbing. And as she listened to the faraway breakers rolling up onto the beach, she became aware of another sound entwined with the intermittent crash of waves: a vast horizontal whisper across the bossom of the sea, carrying an ever-repeated phrase, regular as a lighthouse flashing: Dawn will be breaking soon. She listened a long time: again and again the scarcely audible words were whispered across the moving water. A great weight was being lifted slowly from her; little by little her happiness became more complete, and she awoke. Then she lay for a few minutes marveling the dream, and once again fell asleep.” ― Paul Bowles, Up Above the World “There is no such thing as escape after all, only an exchange of one set of difficulties for another. It wasn't Mark or the farm or marriage I was trying to shake loose from but my own imperfect self, and even if I kept moving, she would dog me all the way around the world, forever.” ― Kristin Kimball, The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love “Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little In comparison to eternal realities.--” ― Robert Murray McCheyne “Settle, for sure and universally, what conduct will promote the happiness of a rational being.” ― Immanuel Kant “Happiness and joy are not the same. For what does the fervent craving for joy mean? It does not mean that we wish at any cost to experience the psychic state of being joyful. We want to have reason for joy, for an unceasing joy that fills us utterly, sweeps all before it, exceeds all measure.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Fate would never permit happiness to a man of such talent- a content poet is a mediocre one, a happy poet is insufferable.” ― Rabih Alameddine “It required all his delicate Epicurean education to prevent his doing something about it; he had to repeat over to himself his favorite notions: that the injustice and unhappiness in the world is a constant; that the theory of progress is a delusion; that the poor, never having known happiness, are insensible to misfortune. Like all the rich he could not bring himself to believe that the poor (look at their houses, look at their clothes) could really suffer. Like all the cultivated he believed that only the widely read could be said to know that they were unhappy.” ― Thornton Wilder, The Bridge of San Luis Rey “However powerful our technology and complex our corporations, the most remarkable feature of the modern working world may in the end be internal, consisting in an aspect of our mentalities: in the widely held belief that our work should make us happy. All societies have had work at their centre; ours is the first to suggest that it could be something more than a punishment or a penance. Ours is the first to imply that we should seek to work even in the absence of a financial imperative.” ― Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work “Das Glück ist das einzige, das sich verdoppelt, wenn man es teilt.” ― Albert Schweitzer “Once we got to eating, the idea of happiness returned to me. Not the feeling, the idea. Would a regular girl be happy simply eating a hot meal with a great deal of chew to it? Maybe happiness is a simple thing. Maybe it's as simple as the salty taste of pork, and the vast deal of chewing in it, and how, when the chew is gone, you can still scrape at the bone with your bottom teeth and suck at the marrow.” ― Franny Billingsley, Chime “No other thing or no other person is going to make me happy in life, I just have to do that myself.” ― Greg Page “Earthly contemplation means to the Christian, we have said, this above all: that behind all that we directly encounter the Face of the incarnate Logos becomes visible... Contemplation does not ignore the "historical Gethsemane," does not ignore the mystery of evil, guilt and its bloody atonement. The happiness of contemplation is a true happiness, indeed the supreme happiness; but it is founded upon sorrow.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Nijedna tuđa sreća nije bez pomalo sreće i za nas druge. Zato je jedna velika mudrost od tuđe sreće praviti sreću i za sebe.” ― Jovan Dučić “Happiness is essentially a gift; we are not the forgers of our own felicity.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Human unhappiness is evidence of our immortality.” ― Richard Rodriguez, Days of Obligation: An Argument With My Mexican Father “It must be nice to be so strong and to think it's because you're so good, that you live right and eat right, so you deserve your health and happiness. But there is such a thing as luck, and there's more bad luck than good in this world.” ― Laura Lippman, Baltimore Blues “When you've succeeded, you'd say: 'Indeed I'd to go through those hell before fit into all of this happiness.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut “عندما تأتي الأيام السوداء التي لا تخلف موعدها أبدًا ، لنتذكر بأن السعادة ليست اختراعًا اختلقه الساذجون ، ليخدعوا به أنفسهم” ― Álvaro Mutis, Abdul Bashur, soñador de navíos “Tudo parecia organizado da melhor forma possível, como se de fato o mundo constasse somente de palavras, como se assim o próprio horror fosse trazido para dimensões seguras, como se para cada aspecto de uma coisa houvesse um reverso, para cada mal um bem, para cada dissabor um prazer, para cada infelicidade uma felicidade e para cada mentira um quinhão de verdade.” ― W.G. Sebald, Vertigo “The amusements of life, he argued, should be accepted with the same philosophy as its ills. ("The Striding Place")” ― Gertrude Atherton, The Bell in the Fog & Other Stories “Emmy has embarked on her journey to enrich the world with smiles. They are free, healthy, and often, very contagious.” ― Emmy Swain “Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone.” ― Rashedur Ryan Rahman “Heureux sont ceux qui peuvent aimer et haïr sans feinte, sans détour, sans nuance.” ― Irène Némirovsky, Suite Française “Gratitude was never meant to be an excuse for giving up on the obstacles God has put before you. Some of the most magical things he can bring us require faith and a lot of planning.” ― Shannon L. Alder “Wherein lies happiness? In that which becks Our ready minds to fellowship divine, A fellowship with essence; till we shine, Full alchemiz’d, and free of space. Behold The clear religion of heaven!” ― John Keats “Your mind can be your enemy or friend. If you always follow your heart, your mind will feel neglected. If you follow only your mind, your heart will never forgive you. Never ignore your conscience, yet always be conscious of reason. Make your heart and mind friends and you will have peace of mind throughout life's seasons.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem “Happiness is like time and space--we make and measure it ourselves; it is a fancy--as big, as little, as you please; just a thing of contrasts and comparisons, like health or strength or beauty or any other good--that wouldn't even be noticed but for sad personal experience of its opposite!--or its greater!” ― George du Maurier “We all need a technological detox; we need to throw away our phones and computers instead of using them as our pseudo-defence system for anything that comes our way. We need to be bored and not have anything to use to shield the boredom away from us. We need to be lonely and see what it is we really feel when we are. If we continue to distract ourselves so we never have to face the realities in front of us, when the time comes and you are faced with something bigger than what your phone, food, or friends can fix, you will be in big trouble.” ― Evan Sutter, Solitude: How Doing Nothing Can Change the World “If you stand right at the edge of the night sky, some place where one o’clock leaves to meet two, the breeze will carry your words up to the stars. And they’ll swallow your secrets until its time to hand them over to the truths in the sky- the ones that draw maps in the black. They carve their answers into the backs of my hands, the grooves of the words running deep in my palms.” ― Marlen Komar, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts “Those who died while trying to make our world a better place, didn't actually die, they proved some points. Our job is to notice them and continue from where they stopped.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “My dear Scipio and Laelius. Men, of course, who have no resources in themselves for securing a good and happy life find every age burdensome. But those who look for all happiness from within can never think anything bad which Nature makes inevitable.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero “Never marry when under the guise you need to 'see if it'll work', but rather marry because in your mind you want to make it work.” ― Criss Jami “The kind of happy I was that day at the Vet when "Hawk" Dawson actually doffed his red "C" cap to me, and everyone cheered and practically convulsed into tears - you can't patent that. It was one shining moment of glory that was instantly gone. Whereas life, real life, is different and can't even be appraised as simply "happy", but only in terms of "Yes, I'll take it all, thanks" or "No, I believe I won't." Happy, as my poor father used to say, is a lot of hooey. Happy is a circus clown, a sitcom, a greeting card. Life, though, life's about something sterner. But also something better. A lot better. Believe me.” ― Richard Ford, The Lay of the Land “A felicidade nunca é graciosa. Happiness is never gracious.” ― Aldous Huxley “To be happy is to be a little bit sad for it is the negative that balances the positive. What is the use of being happy if there is no sadness?” ― I a Night Owl “We are souls, eternal and perfect, captains of our mystic ships: gods and goddesses of our universe. We are beautiful, we pearls of grit. We, the ember of everything. Our uniqueness IS what makes us special, and the expression of it is our gift to the rest of us. In order to feel happy and fulfilled, we must honour our own personal brand of creativity... let it out into the world... BE who we came here to BE.” ― Angie karan “Grateful people are happy people. The more things you are grateful for, the happier you will be.” ― Roy T. Bennett “One honest John Tompkins, a hedger & ditcher, Although he was poor, did not want to be richer; For all such vain wishes in him were prevented By a fortunate habit of being contented.” ― Jane Taylor “If you investigate the matter deeply enough and widely enough, you will find that happiness eludes nearly all men despite the fact that they are forever seeking it. The fortunate and successful few are those who have stopped seeking with the ego alone and allow the search to be directed inwardly by the higher self. They alone can find a happiness unblemished by defects or deficiencies, a Supreme Good which is not a further source of pain and sorrow but an endless source of satisfaction and peace.” ― Paul Brunton, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton “Why wait for your happiness to come from your future blessings, when this moment already has all you need to live happily?” ― Edmond Mbiaka “I guess everybody thinks about old times, even the happiest people.” ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia “I’m not good enough for Duke.” “I’m good enough for you.” ― Feng Nong, จอมนางคู่บัลลังก์ 1 “Truthfulness is a luxury, perhaps the greatest, and let me assure you, the most expensive luxury in our life—and happy the man who has been able to enjoy it from his very child hood.” ― Friedrich Max Müller, India: What it Can Teach Us “Because what’s life Without happiness And where’s happiness Without risk” ― Dennis Sharpe, Hole in the World “Das Glück ist nicht in den Dingen, die wir besitzen, sondern in den Dingen, die zu besitzen wir glauben.” ― Johannes Mario Simmel “Happiness must preclude false indulgence and physic.” ― Jane Austen, Emma “The thoughtfulness and goodwill messages from loved ones brighten my Christmas day.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind “XinWey’s Doctrine states that the most essential morality of mankind is to create the greatest amount of happiness among the greatest number of people while using the least amount of resources.” ― Brandon Sanderson, Perfect State “I am responsible for my own existence and happiness.” ― Nathaniel Branden, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem “... there was no need for him to hasten towards the attainment of a happiness already captured and held in a safe place, which would not escape his grasp again.” ― Marcel Proust, Swann's Way “In an established love of reading there is a policy of insurance guaranteeing certain happiness till death.” ― A. Edward Newton, End Papers: Literary Recreations “she slammed the door and was gone. I looked at the closed door and at the doorknob and strangely I didn't feel alone.” ― Charles Bukowski, You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense “You have to appreciate where you have come from to know who you are in the present and whom you would like to be in the future.” ― Truth Devour, Unrequited “You are the ruler of my heart. There is no measure greater than this.” ― Truth Devour, Unrequited “Never surrender to you're passions. Dream and live to excess.” ― Truth Devour, Unrequited “The more material we lose, the less we have. The less we have, the more we win.” ― Anthony Liccione “Be thankful for a breath of fresh air to be alive and well. Allow love and happiness to penetrate throughout your mind and soul. Take time to relax and live in the moment, the now, the present. Enjoy today.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana “Totally present in this moment for you.” ― Truth Devour, Unrequited “The history of your happiness is the history of your feeling connected.” ― Vironika Tugaleva, The Love Mindset “And I find a happiness in the fact of accepting — In the sublimely scientific and difficult fact of accepting the inevitable natural.” ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro “One thing I have come to realize is that love is not always happiness.” ― Jerhia “Claiming to love self, but willingly default to cheating at the first sign of trouble is nothing short of playing yourself. Your ego may feel avenged - temporarily - but your heart and soul, the true self, will suffer the long term affects of karma's justifiable sting.” ― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence" “In stating these matters, I speak an open and disinterested language, dictated by no passion but that of humanity. To me, who have not only refused offers, because I thought them improper, but have declined rewards I might with reputation have accepted, it is no wonder that meanness and imposition appear disgustful. Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.” ― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man “If you behave in a manner that poisons your relationship, don’t be surprised when it dies.” ― Steve Maraboli “Let the love of the moon kiss you good night, let the morning sun wake you up with loving light.” ― Debasish Mridha “Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy, and make the most of where you are” ― Germany Kent “Are you what is called a lucky man? Well, you are sad every day. Each day has its great grief or its little care. Yesterday you were trembling for the health of one who is dear to you, today you fear for your own; tomorrow it will be an anxiety about money, the next day the slanders of a calumniator, the day after the misfortune of a friend; then the weather, then something broken or lost, then a pleasure for which you are reproached by your conscience or your vertebral column; another time, the course of public affairs. Not to mention heartaches. And so on. One cloud is dissipated, another gathers. Hardly one day in a hundred of unbroken joy and sunshine. And you are of that small number who are lucky! As for other men, stagnant night is upon them.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables “If I die very young, hear this: I was never anything but a kid playing. I was a heathen like the sun and the water, I had the universal religion only people don’t have. I was happy because I didn’t ask for anything at all, Or tried to find anything, And I didn’t find any more explanation Than the word explanation having no meaning at all.” ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro “If you want more joy in your daily life, smile at the people you meet in the street, the woman sitting beside you on the bus or standing next to you in the queue at the airport, the waiter who brings your food, your colleagues or your employer. There’s a great chance they’ll smile back.” ― Thorbjörg Hafsteinsdottir, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks “And me, standing under the splintered night, catching fractured glimpses into the black behind the black, hearing the prayers of stars, the angry whispers of the dark summer night. Its voice cracks, on your name. My eyes close, on your name.” ― Marlen Komar, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts “We can learn to act and think in ways that sow seeds of our future well-being, gradually becoming more aware of what causes happiness as well as what causes distress.” ― Pema Chödrön, The Pocket Pema Chodron “There is no higher happiness than peace.” ― Jack Kornfield, The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace “You know what I love? The spaces between I love you. The tap of your fork against the plate and how my cup of wine clicks against our table. The scratchy voice coming from the radio in the other room. The quiet sound of your hand reaching across the table and whispering over mine. How your voice sounds like your mouth on the back of my neck. The soft murmur of our easy conversation. Between these quiet Tuesday night routines, following every comma and right after every pause for breath, is I, love, and you. In the middle of every I love you is a sink full of dishes, whisper of socked feet tangled in white sheets, and gentle kisses against curved cheeks. We lyric ourselves into the laundry that needs to be finished, into the ends of every smile that follows me repeating your name. We write ourselves into the grocery bags we need to carry, the cracks running up our rented walls, the sides of the bed we choose to drag up the sails of heavy eyed dreams. Like the spaces between our fingers, in the spaces between I, love, and you, we wait. The in-betweens have always been my favorite.” ― Marlen Komar, Ugly People Beautiful Hearts “Everything that God sends us is beautiful, even though we may not understand it - and we only need to give it some proper thought to see that what God gives is just sheer happiness; the suffering is what we add to it.” ― Adalbert Stifter, The Bachelors “You solely owe success and happiness to yourself. So why not make your inner-self proud of your daily decisions and actions?” ― Edmond Mbiaka “I must be happy, he said, it is less pleasant than I should have thought.” ― Samuel Beckett, Malone Dies “Wearing fake happiness is as good as smearing foundation. A bit of moisture drains it all.” ― Aniruddha Sastikar “Bahwa karena kau menyukai banyak hal sederhana, itu berarti kau akan merasa bahagia karena hal-hal yang sederhana pula.” ― Yuli Pritania, Morning, Noon & Night “Earn Nicely, spend wisely and you will live happily.” ― Auliq Ice “Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness and the happiness of others.” ― Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture! “Yes: I exist inside my body. I’m not carrying the sun and the moon in my pocket. I don’t want to conquer worlds because I slept badly, And I don’t want to eat the world for breakfast because I have a stomach. Indifferent? No: a son of the earth, who, if he jumps, it’s wrong, A moment in the air that’s not for us, And only happy when his feet hit the ground again, Pow! In reality where nothing’s missing! (6/20/1919)” ― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro “Contrary to what we usually believe, moments like these, the best moments in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times—although such experiences can also be enjoyable, if we have worked hard to attain them. The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Optimal experience is thus something that we make happen. For a child, it could be placing with trembling fingers the last blockon a tower she has built, higher than any she has built so far; for a swimmer, it could be trying to beat his own record; for a violinist, mastering an intricate musical passage. For each person there are thousands of opportunities, challenges to expand ourselves.” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience “Hope is a dream of which we long to have. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't hope for something because hope brings joy and joy brings happiness and its all tied up in a big ball of love.” ― Peace Gypsy, Souls Deep “The happiest people don’t bother about whether life is unfair. They just concentrate on what they have.” ― Andrew Matthews, Happiness in Hard Times “L'uomo è infelice perchè è incontentabile.” ― Giacomo Leopardi, Operette Morali: Essays and Dialogues “The subsistence mentality of a person is a prison in which his personal joy is detained. If you want to live in joy, you don't live for yourself alone. Live for others too!” ― Israelmore Ayivor “I am who I am because the tears of my past have watered the magnificence of my present.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “That’s the thing about love It can take you up to the mountaintop and can drop you And the impact will either kill you or make you a new person” ― Kehinde Sonola, Klosophy “Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.” ― Dale Carnegie “لمثل هذه الساعة سكن الأَرض حيث الناس يولدون أَبدًا, وأَبدًا يموتون, وبين الولادة والموت يفتشون عن عنقاء تدعى "السعادة", ولكنهم إِليها لا يستهدون.” ― Mikhail Naimy - ميخائيل نعيمة, من وحي المسيح “Loving my son, building my son, touching my son, playing with my son, being with my son… these aren’t tasks that only super dads can perform. These are tasks that every dad should perform. Always. Without fail.” ― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing “Have a GOAL to keep the following 5-‘H’ OUT of your life H – Harass H – Hamper H – Hurt H – Harm H – Hinder To Ensure H=Happiness Prevails forever!” ― Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified! “Le Chat Je souhaite dans ma maison: Une femme ayant sa raison. Un chat passant parmi les livres. Des amis en toute saison Sans lesquels je ne peux pas vivre.” ― Guillaume Apollinaire, Alcools “We all need something that takes us out of day to day and reminds us that it's all ok." Ian Tucker www.yoursimplepath.co.uk” ― Ian Tucker, Your Simple Path - Find Happiness in every step. “Meditation makes us happier!” ― Mia Randall “The joy from eating does not come from the exclusivity of the food, but instead from the sensitivity that we eat it with.” ― Nino Gruettke, BOTH of You: Behavior. Opinion. Thinking. Happiness - The more rational we are, the more emotional we can be. “The sage is sick of being sick (Tao Te Ching)” ― Robert Baohm, Real Happiness Challenge “It’s that short-lived happiness, which empowers us to bear; long-lasting pain in living.” ― Aniruddha Sastikar “Eve was happy for her bestie. She just wished she had a guy who would look at her the way Seth looked at her friend, eyes all starry. No, that wasn't it. Or it wasn't completely it. Eve knew there were guys at school who liked her and would give her the Seth-look if she gave them the opportunity. But she didn't want the look from any of those guys. She wanted the look she could give the look back to. She wanted to find a guy she could all-out love who would all-out love her back.” ― Amy Meredith, Fever “No child should ever be too sad to play.” ― Andrew Galasetti, These Colors Don't Run “When you are stressed on mind...to pour it out, is the behaviour, most kind!” ― Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified! “Happiness is a gift which is priceless, You can only receive it if you can give it....” ― Adil Adam Memon “The truth will set you free (The Bible)” ― Robert Baohm, Real Happiness Challenge “Pero me sobran motivos para ser feliz. Sobre todo cuando estoy en los brazos de mis tres misses. Son tres gentiles damas a las que se llega cuando las cosas adquieren una claridad inusitada: Miss Antropía, Miss Oginia y Miss Eria; pero no las comparto, como hago con el resto de mis mujeres.” ― Eusebio Ruvalcaba, Una mosca devastada y deprimida sobreviviendo en un hilito de sangre “Nobody can give you happiness than yourself.” ― Jared Nyairo Onduso “...look with-in (Jesus)” ― Robert Baohm, Real Happiness Challenge “In a beautiful morning, walking barefoot to the work through the green fields with the company of the singing birds... and there you shall meet the real happiness!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Live happily thinking about those millions of good people god blessed you with not about the one person he took away from you. 🙂 There is a reason behind every decision god makes. And in the end he plans to make you anything but happy :)” ― Chhavi Joshi “To be happy in absolute terms, along with our happiness, all the world must be happy so that we don’t have to worry for anyone!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “I've been quite happy. Look, here are my proofs. Remember that I am indifferent to discomforts which would harass other folk. What do the circumstances of life matter if your dreams make you lord paramount of time and space?” ― W. Somerset Maugham “Vronsky saw nothing and no one. He felt himself as a king, not because she had made an impression on Anna-he did not yet believe that-but because the impression she had made on him gave him happiness and pride.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina “They seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if they had surprised a butterfly in the winter woods.” ― Edith Wharton, Ethan Frome “The law of sacrifice postulates that we need to give in order to receive ... 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Ballard “...because all happiness is contagious, and disarms the spirit of hatred.” ― Irène Némirovsky, Suite Française “I only seem negative to the fortunate. That's because I show the less fortunate that they aren't less fortunate after all.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy “Tomorrow will never call to ask your opinion; you don't control it. Stop allowing today's possibilities to be robbed by tomorrow's insecurities.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “One thing a man must have: either a naturally light disposition or a disposition lightened by art and knowledge.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human “Your life isn't behind you; your memories are behind you. Your life is ALWAYS ahead of you. 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De niño, mi himno favorito era: «Cansado del mundo y con el peso de mis pecados». A los cinco años yo pensaba que si había de vivir setenta no había pasado aún más que la catorceava parte de mi vida vital, y me parecía casi insoportable la enorme cantidad de aburrimiento que me aguardaba. En la adolescencia la vida me era odiosa, y estaba continuamente al borde del suicidio, del cual me libré gracias al deseo de saber más matemáticas. Hoy, por el contrario, gusto de la vida, y casi estoy por decir que cada año que pasa la encuentro más gustosa. Esto es debido, en parte, a haber descubierto cuáles eran las cosas que deseaba más y haber adquirido gradualmente muchas de ellas. En parte es debido también a haberme desprendido, felizmente, de ciertos deseos (la adquisición del conocimiento indudable acerca de algo) como esencialmente inasequibles. Pero en la mayor parte se debe a la preocupación, cada día menor, de mí mismo.” ― Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness “It’s a red sky every night with Cosmic Ordering.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering Guide “Now your boat comes in every day with Cosmic Ordering.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering Guide “No need to steal someone’s thunder, with Cosmic Ordering you can make your own.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful “Sweep the board with Cosmic Ordering Success.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful “Now beggars can be choosers with Cosmic Ordering.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering Guide “No more need to rob Peter to pay Paul with Cosmic Ordering.” ― Stephen Richards, Cosmic Ordering: You can be successful “Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 percent of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for yourself—and there isn’t one.” ― Wei Wu Wei “An afternoon drive from Los Angeles will take you up into the high mountains, where eagles circle above the forests and the cold blue lakes, or out over the Mojave Desert, with its weird vegetation and immense vistas. Not very far away are Death Valley, and Yosemite, and Sequoia Forest with its giant trees which were growing long before the Parthenon was built; they are the oldest living things in the world. One should visit such places often, and be conscious, in the midst of the city, of their surrounding presence. For this is the real nature of California and the secret of its fascination; this untamed, undomesticated, aloof, prehistoric landscape which relentlessly reminds the traveller of his human condition and the circumstances of his tenure upon the earth. "You are perfectly welcome," it tells him, "during your short visit. Everything is at your disposal. Only, I must warn you, if things go wrong, don't blame me. I accept no responsibility. I am not part of your neurosis. Don't cry to me for safety. There is no home here. There is no security in your mansions or your fortresses, your family vaults or your banks or your double beds. Understand this fact, and you will be free. Accept it, and you will be happy.” ― Christopher Isherwood, Exhumations “The lack of power to take joy in outdoor nature is as real a misfortune as the lack of power to take joy in books” ― Theodore Roosevelt “You will have fewer regrets in life if you start focusing and taking responsiblity for where you are and where you want to be.” ― Deborah Day “Sex parties, alcohol and drugs lost their appeal to Sven after a while. Music never did, in his continual search for that sober connection--intimacy with one person over a long period of time, as opposed to periods of intimacy with a bunch of random faces.” ― Jess C. Scott, SVEN, Incubus Story.02 “The search for contentment is, therefore, not merely a self-preserving and self-benefiting act, but also a generous gift to the world. You cease being an obstacle, not only to yourself but to anyone else. Only then are you free to serve and enjoy other people.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love “I look at the hundreds of algebra problems facing me in the next three days. And here I thought I’d figured out the equation to my happiness.” ― Elizabeth Eulberg, Take a Bow “أهم يجلبون البهجة معهم أم.... نحن نشعر بالبهجة فى وجودهم...؟؟ ^_^” ― Fayrouz Yasser “When I take a break, even just a brief one, the creative energy flows in. Only then do I have anything of value to share with others. Once I recognized this, I stopped feeling guilty about taking time for myself.” ― Holly Mosier “Don’t think about happiness. If it doesn’t come, there’s no disappointment; if it does come, it’s a surprise.” ― Bolesław Prus “I think now that this is the great division between people. There are people who find life hard and those who find it easy. There are those who have a natural, in-built, expectation of happiness, and there are those who feel that happiness is not to be expected: that it is not, in fact, one of the rights of man. Nor, God knows, one of the rights of women.” ― Hilary Mantel, An Experiment in Love “As the poet says, all happy couples are alike, it's the unhappy ones who create the stories. I'm no longer a story. Happiness has made me fade into real life.” ― Charles Baxter, The Feast of Love “The materialistic view of happiness of our age starkly revealed in our understanding of the word "luxury.” ― Alain de Botton “Hope finds its fulfillment when nurtured through faith and shared with love.” ― Mollie Marti “Blame is the creed of the disempowered.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Connection is life; disconnection, death.” ― Deborah Day “Being truly happy in life involves you feeling more in control of the direction your life is going.” ― Deborah Day “You know, happiness isn't a permanent state. Neither is unhappiness. There's a flow, back and forth” ― Carole Glickfeld, Swimming Toward the Ocean: A Novel “count no man happy until he be dead.” ― Solon “Happy roads is bunk. Weary roads is right. Get you nowhere fast. That's where I've got—nowhere. Where everyone lands in the end, even if most of the suckers won't admit it.” ― Eugene O'Neill, Long Day's Journey Into Night “Yes - it was happiness she still wanted, and the glimpse she had caught of it made everything else of no account. One by one she had detached herself from the baser possibilities , and she saw that nothing now remained to her but the emptiness of renunciation. "The House of Mirth” ― Edith Wharton “i'm too lazy to go find happiness,but i'm sure it will swing by sometime” ― Amal Sagheer “Do not presume that richness or poorness will bring you happiness.” ― Santosh Kalwar “The person with the least worry over the compromises he must make is, of course, the person who doesn't compromise.” ― Mark Sundeen, The Man Who Quit Money “The thought of all that happiness was hard to bear. What's the point of happiness when all it does is throw the facts of dying into clear relief?” ― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby “100% of a Guru’s marketing plan depends on you holding the belief that you are not enough; that you were created less equipped than necessary to fulfill your purpose. What if you let go of that belief and connected with the truth of your innate power to change and shape your life? You ARE enough. You CAN change and shape your own life. Anyone who tells you different is simply lying. Your life has immeasurable potentiality for greatness; act accordingly.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “It was not often that Flay approved of happiness in others.” ― Mervyn Peake, The Gormenghast Trilogy “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” ― allan chaimers “Toate familiile fericite se aseamănă între ele. Fiecare familie nefericită este nefericită în felul ei.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina “(Can human beings change? The humor, and the sadness, of remarriage comedies can be said to result from the fact that we have no good answer to that question.)” ― Stanley Cavell, Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage “Stop pointing fingers and placing blame on others. Your life can only change to the degree that you accept responsibility for it.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience “Happyish. Well, happyish isn't so bad.' 'It's the most we can hope for.” ― David Nicholls, One Day “يبدو أننا أحياناً نفضل أن ندور حول رغباتنا بدلاً من الاعتراف بها لأنفسنا والمجاهرة بها، حتى لا نتحمل في سبيل ذلك بعض العناء كضريبة ضرورية لنيل ما نريد ،أو لأننا نغمغم لأنفسنا بما نرغب ونترقب من الأقدار أن تهبه لنا بغير أن نبدو نحن ساعين إليه أو متلهفين عليه لأننا نخجل أن نجاهر به و-"الخياط العظيم لا يقص كثيراً " كما يقول المثل الصيني ،وإنما يمضي إلى هدفه المحدد بلا تردد فلا يقطع إلا ما يتطلبه تحقيق هذا الهدف أما نحن فإننا نقص في إتجاهات مختلفة وبعيدة عن الهدف الذي نتمناه صامتين وننتظر من يرغمنا على السعادة التي نعرفها ونريدها من أعماقنا” ― عبد الوهاب مطاوع, حصاد الصبر “But to appear happy when I am so miserable — Oh! who can require it?” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility “He brewed his tea in a blue china pot, poured it into a chipped white cup with forget-me-nots on the handle, and dropped in a dollop of honey and cream. He sat by the window, cup in hand, watching the first snow fall. "I am," he sighed deeply, "contented as a clam. I am a most happy man.” ― Ethel Pochocki, Wildflower Tea “He found himself remembering how on one summer morning they two had started from New York in search of happiness. They had never expected to find it, perhaps, yet in itself that quest had been happier than anything he expected forevermore. Life, it seemed, must be a setting up of props around one - otherwise it was disaster. There was no rest, no quiet. He had been futile in longing to drift and dream, no one drifted except to maelstroms, no one dreamed, without his dreams becoming fantastic nightmares of indecision and regret.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned “Happy the hare at morning, for she cannot read The hunter's waking thoughts.” ― W.H. Auden, Collected Poems “It's one thing thinking something and another thing knowing it.” ― François Lelord, Hector and the Search for Happiness “There must be some other possibility than death or lifelong penance ... some meeting, some intersection of lines; and some cowardly, hopeful geometer in my brain tells me it is the angle at which two lines prop each other up, the leaning-together from the vertical which produces the false arch. For lack of a keystone, the false arch may be as much as one can expect in this life. Only the very lucky discover the keystone.” ― Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose “And this is not the happiness of a magazine writer who sends in his gay little philosophy of life to the editor for the one paragraph spread in front of the magazine: This is a serious happiness full of doubts and strengths. I wonder if happiness is possible. It is a state of mind, but I'd hate to be a bore all my life, if only because of those I love around me. Happiness can change into unhappiness just for the sake of change.” ― Jack Kerouac, Windblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954 “Sonnez, grelots; sonnez, clochettes; sonnez, cloches! Car mon rêve impossible a pris corps et je l’ai Entre mes bras pressé : le Bonheur, cet ailé Voyageur qui de l’Homme évite les approches, - Sonnez grelots; sonnez, clochettes, sonnez, cloches! Le Bonheur a marché côte à côte avec moi; Mais la FATALITÉ ne connaît point de trêve : Le ver est dans le fruit, le réveil dans le rêve, Et le remords est dans l’amour : telle est la loi. - Le Bonheur a marché côte à côte avec moi.” ― Paul Verlaine, Poèmes Saturniens “I will not talk of my own happiness,' said he, 'great as it is, for I think only of yours. Compared with you, who has the right to be happy?” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park “We need but little learning to live happily.” ― Michel de Montaigne “I was uncomfortable enough. I was very uncomfortable, I may say unhappy.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice “Tout bonheur est un chef-d'oeuvre: la moindre erreur le fausse, la moindre hésitation l'altère, la moindre lourder le dépare, la moindre sottise l'abêtit.” ― Marguerite Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian “Pats cīnies, palīdz, domā, spried un sver, Pats esi kungs, pats laimei – durvis ver!” ― Rainis “Marriage is a wonderful invention; but then again so is a bicycle repair kit.” ― Billy Connolly “Happiness is what matters, feeling alive-not art or knowledge or money.” ― Marty Rubin “If you can't see a benefit of the challenges in the present, know that you're giving a present to your future." —Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now” ― Amy Spencer “Used in a personal sense, the phrase 'achieve an end' seemed to her a small-minded snare. She preferred the word life, and, on rare occasions, happiness.” ― Roberto Bolaño, 2666 “Nobody's happy. What's happy? Happiness is over when the lights come on” ― Armistead Maupin “To pursue happiness for its own sake is the surest way to lose it.” ― George Roche “It's more important to be free than to be happy.” ― Tom Robbins, Il fungo magico “Sharing is caring.” ― Asraa Abdelqader “Yet some happiness must and would arise, from the very conviction, that he did suffer.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park “The door to heaven is open to us at any time we are willing to accept that we are of absolutely no importance. The bars of our own hell - the “mind-forged manacles” as Blake put it - are our attempts to justify ourselves or prove our self-worth. Accept that none of this matters and we can see that heaven is all around us. It is there in a child’s smile, in the rain that waters the earth, even in the maggots that rise in new life from dead meat. All around us is evidence that life and love are eternal and unbroken by strife and suffering.” ― Aussiescribbler, How to be Free “Life is a journey worth making.” ― Pandora Gray “She had received ideas which disposed her to be courteous and kind to all, and to pity every one, as being less happy than herself.” ― Jane Austen, Persuasion “…for I look upon the Frasers to be about as unhappy as most other married people.” ― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park “disputing nothing is the first step through the difficult door of happiness” ― Padgett Powell, You & I “If the entire world sought to make itself worthy of happiness rather than make itself happy, then the entire world would be happy.” ― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms “Happiness is a very pretty thing to feel, but very dry to talk about.” ― Jeremy Bentham, The Panopticon Writings “No other technique for the conduct of life attaches the individual so firmly to reality as laying emphasis on work; for his work at least gives him a secure place in a portion of reality, in the human community. The possibility it offers of displacing a large amount of libidinal components, whether narcissistic, aggressive or even erotic, on to professional work and on to the human relations connected with it lends it a value by no means second to what it enjoys as something indispensible to the preservation and justification of existence in society. Professional activity is a source of special satisfaction if it is a freely chosen one — if, that is to say, by means of sublimation, it makes possible the use of existing inclinations, of persisting or constitutionally reinforced instinctual impulses. And yet, as a path to happiness, work is not highly prized by men. They do not strive after it as they do after other possibilities of satisfaction. The great majority of people only work under the stress of necessity, and this natural human aversion to work raises most difficult social problems.” ― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents “We, Equality 7-2521, were not happy in those year in the Home of the Students. It was not that the learning was too hard for us. It was that the learning was too easy. This is a great sin, to be born with a head which is too quick. It is not good to be different from our brothers, but it is evil to be superior to them. The Teachers told us so, and they frowned when they looked at us.” ― Ayn Rand, Anthem “The positive vibrations of unregulated joy, peace, happiness and tranquility is freedom.” ― T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence" “When you feel down and out you must reach up and out--to Spirit! Our strength will only resonate deep within your souls if you open your heart and minds with us.” ― Jim Fargiano “Repose, leisure, peace, belong among the elements of happiness. If we have not escaped from harried rush, from mad pursuit, from unrest, from the necessity of care, we are not happy. And what of contemplation? Its very premise is freedom from the fetters of workaday busyness. Moreover, it itself actualizes this freedom by virtue of being intuition.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Who among us has not suddenly looked into his child's face, in the midst of the toils and troubles of everyday life, and at that moment "seen" that everything which is good, is loved and lovable, loved by God! Such certainties all mean, at bottom, one and the same thing: that the world is plumb and sound; that everything comes to its appointed goal; that in spite of all appearances, underlying all things is - peace, salvation, gloria; that nothing and no one is lost; that "God holds in his hand the beginning, middle, and end of all that is." Such nonrational, intuitive certainties of the divine base of all that is can be vouchsafed to our gaze even when it is turned toward the most insignificant-looking things, if only it is a gaze inspired by love. That, in the precise sense, is contemplation... Out of this kind of contemplation of the created world arise in never-ending wealth all true poetry and all real art, for it is the nature of poetry and art to be paean and praise heard above all the wails of lamentation. No one who is not capable of such contemplation can grasp poetry in a poetic fashion, that is to say, in the only meaningful fashion. The indispensability, the vital function of the arts in man's life, consists above all in this: that through them contemplation of the created world is kept alive and active.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “My art is that of the 35mm kind; my poetry is of the lead and ink kind; my happiness is of the product of both; and my legacy is of the story of my soul, that my life left behind” ― Jeremy Aldana “As Tim followed me up the narrow stairwell, he playfully pinched my butt with every step, a pleasant (and painful--in a black-and-blue sort of way) reminder that all I had yearned for as a student twenty-five years before had come true, even if I hadn't taken the time to notice it until now: I was happy. At twenty years old, had I articulated what I thought I needed in life, I would have probably said a big house, a successful husband, and a great career. Yet all I really needed for true happiness was the homeless, unemployed bus driver right behind me, pinching my butt every step of the way.” ― Doreen Orion, Queen of the Road: The True Tale of 47 States, 22,000 Miles, 200 Shoes, 2 Cats, 1 Poodle, a Husband, and a Bus with a Will of Its Own “How can one explain this trend towards a more colorless and shallow life? Well, the work was easier, if less healthy, and it brought in more money, more leisure, and perhaps more entertainment. A day in the country is long and hard. And yet the fruits of their present life were worthless compared to a single coin of their former life: a rest in the evening and a rural festivity. That they no longer knew the old kind of happiness was obvious from the discontentment which spread over their features. Soon dissatisfaction, prevailing over all their other moods, became their religion.” ― Ernst Jünger, The Glass Bees “The successful cannot be unhappy -- it was a contradiction in terms.” ― Barry Unsworth, Sacred Hunger “-Do you think artists are supposed to be happy? -Everyone is supposed to be. -I said staunchly,and I knew that I was indeed an idiot and that was my destiny and I didn't mind it” ― Elizabeth Kostova, The Swan Thieves “أنصِتْ ، كيف أنّ الأصوات الصافية تنشد الوجع و البهجة !” ― Johannes V. Jensen, Kongens fald “My mind to me a kingdom is, Such present joys therein I find, That it excels all other bliss That world affords or grows by kind. Though much I want which most would have, Yet still my mind forbids to crave.” ― Edward Dyer “I do not think the sunny youth of either will prove the forerunner of stormy age. I think it is deemed good that you two should live in peace and be happy - not as angels but as few are happy amongst mortals. Some lives are thus blessed: it is God's will: it is the attesting trace and lingering evidence of Eden. Other lives run from the first another course. Other travellers encounter weather fitful and gusty wild and variable - breast adverse winds are belated and overtaken by the early closing winter night. Neither can this happen without the sanction of God and I know that amidst His boundless works is somewhere stored the secret of this last fate's justice: I know that His treasures contain the proof as the promise of its mercy.” ― Charlotte Brontë, Villette “That no man can truly imagine being happy and that's why happiness isn't for sale here.” ― Robin Hobb, Ship of Magic “يتم الوصول الى السعادة بطريقة من ثلاث:الأولى :وجود شيء تتطلع إليه أو تترقبه , الثانية :بالمشاركة ,الثالثة : جعل شخص آخر سعيدا.” ― Richard Denny, Succeed for Yourself: Unlock Your Potential for Success and Happiness “The "supreme good" and its attainment -- that is happiness. And joy is: response to happiness.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “Some of the most memorable, and least regrettable, nights of my own youth were spent in coon hunting with farmers. There is no denying that these activities contributed to the economy of farm households, but a further fact is that they were pleasures; they were wilderness pleasures, not greatly different from the pleasures pursued by conservationists and wilderness lovers. As I was always aware, my friends the coon hunters were not motivated just by the wish to tree coons and listen to hounds and listen to each other, all of which were sufficiently attractive; they were coon hunters also because they wanted to be afoot in the woods at night. Most of the farmers I have known, and certainly the most interesting ones, have had the capacity to ramble about outdoors for the mere happiness of it, alert to the doings of the creatures, amused by the sight of a fox catching grasshoppers, or by the puzzle of wild tracks in the snow.” ― Wendell Berry, Bringing it to the Table: On Farming and Food “The gods, so says the old superstition, do not like to behold too happy mortals. It is certain, at least, that some human beings do not.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams “The common element in all the special forms of contemplation is the loving, yearning, affirming bent toward that happiness which is the same as God Himself, and which is the aim and purpose of all that happens in the world.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “It is no coincidence that precisely when things started going downhill with the gods, politics gained its bliss-making character. There would be no reason for objecting to this, since the gods, too were not exactly fair. But at least people saw temples instead of termite architecture. Bliss is drawing closer; it is no longer in the afterlife, it will come, though not momentarily, sooner or later in the here and now - in time. The anarch thinks more primitively; he refuses to give up any of his happiness. "Make thyself happy" is his basic law. It his response to the "Know thyself" at the temple of Apollo in Delphi. These two maxims complement each other; we must know our happiness and our measure.” ― Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil “Here we must take account of one of St. Thomas's conceptual distinctions, which at first seems like unnecessary caviling. It is the distinction between "uncreated" and "created" happiness. We have here something which, while not at all obvious, is nevertheless fraught with consequences for our whole feeling about life. Namely, this: what does indeed make us happy is the infinite and uncreated richness of God; but participation in this, happiness itself, is entirely a "creatural" reality governed from within by our humanity; it is not something that descends overwhelmingly upon us from outside. That is, it is not only something that happens to us; we ourselves are intensely active participants in our own happiness. Beatitude - Thomas is saying - cannot possibly be conceived as a merely objective condition of sheer existence. It is not a mere quality, not pure passivity, not simply a feeling. It is something that takes place in the alert core of the mind... Happiness is an act and an activity of the soul.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “He wished someone in the course of history had thought of striking that word and all its derivatives from the English Language - happy, happier, happiest, happiness. What the devil did the words really mean anyway? Why not just the word pleasure, which was far more... well, pleasant.” ― Mary Balogh, Then Comes Seduction “The gold you have to dig for is not the real gold.” ― Marty Rubin “... each gratification points to the ultimate one, and that all happiness has some connection with eternal beatitude. Some connection, if only this: that every fulfillment this side of Heaven instantly reveals its inadequacy. It is immediately evident that such satisfactions are not enough; they are not what we have really sought; they cannot really satisfy us at all.” ― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation “At liminality, at a transitional point between his last night dream and reality, he realizes he has made a big mistake and happiness is possible without death. (Coming back to himself.)” ― Lara Biyuts, The Sunless Parlour “Therefore, for me, living true to my self may be defined as: Making the daily choices in all areas of my life that are in the best interests of my survival, evolution and prosperity, that aid the ongoing achievement of the highest physical, mental and spiritual objectives of which I am capable, that are based on the most correct assessment of reality I have available, and that honor the evolving truth of who I am and who I choose to be, all in the personal pursuit of freedom, function, fun, as well as the highest good of all.” ― Walt F.J. Goodridge, Living True to Your Self: Reclaim your power! Break Free! Live the life of your dreams! “...ежели разобраться, что такое счастье? Это - жизнь без страха... (Корнелий Глас)” ― Vladislav Krapivin, Выстрел с монитора. Гуси-гуси, га-га-га... “Monsters don’t get happy endings.” ― Paula Stokes, Ferocious “He stared to sea. "I gave up all ideas of practicing medicine. In spite of what I have just said about the wave and the water, in those years in France I am afraid I lived a selfish life. That is, I offered myself every pleasure. I traveled a great deal. I lost some money dabbling in the theatre, but I made much more dabbling on the Bourse. I gained a great many amusing friends, some of whom are now quite famous. But I was never very happy. I suppose I was fortunate. It took me only five years to discover what some rich people never discover — that we all have a certain capacity for happiness and unhappiness. And that the economic hazards of life do not seriously affect it.” ― John Fowles, The Magus “Beauty is not a warrant for wellbeing and so does happiness not hinge on social success, but is only tangible via intricate, meandering discovery journeys in the mind. ("Absence of beauty was like hell")” ― Erik Pevernagie “A fondness for roving, for making a name for themselves in their onw country, and for boasting of what they had seen in their travels, was so strong in our two wanderers, that they resolved to be no longer happy; and demanded permission of the king to leave the country.” ― Voltaire, Candide “When a soothing wind blows gently love through the thistledown of expectations, hope may inveigle the future for timeless care and tenderness to be anchored in a bay of good luck. ("Happiness blowing in the wind" )” ― Erik Pevernagie “Ahora sabemos que las cosas buenas ocurren, que los sueños a veces se cumplen, que los deseos pueden hacerse realidad y de nosotros depende no olvidarlo para poder meterle un gol a esa portería invisible del día a día.” ― Eugenia Rico “Small Moth... She's slicing ripe white peaches into the Tony the Tiger bowl and dropping slivers for the dog poised vibrating by her foot to stop their fall when she spots it, camouflaged, a glimmer and then full on- happiness, plashing blunt soft wings inside her as if it wants to escape again.” ― Sarah Lindsay “But in that first flush of victory and happiness and relief, and God knows what other emotions were involved in this great moment, we were all very much one, and we were all in a state of euphoria, drunk with our happiness.” ― Harry Bernstein, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers “Asymmetrie [macht] Menschen unglücklich.” ― J.M. Coetzee, In the Heart of the Country “[K]urzes Glück: Es ist wohl kein anderes denkbar [...]” ― Kurt Tucholsky, Schloß Gripsholm / Rheinsberg “All my life I have heard the term happiness thrown around like a buzzword as if it is something to be gained. As I have previously expressed, I do not view happiness as a tangible thing. To me happinesss is the elimination of accumulated darkness. Self-sustaining happiness comes from contentment of acceptance, compassion and sympathetic joy, qualities which cannot be developed like a muscle, but rather they must be actualized by the removal of fetters in the mind” ― Mohadesa Najumi “There might not be a measure of happiness left in a life, but there could be beauty and grace and endless love.” ― Peter Heller, Celine “Happiness is the purpose of humans so it must need to be for the good of others otherwise one’s happiness could hurt many others.” ― Zaman Ali, Humanity “Faith is not to believe Or pray that Providence Will help a chieve Anything we want, But to liv e With confidence That God will do for us Everything we need.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “You can never catch real happiness without making others happy!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “A Happiness key: Maintain something to be enthusiastic about. Small/frequent goals = Dopamine hits that propel success.” ― Steve Maraboli “Your fear of becoming a cliche is what turns you into one. If you remove the fear, we are all really walking contradictions, hypocrites and paradoxical cliches” ― Mohadesa Najumi “I have been at war with parts of myself for so long” ― Mohadesa Najumi “Vulnerability is the least celebrated emotion in our society” ― Mohadesa Najumi “I take it as a compliment when somebody calls me crazy. I would be offended if I was one of the sheeple, one of the sleepwalkers in the matrix or part of the collective hallucination we call 'normal” ― Mohadesa Najumi “I don't trust anybody who isn't a little bit neurotic” ― Mohadesa Najumi “You are not always right. It’s not always about being right. The best thing you can offer others is understanding. Being an active listener is about more than just listening, it is about reciprocating and being receptive to somebody else. Everybody has woes. Nobody is safe from pain. However, we all suffer in different ways. So learn to adapt to each person, know your audience and reserve yourself for people who have earned the depths of you” ― Mohadesa Najumi “Life is a useless passion, an exciting journey of a mammal in survival mode. Each day is a miracle, a blessing unexplored and the more you immerse yourself in light, the less you will feel the darkness. There is more to life than nothingness. And cynicism. And nihilism. And selfishness. And glorious isolation. Be selfish with yourself, but live your life through your immortal acts, acts that engrain your legacy onto humanity. Transcend your fears and follow yourself into the void instead of letting yourself get eaten up by entropy and decay. Freedom is being yourself without permission. Be soft and leave a lasting impression on everybody you meet” ― Mohadesa Najumi “I am a habitual rule-breaker” ― Mohadesa Najumi “A man came to Budha and said, "I want happiness". Budha replied" Remove 'I", its your ego,Remove "want" its you source of misery, Now you are left with "happiness".” ― DrDLN “Attachment and Expectations are the two biggest killer elements of happiness in everyone's life. Learn the art to monitor and control these killers to bring happiness back in your LIFE!!!” ― Santosh Adbhut Kumar “But that wasn't what happened. What happened was they drove to Harry's and parked the Camaro next to an Audi and a Lexus and Gansey ordered flavors of gelato until the table wouldn't hold anymore and Ronan convinced the staff to turn the overhead speakers up and Blue laughed for the first time at something Gansey said and they were loud and triumphant and kings of Henrietta, because they'd found the ley line and because it was starting, it was starting.” ― Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys “To change ourselves ,because of where we come from .We are only helping ourselves. You must know that our purpose in life is not only to server ourselves but to help others. Don't be selfish person in.” ― De philosopher DJ Kyos “Unfortunately, wisdom and happiness are old enemies, and where one can be found, the other seldom lingers. - Wollof” ― Joseph Lallo “Unfortunately, wisdom and happiness are old enemies, and where one can be found, the other seldom lingers. - Wolloff” ― Joseph R. Lallo, The Book of Deacon “He was no god, just an artist; and when an artist is a man, he needs a woman to create like a god.” ― Roman Payne “She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belongs to no man and to no city. She knows nothing of borders and invents her own rules and customs. 'Time' for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” ― Roman Payne “In the architecture of their life some may display Potemkin happiness in view of hiding the dark features of their fair weather relationship, preferring to set up a window dressing of fake satisfaction rather than being rejected as emotional outcasts. ("Absence of beauty was like hell")” ― Erik Pevernagie “HAPPINESS is something when you stop overthinking everything. Let all flow” ― Diadjeng Laraswati H “Authentic happiness is not selfish, egotistical or narcissistic, in fact, it is essential in order for humankind to thrive” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “Sustainable happiness is important, because it not only elevate our own wellbeing locally, but also contributes to collective global flourishing.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “Open your eyes Open your ears Open your mind Open your heart They are your portals to joy” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “Happiness will never invite you to the party. Happiness simply comes down to a choice to show up each and every day on the world with passion, purpose, place and meaning.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “Happiness is not a destination. It cannot be bought, sold or traded. Happiness is the gift of the journey.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “When one is happy, every thought seems superfluous.” ― Marty Rubin “Happiness is being at home your own skin and being able to occupy your life.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “We sat talking on a rock. The air was filled with the tang of sea-weed and of something else that could only have been the ocean smell. I felt so happy that I wasn't even afraid it wouldn't last.” ― Tove Jansson, Moominpappa's Memoirs “There is a whole world out there waiting to have fun. Show them how it's done!” ― Gary Rudz “The world seems to want us to be sad and angry because bad things frequently happen. But I say we should feel the opposite. We should be happy and cheerful because good things happen. We should be delighted to see the sun rise and stars glow and rainbows color stormy skies. We should savor every simple breath and eat each meal with gratitude. We should slumber in sweet dreams and relish moments of laughter and love. We should take more notice of the joys and kindnesses that do exist, still dictating the actions of millions of good people all over the world. Life is filled with pleasant moments, not just grief. We should be happy because this is true.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poems, & a Few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year “Happiness waits for no one.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “The achievement of a happy life is not only positively good for us, it is constructively good for those around us.” ― Lisa Cypers Kamen, Are We Happy Yet?: Eight Keys to Unlocking a Joyful Life “Do everything which could make you happy” ― Diadjeng Laraswati H “Stop seeking their approval and validation. The only opinion that should and will ever matter is your own, nobody else deserves to have that much control over the outcome of your life. Do what makes you happy, fearlessly.” ― Keysha Jade, Major Awakening “Some things are too good. They make everything else worthless.” ― Mohsin Hamid, Moth Smoke “Since I can remember, for some reason, I was always “not like others,” and it was presented by everyone like there was something wrong with me; only becoming more grown up and mature, I realized that to be special and different from the crowd is my biggest value and happiness.” ― Sahara Sanders, INDIGO DIARIES: A Series of Novels “Holiness doesn’t demand denial of happiness, only selfishness. Where unhappiness exists in a relationship, I would submit that such isn’t the price of holiness but a sign of sin. It is an indication that one or both partners is holding to the wrong value system, that of self-love. When husbands and wives love each other with agape, they meet the deepest needs God designed to be met in the very manner He intended. The result is a joy that is complete and a relationship where happiness is the fruit of holiness and meaning is the consequence of a loving relationship.” ― —James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Because I did not understand the difference between meaning and happiness, I did not appreciate that life could be meaningful without being happy. I didn’t understand that meaning and happiness are occasionally opposed, such that the self-sacrifice that yields meaning may come at the cost of the very things on which happiness most depends. I erroneously assumed that if I were unhappy then my life lacked significance.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Many of us humans have a hard time with understanding one simple truth: the surest way to get love is to start giving love to others. Often, when we desperately need some companionship, understanding and warmth from those who are around us, we chose to blame, shout, criticize, accuse, insult and set ultimatums. But in reply, we only encounter with cold walls of estrangement which was diligently built by our own efforts, farcical walls and fences.” ― Sahara Sanders, INDIGO DIARIES: A Series of Novels “Happiness is the sense that my life is good because my biological needs are being met. Meaning is the sense that my life is significant because it has met the needs of another. Happiness bestows the feeling that I am whole. Meaning bestows the feeling that I matter and am valued. Happiness is an event, and meaning is a state. Happiness is the means to an end; meaning is an end in itself. Happiness fades; meaning accumulates.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Happiness fades by design, precisely because it’s a means to an end, not an end in itself. We continually need to meet our psychological, emotional, and physical needs to remain healthy. If one meal were enough to provide lasting happiness, we would slowly starve to death afterward … Consequently, there’s a limit to our happiness, which is defined by the amount required to satisfy a biological need. Exceed this amount, and the result isn’t more happiness but the discomfort and disease that follow from overindulgence. While some may be good, more isn’t necessarily better, and too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Happiness is true, even though it fades, and meaning is also true, despite the fact that it endures. Those experiences that define what it most means to be human are true not because they endure, they are true because they are meaningful. Being human is not about being happy, not because happiness fades, but because the apex of the human experience is not happiness but meaning. Meaning endures not because it is true but because it is not dependent on circumstance. Happiness is transient not because it is false but precisely because it is dependent on circumstance. Each emotional experience is true in its proper domain. What makes one fleeting and the other lasting is not truth but the fact that one belongs to the temporal and the other to the eternal.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “The major dilemma in life arises when it is assumed that meaning is simply a greater degree of happiness, such that the more one indulges physiological needs, the more likely it is that life will be experienced as meaningful.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Thoroughly selfish individuals can be entirely happy. They will be unlikely to find life very meaningful. To such individuals, meaning often seems accidental, coincidental, or tangential … The reason this is so is that selfish people will find life meaningful only when they are not themselves; when they forget their selfish desires and act in a manner more consistent with agape (selfless love). Meaning seems accidental, coincidental or tangential to their lives because, by and large, selflessness is accidental, coincidental and tangential to their lives. There is nothing unpredictable about meaning, only the presence of selflessness in the life of a selfish person.” ― James Castleton, MD, Mending of a Broken Heart “Eleven reasons you want to become a robot: 1. Robots are logical and know their purpose. 2. Robots have programming they understand. 3. Robots are not held to unattainable standards and then criticized when they fail. 4. Robots are not crippled by emotions they don't know how to process. 5. Robots are not judged based on what sex organs they were born with. 6. Robots have mechanical bodies that are strong and durable. They are not required to have sex. 7. Robots do not feel guilt (about existing, about failing, about being something other than expected). 8. Robots can multitask. 9. Robots do not feel unsafe all the time. 10. Robots are perfect machines that are capable and functional and can be fixed if something breaks. 11. Robots are happy.” ― A. Merc Rustad, The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 “She quite liked this aspect of her personality, the way her mood could change from melancholy to euphoric because of a breeze or a flavor or a beautiful chord progression. It meant she never had to feel too down about feeling down.” ― Liane Moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty “The single greatest cause of happiness is gratitude.” ― Auliq-Ice “As thou hast said unto thy servant, that thou, which gives life to all, hast given life at once to the creature that thou hast created, and the creature bare it: even so it might now also bear them that now be present at once.” ― Compton Gage “After seven days of fasten so it was, that the thoughts of my heart were very grievous unto me- and my soul recovered the spirit of understanding.” ― Compton Gage “Hear me, and I will instruct thee; hearken to the thing that I say, and I shall tell thee more.” ― Compton Gage “Thou art sore troubled in mind for the people in the world’s sake: loves thou that people better than he that made them?” ― Compton Gage “Of very grief have I spoken: for my reins pain me every hour, while I labor to comprehend the way of the most High, and to seek out part of his judgment.” ― Compton Gage “Wherefore, Lord? where unto was I born then? or why was not my mother’s womb then my grave, that I might not have seen the travail of Jacob, and the wearisome toil of the stock of the world?” ― Compton Gage “Number me the things that are not yet come- gather me together the dross that are scattered abroad- make me the flowers green again that are withered- Open me the places that are closed, and bring me forth the winds that in them are shut up- shew me the image of a voice: and then I will declare to thee the thing that thou labor to know.” ― Compton Gage “O Lord that bear rule, who may know these things, but he that had not his dwelling with men?” ― Compton Gage “As for you, you're unwise: how may you then speak of these things whereof thou ask you?” ― Compton Gage “Like as thou canst do none of these things that I have spoken of, even so canst thou not find out my judgment, or in the end the love that I have promised unto my people.” ― Compton Gage “Behold, O Lord, yet art thou nigh unto them that be reserved till the end: and what shall they do that have been before me, or we that be now, or they that shall come after us?” ― Compton Gage “I will liken my judgment unto a ring: like as there is no slackness of the last, even so there is no swiftness of the first.” ― Compton Gage “Could thou not make those that have been made, and be now, and that are for to come, at once; that thou might shew thy judgement the sooner?” ― Compton Gage “The creature may not haste above the maker; neither may the world hold them at once that shall be created therein.” ― Compton Gage “An extreme fearfulness moves through all your body, and your mind is troubled more.” ― Compton Gage “Ask the womb of a woman, and say unto her, If thou bring forth children, why dost thou it not together, but one after another? pray her therefore to bring forth ten children at once.” ― Compton Gage “She cannot: but must do it by distance of time.” ― Compton Gage “How my adventures become your sins?” ― Compton Gage “What betrayed me? Was it my heart? Or my Soul?” ― Compton Gage “You do not love me; you love my success!” ― Compton Gage “Even so have I given the womb of the earth to those that be sown in it in their times.” ― Compton Gage “Like as a young child may not bring forth the things that belong to the aged, even so have I disposed the world which I created.” ― Compton Gage “Seeing thou hast now given me the way, I will proceed to speak before thee: for our mother, of whom thou hast told me that she is young, draw now nigh unto age.” ― Compton Gage “They that be born in the strength of youth are of one fashion, and they that are born in the time of age, when the womb fail, are otherwise.” ― Compton Gage “Gratitude is a miracle of its own recognition. It brings out a sense of appreciation and sincerity of a being.” ― Auliq-Ice “Gratitude turns disappointment into lessons learned, discoveries made, alternatives explored, and new plans set in motion.” ― Auliq-Ice “For the grateful, there is no room for disappointment; Each moment offers life.” ― Auliq-Ice “Those who are truly grateful are deeply moved by the privilege of living.” ― Auliq-Ice “To shew thee such tokens I have leave; and if thou wilt pray again, and weep as now, and fast even days, thou shall hear yet greater things.” ― Compton Gage “As concerning the things whereof thou asked me, I will tell thee; for the evil is sown, but the destruction thereof is not yet come.” ― Compton Gage “If therefore that which is sown be not turned upside down, and if the place where the evil is sown passes not away, then cannot it come that is sown with good?” ― Compton Gage “The grain of evil seed had been sown in the heart of Adam from the beginning, and how much ungodliness had it brought up unto this time? and how much shall it yet bring forth until the time of threshing come?” ― Compton Gage “Ponder now by thyself, how great fruit of wickedness the grain of evil seed had brought forth. And when the ears shall be cut down, which are without number, how great a floor shall they fill?” ― Compton Gage “How, and when shall these things come to pass? wherefore are our years few and evil?” ― Compton Gage “Do not thou hasten above the most Highest: for thy haste is in vain to be above him, for thou hast much exceeded.” ― Compton Gage “Did not the souls also of the righteous ask question of these things in their chambers, saying, "How long shall I hope on this fashion?" when cometh the fruit of the floor of our reward?” ― Compton Gage “Even when the number of seeds is filled in you: for he had weighed the world in the balance.” ― Compton Gage “By measure had he measured the times; and by number had he numbered the times; and he doth not move nor stir them, until the said measure be fulfilled.” ― Compton Gage “O Lord that bear rule, even we all are full of impiety. And for our sakes peradventure it is that the floors of the righteous are not filled, because of the sins of them that dwell upon the earth.” ― Compton Gage “Go thy way to a woman with child, and ask of her when she had fulfilled her nine months, if her womb may keep the birth any longer within her.” ― Compton Gage “In the grave the chambers of souls are like the womb of a woman: For like as a woman that travails make haste to escape the necessity of the travail: even so do these places haste to deliver those things that are committed unto them.” ― Compton Gage “From the beginning, look, what thou desires to see, it shall be shew thee.” ― Compton Gage “If I have found favor in thy sight, and if it be possible, and if I be meet therefore, shew me then whether there be more to come than is past, or more past than is to come.” ― Compton Gage “Stand up upon the right side, and I shall expound the similitude unto thee.” ― Compton Gage “Consider with thyself; as the rain is more than the drops, and as the fire is greater than the smoke; but the drops and the smoke remain behind: so the quantity which is past did more exceed.” ― Compton Gage “Do you think I will live until that time? If not, who will be alive when it happens?” ― Compton Gage “As for the tokens whereof thou ask me, I may tell thee of them in part: but as touching thy life, I am not sent to shew thee.” ― Compton Gage “Nevertheless as coming the tokens, behold, the days shall come, that they which dwell upon earth shall be taken in a great number, and the way of truth shall be hidden, and the land shall be barren of faith.” ― Compton Gage “Iniquity shall be increased above that which now thou see, or that thou hast heard long ago.” ― Compton Gage “The land, that thou see now to have root, shall thou see wasted suddenly.” ― Compton Gage “If the most High grant thee to live, thou shall see after the third trumpet that the sun shall suddenly shine again in the night, and the moon thrice in the day:” ― Compton Gage “Blood shall drop out of wood, and the stone shall give his voice, and the people shall be troubled:” ― Compton Gage “He shall rule, whom they look not for that dwell upon the earth, and the fowls shall take their flight away together:” ― Compton Gage “The Sodomy sea shall cast out fish, and make a noise in the night, which many have not known: but they shall all hear the voice thereof.” ― Compton Gage “There shall be confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruate women shall bring forth monsters:” ― Compton Gage “Salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; then shall wit hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber-” ― Compton Gage “Shall be sought of many, and yet not be found: then shall unrighteousness and incontinence be multiplied upon earth.” ― Compton Gage “One land also shall ask another, and say, ‘Is righteousness that makes a man righteous gone through thee?’ And it shall say, ‘No.” ― Compton Gage “At the same time shall men hope, but nothing obtain: they shall labor, but their ways shall not prosper.” ― Compton Gage “I'd learned more about her in that exhausted, murmuring hour than in all the many months before it. Lovers find their way by such insights and confidences: they're the stars we use to navigate the ocean of desire. And the brightest of those stars are the heartbreaks and sorrows. The most precious gift you can bring to your lover is your suffering. So I took each sadness she confessed to me, and pinned it to the sky.” ― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram “You either bend, or you break. Suppress your ego to stay happy.” ― Manoj Arora, Happiness Unlimited: How to be happy always “The greatest futility! says the congregator, "The greatest futility! Everything is futile!" What does a person gain from all his hard work- At which he toils under the sun? A generation goes and another cometh forth, but the earth remains the same.” ― Compton Gage “As thou know not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou know not the works of what makes all.” ― Compton Gage “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou know not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.” ― Compton Gage “Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun: But if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. And all that cometh is vanity.” ― Compton Gage “These be they that have put off the mortal clothing, and put on the immortal, and have confessed the name of God: now are they crowned, and receive palms.” ― Compton Gage “Go thy way, and tell my people, the people of thy Lord God what manner of things, and how great wonders of the Lord thy God, thou hast seen.” ― Compton Gage “And yet their reward appear not, and their labor had no fruit: for I have gone here and there through the heathen, and I see that they flow in wealth, and think not upon thy commandments.” ― Compton Gage “Weigh thou therefore their wickedness now in the balance, and theirs also that dwell the world; and so shall thy name no where be found anymore.” ― Compton Gage “When was it that they who dwell upon the earth have not sinned in thy sight? or what people have so kept thy commandments? Thou shall find that you all by name had kept thy precepts; but not the heathen.” ― Compton Gage “Thy heart had gone too far in this world, and think thou to comprehend the way of the most High?” ― Compton Gage “Go thy way, weigh me the weight of the fire, or measure me the blast of the wind, or call me again the day that is past.” ― Compton Gage “What man is able to do that, that thou should ask such things of me?” ― Compton Gage “If I should ask thee how great dwellings are in the midst of the sea, or how many springs are in the beginning of the deep, or how many springs are above the firmament, or which are the outgoings of paradise: Peradventure thou would say unto me, ‘I never went down into the deep, nor as yet into hell, neither did I ever climb up into heaven.” ― Compton Gage “Nevertheless now have I asked thee but only of the fire and wind, and of the day where-through thou hast passed, and of things from which thou canst not be separated, and yet canst thou give me no answer of them.” ― Compton Gage “Thine own things, and such as are grown up with thee, canst thou not know; How should thy vessel then be able to comprehend the way of the Highest, and, the world being now outwardly corrupted to understand the corruption that is evident in my sight?” ― Compton Gage “It were better that we were not at all, than that we should live still in wickedness, and to suffer, and not to know wherefore.” ― Compton Gage “I went into a forest into a plain, and the trees took counsel- And said, Come, let us go and make war against the sea that it may depart away before us, and that we may make us more woods. The floods of the sea also in like manner took counsel, and said, Come, let us go up and subdue the woods of the plain, that there also we may make us another country. The thought of the wood was in vain, for the fire came and consumed it. The thought of the floods of the sea came likewise to nought, for the sand stood up and stopped them. If thou wart judge now betwixt these two, whom would thou begin to justify? or whom would thou condemn?” ― Compton Gage “Verily it is a foolish thought that they both have devised, for the ground is given unto the wood, and the sea also had its place to bear its floods.” ― Compton Gage “Thou hast given a right judgment, but why judge thou not thyself also?” ― Compton Gage “For like as the ground is given unto the wood, and the sea to his floods: even so they that dwell upon the earth may understand nothing but that which is upon the earth: and he that dwell above the heavens may only understand the things that are above the height of the heavens.” ― Compton Gage “I beseech thee, O Lord, let me have understanding: For it was not my mind to be curious of the high things, but of such as pass by us daily.” ― Compton Gage “Wherefore the present age is given up as a reproach to the heathen, and for what cause the people whom thou hast loved is given over unto ungodly nations?!” ― Compton Gage “Why the law of our forefathers are brought to nought, and the written covenants come to none effect-” ― Compton Gage “We pass away out of the world as grasshoppers, and our life is astonishment and fear, and we are not worthy to obtain mercy.” ― Compton Gage “What will he then do unto his name whereby we are called? ...of these things have I asked.” ― Compton Gage “The more thou search, the more thou shall marvel.” ― Compton Gage “The more thou search, the more thou shall marvel; for the world hast fast to pass away-” ― Compton Gage “The world hast fast to pass away- And cannot comprehend the things that are promised to the righteous in time to come: for this world is full of unrighteousness and infirmities.” ― Compton Gage “Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which animates all whom it floats, and you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and a perfect contentment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Spiritual Laws “So treasure your moments of happiness, the glimpses you see of truth, the nights you've been loved. That's all you've got.” ― Fay Weldon, Female Friends “Ô, the wine of a woman from heaven is sent, more perfect than all that a man can invent.” ― Roman Payne “Happiness changes the way you see the world.” ― Auliq Ice “Happiness thinks only of itself.” ― Raymond Radiguet, The Devil in the Flesh “He was no god, he was just an artist; and when an artist is a man, he needs a woman to create like a god.” ― Roman Payne “Where there is love, things roll.” ― Auliq Ice “Life, is a chess game you win or loose, but just keep playing.” ― Auliq Ice “Where Love Leads, Hatred Cannot Follow.” ― Auliq Ice “But that’s the way life is; felicity and expiation play together in the narrow lanes of life like bosom friends, inseparable. You find one, and the other is always around the corner.” ― Anurag Shourie, Half A Shadow “Being Human we always make confusion between success and happiness.” ― Lalit Vithalani “- Chodź, Słoniczko, mam Ci coś ważnego do powiedzenia - powiedziała Mama-słoń pewnego razu, gdy pod wieczór pomarańczowe słońce wtapiało się w pomarańczową pustynię, a stado szarych słoni w szarym zmierzchu wyglądało jak stado cieni. - Jeżeli będziesz sama, moja Słoniczko, to w chwili uniesienia i serdecznej radości pamiętaj zawsze owinąć trąbę wokół czegoś, co jest bardzo ciężkie: wokół rosłej palmy albo ogromnego głazu, tak abyś nie odfrunęła do gwiazd. Kiedy natomiast, słuchaj, Kochanie, uważnie, poczujesz, że jest Ci bardzo ciężko i bardzo jesteś nieszczęśliwa, to rozłóż cztery łapki na boki - wtedy piaski pustyni nie pochłoną Cię tak łatwo - i staraj się sobie przypomnieć, jak to było kiedyś, gdy jak balonik unosiłaś się nad światem.” ― Joanna Klara Teske, Wschód i zachód słonia “Our success is incomplete, unless and untill it is reflected as happiness in someone's eyes.” ― Lalit Vithalani “When one grows older one learns that happiness—complete and unadulterated happiness—comes only in moments, and must be recognized and savored to the full, for even in the happiest life, the complete joy is not always present.” ― Victoria Holt, The Legend of the Seventh Virgin “Gratitude changes us.” ― Auliq Ice, The Secret of Greatness “Being grateful for what you have is the key to peace and happiness.” ― Pravin Agarwal “This life-enhancing, happiness-inducing miracle drug that does, in fact, ruthlessly kill its enemies—you’ve guessed it—is gratitude.” ― Auliq Ice “Count your blessings as the more you are grateful for what you have the more there is to be grateful for.” ― Pravin Agarwal “The shortest path to happiness is the path of love.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “Do you ever feel like you're just not where you want to be in life? Do you ever ask yourself... What am I doing with my life? Am I even on the right path? Why don't I feel fulfilled? Then you're not alone. For many, defining and living a fulfilling life path is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. But that doesn't mean it's too late for you to start living on purpose! Within your birth name and birthday lies answers you've always wanted but could never reach. Answers to questions like: What is my life's purpose? How can I boost my career? How can can rescue my relationship? How can I achieve financial freedom? What is the path to fulfilment and happiness? It's not a magic recipe for success, but trust me, life gets a lot easier when you can deeply understand your instincts, desires, and decisions. No more struggling up hill on a daily basis or second-guessing yourself while waiting around for luck to find you. Instead, you'll be able to take your life into your own hands and finally move it in the direction you want. It's ancient secret that harkens back over 4000 years... Some things are going to happen no matter what you do. But most of the time, you have some control. You don't need to be a leaf blowing in the wind. The future depends upon the choices you make and the choices other people make. When people choose to get out of their comfort zone and do things they wouldn't normally do, the future can play out differently. Remember that everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it. The advantage of a spiritual consultation is that you can see things clearly and together we can work on a plan to help you get what you want in the future. 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I provide Honest, Professional, Ethical and Non-judgmental Insights, Give Clarity, Assistance, Purpose, Direction and Empower people so they live a Happier and More Fulfilling Life. We all need help to resolve questions and I like to think I'm a good listener and a straight talker. My purpose is to help people move to a higher state of self-awareness. This isn’t just about finding a direction or an answer; being self-aware can help you heal and move on, something that so many people find difficult to do. Think of me a life coach with a spiritual as well as a pragmatic approach. As well as clients, I’m interested in meeting people whose own work complements mine and perhaps creating client offers together. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might wish to. I’ll be happy to answer them. Email me: ✉ marruchohealing@gmail.com Or Call at: ✆ 0044) 07448188264 (mob) SPECIALITIES ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Spiritual Healing | Distance Healing | Psychic Healing | Psychic Medium | Psychic Reading | Astrology” ― Joao Marrucho “Be open about your thoughts, ideas, and desires and you will be right with your decisions.” ― Auliq Ice “When Mahi (My daughter) was born, I have started writing a diary for her. My plan was that, over the period of time, I'd fill it with all good things about living a life at its best in every aspect. . But along the way, I realised that whatever I'm writing is eventually transforming my own life in an astonishing way. In every sentence written by me, I'm trying to explore something deeply embedded in my own soul that I need to solve,I need to understand, to pursue an ideal life. Then I came to know that when you just think of giving something to someone honestly from the bottom of your heart, you start receiving the same in abundance.” ― Lalit Vithalani “When Mahi (My daughter) was born, I have started writing a diary for her. My plan was that, over the period of time, I'd fill it with all good things about living a life at its best in every aspect. . But along the way, I realised that whatever I'm writing is eventually transforming my own life in an astonishing way. In every sentence written by me, I'm trying to explore something deeply embedded in my own soul that I need to solve,I need to understand, to pursue an ideal life. Then I came to know that when you just think of giving something to someone honestly from the bottom of your heart, you start receiving the same in abundance.” ― Lalit Vithalani “Happy people tend to be those who take pleasure in simple things.” ― Auliq Ice “Happiness is long-lasting, a condition of the soul, the foundation on which the circumstances of life are experienced, endured, or enjoyed.” ― Auliq Ice “Happiness is the condition of who we are and how we think and what we believe and how we live.” ― Auliq Ice “Happiness is the primary goal of human existence.” ― Joey Lawsin “Love wins when reflections win over reflexes.” ― Abhishek S, Feelings Undefined: The Charm of the Unsaid “In the end, you will realize most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly.” ― Abhishek S, Feelings Undefined: The Charm of the Unsaid “The struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “It's in those quiet little towns, at the edge of the world, that you will find the salt of the earth people who make you feel right at home.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Those who achieve the extraordinary are usually the most ordinary because they have nothing to prove to anybody. Be Humble.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Best Way to Stay Happy is to be busy.” ― Dipika Agarwal “The secret to a happy life is simply your attitude.” ― Gloria Tesch “The world is perfect, and at the same time, it is in a constant state of unfolding. This is also true for you and me. Our quest for enlightenment is really just a re-connection with something that already exists in us.” ― Victor Shamas “Acceptance is an important part of serenity. It is not enough, however, simply to accept the things we cannot change. For me, serenity comes from not having any investment in the outcome. If I am genuinely serene, then it will not matter to me whether things change or stay the same. Either way, I choose to be happy.” ― Victor Shamas, The Chanters Guide: Sacred Chanting as a Shamanic Practice “Happiness is health” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “A little bit closer to the stars, anything seemed possible.” ― Heather Demetrios, I'll Meet You There “There's just so much to live for.” ― Alex George, Setting Free the Kites “When people use you, it does not feel very good. But when God uses you for His purpose, it's the gretest feeling in the world!” ― Jen Selinsky “When people use you, it does not feel very good. But when God uses you for His purpose, it's the greatest feeling in the world!” ― Jen Selinsky “This is the secret of happiness that you have been looking for: If you are moving in the direction of your identified desires, you're happy in this moment. If you're moving in opposition to your identified desires, you are unhappy in this moment.” ― Abraham Hicks “Happy people is a great hope to all the unhappy people because a path of success can always be used by the people who couldn’t find such a path yet!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “The sacred h”s : hope, happiness and health.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “One has to learn contentment, forgiveness, and purpose on her own before the universe allows her to share her happiness with another soul.” ― Benyf, 11.11.11 After so Many Years of Tears: Letters to My Distant Soul-Mate “you don't have to be happy to spread happiness.” ― Naresh Soni “Siapapun yang terhibur dengan buku-buku, kebahagiaan tak akan sirna dari dirinya.” ― Ali bin Abi Thalib “Sometimes you have to create your own sunshine.” ― Sam Sundquist “Nu-i așa că [durerea] e perfect firească chiar și atunci când omul știe că la capătul acestui drum îl așteaptă fericirea?” ― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita “before destroying ,please create one same” ― litymunshi “Happiness is not a thing - it is a feeling; a way of joyful living and being. It comes from inner fulfilment and appreciating the world you live in.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “Your life - and all lives - will be richer if lived with a open, loving heart rather than a closed, fearful mind” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “I have attended weddings, with chipped nail paints. I have worn same blue denim for days in a row. I have not followed etiquette sometimes, I was too happy to bother. I have picked up fights, ugly ones too. I have been notorious because I stood up for myself. I have flaws. I am flawed. But I have come to realize, It’s okay to life a life others don’t understand. My life should be my LIBERATION, Not anyone’s REGULATION.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “Miles and miles of smiles illustrated by the gratitude that creates them” ― Paul Bradley Smith “Never have I seen so many young, privileged, people trying so hard to be happy. There are countless articles written about it, blogs named for it, workshops attending to it. Who ever said we’re supposed to be happy all the time, anyway? We’re not. And the pressure to do so might be what’s making us unhappy to begin with. It’s OK if you’re not completely content with your life twenty-four hours a day. Can you imagine what a boring person you’d be if you were? Going through shit storms, feeling uninspired, hating the way you look and having guilt over not accomplishing enough are just some of the things that make you interesting, relatable and human. Not to mention, if you’re reading this, then you have internet access and if you have internet access, it stands to reason that you have a computer, which makes me think you probably have a place to live, with electricity and plenty of food to eat and clean clothes to wear, which are all things that an enormous amount of people living on the planet today do not have. This is not to say that people shouldn’t strive to better their positions in life, however it seems like so many of us are no longer content with a regular amount of happy, yet dead-set on being maniacally jubilant, all of the time.” ― Kelly Rheel “I no longer feel the eternal sublime of magical time. I need my love for that ...for I am no god, I am just an artist; and when an artist is a man, he needs a woman to create like a god.” ― Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition “Alone, we are great, but together, we are better.” ― Izey Victoria Odiase “Health and happiness are the two most precious and elusive of human conditions. At their core, they are one and the same. Both are a function of balance.” ― Victor Shamas, The Way of Play: Reclaiming Divine Fun & Celebration “Well, I’d rather be unhappy than have the sort of false, lying happiness you were having here.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World “Progress occurs where truths are questioned.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “The flower replied: you fool! Do you imagine I blossom in order to be seen? I blossom for my own sake because it pleases me, not for the sake of others. My joy consists in my being and my blossoming.” ― Irvin Yalom “The wise man’s eyes are in his head; but the fool walks in darkness: and I myself perceived also that one event happens to them all.” ― Compton Gage “And this have I found, that man was made upright; but they have sought out many inventions.” ― Compton Gage “I sought in mine heart to give myself unto wine, yet acquainting mine heart with wisdom; and to lay hold on folly, till I might see what was that good for the sons of men, which they should do under the sun all the days of their lives.” ― Compton Gage “I made myself great works; I build houses for myself; I planted vineyards: I made myself gardens and orchards, and I planted trees in them of all kind of fruits: I made pools of water, to water therewith the wood that brings forth trees:” ― Compton Gage “I got myself servants and maidens, and had servants born in my house; also I had great possessions of great and small cattle above all that were in my town before me:” ― Compton Gage “I gathered for myself also silver and gold, and the peculiar treasure of kings and of the provinces:” ― Compton Gage “I had men singers and women singers, and the delights of the sons of men, as musical instruments, and that of all sorts.” ― Compton Gage “I was great, and increased more than all that were before me in my town: also my wisdom remained with me.” ― Compton Gage “Whatsoever mine eyes desired I kept not from them, I withheld not my heart from any joy; for my heart rejoiced in all my labor: and this was my portion of all my labor; Death!” ― Compton Gage “I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labor that I had labored to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.” ― Compton Gage “For what had man of all his labor, and of the vexation of his heart, wherein he had labored under the sun? For all his days are sorrows, and his travail grief; yea, his heart takes not rest in the night.” ― Compton Gage “I turned myself to behold wisdom, for what can the man do that cometh after the king? …even that which had been already done.” ― Compton Gage “I saw that wisdom excel folly, as far as light excel darkness: and I myself perceived also that one event happens to them all.” ― Compton Gage “Behold, this have I found also, counting one by one, to find out the account: Which yet my soul seek, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.” ― Compton Gage “I said in my heart, As it happens to the fool, so it happens even to the wise; and why was I then more wise?” ― Compton Gage “For there is no remembrance of the wise more than of the fool for ever; seeing that which now is in the days to come shall all be forgotten in the heart of the sons of men.” ― Compton Gage “And how dies the wise man? …as the fool. Therefore I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me: for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.” ― Compton Gage “I cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shall find it after many days. And gives a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou know not what evil shall be upon the earth.” ― Compton Gage “If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree falls toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall be.” ― Compton Gage “He that observes the wind shall not sow; and he that regards the clouds shall not reap.” ― Compton Gage “To become happy in life you need to master the eleven skills: know your life compass, change your thinking, change your beliefs, accept your limits, take responsibility for your life, use positive language, change your habits, manage negative emotions in a wise way, set compelling goals, master time management and face life challenges” ― Victoria Herocten, Awaken Mega Happiness “Happiness manifest when the ordained is realized” ― Sunday Adelaja “Sadly a pinch of happiness is not sold in markets.” ― Alamvusha “Happiness Is Dependent Upon Choosing To Function Within The Laws And Principles Of Kingdom Of God” ― Sunday Adelaja “Laughter Is Created As An Expression Of Happiness And Joy Which Results In Health” ― Sunday Adelaja “Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are still alive. Better is he than both they, which had not yet been, who had not seen the evil work that is done under the sun.” ― Compton Gage “Happiness is happiness” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “A smile is a smile.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Even though I knew this might end in heartbreak, that he might make my life scary and complicated and unpredictable, I knew I couldn't let him walk away. Because I knew he'd also make my life happy and comforting and full.” ― Kasie West, By Your Side “If you think only sunshine brings you happiness, then you have not danced in the rain” ― Unknown “Hope in God makes a happy heart.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Gnani’ [the englightened one] gives freedom from all sufferings. Outside [world] reigns the cycle of antagonistic [painful] times, Kaliyug. On the contrary, it will even take away whatever happiness you may have.” ― Dada Bhagwan “Smile is a talent, few don't have.” ― saadshah “Happiness is like a ripple. If you're the origin, you will get happiness back with same frequency.” ― saadshah “Laugh every day for five minutes, without any reason, then repeat it for 21 days straight and it will become your habit to do.” ― Catherine B. Roy, Live From Your Heart and Mind: The Secret to the Simplicity of Connecting your Heart and Mind on the Road to Happiness and Success. “La felicità non consiste nel mettersi al riparo dalla sofferenza, ma di integrarla al tessuto della nostra esistenza.” ― Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Invisible Love “She had never been able to stand her husband, though not for one minute in their married life had she permitted this to make her unhappy. Only people who are fond of somebody can ever be unhappy, she had told her daughter before her wedding.” ― Anna Seghers, The Seventh Cross “One has to believe in happiness in order to create it.” ― Marty Rubin “The melody of music makes my heart merry.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “The next time you feel really good, just keep feeling that way for the rest of your life.” ― Donny Miller, Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings “Everyone's holding my happiness hostage.” ― Donny Miller, Beautiful People with Beautiful Feelings “Let the song in your heart makes you happy.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Follow your heart, there lies your happiness.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Without the 'applied awareness' of the Soul, 'happiness' cannot arise.” ― Dada Bhagwan “Happiness happens when you have a bigger purpose than having more fulfills, which is why we say happiness happens on the way to fulfillment.” ― Gary Keller, The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results “There's an inexplicable joy that exists on a brown child's face and in the way they navigate their world long before they discover they're hated.” ― Darnell Lamont Walker “Ah! candid and unadulterated mind! you have learned early to reflect; but take care lest this habit, hitherto so well applied, should totally unfit you for society. It will strew thorns in your path, while other young women of your age seek only flowers. By imagining yourself in the place of others, as you now continually do, you will learn to feel for all the unhappy, or even for those who appear so; whereas it might save a great deal of (for the most part useless) pain, if you could contrive to feel only for yourself.” ― Charlotte Turner Smith, Marchmont “Have you ever thought; whilst looking all this time for the magic in the world, it's been inside you all along? No matter how far you travel, how wide you spread your wings and learn to fly if you have no idea what treasures hide within you you'll be searching your entire life.” ― Nikki Rowe “If someone says, "the Gnani Purush is happy in the 'Real' but happy or unhappy in the 'relative’", then I would say, "No, the Gnani Purush Knows the 'relative' as being the 'relative', and therefore He is happy in the relative as well.” ― Dada Bhagwan “We are responsible for our own Happiness, Misery, Good and Bad deeds, Accomplishments, etc. Nothing else, but the functions of our brains.” ― Andrea L'Artiste “Be happy, not contented.” ― Biju Paulose “Happiness is a choice. It's not always easy, but is IS always worth it.” ― Lorri Faye “Wrath held her even closer, right to his beating chest. “. . . a son?” “Yes. A son.” All of a sudden, he felt the biggest, widest, happiest grin hit his face, the g*dd*mn thing stretching his cheeks until they hurt, making his eyes water from the strain, pulling at his temples until they burned. And the joy wasn’t just on his puss. A flush so great it burned him alive flooded through his body, cleansing him in places he didn’t know were dirty, washing out cobwebs that had crept into his corners, making him feel alive in a way he hadn’t been in a very, very long time. Before he knew what he was doing, he burst to his feet with Beth in his arms, leaned back, and hollered at the top of his lungs, with more pride than his six-foot-nine frame could hold. “A soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! I’m having a soooooooooooooooooooooooon!” -Wrath & Beth” ― J.R. Ward, The King “Money can make life comfortable, solve some problems and bring temporary satisfaction, but true happiness and joy is not guaranteed by money.” ― Sunday Adelaja “Happiness is a spiritual dimension; therefore its source should also be spiritual, not material.” ― Sunday Adelaja “Happiness is a spiritual concept and his source is hidden in God” ― Sunday Adelaja “Whoever has money would have realized that it doesn’t bring happiness” ― Sunday Adelaja “God is the only source of happiness and money” ― Sunday Adelaja “Remember your connection with the cosmos. Remember your connection with the infinity and that remembrance will give you the freedom.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step “You cannot change the past, but you can make a difference now” ― Avis J. Williams “All the hungers we have for love, for union, for happiness are given by God to lead us to him. The difference between a saint and the greatest sinner is where they go to satisfy that hunger.” ― Christopher West “I enjoy the wild things, Call me at 3 am and tell me you're waiting at my door. Give me sunsets in different cities and road trips on dirt tracks not sighted on maps. Whiskey for breakfast & cheap thrills for dinner. Give me happiness in a smile and nothing of certainty but the way we make eachother feel. There so much life in living while you're alive & id give absolutely anything to have it all with you.” ― Nikki Rowe “You’ll never get what you truly deserve if you remain attached to what you’re supposed to let go of.” ― Genereux Philip “The heaven of a grasshopper is the wheat field; the heaven of man is the same place, the very earth itself where we get our food and build our happiness!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “I'm not a puzzle piece to someone else's puzzle, I'm my own puzzle that is still growing. I'm unsure of what it'll look like when it's done, but it will be uniquely me.” ― Macy Niichel “It is very sad that most of us just aren’t grateful for what we have. If you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re not homeless. You’re not blind. You might be ill, but you’re still alive. And yet, we find it hard to be thankful. To see the gift each day brings us. It is from this lack of true gratitude that we become sad. We have told ourselves over and over that we aren’t happy. That our lives aren’t good. That we’re no good.” ― S.R. Crawford, From My Suffering: 25 Ways to Break the Chains of Anxiety, Depression & Stress “She looked down at her bulging veins and she remembered the most important thing that she had forgotten – she was alive.” ― S.R. Crawford, From My Suffering: 25 Ways to Break the Chains of Anxiety, Depression & Stress “Her question was clear- “Father, where does the Loss reside?” In the sighs? Cheeks with tears wiped? A lost appetite? Owning a room confined? Or in the smiles all falsified? Thus, the Father decide, It is no matter to hide, he replied- “I think its deep inside, Probably, In the layers of your soul, Where the body provides it, Ample food to be- Magnified, multiplied, intensified. But once you clarify, That its not to be occupied inside, It starves of supplies, And dies. So child, when there is loss, Make sure you refuse to invite it inward, And absolutely never make it your lifelong parasite.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more.” ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo “Every person has his secret; in reverie, unbeknown to others, he finds peace, freedom, sorrow and love.” ― Abhishek S, Feelings Undefined: The Charm of the Unsaid “We place artificial demands on ourselves that undermine our happiness. These demands force us to work harder and harder to cross a finish line that keeps moving.” ― Frank Sonnenberg, BookSmart: Hundreds of real-world lessons for success and happiness “Shrieking Brooke’s name as loudly as I could, out in the corridor, I brought her running quickly to my room. ‘What’s happened, what’s wrong?’ she immediately cried concerned, legging it up the stairs two at a time. She appeared breathless outside the kitchen door. Brian appeared sleepily at his door too, awoken by the noise, and watched us. ‘She’s moving,’ I cried. ‘What? Flutters like before?’ ‘No more, here feel.’ I grabbed her hand and pushed it down onto my exposed belly. Brian averted his eyes as I stood, belly out and top up over my bra, in the middle of the corridor. ‘I can’t push you that hard,’ she exclaimed, pulling back her fingers surprised. ‘It will hurt you, or her, I can’t do that.’ ‘Yes, you can,’ I insisted. ‘You won’t hurt us.’ I pulled her hand back and pushed her long fingers into my belly and we stood waiting, hardly daring to breathe. You kicked again, hard into my side, under Brooke’s long pink fingernails. Brooke jumped away from me in shock and then burst out laughing. She clapped her hands together delighted. ‘Well?’ I asked her. ‘She kicked me,’ Brooke shrieked still jumping up and down clapping. ‘She kicked me. That was amazing, let me do it again.’ She came back over towards me slowly. Cautiously she pushed her fingers into the same spot on my side. We waited again in silence and I saw her face slightly drop as the seconds ticked by. ‘Ah it works,’ she yelled, as again she jumped back shocked as the tiny little feet thudded from my insides at her hand. ‘I love it. Do it again.’ I laughed and then Brian stepped forward. ‘Can I have a go?’ he asked quietly, fiddling with his hands and stepping out of his room towards us. ‘Of course you can, come here.’ And that is how we spent the next few minutes out in the corridor by the kitchen, shrieking, whooping, and jumping around. If anyone had been in the house, I know they would probably have thought we were all mad. Mad, no. Thrilled and excited, most definitely. Baby girl, you did that to us. Thank you.” ― Emily Williams, Letters to Eloise “To be successful, look for the job you will take if you don't need a job” ― Warren Buffett “Emotions are the road signs to your happiness.” ― Sam Owen, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People “Find your happiness before the music of this world falls on deaf ears.” ― Saim .A. Cheeda “If you want to be happy, be a person who likes to "do" things.” ― Marty Rubin “It's like getting an extraordinary meal after you've been eating junk food for a long time. The taste just sweeps through your sensibilities, bringing all-out contentment, and the sheer goodness of it makes up for every bad meal you ever had.” ― Joan Bauer, Hope Was Here “May your heart be filled with happiness.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Enjoy time of existence.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “The air was swollen with music, shouting, and something I could not quite place- a feeling of happiness, but happiness with an edge, a sense of joy that was all the more meaningful because it was so fleeting.” ― Chelsey Philpot, Even in Paradise “I’m feeling really hopeful about it, like maybe I actually have a chance to get better. To be happy. It’s funny, I just realized that my whole life, the whole time I’ve been trying to be perfect, I never once considered happiness as part of the equation. I guess it seemed so impossible I couldn’t even let myself fantasize about it. But now, I don’t know, things feel different somehow. Like impossible things might not be so impossible.” ― Amy Reed, Clean “If people read poetry, they would be happier.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Sam woke to a feeling of utter, profound, incredible relief. He closed his eyes as soon as he opened them, afraid that being awake would just invite something terrible to appear. Astrid was back. And she was asleep with her head on his arm. His arm was asleep, completely numb, but as long as that blond head was right there his arm could stay numb. She smelled like pine trees and campfire smoke. He opened his eyes, cautious, almost flinching, because the FAYZ didn’t make a habit of allowing him pure, undiluted happiness. The FAYZ made a habit of stomping on anything that looked even a little bit like happiness. And this level of happiness was surely tempting retaliation. From this high up the fall could be a long, long one.” ― Michael Grant, Fear “If we read the Scriptures, God will shine in our heart.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “Do not delay your happiness, be glad in the moment.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita “When you decide to move on, you leave a piece of yourself inside them. Unknowingly. So smile. Smile, because with that piece you've beautified something that broke you. ☺ Pat yourself, you've contributed to the universe!” ― Shonali Dey “The best argument for happiness is how good it feels.” ― Marty Rubin “I prefer life to death, pleasure to pain, happiness to unhappiness. I'm conventional that way.” ― Marty Rubin “Waiting for you is as delightful as waiting for sunset.” ― Kamand Kojouri “Love, they said, burns you and builds you. But with you, there’s no ash. Just light.” ― Kamand Kojouri “Leaders are influential because they live and inspire other people's future.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel, Psychology of Friendship for Leadership “Happiness will be fleeting if you constantly search for it in places that can be taken away. It's an inside job.” ― Nikki Rowe “She was like the sun, She knew her place in the world - She would shine again regardless of all the storms and changeable weather She wouldn't adjust her purpose for things that pass.” ― Nikki Rowe “Maybe that was the secret to happiness, I thought, being free of the responsibility of yourself.” ― Alexandra Kleeman, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine “The concept that man is not awake, and that only a fully conscious being can "do", have will and not be subject to the law of accident.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “If the 4th "dimension" is blocked, which is a kind of cosmic umbrella, through which 5D through 9D and higher are designed to operate in physical realms, being non-physical, then the Devil who controls "the spice" controls everything. It would be easy to continue with the reasons behind death, terrible plague on earth.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Secret glances are shared by those on the "inside" or esoteric "inner circle", who have literally gone into many lower frequencies simultaneously. This is the "secret glance" of love, which allows the higher to operate in the lower; to "save" those worlds in order to correct the impending takeover of the "Devil and his demons", a metaphor for light and dark "battles" raging today.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “The "inner circle of humanity" recognizes others through frequency, regardless of walk of life or "positioning in the astral". This is an operation run invisibly from Outside the astral. Going Home represents the final shift to one's true spiritual families of light, in all dimensions of harmonics; higher vibrations/love in unity consciousness, above, below and literally "everywhere and everynow".” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Set as higher dimensional beings walking the earth today, who must INcarnate (there is no REincarnation if there is no time. Exception: descending spirals which crystallize in lower frequencies) to live in the various dream worlds (this one included) with the final "kick"/baptism by water, pulling up ALL the densities/dimensions through LOVE.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “This is just a brief "off the top of the head" first blush analysis, and if one wanted to dig deeper, it wouldn't be difficult to discover more "gems" hidden in plain sight. Devil's Inception!” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “We are bound in honor to strive to bring ever nearer the day when, as far is humanly possible, we shall be able to realize the ideal that each man shall have an equal opportunity to show the stuff that is in him by the way in which he renders service.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “Often we imagine that we will work hard until we arrive at some distant goal, and then we will be happy. This is a delusion. Happiness is the result of a life lived with purpose. Happiness is not an objective. It is the movement of life itself, a process, and an activity. It arises from curiosity and discovery. Seek pleasure and you will quickly discover the shortest path to suffering. Other people, friends, brothers, sisters, neighbors, spouses, even your mother and I are not responsible for your happiness. Your life is your responsibility, and you always have the choice to do your best. Doing your best will bring happiness. Do not be overconcerned with avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. If you are concentrating on the results of your actions, you are not dedicated to your task.” ― Ethan Hawke, Rules for a Knight “Happy Mind, Happy Home” ― Napa Kettle “This is the vital difference between Conscious Beings, which we are morphing into organically, and those who are asleep or unconscious.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Berselingkuh akan membuat Anda bahagia tetapi tidak akan mengompensasi hilangnya kebahagiaan yang sangat besar yang akan timbul apabila pasangan Anda mengetahui dan meninggalkan Anda.” ― Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World “Slightly higher density polarized negative entities", regardless of their actual metaphoric names. What's in a name... a rose still has thorns!” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “The unhappy people of the known paths must certainly try the unknown paths in their search of happiness!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Knowing that you can endure a very difficult challenge offers a degree of confidence that the next challenge can also be endured.” ― Auliq-Ice “Happiness softens trials, changes perspective, elevates attitudes, focuses attention, redirects negativity, empowers us to see more clearly, and expands, widens, lifts, ennobles and deepens the sense of meaning and purpose we discover in life.” ― Auliq-Ice “There’s less need to slowly acclimate these guys to the tank,” Bailey said. “They’ll be food pretty soon, so their happiness is less important than the shark’s.” ― Dave Eggers, The Circle “Social media allows us to subjugate feelings and problems we don't want to confront, like emotional eating or substance abuse, thus perpetuating our problems and delaying our happiness.” ― Sam Owen, 500 Relationships And Life Quotes: Bite-Sized Advice For Busy People “The past, the present, the future – The floodgates of time wait for Her footsteps Yet She resides forever – In the shape of a rising dawn, In the sound of a humming bee, In the chirping of a flying bird, In the birth of a newborn, In the blissful serenity of Nature; For Happiness is but a reflection of simplicity.” ― Debatrayee Banerjee, A Whispering Leaf. . . “We create excuses that stand between us and other people; excuses that separate us from the happiness and the prospects these people can present.” ― Farshad Asl, The "No Excuses" Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity “It takes a lot of courage to be happy.” ― Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, First Breath, Last Breath “The best place to conceal esoteric information is right in front of us.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “A terrible plague has either killed mankind or transformed them into demons ... and all they want is Compton's soul. The best place to conceal esoteric information is right in front of us.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Fifth Cosmic Seal: (Liber 003 - Seal of Tuzassotama) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is mystically empowered to proclaim himself as "God, Lord, Universal Master or God-Incarnate" on earth and he controls all spirits of the occult kingdoms.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Fourth Cosmic Seal: (Terrestrial Seal 1330 - Seal of Ba-Vara) One who has received this Cosmic Seal (Living Grand Master of the Order of Astral and Terrestrial Hierachy) is empowered to control not less than 100,000,000 spirits and 33,000,000 demi-gods.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “My mother described her reactions better than I ever could mine: she said she was "surprised with thunder" that her boy had come back, and that the happiness in her heart was "as deep as the sea".” ― Saroo Brierley, A Long Way Home “There are seven occult kingdoms in the universe, which are the kingdoms of Satan and the fallen angels. There are various planes, zones, realms and centers as well as deities, gods and lords. The Five Cosmic Seals (occult levels) are the universal summary of the 400,000 categories of occult initiations, powers and demons (Astrometaphysical Operations). There are male and female, neuter and mermaid spirits (demons or Cosmic Forces).” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Do great things, Laure, be happy, or at least do your best to be. Life is fragile” ― Antoine Laurain, The Red Notebook “There are occult Esoteric Metaphysics (the secret and most confidential aspect of occult teachings) and Mystical Sciences practiced by mystical adepts, Living Grand Masters. This is the cosmological verdict of the Order of Astral and Terrestrial Hierarchy universal occult recognition. Exoteric is public occult teachings. An Adept uses the Technique of the Master. Hell is called After-Life-Hallucination. There are entities, spirits, demons, demi-gods, Archangels and other names for evil beings. A Guru is a spiritual Master.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Stop confusing poor decision-making with destiny. Take accountability. Wanting, praying, hoping, and wishing for change isn’t enough… Desire doesn’t changes lives; BEHAVIOR does.” ― Steve Maraboli “Happiness is a mental habit, a mental attitude, and if it is not learned and practiced in the present it is never experienced. It cannot be made contingent upon solving some external problem. When one problem is solved, another appears to take its place. Life is a series of problems. If you are to be happy at all, you must be happy - period! Not happy "because of".” ― Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics, Updated and Expanded “Animals are a lot like humans for when we are happy our immunity is strong and love and life force races through our veins. When we are depressed our immunity runs low and we can easily get sick. Many pet parents are very careful about feeding the right food, providing plenty of exercise and buying the right toys and treats. Not that those things aren’t important too, for they are, but the best thing you can do for us is to make yourself happy because when you are happy then we are happy too.” ― Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge “Common man's patience will bring him more happiness than common man's power.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words “Happiness can exist only in acceptance. – George Orwell” ― George Orwell “Life is a journey- not only to see the world- to find yourself, your place in the world, and your happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Money is an important tool for modern life. Money will not make you happy, but you can use money wisely to enhance your happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “She was perfectly sane in streets unknown. She loved conversing with people tagged as strangers. She was social, amiable & all that is her. Yet, with known people she felt unknown, she choked words and fought inside. And indeed she tripped insane while traversing those streets known. She stared at others and consumed their happiness through senses cold. And so she waits for Winter's warmth to touch her in streets of distant shore, in her own world of simple happiness.” ― Debatrayee Banerjee “When I was a girl, my life was music that was always getting louder. Everything moved me. A dog following a stranger. That made me feel so much. A calendar that showed the wrong month. I could have cried over it. I did. Where the smoke from the chimney ended. How an overturned bottle rested at the edge of a table. I spent my life learning to feel less. Every day I felt less. Is that growing old? Or is it something worse? You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” ― Jonathan Safran Foer “Happiness and self-confidence can be the by-products of other things, but they cannot really be goals unto themselves.” ― Julie Lythcott-Haims, How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success “Saying you just want your kid to be happy puts enormous pressure on the child. They feel if they're not happy, they're failing. Periods of unhappiness are okay and our kids need to know that; it's the struggle that makes you who you are.” ― Julie Lythcott-Haims, How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success “I have found that one of the commonest causes of unhappiness among my patients is that they are attempting to live their lives on the deferred payment plan. They do not live, or enjoy life now, but wait for some future event or occurrence. They will be happy when they get married, when they get a better job, when they get the house paid for, when they get the children through college, when they have completed some task or won some victory. Invariably, they are disappointed.” ― Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics, Updated and Expanded “Why go with wrong, when right is an option?” ― Devanshi Sharma, No Matter What I Do: I End Up Falling for You “Character must show itself in the man's performance both of the duty he owes himself and of the duty he owes the state. The man's foremast duty is owed to himself and his family; and he can do this duty only by earning money, by providing what is essential to material wellbeing; it is only after this has been done that he can hope to build a higher superstructure on the solid material foundation; it is only after this has been done that he can help in his movements for the general well-being. He must pull his own weight first, and only after this can his surplus strength be of use to the general public. It is not good to excite that bitter laughter which expresses contempt; and contempt is what we feel for the being whose enthusiasm to benefit mankind is such that he is a burden to those nearest him; who wishes to do great things for humanity in the abstract, but who cannot keep his wife in comfort or educate his children.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “That is why I decline to recognize the mere multimillionaire, the man of mere wealth, as an asset of value to any country; and especially as not an asset to my own country. If he has earned or uses his wealth in a way that makes him a real benefit, of real use- and such is often the case- why, then he does become an asset of real worth.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “Indeed, it is a sign of marked political weakness in any commonwealth if the people tend to be carried away by mere oratory, if they tend to value words in and for themselves, as divorced from the deeds for which they are supposed to stand. The phrase-maker, the phrase-monger, the ready talker, however great his power, whose speech does not make for courage, sobriety, and right understanding, is simply a noxious element in the body politic, and it speaks ill for the public if he has influence over them. To admire the gift of oratory without regard to the moral quality behind the gift is to do wrong to the republic.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “The citizen must have high ideals, and yet he must be able to achieve them in practical fashion.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “We should not take part in acting a lie any more than in telling a lie. We should not say that men are equal where they are not equal, nor proceed upon the assumption that there is an equality where it does not exist; but we should strive to bring about a measurable equality, at least to the extent of preventing the inequality which is due to force or fraud.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, The Man in the Arena: Selected Writings “I was being resisted by millions of tiny crystals, I knew, but the strength of their chemical bonds was enormous. If all of us could be like snow, I thought, how happy we should be.” ― Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows “Very happy or unhappy, people disappear.” ― Amanda Craig, A Vicious Circle “I was afraid that I'd forgotten all the colors of the rainbow, but I know just where I can find them again.” ― Megan Shepherd, The Secret Horses of Briar Hill “Love is the only highway to happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Seals: The Five Cosmic Seals are five occult Level 333, 666, 999, 1330 and 003 operating 400,000 minuet mystical degrees.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “First Cosmic Seal: (Devic Seal 333) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 40,000 spirits.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Second Cosmic Seal: (Seal of Karl 666) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 160,000 spirits. Many great politicians, military commanders, etc. on earth are at this occult level of operations. This will be the occult level of Antichrist.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “Third Cosmic Seal: (Shiva Seal 999 - Seal Destruction) One who has received this Cosmic Seal is empowered to control not less than 2,500,000 spirits which depends on the mastership of one's occult and psychic projections. Women are generally kept at this level with a few women exceeding this level.” ― Compton Gage, Devil's Inception “One day, all your worries will set like the sun does and deserved happiness will come gushing like waves at the beach do. All you need to make sure id that your trips to beach never end.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “Anyone can choose to have success, but only the patient ones will get rewarded by it. Be relentless in chasing your dreams.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Don't live off your past successes or failures, live for the next big pursuit.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “One day, all your worries will set like the sun does and deserved happiness will come gushing like waves at the beach do. All you need to make sure is that your trips to beach never end.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “No woman truly wants independence. She wants the freedom to choose her own master. This is also what men want. The origin of all human conflict is, possibly, disagreement about who ought and ought not to be one's master. The origin of all human happiness is, maybe, mutual agreement on the subject.” ― Gina Wohlsdorf, Security “The only real certainty is that if you get to live, you gotta die. Live life now.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Don't confuse poor decision making with destiny. Take accountability for your life, cut out the drama, distance yourself from negativity, and move your life into a healthy direction.” ― Steve Maraboli “Happiness is not found in serenity, tranquility or surrealism. It is found in harmony of thoughts, actions, and reality.” ― Debasish Mridha “Integrity is something we show, not proclaim.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “It is harder to be unhappy when you are eating Craig’s Ice Cream” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions “One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness too is an idol of the market-place. One should direct them towards mutual affection. A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy too, but only human beings can feel affection for each other, and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Cancer Ward “Strange that, the way happiness only works in retrospect.” ― Peter Akinti, Forest Gate: A Novel “... the very concept of happiness is conditional, a fiction.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The First Circle “You deserve to be happy.” ― Clinton Kelly, I Hate Everyone, Except You “My happiness is not free to everyone...Abuse my smile and it will cost you...” ― Virginia Alison “За что тебе такое счастье? Бессмысленно спрашивать. За способность к счастью.” ― Марк Харитонов, Lines of Fate: A Novel “Wasting time is living in self glorification instead of glorifying God as God is time” ― indonesia123 “...and gentle happy and peaceful, tasting the mean goodness of their living like the last of their suppers in their mouths.” ― James Agee, A Death in the Family “Deja que las cosas vayan y vengan sin forzar. Lo que está destinado a permanecer permanecerá y lo que no se marchará de ti y será para mejor.” ― Ignacio Novo “The funny thing about money is that you can't take it with you, so don’t try to.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Ô, the wine of a woman from heaven is sent, more perfect than all that a man can invent. When she came to my bed and begged me with sighs not to tempt her towards passion nor actions unwise, I told her I’d spare her and kissed her closed eyes, then unbraided her body of its clothing disguise. While our bodies were nude bathed in candlelight fine I devoured her mouth, tender lips divine; and I drank through her thighs her feminine wine. Ô, the wine of a woman from heaven is sent, more perfect than all that a man can invent.” ― Roman Payne “Treat others good and you will be a moral compass.” ― Auliq-Ice “It could be said of him that while others chased the mirage of happiness, he was happy with being content.” ― Neel Mukherjee, The Lives of Others “there’s more to liberation than trying to avoid discomfort, more to lasting happiness than pursuing temporary pleasures, temporary relief.” ― Pema Chödrön, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change “It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a reason to be happy or sad, you will always find it.” ― Kamand Kojouri “A great teacher not only teaches, they cultivate green fields to grow beautiful flowers to spread the fragrance of peace, happiness, and prosperity.” ― Debasish Mridha “We start to create enduring happiness when we cease to complain about anything and try to find the remedies for everything.” ― Debasish Mridha “Wake up. Watch the beauty of the dawn and the rising sun. Appreciate the beauty and your ability to appreciate it. Without your appreciation, there is no beauty. The sun created you to see her own beauty through your eyes. Find and appreciate all of the beauty around you. Life is for appreciation, love, and happiness. We express our love through appreciation and through love our souls feel the secret touch of happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Where there is love, there are plenty of things that rhyme.” ― Auliq-Ice “Choose to be happy. That is the only way to find happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Come, friends. Come with your grief. Come with your loss. Carry all the pieces of your heart and come sit with us. Bring your disappointments and your failures. Bring your betrayals and your masks. We welcome you no matter where you come from and what you bring. Come and join us at the intersection of acceptance and forgiveness where you will find our house of love. Bring your empty cups and we will have a feast.” ― Kamand Kojouri “Deeply happy people are even thankful for the trials and tragedies they pass through.” ― Auliq-Ice “Our genuine happiness comes from doing things we feel good about, not from doing things that make us feel good.” ― John Bruna, The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life: The Essence of Mindfulness “Ignite the light within you, it will make your world brighter.” ― Avis J. Williams “We must live a genuine life in order to discover personal happiness and self-fulfillment. Understanding that a person is living a lie is the first step into realizing what is possible. No matter how frightful such a proposition is, we must dare to be an original self.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls “They say: misfortunes, sufferings...well, if someone said to me right now, this minute: do you want to remain the way you were before captivity, or live through it all over again? For God's sake, captivity again and horsemeat! Once we're thrown off our habitual paths, we think all is lost; but it's only here that the new and the good begins. As long as there's life, there's happiness. There's much, much still to come.” ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace “The tenure of human positions, no matter how highly exalted will eventually come to an end. Only Gods tenure is eternal –” ― Oche Otorkpa, The Unseen Terrorist “If you want to be a writer, write a little bit every day. Pay attention to the world around you. Stories are hiding, waiting everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and your heart.” ― Kate DiCamillo “There is a moral obligation life places on you to seek out happiness, search for the principles upon which happiness is the natural outcome, and to pursue it with zeal.” ― Auliq-Ice “Everyone wants to be happy and live mindfully. Books teach us how to resuscitate the body and soul and how to recognize what in our own personal lives is worthy of noticing. Writers’ considered opinions and subtle observations regarding the joys, paradoxes, pains, tragedies, and truths of living provide us with a jumpstart in analyzing how best to integrate our personal experiences and disjointed thoughts into a cogent belief system. An artistic person understands their passions demand a struggle. Reading allows me unobtrusively to discover how other people freed themselves from suffering a destructive life of attachment, delusion, and disablement.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls “When men are employ'd, they are best content'd; for on the days they worked they were good-natur'd and cheerful, and, with the consciousness of having done a good day's work, they spent the evening jollily; but on our idle days they were mutinous and quarrelsome, finding fault with their pork, the bread, etc.” ― Benjamin Franklin, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin “Živeli smo u srećnom društvu. Rekli su nam da budemo srećni, i mi smo bili srećni.” ― Svetlana Alexievich, Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster “What you get will not always make you happy, what you become will” ― Akosua Dardaine Edwards, Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?: The Truth about Living in Service, Love, and Personal Power “عوامل عدة تسبب الحزن، لكننا نحن نصنع الفرح.... لنستمتع بالحياة Grieve caused by factors, joy is made by us… we should enjoy life” ― Wafaa Nowaihed “If goodness is the sum of all moral qualities, all character traits you possess, then it is only fair to say that happy people are more likely to be good people.” ― Auliq-Ice “Sim, pensa Clarissa, está na hora deste dia acabar. Nós damos nossas festas; abandonamos nossas famílias para viver no Canadá; nós nos digladiamos para escrever livros que não mudam o mundo, a despeito de nossos dons e de nossos imensos esforços, nossas esperanças mais extravagantes. Vivemos nossas vidas, fazemos nossas coisas, depois dormimos - é simples assim, comum assim. Alguns se atiram da janela, outros se afogam, tomam pílulas; muitos mais morrem em algum acidente; e a maioria de nós, a grande maioria, é devorada por alguma doença ou, quando temos muita sorte, pelo próprio tempo. Existe apenas isto como consolo: uma hora, em um momento ou outro, quando, apesar dos pesares todos, a vida parece explodir e nos dar tudo o que havíamos imaginado, ainda que qualquer um, exceto as crianças (e talvez até elas), saiba que a essa seguir-se-ão inevitavelmente muitas outras horas, bem mais penosas e difíceis. Mesmo assim, gostamos da cidade, da manhã, e torcemos, como não fazemos por nenhuma outra coisa, para que haja mais.” ― Michael Cunningham, The Hours “Life is not the obstacle to human happiness. Life simply provides the opportunities to learn Life’s lessons and develop in ways, and acquire the necessary characteristics that can only be acquired through those opportunities Life provides.” ― Auliq-Ice “Together, life can bloom into something unimaginable!” ― Auliq-Ice “There is always a way forward if the responsible parties are willing to act.” ― Auliq-Ice “Pursue happiness, and happiness will find you.” ― Auliq-Ice “After failure, You must resolve to do whatever the object of your resolution is.” ― Auliq-Ice “Happiness attracts success. Happy people perform at a much higher level with less burnout, greater productivity, and more resilience. You can't win being unhappy.” ― Farshad Asl “And i chose life and love and happiness and pain...” ― Anna Kay Akana “And I chose life and love and happiness and pain” ― Anna Kay Akana, Surviving Suicide “If you want to see your life improve, your dreams come closer to fruition, and happiness deepen in your life, don’t give up on anything you are doing.” ― Auliq-Ice “Happiness is a reality of NOW, it not not something that you pursue in the future. Don't pursue happiness, but EXUDE happiness.” ― Farshad Asl “FACING LIFE’S TRIALS, CHALLENGES AND DIFFICULTIES, IS THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH LIFE.” ― Auliq-Ice “Happiness is not in what is happening; it is in how I process what is happening.” ― John Izzo “Pursuit of peace in the world is the only foundation of peace in the world.” ― Auliq-Ice “Love and gratitude offers courage.” ― Auliq-Ice “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” ― Amy Collette, The Gratitude Connection: embrace the positive power of thanks “From this point forward, you don’t even know how to quit in life.” ~ Aaron Lauritsen, ‘100 Days Drive” ― Aaron Lauritsen “Thank you God for helping me to overcome the bad to live the good.” ― Jonathan Anthony Burkett “True friends don't come with conditions.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Life's trials will test you, and shape you, but don’t let them change who you are.” ~ Aaron Lauritsen, ‘100 Days Drive” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Sometimes I'm afraid I'm happy, but because I expect it to be something else, I question the experience. So now, when in doubt," she shrugged with true bravado, "I'll assume I'm happy.” ― Carrie Fisher, Postcards from the Edge “Today, in the face of abjection and solitude, his heart said: 'No'. And in the great distress that washed over him, Mersault realised that his rebellion was the only authentic thing in him, and that everything elsewhere was misery and submission".” ― Albert Camus “Some days are worse than others, my love, some days better than most.” ― Melina Marchetta, Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil “Ô, the wine of a woman from heaven is sent, more perfect than all that a man can invent.” ― Roman Payne, Europa: Limited Time Edition “Do you think he would dare half as much for your love as I have?” “No,” she said. “He never could. That’s why I love him.” “You were desperate for me.” “Desperate. Not happy.” For the first time in all the years she had known him, she truly pitied him. “You can never, ever make me happy. My heart will never rest in you.” ― Rosamund Hodge, Crimson Bound “Eyes speak louder than words; life is precious; hate is poison; God is the best of all possible friends; silence and time are valuable treasures; happiness can be just as powerful in pretend; and soft licorice is a temptation in any color, especially exotic black.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poems, & a Few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year “Caring about the happiness of others, we find our own.” ― Plato “Sentences like the following are found in many mystical and reactionary writings though not as clearly formulated as by Hutten: ''Kulturbolschewismus is nothing new. It is based on a striving which humanity has had since its earliest days: the longing for happiness. It is the eternal nostalgia for paradise on earth . . . The religion of faith is replaced by the religion of pleasure.'' We, on the other hand, ask: Why not happiness on earth? Why should not pleasure be the content of life? If one were to put this question to a general vote, no reactionary ideology could stand up. The reactionary also recognizes, though in a mystical manner, the connection between mysticism and compulsive marriage and family: ''Because of this responsibility (for the possible consequences of pleasure), society has created the institution of marriage which, as a lifelong union, provides the protective frame for the sexual relationship.'' Right after this, we find the whole register of "cultural values" which, in the framework of reactionary ideology, fit together like the parts of a machine: ''Marriage as a tie, the family as a duty, the fatherland as value of its own, morality as authority, religion as obligation from eternity.'' It would be impossible better to describe the rigidity of human plasma!” ― Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism “But I see nothing miraculous about it. Nothing makes one as healthy as happiness, and there is no greater happiness than making someone else happy.” ― Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman and Other Stories “I was thirty years old and still living by the seat of my pants. I probably should have had my life together a little bit more by then. But the thing was, my friends all had these stressed-out lives, and they came to our place and it felt like we were just living this laid-back, beautiful, no-stress life. We made being poor look fun.” ― Chip Gaines, The Magnolia Story “You know when you great really exciting news and you are ready to share it with the world. Well, the truth is, news you get will never be exciting to anyone else but yourself, because, first of all, nobody is about as happy about it as you, and second, they don't understand it on the same level like you do. They never will, but as long as you understand it, the way it felt in your heart, that's all that truly matters.” ― Mekiah Johnson “What do you want to be? HAPPY.” ― Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love “Some people are like satellite. They can be in the middle of nowhere and still will strike messages like lightning using Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS and Skype to tell others what to do. Dont let people be the "Dick Taters" in your life and stop you from changing your lifestyle. Take control of your life as your happiness is in your hands.” ― Rajiv - VRD “Happiness is that which occurs when you know what sadness is, and that you possess neither it nor the attributes of it. So is sadness, that you know what happiness is, and that you possess neither happiness nor its attributes.” ― David B Zumbo “Moral character is the DNA of success and happiness.” ― Frank Sonnenberg, Follow Your Conscience: Make a Difference in Your Life & in the Lives of Others “Life, to me, is like a stain glass window, with streams of light flowing through it. It's beautiful. Life is like two people, one being a mother, frustrated, while her kids jumping around playfully, screaming, giggling, innocent, while the other one is like a man with a hood covering his eyes, drawing suspicion, and dark and sad energy, disillusioning true happiness. Those are the two people of life, to me, and then, are there the moments where you just stop and stare, and don't care for a while what other's may think. You just stand, and watch the sky, or that tree over there, that, to you is beautiful, with no label to label it, but you just know it is just beautiful. Then, there are those moments, where your life has seemingly plunged for the worst, but your head, your heart, and your aura is still high, still a rainbow. Then there are those moments, where you feel like you are slowly drifting over the side of a lake on a wooden canoe, by hanging trees, by lily pads with opening flowers, the sun reflecting on the ripples of the water. You just slow down, and identify the beauty that is. Life is so many things. It can be anything, a man drawing dark energy, a great bright woman drawing great energy, a slow drift across a lake of lily pads, a pause, and a great look at the sky. Life is so beautiful, and the greatest things, true happiness has no definition, no bounds, no restrictions.” ― Mekiah Johnson “God may create us but we Define” ― shashidhar sa “True happiness is knowing that the world is terrible, but the goodness inside you will overcome it” ― Bisher Zumot “The happiest people on Earth are the ones who know love.” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman “The pessimist may call the optimist a fool; but who is more foolish, the happy individual who expects more happiness or the one who fills his life with bitterness and has only more despair to look forward to?” ― Wayne Gerard Trotman “Smile puts a smile on all the good things in the world” ― Munia Khan “When nobody interferes with what you wear and how you wear, you are living in a civilised country at least on the matter of clothes! Happiness and freedom are often the same thing!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Don't compare the size of your roof with the size of the sky.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words “Gratitude is one of the virtues of the noble man. It is the hallmark of a life lived well. It is a trademark of the righteous man. It is an attribute that significantly impacts on your personal happiness and how sound your relationship will be with others.” ― Sesan Kareem “Thinking is a personalized activity that can lead us into a state of happiness or cause us to be sad. Who we are becomes a product of how we think. What we think about and how we integrate knowledge into a comprehensive schema regulates our evolving self-identity. The precision of the human mind and the interplay between cognitive thinking and reactive emotions plays a central role in self-identity.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls “There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “The freedom of the open road is seductive, serendipitous and absolutely liberating.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “We love our partners for who they are, not for who they are not.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “At some point, you just gotta forgive the past, your happiness hinges on it.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Explore, Experience, Then Push Beyond.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Travel is costly yes, but it pays dividends too.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “The high road of grace will get you somewhere a whole lot faster then the freeway of spite.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “If you didn't earn something, it's not worth flaunting.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “The highway of grace will get you somewhere a whole lot faster then the freeway of spite.” ― Aaron Lauritsen “Be a team player, not a bandwagon jumper.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Solution reigns supreme to those who see solution as the only way.” ― Auliq-Ice “You have gained a new source of enjoyment, and it is well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible.” ― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey “I’m happy to just be able to come across things. I don’t need to be happy. Happiness is a kind of cheap word. Let’s face it, I’m not the kind of cat that’s going to cut off an ear if I can’t do something. I would commit suicide. I would shoot myself in the brain if things got bad. I would jump from a window…you know, I can think about death openly. It’s nothing to fear. It’s nothing sacred. I’ve seen so many people die. Life’s not sacred either” ― Bob Dylan, The Essential Interviews “There is no such thing as loving a child too much.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Successes are those highlights of life we look back on with a smile. But it's the day to day grind of getting them that defines the laugh lines etched until the end of time. Enjoy each moment along the way” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “...I'm in a little bubble of warmth, just like I had with Ellis, a place I never thought I'd be again.” ― Kathleen Glasgow, Girl in Pieces “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ― Ronald Dahl “Without struggle, success has no value.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Many people will tell that it is not for a man to cry, but they may not know how is to feel your head empty and only tears will come out to stand up for you” John Zea” ― John Zea “I'm not afraid to die no today . . . maybe tomorrow. But I'll not die no today . . . maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go away from this life that I've just borrowed! John Zea” ― John Zea “Terkadang, memang rasa "pahit"lah yang kita butuhkan untuk menyadarkan kita, bahawa apa yang telah kita lakukan tak seharusnya kita lakukan” ― pandesatyaa “I am in a state of peaceful happiness” ― Charmaine J. Forde “It’s the ‘everyday’ experiences we encounter along the journey to who we wanna be that will define who we are when we get there.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “Crises is the code that can open the gene of success for some.” ― Auliq-Ice “It is better to believe in nothing but success, than to believe in other things without success.” ― Auliq-Ice “Religiousity is unself glory not purity” ― indonesia123 “After all, life is never so jolly or so miserable as people seem to think.” ― Guy de Maupassant, Une vie “- А чем вы занимаетесь? - Как и вся наука. Счастьем человеческим.” ― Arkady Strugatsky, Понедельник начинается в субботу “True happiness is realized beyond circumstance. It is universal relationship, not centered or devoted or residing on other individual relationships we have. True happiness sees the actions of others as directly connected to who we ourselves are. It sees beyond individually separated relationships and is birthed from one great relationship with everything there is.” ― Saunsea, Contemplative Essays: Volume 1: Essays to inspire deep reflection about how we view our world. “Too often we let others stamp a price tag on us, and we accept their appraisal of our worth, forgetting we are in fact priceless.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Slaying Dragons: Quotes, Poems, & a Few Short Stories for Every Day of the Year “Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to ignore all the sadness in the world at that moment? That we have to forget the ballooned bellies of children that are dark and empty inside. That not too far from our homes, women sleep on cardboard and are grateful for the bitter wind because at least it’s not rain. That there are teenagers taught to avoid eye contact so their fingers are quicker on the trigger but whose nightmares eventually compel them to pull the trigger on themselves. That there are battered dogs with skin taut like a drum, ribs jutting out, their eyes so beautiful it makes all the men cry. Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to unremember a lot of what we already know? Yet, I still don’t believe that sadness is our natural disposition. Because there is so much to be done. So many to help. Maybe we aren’t meant to be happy in spite of all the sadness. Maybe, it is a call for us to help others overcome it.” ― Kamand Kojouri “There's more to a person than flesh. Judge others by the sum of their soul and you'll see that beauty is a force of light that radiates from the inside out.” ― Aaron Lauritsen “Stories are made about girls like you. The wild ones, those rare faces that smile in the midst of chaos.” ― Nikki Rowe “Building bridges is the best defence against ignorance.” ― Aaron Lauritsen, 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip “People always want something more than immediate joy or that deeper sense called happiness. This is one of the secrets by which we shape the fulfillment of our designs. The something more assumes amplified power with people who cannot give it a name or who (most often the case) do not even suspect its existence. Most people only react unconsciously to such hidden forces. Thus, we have only to call a calculated something more into existence, define it and give it shape, then people will follow.” ― Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune “They didn’t change; they just got tired of pretending.” ― Steve Maraboli “I read. The more you read, the more the world opens up to you... and the happier you are and more comforted you feel. It's up to you. No you is educated who cannot educate himself.” ― Mark Helprin, Freddy and Fredericka “In a corner you condense yourself and cry- in the same corner you caress and kiss. Life is this, something different each time.” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “Happiness will teach you to live your life and pain will tell you the way.” ― Anil prajapati “He who is busy pleasing himself has no time to judge others.” ― Marty Rubin “The murder of a child has no justification, even if the bombs have missed their mark.” ― Compton Gage “God says happiness is contentment with what you already have, with what He provides you, with what you can share.” ― Craig Groeschel, Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working “Life is really a travesty of will: it is a parade of learning how to lose people and improve at feigning indifference. I suspect I shall always fail at this, and fail miserably. I do not know whether that is winning at life or failing at happiness.” ― Michelle Franklin “God has spoken to me, without words, to my heart. He has told me that I am to rewrite the future and remind His people's faith and to help keep that faith alive attached with the Holy Bible to Him. God gave me the name Compton Gage. My earthly name is not important. My person is not part of the reminder. This is not an ordinary book, this is not a Bible. The materials of the Third Testament, was organized and re-written by me. I was given a good authority by God. BY GOD ONLY!” ― Compton Gage “Within the scope of universal time, it seems I’ll be dead a whole lot longer than I’ll be alive. So while I’m here, I will not worship death; I’ll worship life. I’ll live life to the fullest… victories, losses, success, mistakes, love, and hurt… I’ll live and learn to the fullest; without apology.” ― Steve Maraboli “Happiness can only be found if you free yourself of all other distractions.” ― Saul Bellow “Dear Charles, she wrote. After writing to express my appreciation for all the generosity of our friends, I would be remiss indeed if I did not include a missive to you. Out of all the new blessings in my new life, the one I thank God for the most is you. I thank you for writing to me through Genteel Correspondence, and for choosing me out of all the other women eager for adventure in the wild west. I thank you for your kindness, and your gentleness toward me. Only very strong men can be gentle. I thank you for sharing your home and your life with me. I thank you for inventing delicious breakfasts. And chicory flavored coffee. And prayers that ease my mind and inspire my spirit and lift my heart. For your smile and the way you hold your hat in your hands. For the things you say and how you say them. Did you know that I pray for you each day? I do. I pray for your safety and happiness. Yours in Christ, Rose” ― Jan Holly, Marriage by Mail “Most of us haven't begun to tap our own potential; we're operating way below capacity. And we'll continue as long as we are looking for someone to give us the key to the kingdom. We must realize that the kingdom is in us; and we already have the key. It's as if we're waiting for permission to start fully living.” ― Mildred Newman, How to Be Your Own Best Friend “The teacher asked once what did we talk about when we talked about happiness. And then one student said that happiness is what happens when you go to bed on the hottest night of the summer, a night so hot you can’t even wear a tee-shirt and you sleep on top of the sheets instead of under them, although try to sleep is probably the most accurate. And then at some point late, late, late at night, say just a bit before dawn, the heat finally breaks and the night turns cool and when you briefly wake up, you notice that you’re almost chilly, and in your groggy, half-consciousness, you reach over and pull the sheet around you and just that flimsy sheet makes it warm enough and you drift back off into a deep sleep. And it’s that reaching, that gesture, that reflex we have to pull what’s warm- whether it’s something or someone- towards us, that feeling we get when we do that, that feeling of being safe in the world and ready for sleep, that’s happiness.” ― Paul Schmidtberger, Design Flaws of the Human Condition “There is nothing hidden in the hidden time. Know that this, the hidden time, is your everlasting, and live.” ― Compton Gage “Cleave to the common good. We are all responsible for bringing about the time of great suffering, for its continuing.” ― Compton Gage “Act correctly. Incorrect action cannot be justified by incorrect action. An incorrect action taken to cover an incorrect action is doubly incorrect.” ― Compton Gage “Don't be afraid of who you're not.. Be afraid of never knowing who you are. Defend your authentic self.” ― Karen Laffey “And when you see those good things—and I promise you, there are so many good things—they’re going to be so much brighter for you than they are for other people, just like the abyss always seems deeper and bigger when you stare at it. If you stick it out, it’s all going to feel worth it in the end. Every moment you live, every darkness you face, they’ll all feel worth it when you’re staring light in the face.” ― Emily Henry, The Love That Split the World “What's in a life without Camaraderie? For setting sail on a ship with a band of merry brothers by your side is much more gratifying than drifting aimlessly on a boat lost alone at sea.” ― Saim .A. Cheeda “Attention on the breathe, is the best tool, to take of your attention from negative thoughts or negative imagination of mind.” ― Roshan Sharma “The starvation of a child has no justification, even if the crops have failed, or the population is too large.” ― Compton Gage “Never give anything so easily. Life is not a gift, life is a struggle. Make him dream of it and it will make him more and more happy while getting it. If anybody has already become accustomed to the happiness, it is not happiness yet.” ― Elmar Hussein “God is my strength and my defense. When I am weak, he makes me strong. When I am broken, he makes me whole.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Sweet Destiny “The goal is World and Inner Peace, Love, and Happiness for everyone. And a higher standard of living. No one can make it happen alone. But we can all “think globally, act locally” and try to act like a team. We don’t know unless we try to make this happen.” ― Saminu Kanti “The inner dimension and the hidden time have already been discovered.” ― Compton Gage “There is no truth without faith. Nothing is proven except to the heart of one who believes.” ― Compton Gage “God has permitted the great lie for a short time only. That time is now coming to an end. Believers in the lie! You have been raised on the milk of your concrete beliefs. Now it is time for you to be weaned to partake of the solid food of the new age, the "New World Order.” ― Compton Gage “The great lie that science has given us is that reality is material.” ― Compton Gage “Science has given us a great lie. It is this lie that ends the current age of faith in God.” ― Compton Gage “The great lie is like a sword that has been thrust into the heart of humankind.” ― Compton Gage “God is the one subject of reality. Take away the one subject and there is nothing real.” ― Compton Gage “The truths of the one subject have already been discovered, but have not been accepted because they spell the death of the faith in the lie.” ― Compton Gage “Humankind must no longer permit the lie to be taught to its children.” ― Compton Gage “The great lie can only be defeated by the New World Order. The sooner the New World Order is established by the institutions of the world, the sooner the suffering caused by the lie will end.” ― Compton Gage “The New World Order is established by degrees. The first degree is truth of the one subject, which follows from the existence and the oneness of the universe, and from the ancient belief that God is all-knowing.” ― Compton Gage “It is far easier to move mountain than to move science by this one degree. We have the power to move mountain, if we have faith that the mountain can be moved. It is now that our faith is tested. The future of humankind hangs in the balance.” ― Compton Gage “We have the power to move mountain, if we have faith that the mountain can be moved.” ― Compton Gage “There is no greater crime than a crime against humanity. There is no greater crime against humanity than usury. The greatest violence, and the greatest threat to humanity, is the growth of MONEY.” ― Compton Gage “There is no greater crime against humanity than usury.” ― Compton Gage “The greatest violence, and the greatest threat to humanity, is the growth of MONEY.” ― Compton Gage “In the new faith, there is only one commandment. It is this commandment, and this commandment alone, that must be followed to end the times of suffering, which are soon to come. FORSAKE USURY.” ― Compton Gage “Those who have assets must withdraw them from the markets of loans. Do not accept notes of loan on speculation. The time will soon come when you will gain no profits from the market of loans, and your wealth will be taken by the very few.” ― Compton Gage “Now hear of the new judgement. You are judged many times more by what you do in groups than for what you do as individuals.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged many times more by what you do in groups than for what you do as individuals.” ― Compton Gage “If one thousand of you participate in the murder of one child, then one thousand of you are a thousand times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged many times more by what you give assent to others doing than what you do yourself.” ― Compton Gage “If one million of you give assent to the one thousand who participate in the murder of a child, then one million of you are a million times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged more by what you do passively than by what you do actively.” ― Compton Gage “If one billion of you watch and do not intercede as one million of you assent to the one thousand who participate in the murder of a child, then one billion of you are a billion times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged many times more by what you do in groups than for what you do as individuals. If one thousand of you participate in the murder of one child, then one thousand of you are a thousand times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged many times more by what you give assent to others doing than what you do yourself. If one million of you give assent to the one thousand who participate in the murder of a child, then one million of you are a million times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “You are judged more by what you do passively than by what you do actively. If one billion of you watch and do not intercede as one million of you assent to the one thousand who participate in the murder of a child, then one billion of you are a billion times guilty.” ― Compton Gage “Justice is paramount. The new judgement is the justice of the hidden time.” ― Compton Gage “No crime is a means to an end. No crime can be rationalized.” ― Compton Gage “The harder you search the more troubled you become.” ― Compton Gage “It is not enough to be a man... you have to become an idea... a terrible thought... a wraith- indeed- Become one with the darkness.” ― Compton Gage “Purity. Serenity... Solitude: What you ought to uphold. But the important thing is whether you believe it.” ― Compton Gage “You have strength born of years of grief and anger... The strength of a man denied revenge.” ― Compton Gage “Justice is about harmony... revenge is about you making yourself feel better.” ― Compton Gage “Patience! It is not how quickly you run, but how slowly.” ― Compton Gage “You are created invisible spiritually, and invisibility is largely a matter of patience.” ― Compton Gage “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ― Compton Gage “Anger does not change the fact. The will to take control is everything.” ― Compton Gage “To conquer fear, you must become fear.” ― Compton Gage “To conquer fear, you must become fear - you must bask in the fear of the BOOK... and men fear most what they cannot see- The Power of the Book is spiritual.” ― Compton Gage “Death does not wait for you to be ready.” ― Compton Gage “Death is not considerate, or fair.” ― Compton Gage “Today, death is your opponent.” ― Compton Gage “It is not enough to be a man.” ― Compton Gage “It is right that one must come so far to see the world as it is meant to be.” ― Compton Gage “By studying, understanding and do the wills of the book, you renounce your mortal life.” ― Compton Gage “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” ― Compton Gage “Dedicate your life to solitude and mortify your members which are upon the earth.” ― Compton Gage “You have purged your way. You are ready to lead sons of men.” ― Compton Gage “You should assume the mantle of your birthright.” ― Compton Gage “When The Pyramid falls, the other cities will follow in short order. Nature's balance will be restored and Man will finally return to solitude.” ― Compton Gage “Your Maker has rescued you from the darkest corner of your own heart... What he asks in return is obedience. And the courage to do what is necessary.” ― Compton Gage “Throughout the ages, the wisdom has been taught. Now the language has changed, and truth is given in the language of science.” ― Compton Gage “Hear about the hidden time. Some think the hidden time is yet to come. The Kingdom of God does not come by Observation. It is hidden in the inner dimension.” ― Compton Gage “The Kingdom of God does not come by Observation. It is hidden in the inner dimension.” ― Compton Gage “The hidden time is an eternity that runs through every moment. It is all-time. The hidden time is a thread, and moments are the beads on the thread.” ― Compton Gage “Those of little understanding say the world will soon end. It is the current age that is coming to an end. The end of this age is the beginning of the next.” ― Compton Gage “Focus on the end, not the beginning- on the beginning not the end- The process proceeds in the inner dimension.” ― Compton Gage “All the truth of God are discoverable through every day life.” ― Compton Gage “She was sitting in a dark room, curled up and her head buried on her knees. His name echoing in her mind, like a thunder over a seashore. She was torn between the happiness brought by the waves, that touched her feet and fear of losing herself in the chaos. created by the sound that shattered her whole world into pieces.” ― Akshay Vasu “All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.” ― Compton Gage “You may not be happy with your life. All you have to do is to refuse to be unhappy! Because the worst thing is to get used to be unhappy!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “One should learn to be happy and content by himself, for everything else life is there to give a perfect lesson.” ― raja shakeel mushtaque “Happiness is little more perplexing, in its search you lose peace inside yourself.” ― raja shakeel mushtaque “You could tell she was a free spirit, a gypsy, just by looking at her. A smile like that doesn't come from a sad soul.” ― Nikki Rowe “Desires move us from one station to another in this life while we search for beauty, love, and happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “The best thing that life can offer is happiness. The best way to find happiness is through unconditional love.” ― Debasish Mridha “We just want you to be happy. Rand and Marybeth said that all the time, but they never explained how.” ― Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl “I must love and be loved. I must feel that my dear and chosen friends are happier through me. When I have wandered out of myself in my endeavour to shed pleasure around, I must again return laden with the gathered sweets on which I feed and live. Permit this to be, unblamed—permit a heart whose sufferings have been, and are, so many and so bitter, to reap what joy it can from the necessity it feels to be sympathized with—to love.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck “My grief were thoroughly weighed, and my calamity laid in the balances together! For now it would be heavier than the sand of the desert.” ― Compton Gage “What is my strength, that I should hope? Is my strength the strength of stone? Or is my flesh of brass? Is not my help in me.” ― Compton Gage “Though dead is promised to me, when will I slumber, deep? Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth? Are not his days also like the days of an hireling? As a servant earnestly desires the shadow, and as an hireling looks for the reward of his work: So am I made to possess months of vanity, and wearisome nights are appointed to me.” ― Compton Gage “Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, And life unto the bitter in soul; Which long for death, but it cometh not; And dig for it more than for hid treasures; Which rejoice exceedingly, and are glad, when they can find the grave?” ― Compton Gage “One generation passes away, and another generation cometh forth: but the earth abides for ever.” ― Compton Gage “Happiness is never grand.” ― Huxley, Aldous, Brave New World “The thing that had been, it is that which shall be; And that which is done is that which shall be done.” ― Compton Gage “There is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, 'See, this is new?' it had been already of old time, which was before us.” ― Compton Gage “I saw under the sun the place of judgement, …that wickedness was there; And the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there. …I said in mine heart, 'Who shall judge the righteous and the wicked:' for there is a time for every purpose and for every work.” ― Compton Gage “All the labour of man is for his mouth, and yet the appetite is not filled.” ― Compton Gage “All this have I proved by wisdom: I said, I will be wise; but it was far from me. That which is far off, exceeding deep, who can find it out?” ― Compton Gage “I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, And the reason of things, And to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness: And I find more bitter than death, the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands-” ― Compton Gage “Your whole being is deeply troubled- personified the vision of a child's purity, lost in the wilderness of an ever-unchanging and imperfect world.” ― Compton Gage “Loneliness is your only companion.” ― Compton Gage “Only dead surpasses the sufferings” ― Compton Gage “You haven't rewarded evil unto them who were at peace with you; nor you have delivered them that without cause is your enemy. But they want to tread down your soul upon the earth, and lay your honour in the dust.” ― Compton Gage “Many are they that rise up against you. Many there be which say of your soul, ‘’There is no help for you.’’ But the instruments of death is prepared for your cause.” ― Compton Gage “You have not escaped his notice either- you are here by 'a call' not by choice.” ― Compton Gage “You are alone. But you seems not afraid- though you weary with your groaning; wandering far off in the wilderness and your eyes, consumed because of your grief; waxed old while you're still young.” ― Compton Gage “To be a great warrior is not enough. Flesh and blood, however skilled, can be destroyed... you must be more than just a man in minds of your opponents.” ― Compton Gage “Happiness is an undercurrent of sensitivity and leads a surreptitious life: it is an internal eventuality. We can feel it in stillness and it stands the test of time. Joy is an eruption of cheerful moments and we want to express it: it is an external eventuality. We might shout it out, as it conveys a dynamic of fleeting instants. Joy gives voice to “en-joy-ment”. ("The grass was greener over there")” ― Erik Pevernagie “Peace is the music of every soul. Our glory lies in understanding, listening and honoring that music” ― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion “Have a specific vision / goal / dream, and power it with general and genuine feelings of love, appreciation, peace, abundance and passion...and always leave room for the universe to bring you even better. If you don't get what you desire it only ever means that you're destined for even greater. ( Instagram: #aMessageOfLove )” ― aMessageOfLove “Fill your heart with love. Forgive and let go. Not necessarily because those who mistreated you deserve it, but because you do. Let forgiveness liberate you from your past. Allow it to take away all the resentment you’ve kept in your heart for all this time and allow it to fill in that empty space with love. Forgive, release and let go.” ― Luminita D. Saviuc “Just because it doesn't happen within a wave of a wand, doesn't mean its not magic.” ― Polkadot “To find inner bliss and happiness through yoga, learn to accept things as they are by changing your thoughts.” ― Debasish Mridha “Success depends on your attitude; happiness depends on your gratitude.” ― Debasish Mridha “O happiness! O happiness! Wilt thou perhaps sing, O my soul? Thou liest in the grass. But this is the secret, solemn hour, when no shepherd playeth his pipe. Take care! Hot noontide sleepeth on the fields. Do not sing! Hush! The world is perfect. Do not sing, thou prairie-bird, my soul! Do not even whisper! Lo—hush! The old noontide sleepeth, it moveth its mouth: doth it not just now drink a drop of happiness— —An old brown drop of golden happiness, golden wine? Something whisketh over it, its happiness laugheth. Thus—laugheth a God. Hush! "For happiness, how little sufficeth for happiness!" Thus spoke I once and thought myself wise. But it was a blasphemy: that have I now learned. Wise fools speak better. The least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a whisk, an eye-glance—little maketh up the best happiness. Hush!” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra “Levi's gaze sought out Miss Spencer. Eden. All she had to do was smile to release those little frissons of lightning in him. As that thought crossed his mind, she glanced up, and Levi realized he was wrong. She didn't have to smile. All she had to do was look at him. Heaven help him. He was in bad.” ― Karen Witemeyer, To Win Her Heart “The more you try to please people, the more they get control of you and you'll end up hurting yourself.” ― Chanda Kaushik “In the face of all that has happened, it feels good, really good, to just breathe for a moment.” ― Sara Raasch, Snow Like Ashes “For him, too, starting over, departures, a new life had a certain luster, but he knew that only the impotent and the lazy attach happiness to such things. Happiness implied a choice, and within that choice a concerted will, a lucid desire. He could hear Zagreus: "Not the will to renounce, but the will to happiness.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “Living above the world, each discovering his own weight, seeing his face brighten and darken with the day, the night, each of the four inhabitants of the house was aware of a presence that was at once a judge and a justification among them. The world, here, became a personage, counted among those from whom advice is gladly taken, those in whom equilibrium has not killed love.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “There was happiness of laughter. Petra Hermans + Michael Ende November 20, 2016 Amen” ― Petra Hermans “Patrice proceeded from the face of the world to the grave and smiling faces of the young women. Sometimes he was amazed by this universe they had created around him. Friendship and trust, sun and white houses, scarcely heeded nuances, here felicities were born intact, and he could measure their precise nuance. The House above the World, the said among themselves, was not a house of pleasure, it was a house of happiness. Patrice knew it was true when night fell and they all accepted, with the last breeze on their faces, the human and dangerous temptation to be utterly unique.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “You bless my heart the only way you can bless the world as well ..... Just by existing you make me the happiest woman alive.” ― Nani Rsv “Misery teaches you more than joy.” ― Abhijit Naskar “Nurture the inside burn, for that is the key to your bliss, Bestow ecstasy to the neighbouring, get drunk in your freedom. Waltz away to life’s symphony, Breathe Free.” ― Kitty Jose “The imagination is the voyage of our thoughts in the endless ocean of the mind that searches for the splendid beaches of happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Happiness comes when your words are of benefit to yourself and others.” ― Buddha “Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, to be at peace, to be happy and to be able to sleep at night. You don’t forgive because you are weak but because you are strong enough to realize that only by giving up on resentment will you be happy.” ― Luminita D. Saviuc, 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy “Simply by changing our thoughts, we can sow the seeds of happiness in the garden of our minds.” ― Debasish Mridha “we need to be pure in love.” ― pooja “there's always been a little sadness inside my happiness. i've never been able to separate the two.” ― AVA., you are safe here. “At some point in life , we realise that our real happiness dosent rely on others” ― xSan “Days are made to be filled with laughter.” ― Kevin J. Donaldson “Look for reasons to be happy, and soon you will find many!” ― Kevin J. Dugganonaldson “Look for reasons to be happy, and soon you will find many!” ― Kevin J. Donaldson “To be happy, make others happy.” ― Kevin J. Donaldson “There are pearls in the deepest fathoms of the Self, but to get them you will have to go through unimaginable perils.” ― Abhijit Naskar “Never let people who are more unhappy than you tell you how to live your life.” ― Adam Kirk Smith “Getting even with the person that broke your heart will never give you peace. The only thing that will heal your wounds is believing that God loves you enough to bring someone else into your life to respect you and love you in the way you deserve!” ― Shannon L. Alder “Your first purpose is to find a purpose for yourself. And your second purpose must not immediately be trying to reach that purpose you found but to investigate thoroughly whether that purpose is really necessary for yourself or whether it is worth at all to struggle for it! Because millions are fighting for a purpose which will in no way make them happy at the end!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “No matter how things appear have faith that they are always working out for you. Relax knowing that the universe is taking care of it. Your faith in a solution allows your vibration to rise, allowing your awareness to have access to ideas, help and solutions that reside at that higher frequency. Instagram: #aMessageOfLove” ― aMessageOfLove “An ardent desire to go took possession of me once more. Not because I wanted to leave - I was quite all right on this Cretan coast, and felt happy and free there and I needed nothing - but because I have always been consumed with one desire; to touch and see as much as possible of the earth and the sea before I die.” ― Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek “Expect success of yourself, no matter what you desire, intend to do it, to be it. Hoping and wishing for success isn't going to cut it. That energy isn't going to create success. Your FAITH is creative, you've got to know and intend for it to happen. Feeling that at a vibrational level it ALREADY has. ( Instagram: #aMessageOfLove )” ― aMessageOfLove “They all had their own struggles and stories to tell and they al made it to this point, happy and in love.” ― Jennifer L. Armentrout, Fire In You: Volume Six “Not that easy to have tears in your heart but a smile on your lips.” ― Avinash Rao “there's always been a little sadness inside my happiness. i've never been able to separate the two.” ― Ava, You Are Safe Here. “Be a survivor of the past, not a reviver of it. Your attention to that painful past either by resisting it or by consistently focusing upon it will continue to persist it. The present will continue to be powered by, and become a product of that painful past, Until you begin to acknowledge, allow and accept the past, it will continue to become your future. ( Instagram: #aMessageOfLove )” ― aMessageOfLove “Habit to us is given from above: it is a substitute for happiness.” ― Alexander Pushkin “No matter what you desire to be or see, contemplate / meditate upon the idea of there being an unlimited abundance of it. Your belief is scarcity and limitation regarding your desire is keeping it from you. How you define something is how it must appear. Faith in abundance draws things to you, your faith in lack / limitation takes away what you already have. ( Instagram: #aMessageOfLove )” ― aMessageOfLove “What I'm sure of," he began, "is that you can't be happy without money. That's all. I don't like superficiality and I don't like romanticism. I like to be conscious. And what I've noticed is that there's a kind of spiritual snobbism in certain 'superior beings' who think that money isn't necessary for happiness. Which is stupid, which is false, and to a certain degree cowardly. You see, Mersault, for a man who is well born, being happy is never complicated. It's enough to take up the general fate, only not with the will for renunciation like so many fake great men, but with the will for happiness. Only it takes time to be happy. A lot of time. Happiness, too, is a long patience. And in almost every case, we use up our lives making money, when we should be using our money to gain time. That's the only problem that's ever interested me. Very specific. Very clear." (...) "Oh, I know perfectly well that most rich men have no sense of happiness. But that's not the question. To have money is to have time. That's my main point. Time can be bought. Everything can be bought. To be or to become rich is to have time to be happy, if you deserve it.” ― Albert Camus, A Happy Death “There is no glory in making yourself small, build yourself up. Believe in your abilities and worth, show the world who you are, love yourself fully, take action on your dreams, no more hiding away and being apologetic. What you believe you are you will become. Know you're destined for success. ( Instagram: #aMessageOfLove )” ― aMessageOfLove “I was the luckiest girl. Don’t you think because I didn’t have no proper man or husband I was anything else. Wasn’t no place I’d rather be than right there. Even now, I pine for that uncomfortable rock. Because he was watching over me and loneliness was some far off thing, echoing off the Rock from other folks. Wasn’t nothing could ruin it for me.” ― J.D. Jordan, Calamity: Being an Account of Calamity Jane and Her Gunslinging Green Man “We are here to know the unknown, love everyone, feel the joy of life and then we parish with infinite happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Assaulted as we are with so many advertisements, messages, appeals, theories, and obligations, we are in danger of losing our way, if not our sanity. We must choose just those few things that we really value. If we filter out the rest and focus on these, we can regain our perspective, and our happiness.” ― Russell Evans “The real beauty of a house is always the happiness inside that house!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Life’s much more pleasing when you don’t have to spend all of your time thinking.” ― David Eddings, Crystal Gorge “When you're passionate about it, It's not called "work", It's called 'prosperous play'. -Do what you love.-” ― Andrea L'Artiste “Ask anyone; possibly ninety-five percent of our wishes have come true. The unfortunate part is, we all overlook that, and regret all our lives and torment ourselves for not getting the other five percent.” ― Love, Life, and Logic “Contentment - being happy while doing something - and complacency - being happy while doing nothing - are entirely different.” ― Adam Kirk Smith “Happiness is just around the corner." Always have that corner with you. Carry it with you all of the time. "Huh- what's that?" "Oh, that's just my corner! Happy all around it!” ― René Friedrich, Success. Love. Poetry. “Worship is basically adoration, and we adore only what delights us. There is no such thing as sad adoration or unhappy praise.” ― John Crowder, The Ecstasy of Loving God “وكأننا لاَ نعيش سعادةً إلاّ لنموت بعدها مرتين ونعيش بعدها مرتين لتبقى لذة اللقاء والالتقاء دُهورا عديدة.” ― Tahar Mtibaa “We’re not going to give in. We’re going to fight.” “Got that right,” a voice cried out. “First thing we need to have clear: there’s no line between freak and normal here. If you have the power, we’ll need you. If you don’t, we’ll need you.” Heads were nodding. Looks were being exchanged. “Coates kids, Perdido Beach kids, we’re together now. We’re together. Maybe you did things to survive. Maybe you weren’t always brave. Maybe you gave up hope.” A girl sobbed suddenly. “Well, that’s all over now,” Sam said gently. “It all starts fresh. Right here, right now. We’re brothers and sisters now. Doesn’t matter we don’t know each other’s names, we are brothers and sisters and we’re going to survive, and we’re going to win, and we’re going to find our way to some kind of happiness again.” There was a long, deep silence. “So,” Sam said, “my name is Sam. I’m in this with you. All the way.” He turned to Astrid. “I’m Astrid, I’m in this with you, too.” “My name is Edilio. What they said. Brothers and sisters. Hermanos.” “Thuan Vong,” said a thin boy with yet-unhealed hands like dead fish. “I’m in.” “Dekka,” said a strong, solidly built girl with cornrows and a nose ring. “I’m in. And I have game.” “Me too,” called a skinny girl with reddish pigtails. “My name’s Brianna. I…well, I can go real fast.” One by one they declared their determination. The voices started out soft and gained strength. Each voice louder, firmer, more determined than the one before. Only Quinn remained silent. He hung his head, and tears rolled down his cheeks. “Quinn,” Sam called to him. Quinn didn’t respond, just looked down at the ground. “Quinn,” Sam said again. “It starts fresh right now. Nothing before counts. Nothing. Brothers, man?” Quinn struggled with the lump in his throat. But then, in a low voice, he said, “Yeah. Brothers.” ― Michael Grant, Gone “You integrate something by first of all accepting it. To resist any aspect of your past is to keep yourself fragmented, and to keep yourself fragmented is exactly what the built-in mechanisms of the negative beliefs in your unconscious mind are designed to do. To become whole within yourself, you must treat each and every experience that you have and ever will have as simply a stepping stone because there’s always a bigger picture. Something challenging may be happening to you right now, and you may have no conscious recognition or idea of why it’s happening, but let me assure you that you will know why one day. How many times have you said to yourself, “Wow, so that’s why it happened?” The issue isn’t really what’s going on in the present moment or what has happened back in the past, the issue is the way you’re defining or looking it…” ― Craig Krishna, The Labyrinth: Rewiring the Nodes in the Maze of your Mind “HAPPINESS is based on externals; it fluctuates up and down every day. JOY, on the other hand, is internal; it can be cultivated and nurtured. We can be joyful even in the midst of a chaotic, unpredictable world.” ― Laurie Buchanan, PhD “The good die when they should live, the evil live when they should die; heroes perish and cowards escape; noble efforts do not succeed because they are noble, and wickedness is consumed in its own nature. Looking at truth is not at first a heartening experience--it becomes so, if at all, only with time, with infinite patience, and with the luck of a little personal happiness.” ― William Alexander Percy, Lanterns on the Levee: Recollections of a Planter's Son “Forgive transgressions committed by you or others today. Only then can you have peace tomorrow.” ― Grandaddy BAD “Don’t feel bad about feeling bad. Don’t be frightened of feeling afraid. Don’t be angry about getting angry. There is no need to give up when we are feeling depressed. Nor should we be dismayed at the grief which often accompanies the outgrowing of anything which needs outgrowing. We can be glad that our soul is speaking to us and pushing us onwards. We frequently need to persevere with a period of inner turmoil before the dust can settle and be swept out the door.” ― Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion “She sat there alone after getting drenched enough by rain. In the silence of the midnight, Each drop that fell made a sound that was loud enough to wake all the memories inside her one after the other, before she could know what was happening she was lost somewhere in the past where the pictures in mind pushed her into a state of chaotic happiness and a blissful pain.” ― Akshay Vasu “She was always fighting a battle but her smile would never tell you so.” ― Nikki Rowe “Light the candle of love. Spread the rays of happiness in every direction in every breath.” ― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion “How beautiful it is to feel that what you cannot describe?” ― Saim .A. Cheeda “Happiness is so rare that our mind can turn somersaults to protect it.” ― David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly “The key to happiness is a regular dose of unhappiness.” ― Paul Van Der Merwe, Lucky Go Happy: Make Happiness Happen! “We are individually responsible for our own happiness and destiny” ― Margo Vader “It keeps him happy, Dahlaine, and happy people are nicer than gloomy ones. Haven't you noticed that before?” ― David Eddings, Crystal Gorge “Life is fun with my husband.” ― Tassa Desalada “Love isn't a competition. It's not about coming in first or second or last. It's not about how much they love you back or making sure that they love you the most. When you truly love someone, you care more about their happiness than your own. If your mom finds someone else that she can love and who will love her back and make her happy, then I will be glad. Love isn't about coming in first place, Gemma. Love is about putting someone else first in front of yourself.” ― Natalie Palmer, Second to No One “I feel that buzz of happiness, that sense of having found the right words and put them in a line. It's like lifting off in an airplane: you're on the ground, on the ground, on the ground... and then you're up, riding on a magical cushion of air and prince of all you survey.” ― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft “With great hope in their hearts and wholehearted belief in their eyes during each new attempt, they keep on using the same approach over and over again, and always FAIL... Yet every time they expect that somehow a totally different result will magically occur! They are “stepping on to the same rake,” and each time they’re surprised and angry when the rake handle hits them on the forehead again. But they keep seeing the reasons for their failures as just another hurtful kick from life—not a result of their own actions, which cause these setbacks. They just keep on blaming the rakes!” ― Sahara Sanders, The Honest Book of International Dating: Smart Dating Strategies for Men “If you harbor preferred principles and ways of behaving that have never brought you ANY happiness, or even much luck in your personal relationships over a number of years—this should not be taken as a sign that all women are bad or that none of them are serious, but A SIGN THAT YOUR OWN ATTITUDE AND DATING STRATEGIES ARE FLAWED AND NOT REALLY SUCCESSFUL—and can only bring you further disappointments with women! It seems like an elementary, easy thing to accept. Strangely, thousands of people seem, for some reason, to be unable, or stubbornly refuse, to see the truth and draw such a logical conclusion.” ― Sahara Sanders, The Honest Book of International Dating: Smart Dating Strategies for Men “The happiness of this life depends less on what befalls you than the way in which you take it.” ― Elbert Hubbard “Not everyone has to be the chosen one. Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world. Most people just have to live their lives the best they can, doing the things that are great from them, having great friends, trying to make their lives better, loving people probably. All the while knowing that the world makes no sense but trying to find a way to be happy anyways.” ― Patrick Ness, The Rest of Us Just Live Here “The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married, and the married wish to be dead.” ― Ann Landers “Bahagia itu susah, tapi juga tidak terlalu rumit. Tergantung dari sudut mana kamu memandangnya.” ― Ardila Dis “Wisdom is the ability to transform unhappiness into happiness.” ― Marty Rubin “As I glanced around my room, sliding my dinosaur back and forth on its chain, I though that maybe that was the point--that instead of happy endings, you get beginnings. Hundreds of little beginnings happening every moment, each of them layering into histories deep and tangled and new, histories you count on to remain, no matter what changes the world throws at you.” ― Meg Leder, The Museum of Heartbreak “Do not rest your reasons of being happy on ordinary mortals…happiness lies within you. Just you have to feel and identify it.” ― Girdhar Joshi, Some Mistakes Have No Pardon “If you try to find happiness in people, you are again making a mistake. Men and women can’t give you happiness.” ― Girdhar Joshi, Some Mistakes Have No Pardon “Oh, what do my grief and my misfortune matter if I have the strength to be happy?” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot “All the happiness of man stems from one thing only: that he is incapable of staying quietly in his room.” ― Paul Auster “Live for the present, and the future will be known before it ever happens.” ― Avinash Rao “Both the Old Testament and the Quran tell a similar story of Adam, the first man, who threw happiness away, and was consigned by God to live a harsh life scratching a living from the earth. Earth is not a place where everlasting and permanent happiness is found. Looking for it here is a distraction that diverts us from pursuing moderate contentment and peace of mind.” ― A.A. Alebraheem, 5 Essential Dimensions: How to Balance Your Life for Health, Success and Content “Everyone makes me happy some people when they come into my life, others when they go.” ― kambiz shabankareh “True wealth is contentment, and happiness is forgetting to worry how you are and how much you have.” ― Robert Thurman, Love Your Enemies: How to Break the Anger Habit and Be Much Happier “The way of the consumerist culture is to spend so much energy chasing happiness that it has none left to be happy.” ― Criss Jami “DID YOU KNOW that the UNBELIEVING, the FEARFUL and LIARS are no better than the MURDERERS, the SORCERERS and the IDOLATERS? In fact, they will all go to hell. The Bible says, "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (Revelation 21:8). The Bible did not say those wearing jewelry and trouser will go to hell. Don't allow the religious and legalistic people to divert your heart from the real issues. Stop playing with sin. No sin is greater than another. All lead to hell fire.” ― Daniel Friday Danzor “Being happy is harder than being discontent. For happiness we have to roll up our sleeves and knock down houses of cards. Because of this exertion, many prefer to abide by ‘fake’ happiness.( " Happiness blowing in the wind. " )” ― Erik Pevernagie “She's a gypsy girl living in a materialistic world, Unattached to most things but in love with life itself.” ― Nikki Rowe “Las cosas más tristes son las que deberían ser felices y no lo son.” ― Chris Pueyo, El chico de las estrellas “I'm at peace, at last. I fear nothing. I yearn for nothing. I suppose you could call that happiness” ― José Eduardo Agualusa, The Book of Chameleons “Let it shine, the light in you. Oh, and that's delighting me! Various colors shining through. Elated, it fills my soul with ecstasy.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “El chico de las Estrellas no era especialmente guapo, ni demasiado alto, ni exageradamente gracioso, pero era la persona con más ganas de ser feliz que he conocido nunca.” ― Chris Pueyo, El chico de las estrellas “Abundant living is realizing that life is a privilege whether it’s adhering to our scripts or not.” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough “The price of happiness is unconditional love.” ― Debasish Mridha “Aim for happiness because if you keep looking to reach perfection, you're never going to appreciate anything.” ― Karen A. Baquiran “Our natural state of being is joy. It takes so much energy to think negative thoughts to speak negative words, to feel miserable. The easy path is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. Take the easy path” ― Rhonda Byrne, How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. “I always knew what was most important to me. When I was growing up, nothing was more important than golf, but that’s the attitude of a young person who hasn’t a care in the world. Later on I figured it out. Family was first. Always. Then golf and business come after.” ― Arnold Palmer, A Life Well Played: My Stories “He who thinks money is the key to happiness, my heart cries for him. One has no overstanding of life.” ― Andrea L'Artiste “Don't give up on yourself. We all have the power to outshine and overcome our sorrows. Let this be the day you take a stand and believe you are indestructible.” ― Karen A. Baquiran “La felicidad es caprichosa, salta de una persona en persona como un grillo alternativo; curiosamente puede permanecer en alguien unas milésimas de segundo o quedarse a vivir para siempre, como le pasó a ella. Aquel grillo debió de construir su casa de palo en algún lugar de su alma, pues de allí no se ha ido jamás.” ― Chris Pueyo, El chico de las estrellas “Choose your path or others may choose it for you.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Whether we are happy depends on inner harmony, not on the controls we are able to exert over the great forces of the universe” ― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience “Be a person that radiates happiness with her every movement and enlightens every place she goes with her smile.” ― Debasish Mridha “Indiscretions can lead to great lessons.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “It is really surprising how many and what pleasant things happen to me; perhaps it is because I am always ready to meet an agreeable situation a little more than halfway.” ― A. Edward Newton, End Papers: Literary Recreations “Happy to be here, proud to serve.” ― Keith Allan Moore “When you make an embarrassing mistake, learn to let the memories be enough to let you laugh about it today.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Self glory makes life meaningless, glorify God fulfills it” ― indonesia123 “Perché la felicità è lì, a portata di mano, lì che non dobbiamo nemmeno farci chissà quali viaggi con la mente o frustrarci l'anima per essere più in là, guardare il mondo dall'alto, metterci sopra le mani per crederci padroni. E a volte serve un capitano che raddrizzi un sogno ingannevole.” ― Roberto Vecchioni, La vita che si ama “When you get clear on your own boundaries, you will find it easy to decide what you're willing to accept in your career.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Being content isn’t good enough. You deserve so much more—passion, joy, and excitement...” ― Nancee Cain, Tempting Jo “He who still finds enjoyment in those fun things he once did as a child, will for certainly live a happy and wealthy life.” ― Andrea L'Artiste “Happiness' is wealth.” ― Andrea L'Artiste “You cannot let a fear of failure, or a fear of comparison, or a fear of judgement stop you from doing what's going to make you great. You cannot succeed without this risk of failure, you cannot have a voice without the risk of criticism and you cannot love without the risk of loss. You must go out and take these risk. … Do what’s uncomfortable, and scary, and hard, but pays off in the long run. Be willing to fail. Let yourself fail. Fail in the way and the place where you would want to fail. Fail, pick yourself up and fail again. Because without this struggle, what is your success anyway?” ― Charlie Day “Creía que el secreto de la felicidad consistía en concentrarse en lo que uno tenía alrededor” ― Jame Runcie “Creía que el secreto de la felicidad consistía en concentrarse en lo que uno tenía a su alrededor" -Sidney Chambers and the shadow of death” ― James Runcie, Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death “Every challenge provides light. The light of understanding about life and truth.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step “Waking in the morning and seeing my books sitting at my bedside, is absolute happiness for me.” ― Andrea L'Artiste “Stand strong in your value. That starts by knowing your value.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy—a joy without penalty or guilt, a joy that does not clash with any of your values and does not work for your own destruction. Happiness is possible only to a rational man, the man who desires nothing but rational goals, seeks nothing but rational values and finds his joy in nothing but rational actions.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged “Your life, your achievement, your happiness, your person are of paramount importance. Live up to your highest vision of yourself no matter what the circumstances you might encounter. An exalted view of self-esteem is a man's most admirable quality.” ― Ayn Rand, The Night of January 16th “He first saw her in a ray of sunshine. She was dancing and singing in a forest clearing, her golden hair sparkling as it swirled around her. Her voice was the very essence of a happy, sunny day distilled into song. She was as weightless on her toes as golden motes in a drowsy beam, floating their way up to the ceiling.” ― Liz Braswell, Once Upon a Dream “there isn't shame in having shadows - we all have them to varying degrees. it's simply a part of being human” ― Timothy Roderick, Wicca: A Year and a Day: 366 Days of Spiritual Practice in the Craft of the Wise “Sometimes you have to "play the part" to become the part.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Unhappiness means lack of control.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “Use these scientifically rubber-stamped pointers to make better, brighter decisions: (a) Avoid negative things that you cannot grow accustomed to, such as commuting, noise, or chronic stress. (b) Expect only short-term happiness from material things, such as cars, houses, lottery winnings, bonuses, and prizes. (c) Aim for as much free time and autonomy as possible since long-lasting positive effects generally come from what you actively do. Follow your passions even if you must forfeit a portion of your income for them. Invest in friendships.” ― Rolf Dobelli, The Art of Thinking Clearly “Life will astound you when you give something a shot after being shot down.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Often, it takes more guts than skill to open doors. Once the doors get opened, then it's up to you.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Never allow your reality to be influenced by another's listless view of you.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Those things that are not within your control can often be the very things that set you free.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Those things that are not within your control can often be the very things that set you free.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Stand strong in your value. That starts by knowing your value.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “When you get clear on your own boundaries, you will find it easy to decide what you are willing to accept in your career.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “When you make an embarrassing mistake, learn to let the memories be enough to let you laugh about it today.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Indiscretions can lead to great lessons.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Sometimes life is unpredictable, as are people.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “There is an incredible beauty in your touch, it can heal the gravest wounds. And in your smile, that can easily mend any broken heart.” ― Luan “It's your life and no one else cares as much about it as you should.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “When you seek first to develop relationships based on personal and human ground, you will surely gain interest of another party.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Creative solutions come at drastic times, if you open your mind to the possibilities. Free yourself to take a chance!” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Other people's criticisms about what you are capable of, have nothing to do with you.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “Forse un giorno si arriverà ad essere tutti sereni, e non capiremo più tante cose perché capiremo tutto.” ― Italo Calvino “Often it takes more guts than skill to open doors. Once the doors get opened, then it's up to you.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Sometimes life is unpredictable, as are people.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “to judge darkness as bad or wrong is akin to judging whether up is better than down, or whether blue is better than red” ― Timothy Roderick, Wicca: A Year and a Day: 366 Days of Spiritual Practice in the Craft of the Wise “Choose your path or others may choose it for you.” ― Julieanne O'Conner “What makes a person unique is their vision, their belief, their passion, and their flat out unwillingness to give up.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “When we live holy we will glorify self but when we glorify God we will live holy” ― indonesia123 “When it comes to happiness, why would anyone want to delay it?” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “When it comes to recognizing your greatness, start first within your mind. Start now, in this moment. Imagine, imagine, imagine and then believe!” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Sometimes It feels like time is an evil clown that we always imagine. It gives you everything you ask for, and when you are about to happily embrace every gift that you have received it snatches away everything laughing and clapping at you, watching you fall on your knees and break into pieces.” ― Akshay Vasu “Volim da provodim vreme sa tobom. Dobar je osecaj smejati se na ovaj nacin.” ― Tamara Stamenkovic “In life there is but one career path that will fulfill. The path itself of joy. Make your heart sing. Anything else is a waste of life.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “SLAMMED DOORS, Path of Discouragement. OPEN DOORS, Path of change. Do something different.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Sam came to a fork in the road. One sign said 'SLAMMED DOORS, Path of Discouragement. Continue doing what you're doing.' The other sign said 'OPEN DOORS, Path of Change. Do something different.' And so he was presented with a choice. It was a "no-brainer" to choose the path of "OPEN DOORS." But the question became, 'What to do different?” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Catching up with the end result is never final, until it is, upon death.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “The most important part of life is in fact, the journey, and it's happening right now.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Only your life's work , driven by passion, will last forever.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Big important days come and go and you can NOT hold onto them. The planning always lasts longer. Therein lies the process. Therein lies the journey. Therein lies life.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Yes, I found happiness. And no, it didn’t take years of struggles, hours of meditation or tons of self-help books and yoga lessons. It just happened. Here, it follows me wherever I go. During the day, it joins me, like a willing ally, through the usual cycle of grasping and craving, and, at night, it lets me fall asleep, my mind quiet, no rambling thoughts filling it.” ― Carol Vorvain, Why Not?: The island where happiness starts with a question “It takes literally no effort to allow yourself to drift into a negative state of mind. However, an inspired mind is one that has been developed and is constantly practiced in the art of visualization, positive thinking, and unwavering belief in potential and possibility.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Tahitians don’t chase happiness. Happiness comes naturally to them. You only need to see them in the water, with a beer in their hand, splashing each other or waving to every stranger they see on the road, to know this. Happiness is in the air: in every hibiscus flower that opens early in the morning, in the sweet aroma of the pineapple plantations, in the smile of the people lolling around idly, resting slothfully in the warm breeze that ruffles the surface of the lagoon.” ― Carol Vorvain, Why Not? The island where happiness starts with a question “Successful people will tell you that they do not wonder if they are going to succeed. They know they will. It's just a matter of when.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “People who believe in their own potential, and who are driven by purpose, rarely have time to talk about it.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Life's unpredictable path and length, should be enough to make you want to take a chance.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Opportunities seldom appear wrapped in shiny paper with a big bow as you might hope. Remaining open to the packages they do in fact come in, regardless of how they appear, can lead to hugely profound experiences.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Before you get a bad attitude by drawing recurring conclusions to new situation based on past experiences, be sure to look for the possibilities.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “As long as you're alive you're going to be thrown a few obstacles. It's what you do with them that matters.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “I will give you all happiness because you gave me happiness to live for. Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans Religion of Blue Circle” ― Petra Hermans “Opportunities rarely give second chances.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “You never know who you're talking to. Don't judge. Remember people who you encounter are put in your path for a reason.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Life is full of surprises but you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Start there.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Sometimes what may appear as unfair, may actually be a huge favor from the Universe, pushing you in the right direction to live your dreams.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “I take my integrity seriously, but make no mistake, I do not rely on others to do the same.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “Anything is possible with laughter. If you can laugh out loud, especially at a life of mistakes, you will come out unscathed.” ― Julieanne O'Connor, SPELLING IT OUT FOR YOUR CAREER “You can make your room such a delightful place that they will want to come to you...she is always on hand. Everybody who wants her knows just where to go. If people love her, she gets naturally to be the heart of the house. Once make the little ones feel that your room is the place of all the others to come to when they are tired, or happy, or grieved, or sorry about anything and that the Katy who lives there is sure to give them a loving reception and the battle is won. For you know we never do people good by lecturing.” ― Susan Coolidge, What Katy Did “Kindness has no boundaries. It is the language of the soul.” ― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion “Suddenly you realize that you are the mother of the Universe, eager to protect, transform and care every soul of the world.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step “Be good to yourself. If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?” ― Kobi Yamada “Working hard is not a waste of time, but a state of mind. Keep pushing your limits until you reach the edge. Then be kind and rewind.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “Create your own “LUCK” in your personal life—instead of relying on “fate” and hoping that your happiness will spontaneously materialize sometime and somehow, as if by magic. Be the “magician” of your own destiny. Take control of your own fate.” ― Sahara Sanders, ROMANTIC ACTIVITIES AND SURPRISES: 800 DATING IDEAS: An Illustrated Guide for Men “Health is hearty, health is harmony, health is happiness.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words “Self-denial in the pursuit of purpose generates true pleasure while self-indulgence in the pursuit of pleasure generates true misery.” ― Orrin Woodward “We only have one life and two choices: sadness and regret for a past we cannot change or happiness for every moment we can choose how to live.” ― Marino Baccarini “Nobody can go back and start all over again. But anyone can start today and make a new beginning. Instead of another closure, make a new future.” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “The drive to knowledge has become too strong for us to be able to want happiness without knowledge or of a strong, firmly rooted delusion; even to imagine such a state of things is painful to us! Restless discovering and divining has such an attraction for us, and has grown as indispensable to us as is to the lover his unrequited love, which he would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference – perhaps, indeed, we too are unrequited lovers.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality “When wealth goes only happiness goes, when health goes even the hope goes.” ― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words “Stop chasing society’s definition of success and chase your own definition of success. Success is an emotion that is experienced when you are completely fulfilled and content with where you are in life; it has nothing to do with a specific job, a specific amount of money in your bank account, or the quality of material possessions you acquire. You can be the richest man in the world, but still, feel unsuccessful, and you can be the poorest man in the world, but still, feel extremely successful.” ― Kyle D. Jones “Life's like a book: What matters is the hook. Be it short or long, just live it strong. Whether it's five stars, or how near or far, just soar!” ― Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job “The real flight of this hawk is impending. Still,this bird is yet to be tested for real. Though I have leaped over the seas, well,the entire sky is still remaining to fly. And make sure that ,i am gonna do it with all my heart and all my soul. #loveyoourlife #liveyourlife #hvFUN” ― Arunima Sinha, Born Again on the Mountain: a story of losing everything and finding it back “Я ніколи не заздрила його щастю, шкодувала лише про те, що він не знайшов його зі мною” ― Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train “Happiness is what you trample over when you are looking for it” ― Eric Amidi, Cracking the Success Code “God wishes to see people happy.” ― shivani lal “Be happy NOW. Feel good NOW. That's the only thing you have to do. And if that's the only thing you get from reading this book, then you have received the greatest truth of The Secret.” ― Rhonda Byrne, How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. “It's not the circumstances of your life that are preventing you from being happy; it's the excuses you're making not to be happy! Like attracts like, happiness attracts happiness, so just drop the excuses - drop every one of them - and be happy now!” ― Rhonda Byrne, How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. “If you make a decision that from here onward you will give the majority of your attention to happy thoughts, you will begin a process of purifying your body. Those happy thoughts will supply your body with the greatest health-booster you could possibly give it. There are endless excuses not to be happy. But if you put happiness off by saying "I'll be happy when..." you'll not only be delaying happiness for the rest of your life, you'll also be diminishing the health of your body. Happiness is your body's miracle elixir, so be happy NOW, no excuses!” ― Rhonda Byrne, How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. “Rewrite your tale of woe as a tale of wow” ― Karen Salmansohn, Think Happy: Instant Peptalks to Boost Positivity “We're only happy--truly happy--when it's forever after, but only children live in a world where things can last forever.” ― José Eduardo Agualusa, The Book of Chameleons “... happiness is the shortcut to anything you want in your life. Just feel and be happy now! Focus on radiating out into the Universe those feelings of joy and happiness. When you do that, you will attract back to you all things that bring you joy and happiness, which will include everything you want. When you radiate those feelings of happiness, they are sent back to you as the happy circumstances of your life.” ― Rhonda Byrne, How The Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories. “If you constantly go back over your life and focus on the difficulties from the past, you are just bringing more difficult circumstances to you now. When you think back over your life, let go of all the things you don't love about your life, let go of all the things you don't love about your childhood and keep only the things you love. Let go of the things you don't love about your adolescent and adult years and keep only the good things. When you do, you'll discover that you begin to feel happier and happier. The more positive thoughts you entertain, the more you notice the things that you love and that make you feel good, and the happier you become. Like attracts like, and when you're happy, you attract happy people, circumstances, and events into your life. This is how your life changes - one happy thought at a time!” ― Rhonda Byrne “Soy tan feliz, que a veces paréceme que vivo suspendida en el aire, que mis pies no tocan la tierra, que huelo la eternidad y respiro el airecillo que sopla más allá del sol. No duermo. ¡Ni qué falta me hace dormir!” ― Benito Pérez Galdós, Tristana “Happiness is not a journey or a destination, it's a choice” ― Urbanky Aurel Petru “Robbing ourselves of the great pleasures in life only makes us perform worse. We need to be happy, and do things we like doing if we want to excel in whatever it is we're focusing on.” ― Torron-Lee Dewar, 50 Ways to Become a Better Choreographer “But before that, before the farm went bad, Alphonse remembers being happy. He didn't know it was happiness and couldn't have put a name to it then - in fact he's pretty sure he never even thought about it - but now he knows that it was happiness.” ― Anita Shreve, Sea Glass “For the first time she knew and loved the Spirit of good and beauty, an affinity to which affords the greatest bliss that our nature can receive.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Lodore “She wondered at her previous blindness; it was as if she had closed her eyelids, and then fancied it was night. No fear that she should return to darkness; her heart felt so light, her spirit so clear and animated, that she could only wonder how it was she had missed happiness so long, when it needed only that she should stretch out her hand to take it.” ― Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Lodore “There is a miracle in your mess, don't let the mess make you miss the miracle.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Soul smiles through the lips of a happy face” ― Munia Khan “I am a bit old fashion but I believe in prayer, I believe prayer can move mountain. Prayer might not be our responsibility but it is a good starting place. It can give us heaven's prospectives on human problems. I know we need to do a bit more than pray but that doesn't mean we don't need to pray.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “My advice for those of you who felt being marginalised, undervalued and taken for granted; guess what? That is the Arena where God creates Leaders.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Man's panic does not produce God's power.....sometimes you need to pray before you post on social media.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Five minutes after something happened might not be the best time for you to get into your Facebook and tell everybody. Men's panic does not produce God's power.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Conflict is much the same, injustice and inequality is nothing new to our generation only the contest has changed because not only that everyone has opinion but they also have an opportunity to voice it and that is a bit dangerous.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The conflict hasn't gotten worst but the contest has really changed.............” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I have the word of God and my bible is very interesting, this book was conceived in battle, Jesus Christ our Saviour was conceived in brokenness, out of barenness to redeem a people who were in bondage to their sin. I know exactly where to go when the people start getting confused, trading lies for truth, buying injustice for justice and even when the media starts to show me the prospectives of the world that I am living in, I have my prospective from the word of God.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I am so happy that I grew up knowing the word of God, the spirit of discernment in me is 24hrs activated, I can differentiate between light and darkness. I put on the amour of God even when the whole world is going to hell, I refuse to join them. The light in me shall overshadow every power of darkness.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “All of my life God has allowed me to share prospectives with people who are different. You cannot lead people whose prospective you are not willing to understand.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Surrounded by enemies, surrounded by evil, surrounded by darkness, injustice......."don't be afraid , those who are with us are more than those who are with them" 2 Kings 6:16” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Whenever someone is a threat to the enemy there will be an attack dispatched against that person to try to minimise their effectiveness.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “There is power in the word of God if used properly.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “There is a remedy and there is a hope but the remedy is not in the political party or in places that will take you away from hope. You better run to God, that is the only place you can find both.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The presence of crisis does not prove the absence of God. I think in time of crisis Christians should rise up and point to the world on something bigger. The crisis is an opportunity for us to proclaim to the children of darkness what we proclaim in the light.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I didn't come from a success lineage but I am so glad that my earthly lineage is not my final story because when I gave my life to Jesus twelve years back, God interrupted my story.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Parents never you make church and studying the word of God optional for your children. If they are in your house, get them up, teach them the word of God, the greatest awards, PhD or achievements any child could have is to grow up in the word of God. I and my family are living witness and it is extending to our third generation.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I do not have any trust fund, I have always trusted God for all my funds.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “There must always be an opposition because the enemy always opposes what the Lord has declared.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I am amazed upon the many battle that we engage in, be it money, control or matters of the heart, only very few of us knows how to fight in the right way or understand who we are really fighting against. To win any battle you' ve got to have the right strategy and resources because victories don't come by accident.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Of what use is my going to church every day and still come home and remain the same? Of what use is my attending the mosques and the next day I enter the mall with knives and start slaughtering people in the name of religion. God is a God of variety. He was not stupid creating all of us different with our uniqueness. His creating us different shows the level of His creativity. He didn't make you white to hate black or vice versa. He made it so that we can cherish and love each other irrespective of our differences just as He loved us with all our flaws and our short comings. Can we forgive those who have offended us? Yes and some will say no but never forget that you are not worthy but God still forgives you even till the last hour of your life. If God can love us against all our atrocities why can't we learn to love one another. Take a look around you, you can only see sad faces. Was that really God's intention for us on earth? Absolutely not. But we have remoulded God's creativity to suit our taste and lifestyles and now we are reaping the fruit of our labour. You should not expect to reap love when you sowed the seed of hatred. What a man sows that he reaps. We sowed on weapons of war and we are yielding war in return. We have sowed on weapons of destruction so why are we asking for peace. If you ask me....I will say let's go back to our source. He has never lost any battle. I am a living witness.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I would rather have a man chasing JESUS than a house full of stuffs and garrage filled with big cars.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “How about we be the light of Jesus Christ? There are things we tend to forget when fear becomes the driving force. The world is filled with a lot of questions now; what do we do? Who do we elect? How do we fix this? Some people feel powetless in those ways. Helpless, hopeless, confused, overwhelmed. What do we do? My answer: Stop looking for practical advice "don't be afraid " "those who are with us are more than those who are with them" 2 kings 6:16” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God always sees me with no make-ups on because He knew how we started.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God is not interested in helping you finding out why you are in a mess, He is interested in fixing it.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “It’s when your plans look dead that God’s resurrection power begins to operate in your life in greater measure” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Memory, imagination, and passionately responding in accord with the deeply embedded impulse to act with decency are pliable mechanisms that we can employ to attain happiness.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls “An enlightened person strives to live a meaningful life, defined by their personal humility joy, passion, and profound reverence for life.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls “Sometimes what not to do is more important than what to do. Sometimes when you are in crisis, when frustration are high or when you are under pressure, what you don't do is more important than what you do. Don't be afraid. ....” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Gratitude without practicing maybe like practicing a faith without good work. A grateful heart is not enough without a grateful habit; because your joy is not produced by what you put in your heart but by habit you put in your life.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “All my pains has always increased my sense of purpose.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Be careful because God's gifts alone are not able to give you joy; God's gift can only bring you joy when they are joined with your gratitude.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Maybe what you need in your life is not the next level of accomplishment or the next level of accumulation but the next level of appreciation for what you have; that will set the stage to make a space for what you will accumulate in the future. ( a bit deep) Simply put thank God for now before setting the goal for tomorrow because if you grow in gifts and didn't grow in gratitude, you have gained nothing.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “When you do away with God you become your own god, because you recognise no greater power in the universe than yourself.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “When you praise God in pain, it is preparing you for provision.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The things I call crisis and all the things that were coming after me are all coming to serve the purpose of God in my life.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God made my enemies to serve me in my absence. God made the things that conspired to destroy me feed me into the place that He was preparing for me. I am a big girl and I can handle trouble and my enemies.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “When you learn to have the heart of praise in the presence of your enemies, you set the table; if you can work with God in darkness enough depending on the light that He showed you in the last season, you will learn to read your enemies as a sign that it is time to eat. ( a bit deep). Whenever you sense a crisis in your life, note that your harvest is near.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God prepared a table before me in the presence of my insecurity, in the presence of my deficits, in the presence of my addictions, in the presence of my confusions, in the presence of what I have lost, in the presence of the threat that I won't make it, in the presence of my enemies, I am looking straight ahead.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Learn to eat with your enemies all around you but most of all thank God for his presence. Keep your eyes fixed to the presence of God in the presence of your enemies.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I have learned to thank God for what I cannot see, I have learned to trust God with what I cannot.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Thank God #EVEN# #THOUGH# in bad times not only in your good; this is a graduated form of gratitude.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I have my priorities and I know my purpose. I do not Praise God because of my pain but I praise Him because of what the pain is producing.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If God gives you a gift and you don't know what to do with it, it won't make you happy. Some of you God gave a wonderful husband but you can't make a home and some of you God gave a wonderful wife but you can't make a good husband. Some of you can't even unwrap the gift so that you can appreciate it.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If you can feed in the presence of your enemies, if you can be blessed under the weight of burdens, when you praise God in pain, it is preparation for provision.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Do you know that you can be surrounded by all these blessings, all these relationships, goodness, provisions, opportunities? But if you don't know how to turn the blessing into praise, it will turn into pride and your life will never be filled with joy because your heart has holes in it.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I have graduated to the extent of not asking what is happening in my life because I trust the maker(God).” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Whenever you are in transition it is always important to choose the words that you use. You call it crises in your life and I call it transition.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “All the failures in my life freed me from all my fears so that I can succeed.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I don't want to settle down because God has satisfied me and heard my prayers. I want to stay hungry and thirsty for the things of God.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Be careful the mistake of yesterday always lives with tomorrow.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “This is not the first time that the world has been in a mess but you are still God, you left us on the earth, not only to preach in a building but to be the church beyond the buildings.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “At a time like this maybe the world is looking at us not just at a miracle crusade or sunday church service but the way we are living. Maybe they want to see whether what our Master left for us worked for us; there is a counter spirit to the spirit of fear, it is the love of God.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God always wants us to see things from heaven's prospective. You may not be doing much to your community but what you are is so important. You are significant.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Christians we cannot be allowed to be fractured at a time like this. There are more of us, there are more of light in us than in the agents of darkness.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If you never listen, you can't see. The devil has got so many people so disconnected that they cannot even listen or even sense when the Lord is speaking.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Before we can fix the situation, we have to first see the situation, the world can't see straight right now, some are blinded by hatred, rage, fear, scepticism, some are blinded by their pains. We need to pray...pray that God open our eyes to see the problem from the source and not from the surface. You cannot solve a situation that you cannot see correctly.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The agenda of the Media is not to inform you, they don't care about you, they are trying to show you the truth. There are some intelligent Christians but they can't find them and put on the air ...for instance me” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “There must be something that God knows about fear that we don't know. I am sure He knows that when you are in a state of fear, you can't fix anything. When we are in a state of fear we can't talk about anything reasonable and we can't solve anything. That is the problem because the media throws all lies on us to create fear and we fall for it....Number one Satan's strategy of getting some people trapped.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “You may have fallen down, but you can get back up again. You may have doors shut, but new doors will open for you. You may have been lied on, but the truth will come to the light. You may have been hurt, but the pain will pass. You are a survivor. You have a history of surviving.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush “Once your soul is awakened, you never return to the sleepwalking state of mind. Some people become complacent in life. They are just going through the motions and not aware of truth. Seek the knowledge, wisdom, and the understandings that vivify your existence.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush “Disturb my sleep but darling don't dare disturb my dreams!” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “Everyone has a price”, as they say. So let the price on your tag say “PRICELESS” “INVALUABLE” “IRREPLACEABLE”.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia “I came here to show you the way to happiness is not through success but through love, compassion, and kindness.” ― Debasish Mridha “The magic to attain victory is simple…..Just believe.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia “Do not allow your happiness to be controlled by the thoughts of others. People are happy for you one minute and then the next they are looking down their noses at you. You have to find within yourself the kind of happiness that withstands the ups and downs of life. No one should have the power to limit or repress your happiness.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush “I've written you sixty-seven love poems. Here’s another one for you. But really, for me. These poems are the candles that I light with the fire you have ignited in me. I place this candle here and another there so even if the stars have argued with the moon and are sulking away in a corner, you can still find your way to me. Sixty-eight poems now. What does the future hold for us? Joy? Disappointment? Gentle caresses? And subtle neglect? I hope the good is more than the bad. Much more. For what is the point of love if by lighting these candles our own flame loses its brightness? I know the good is more than the bad. Much more. I cannot wait to write you sixty-nine.” ― Kamand Kojouri “To be happy in life, develop at least four hobbies: one to bring you money, one to keep you healthy, one to bring you joy, and one to bring you peace.” ― Stan Jacobs, The Dusk And Dawn Master: A Practical Guide to Transforming Evening and Morning Habits, Achieving Better Sleep, and Mastering Your Life “Physical manifestations are as a result of non-physical processes.” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel “Happiness is ours for the taking and take it we must without any apologies. We deserve to be happy, loved, and respected......nothing less.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia “Life never seems to prepare us sufficiently for epiphanies. ... they are not magical intrusions from another world, but reality, naked, and without shame.” ― Monks of New Skete, In The Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom “I had no mind then for anything except Sebastian, and I saw him already as being threatened, though I did not yet know how black was the threat. His constant, despairing prayer was to be let alone. By the blue waters and rustling palm of his own mind he was happy and harmless as a Polynesian; only when the big ship dropped anchor beyond the coral reef, and the cutter beached in the lagoon, and, up the golden slope that had never known the print of a boot there trod the grim invasion of trader, administrator, missionary and tourist – only then was it time to disinter the archaic weapons of the tribe and sound the drums in the hills; or, more easily, to turn from the sunlit door and lie alone in the darkness, where the impotent, painted deities paraded the walls in vain, and cough his heart out among the rum bottles.” ― Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited “İnsana mutluluk kadar sağlık katan bir şey yoktur ve en büyük mutluluk da bir başka insanı mutlu etmektir.” ― Stefan Zweig “Take me back into the time when I lost track of time!” ― Jasleen Kaur Gumber “MIND is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred and jealousy. But it is the treasure box to keep, love happiness and sweet memories.” ― Swami Vivekananda “...spiritual dryness is not a problem. It only seems a problem because it's such a contrast with the good feelings of the honeymoon stage. ...this night will continue to go on, often getting worse, throughout our life. But if we persevere in our spiritual journey, we will be able to perceive in it positive meaning and learn to understand it. Then we can move beyond it to the freedom that places our feelings in proper perspective.” ― Monks of New Skete, In The Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom “{God's] presence is not contingent upon our feeling it. It simply is. We must learn to remember this and calm ourselves. By His apparent 'absence', He is leading us to a more mature level of consciousness, self-offering, and love. He is leading us from the love of God for the sake of His gifts to love of God for His own sake.” ― Monks of New Skete, In The Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom “Perhaps the reason we so often experience happiness only in hindsight, and that any deliberate campaign to achieve it is so misguided, is that it isn't an obtainable goal in itself but only an artereffect. It's the consequence of having lived in the way that we're supposed to - by which I don't mean ethically correct but fully, consicously engaged in the business of living.” ― Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing “Cynicism leads to despair, while fixating on the efforts that seemed to work in the past makes an idol out of spiritual states.” ― Monks of New Skete, In The Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom “We speak of searching for happiness, of finding contentment, as if these were locations on an atlas, actual places that we could visit if only we had the proper map and the right navigational skills.” ― Melody Warnick, This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live “What are we all chasing? Nella wonders. To live, of course. To be unbound from the invisible ropes that Johannes spoke of in his study. Or to be happy in them, at least.” ― Jessie Burton, The Miniaturist “Hidup adalah sebuah kebahagiaan yang perlu selalu kita perjuangkan, kita ciptakan, akhirnya kita dapatkan. Tidak akan pernah ada kesedihan apalagi penderitaan di dalam kehidupan karena kita sllu punya Tuhan Allah SWT untuk bertawakkal di akhir ikhtiar-ikhtiar yang kita lakukan. Kawan... Memang tidak akan ada hari yang sllu menyenangkan, ceria dan penuh dengan kebahgiaan. Tapi, tidak ada hari yang begitu menyedihkan, penuh dengan penderitaan kalau kita sudah memahami konsep kehidupan. Kawan... Jika hari ini kamu merasakan kesedihan di sebabkan oleh berbagai alasan-alasan. Seperti belum mendapat pekerjaan, masih ttp seorang pengangguran, untuk tempel ban kereta pun tidak punya uang, apalagi untuk makan. Maka, bersabarlah kawan, karena akhirnya kita akan mendapatkan pekerjaan yang kita inginkan, kita impikan. Bersabarlah sebentar karena semua akan terlewatkan.” ― Alfisy0107 “Now is the time to recall the enthusiasm of our first fervor, the determination to offer ourselves unreservedly, and at the same time to let go of the craving for emotional consolation,” ― Monks of New Skete, In The Spirit of Happiness: A Book of Spiritual Wisdom “I have learned to find happiness not by possessing wealth and splendor but by giving it away for mankind.” ― Debasish Mridha “God can take the ordinary and create the extraordinary. Our incredible God has the power to transform your simple life and give you the life of your dreams. Remarkable things happen in your life when you believe.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush “Be like Jesus. Live love, speak love, think love…..do all things in love.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia “There is much more joy in being a survivor than been a quitter.” ― Omoakhuana Anthonia “A happy face is also a source of happiness!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Instead of becoming sad or mad, choose to be amazed or puzzled - and stay happy within!” ― Arne Klingenberg “The more time you spend thinking about yourself, the more suffering you will experience.” ― Dalai Lama XIV, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World “How wrong we are to ignore our hearts to follow the familiar path.” ― Nikki Rowe “Cease distracting your mind of things with little substance.” ― Nikki Rowe “Believe in yourself and be the source of joy in someone else's life.” ― Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step “Every sacrifice is another colour of your Rainbow!” ― Cass van Krah “I am neither the mind not the thought, I am its Creator.” ― Rajasaraswathii “Cicero said that gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others. If that’s true, then my happiness does not cause me to be grateful for what I have. My gratitude for what I have causes me to be happy. Gratitude births the virtue of happiness.” ― Jennifer Dukes Lee, The Happiness Dare: Pursuing Your Heart's Deepest, Holiest, and Most Vulnerable Desire “One day you're waiting for the sky to fall The next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all” ― Bruce Cockburn “The art of happy-making begins when we find our happiness within instead of without.” ― Jennifer Dukes Lee, The Happiness Dare: Pursuing Your Heart's Deepest, Holiest, and Most Vulnerable Desire “During my life journey I've discovered an interesting thing; once you stop seeking outside you discover what already resides within.” ― Rasheed Ogunlaru “Nothing thwarts happiness so much as the memory of happiness.” ― André Gide, The Immoralist “El hombre que hace que todo lo que conduzca a la felicidad dependa de sí mismo y no de los demás, ha adoptado el mejor plan para vivir una vida feliz. Es un hombre de moderación, de carácter y de sabiduría”. Platón (427?-347? A.C.)” ― Víctor R. Ramos, La dieta MIND, alimentación que ayuda a prevenir la enfermedad de Alzheimer: Tu cerebro puede estar sufriendo sin que te des cuenta “If you do not completely accept yourself, you can not love yourself fully. It would be hard to love anything unconditionally.” ― Avis J. Williams “Don't believe everything you are told, if it resonates within you, then listen and act.” ― Avis J. Williams “The world is a chaotic place find a love that doesn't allow a home to have the same feeling.” ― Nikki Rowe “The path to joy and spiritual fulfilment requires the courage to change and grow.” ― A. G. Roemmers “If you live with fear and consider yourself as something special then automatically, emotionally, you are distanced from others. You then create the basis for feelings of alienation from others and loneliness. So, I never consider, even when giving a talk to a large crowd, that I am something special, I am 'His Holiness the Dalai Lama' . . . I always emphasize that when I meet people, we are all the same human beings. A thousand people -- same human being. Ten thousand or a hundred thousand -- same human being -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. Then, you see, no barrier. Then my mind remains completely calm and relaxed. If too much emphasis on myself, and I start to think I'm something special, then more anxiety, more nervousness.” ― Dalai Lama XIV, The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World “Time Management means managing ourselves with the timezones when we are naturally energetic.” ― Rajasaraswathii “Happiness can be defined as the function of the effort we put forth toward the realization of life's goals. When we understand that our purpose in this world is to strive toward purposeful accomplishment, precisely then will we experience happiness.” ― H.W. Charles, The Money Code: Become a Millionaire With the Ancient Jewish Code “Happiness does not result from pleasure, but rather, from reaching one's goals.” ― H.W. Charles, The Money Code: Become a Millionaire With the Ancient Jewish Code “without room for improvement, where would we have our purpose, if I had all that I wanted, I would have to lose increments to give myself the purpose to obtain again, without goals, without the challenge what are they? Maybe rising to meet the maintenance, learning new things, stepping out of comfort zones, accomplishing new goals, facing new challenges is a part of what happiness is about... others deserve their right to live inalienably, but i feel like I deserve my right to suffer.” ― Marouane LAASSAFAR “Da piccola sono stata molto felice, ma poi ho smesso. Ho smesso così, di colpo, come i fumatori che decidono da un giorno all'altro. Ma non come quelli che poi ci ricadono; io non sono più ricaduta. Solo una volta, all'inizio.” ― Anilda Ibrahimi, Rosso come una sposa “there's always been a little sadness inside my happiness. i've never been able to separate the two.” ― Ava, You Are Safe Here. “And like anyone who is in valiant pursuit of dreams, the ups and downs come and go, but the dream lives in the heart forever.” ― Chris Michaels, The Power of You: How to Live Your Authentic, Exciting, Joy-Filled Life Now! “He was happy. All his life. ALL his life. There is an all now: beginning and end. But then I suppose no one gets out alive. Lately, in the last years especially, he has been so happy. Surely that is a good life? That is enough? Dear God, I hope so.” ― Priya Parmar, Vanessa and Her Sister “Success is working with enthusiasm and ambition, living with joy and kindness, and going toward a life of ultimate service and happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “Nu lasa durerea sa spuna da si nu lasa iubirea sa spuna nu.” ― Mircea Popister “Quando penso a tutti i libri che mi restano da leggere ho la certezza di essere ancora felice":” ― J. Renard “There’s much talk in popular culture about finding happiness—as though if you aren’t grinning ear to ear 24 hours a day you’re somehow missing out on life.” ― Rachel C. Weingarten, Ancient Prayer: Channeling Your Faith 365 Days of the Year “You push the TRUTH off a cliff, but it will always fly. You can submerge the TRUTH under water, but it will not drown. You can place the TRUTH in the fire, but it will survive. You can bury the TRUTH beneath the ground, but it will arise. TRUTH always prevails!” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Heart Crush “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.” ― Audrey Hepburn “I Am ! Two powerful words.... You must confess... I Am who God called me to be. I Am a Success. I Am not what you think of me. I Am more than a conqueror. I Am walking by Faith. I Am a Gift.” ― Amaka Imani Nkosazana, Release The Ink “Çok hayal kuruyorum. Sayıca fazla olunca, biri gerçek oluyor!” ― Tunç Kılınç, Sıfır “You are lucky, Renisenb. You have found the happiness that is inside everybody's own heart. To most women, happiness means coming and going, busied over small affairs. It is care for one's children and laughter and conversation and quarrels with other women and alternate love and anger with a man. It is made up of small things strung together like beads on a string.” ― Agatha Christie, Death Comes as the End “Happiness is the most magical thing in this world the amount of which remains the same, even after distributing it amongst innumerable unhappy people.” ― Munia Khan “We welcome that kind of shrapnel so that when it twinges in our souls we're filled with that glowing feeling that comfort us in our darkest hours and whispers from somewhere inside that our own happiness isn't impossible nor is it entirely lost.” ― Carrie Hope Fletcher, All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully “Alice jumped from flagstone to flagstone, her face caught in the rainlight glow, her hand grasping for a touch of gold. The towns excitement was contagious, and the air was so thick with promise Alice could almost bite into it.” ― Tahereh Mafi, Furthermore “Happiness is ideal, it is the work of the imagination. It is a manner of being moved which relies solely upon the way we see and feel. Except for the satisfaction of needs, there is nothing which makes all men equally happy. Not a day goes by but that we see one person made happy by something that supremely displeases another. Therefore, there is certain or fixed happiness, and the only happiness possible for us is the one we form with the help of our organs and our principles.” ― Marquis de Sade, Eugenie de Franval and Other Stories “Biggest tragedy of life is when God ask us to glorify Him for our sakes but we choose to glorify self for satan's good.” ― indonesia123 “He was a giant who had caught a butterfly and knew he'd only kill it if he kept it but was so reluctant to let it go for its beauty made him something he wouldn't be without it: happy.” ― Carrie Hope Fletcher, On the Other Side “If you know the art of being happy with simple things, then you know the art of having maximum happiness with minimum effort!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “Everything starts from inside of us, then comes outside of us.” ― Avis J. Williams “Happiness is the best makeup to emphasize your inner beauty and outer glow.” ― Debasish Mridha “Happiness is very simple. To be happy, think happiness.” ― Debasish Mridha “A lot of people, especially psychoanalysts, assume that happiness can only be found in a couple - but not all of us are made for a relationship.” ― Stephen Grosz, The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves “Do you really want to know the simplest secret to a happy life and a positive attitude? It’s believing that God is on your side; that He’s actively working on your behalf, that he loves you and is capable of completely forgiving you.” ― Toni Sorenson, Aligned By Christ “To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” ― Robert Morely “God is working on your behalf, for your happiness and inner peace. So move forward in faith, believing that He is with you and for you because He is.” ― Toni Sorenson, Aligned By Christ “Love is trembling happiness.” ― Kahil Gibran “Happiness is photographing female statuary, for, unlike the human female, they are most cooperative, not prone to hissy fits, nor do they suffer from PDS (Prima Donna Syndrome).” ― John M. Dos Santos, Black and White and Shades of Gray “[Patricia Highsmith] had experienced at first hand many of Ripley's characteristics - splintered identity, insecurity, inferiority, obsession with an object of adoration, and the violence that springs from repression. Like her young anti-hero, she knew that in order to survive, it was necessary to prop oneself up with a psychological fantasy of one's own making. 'Happiness, for me, is a matter of imagination,' she wrote in her notebook while writing The Talented Mr. Ripley. 'Existence is a matter of unconscious elimination of negative and pessimistic thinking. I mean, to survive at all. And this applies to everyone. We are all suicides under the skin, and under the surface of our lives.” ― Andrew Wilson, Patricia Highsmith, Ζωή στο σκοτάδι “Greatest irony of life is living in self glory while glorifying God which is the ultimate joy is left behind.” ― indonesia123 “There is far more happiness in a life that is your own than a life in which you are handed the lines to say and shown the gestures to make. Do not ever be ambitious.” ― Ken Liu, The Grace of Kings “We live in a terrible world, "happiness" is defined by how lucky you are in society, let me say this; out of life experiences spanning throughout my 19-20 years of my life, I learned that life is unfair, but ironically, every time I TRY to do something right, it gets spit back in my f###### face. In short, even though it may sound depressing or negative, in life, it is desperately not fair, nothing will be happy or normal and if something happens that you thought shouldn't or cant, it's going to happen anyway, the truth is the truth, and the truth hurts, deal with it, and sometimes nothing will ever get better from there ever again, deal with it.” ― C.J. Butler “Don’t get shitty when I treat you as you are, a casual acquaintance” ― Genereux Philip “We say that the world is made of sea and land, as though they were equal; but we know that there is more sea in the Western than in the Eastern hemisphere. We say that the firmament is full of stars, as though it were equally full; but we know that there are more stars under the Northern than the Southern pole. We say the element of man are misery and happiness, as though he had an equal proportion of both, and the days of man vicissitudinary, as though he had as many good days as ill, and that he lived under a perpetual equinoctial, night and day equal, good and ill fortune in the same measure. But it is far from that; he drinks in misery, and he tastes happiness; he journeys in misery, he does but walk in happiness: and, which is worstn his misery is positive and dogmatical, his happiness is but disputable and problematical: all men call misery misery, but happiness changes the name by the taste of man.” ― John Donne, Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions “Happiness is, when it comes to the understanding of its meaning, to sometimes be unhappy.” ― Hasse Jerner “Not an exact quote, more like an opinion, a thought. Dementors suck out happiness from people. The make people remember their worst moments in life. The way to defeat them / repel them is to cast a patronus charm, [incantation: expecto patronum. If my latin serves me right it means "I expect / I command my patron]. The difficulty lies in casting the charm while those foul creatures make you feel terrible and the charm only works if you can conjure up a most happy memory. I suggest a new / additional interpretation of JK Rowling's idea: Demen - tors are your inner demons that make you feel terrible, things you did in your life, terrible losses you experienced (Harry hears his mother's screams) and negative emotions. Those inner demons TORment you and your soul. You can only escape those horrible impressions with an overwhelming positive force of imagination. Happy moments in your life, thoughts about friends, family, love and connection versus the horrible loneliness that your inner demons create.” ― ThomThor “Love gives us happiness, peace then it gives us a lot of pain and you also have to sacrifice your happiness, then you began to hate that person, so fall for friendships. Respect each other’s space and styles, then hangout and enjoy” ― Shaikh Ashraf, Friendship, Love & Sacrifice “Sometimes the fact that you can't sense God isn't an indication that He is not there. It is just an indication that you are hanging out in the wrong place.The cave is not a physical location, it is a state of mind.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “He is sure to be more happy who has eaten well and slept well and has besides a little money in his jeans. Such men are rare to find for the simple reason that most men are incapable of appreciating the wisdom of such a simple truth. The worker thinks he would be better off if he were running the factory; the owner of the factory thinks the would be better off if he were a financier; and the financier knows he would be better off if he were clean out of the bloody mess and living the simple life.” ― Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird “You will always end up in frustration whenever you try to produce outside your purpose.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Some people want to kill goliath but they do not want to attend to sheep. How can God use you to kill giants if you cannot follow simple instructions?” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If you work by faith and not by sight, you will always see a sign. You have to develop a space of comfort to know that there is a difference between signs and sounds, it means God will tell you that He will make a change in your life but He won't show you anything to demonstrate the change for a little while because He doesn't want your faith to be in the change; He wants your faith to be in the promise, so that when the change is a bit slow in coming, you will know how to trust in Him while you wait for it to come to pass.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Have you ever asked yourself this question "what can God do through me?" The preacher has no platform if the people has no sense of mission.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “In dealing with us, God always starts with our motives. What do you want for the people? What does God wants for his people? What do you want Him to do for you; that's is a starting place.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Blind barthimus used his mouth and his feet to affect what wasn't working in his life? What do you use to affect what's not working in your life? God is not interested in your perfection, He is interested in your participation. It is your participation that attracts the presence of God.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “What is your motive when you go to church? To feed or to be fed? To serve or to be served? To worship or to be worshipped? To praise or to be praised? To teach or to learn? To give or to receive? Remember the woman with the issue of blood did not met Jesus in the church. Blind barthimus was blind though he could hear did not see Jesus but heard about Jesus passing; I am just wondering how many people have heard about Jesus through you? Who was this man interested in? Your answer might be Jesus of course but definitely not. The man loves himself and so was seeking healing even when the crowd could not allow him see Jesus. Let the crowd in the church not deceive you because God usually speak to one. (A bit deep).” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Why do people go to church on Sundays? A question that is very complicated because I know what the answer is supposed to be but I do not really know the answer. . I think people go because it is a kind of tradition . I think some goes because someone told them if tgey do not they might go to hell . Maybe some go to look for a wife or husband ☺ . Maybe some go to church to display their latest designer shoes or handbags . Some goes just to please their Pastor . Some people go to church because they love the music or the preaching . Some goes because of some social reasons and friendship . Some have it in their mind that they will experience the presence of God in the church . Some goes to church because of miracle . Some goes to church when they are expecting something maybe child, comfort, marriage, work etc. . Some felt it is an obligation to give God a day out of the seven days he created Let me tell you that church is not there to entertain you, Ephesians 3:20... there are things going on in the church that some people barely know about. Ask yourself today why do I go to church. I am sure a sincere answer will help you.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I don't just have only the peace of God, I do also have a God who gives peace, not just resources but the revelation of His presence.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Be anxious for no thing, be concerned about the state of your soul and that of your children, be concerned about God's work in the world; these are genuine concern but when it comes to the things in your life.....be not anxious. If God is for us who can be against us?” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Don't think because you can't affect something at a great level that God can't use you in a great way. David didn't even train one day with the armies but He won the war. He didn't even have a weapon but he killed a giant.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God wants to use you right where you are with what you have not what you do not have.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Sometimes God wraps destiny in what we perceive as just another day. The same day that David's father asked him to go and deliver bread to his brothers in the field was the same day that God used him to bring goliath down. Take every minute in your life serious.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God's perspectives requires persistence. To have God's perspective in the world we live in requires persistence.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Sometimes we want God to use us to do big things when we would not even want to do the basics.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “You don't have to position yourself in front of people to be used by God. You don't have to convince anyone that you are good enough for the voice of God, just be grateful that God chooses who He wills and once He is ready to use you, no devil in hell can stop Him.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “You can't disappoint what God has appointed.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If you can't see the assets in you, it will be hard for you to export it to the world. Recognise who you are and the world will recognise you.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “People run around looking for millions of likes in their life and on the social media but do you know what? If you get just one true like from just one who loves you the most, it surpasses all other millions. God loves you the most even without make over.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “In God's presence I find peace that is much deeper than any disappointment. I will grow and I understand I can't grow myself, that is why I need God and His grace.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “We are all planted in God's vineyard and our lives are filled with potentials and purpose and we have all been given the hopes to anchor our lives even in the most disappointed times. So God is waiting to see what you and I will make out of the raw materials that He has given to us. He is waiting to see what we will make out of the discouragement and disappointment. I believe that in those deepest places of disappointment that the greatest grace will manifest.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I am so glad that God's disappointment in me is not greater than his love and I still have a Destiny. I am growing in grace and mercy because that is the only soil that can produce the kind of life that God desires.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Real faith looks beneath the surface. Real faith knows that faith works sometimes in dark places. Real faith knows that sometimes in order to see a change, you will have to steer through your situation to really see it.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Some people are disappointed in their life because they are trying to use the tools that God did not authorised them to use in their life, trying to build on a purpose that is not even attached in their personality.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “In God’s Kingdom there are no overnight sensations or flash-in-the-pan successes. Anyone who wants to be used of God will experience hidden years in the backside of the desert. During that time the Lord is polishing, sharpening and preparing us to fit into His bow, so at the right time, like “a polished shaft” He can launch us into fruitful service. The invisible years are years of serving, studying, being faithful in another person’s ministry and doing the behind-the-scenes work. The Bible says, ‘God is not unjust; he will not forget your work’ (Hebrews 6:10 NIV 2011 Edition). Be patient; when the time is right He will bring forth the fruit He placed inside you.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “What "wasting time" means? At the time we glorify self instead of glorify God, at that time we are wasting our time as... God is Time.” ― indonesia123 “We always think that God's presence is always provided to fix our problems but what if God's presence is more about fixing your perspectives? So that you will have a new way to see your problems. If you didn't make your bed before leaving home this morning, no angel is going to make your bed for you, it is still going to be as you left it till you come back.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I have always debated Vijay on the presence of god, that god is not real, fake. I do not know why it felt strange there. I think the people who follow their dreams, the people who do what they love and the people who are truly happy. They have presence of god inside them, they are just normal people like me, but they know what happiness is, they know what love is, they know the meaning of life. They are their own god, they guide themselves, and they show themselves the path and live the life of their own choices.” ― Shaikh Ashraf, Friendship, Love & Sacrifice “Do you know where your breakthrough begins? Your breakthrough begins where your excuses ends.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The forgiveness of God flows through me and because I am forgiven, I can forgive.” ― Patience Johnson “Have you ever make out time to ask God if there is anything or anybody you need to drop in your life? Are you still holding on to offences? When is the right time to drop it? I am sure once you make this attempt He will show you. I declare that God is going to set some captives free.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Evil is real but God is greater.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God always have a perfect way for every imperfect situations.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Could it be that while you are waiting for God to come down and help you, God is also waiting for you to get up? Maybe your breakthrough never happen when your situation changes but when you make a determination within yourself without excuses or blaming anybody and not waiting for anyone and stop praying that your situation change but let God change you. Let your prayer be God change me, God work in me, spring out the rivers of living water within me and I bet you, this is where the breakthrough begins. ☺just a thought and something to ponder on....” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The reason some people do not experience God in their life is the same reason that we do not notice that something is going wrong with our marriage untill we arrive in a divorce court or that something is wrong with our child until we got a phone call from the police station . Simply put....Because we do not pay attention” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Is it not funny, in the presence of an unlimited God, we will still be stucked? Sometimes faith overwrites the fact, that some people have not come to realise. Stop giving excuses and telling God what is happening around you. You have the tools.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “For those of you who are begging God for a breakthrough, this is not the way of getting something from your heavenly father, you don't have to beg him for what He already bought for you, you don't have to beg Him for what He died to give you. You don't have to convince people, you don't have to convince anybody if God likes to do a work in your life, it is done.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The more desperate the situation, the more opportunity for miracle. If you need something from God, you need to be at the right place, the right position and at the right time” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Do you want to feel better or do you want to get well are two different things. Some people go to church to feel better but never get well. Some come to church for comfort and leave unchanged. And that is what sin represents. ..it is a place to be comfortable thereby feeling normal in your own disfunction.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Stop praying to God to change your marriage or your finances because you might end up seeing that you are the one that need the change not your marriage or finances.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If you ask me I think the greatest breakthrough each and everyone of us need is not on finance, marriage, work, relationship, own house, car but self. The first breakthrough should start from being selfish.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Love, inspirational, life, humor, philosophy, truth, wisdom, happiness, god, hope, romance, death, inspirational-quotes, quotes, faith, poetry,writing, inspiration, knowledge Religion, education, success, relationships, funny, science, life-lessons, books, motivational, spirituality, dreams, fear, freedom, intelligence, friendship, humour, war, motivation, time, women, beauty, reading, art, politics, Christianity, soul, leadership, pain, change, history, people, marriage, nature, peace, music, heart, self-help, spiritual” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “It is weird to me on how people will come to church frequently and have absolutely no desire or intention to change anything about their life based on what they experienced in the church.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Sometimes we are asking God to reveal his presence, provisions and purpose in our lives and we pray like we are trying to get God's attention but I think prayer has less with getting God's attention but He getting mine.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Offence is an event, offended is a decision. Offence and offended we have to live through it but to stay offended? To live in that place denies the very nature of the salvation that you claimed to have received.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “When I call on God, I am not trying to get his attention and I am not trying to get Him to notice me. In all this my journey with Him two questions usually comes to my mind, they are; am I paying attention to him or am I trying to get his attention?” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Being married or being in a close relationship is not based on how quickly you can get offended but on how you are ready to drop the offences, get over it and move ahead.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Before Marriage opposite attracts, after marriage opposite attacks☺. Just telling you the truth.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God takes two and make them one but satan takes one and make it two.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The closer the relationship, the greater the opportunities for intimacy. However the greater the opportunity the closer to offence. (A bit deep). Nobody can really make you mad more than someone that you really love. Nobody can hurt you like the somebody you have given your heart to.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The enemies agenda is destruction, his strategy is division and his tactics is on little differences. Mind you he is not going to be happy until he sees you divided.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “What starts in the heart doesn't stay in the heart, it either turn into action or words.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Long before something happens in our life, it happened in our heart.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Freedom comes from focus, focus brings freedom. Focus on fear you will always be in prison, focus on faith and is nothing the world can keep you knocked down.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If God can help us locate demands, He can also help us locate the leaks.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Dear Lord please show me what really matters so that I may be able to determine what is distraction and God's direction in my life.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “If I should be available to everyone, I will eventually end up with nothing to give to anyone. So the greatest gift you can receive from me is my time. Count yourself lucky if I give you a minute of my hour.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “God's voice will be heard in the cave but only His visions will be revealed to you on the mountain. (A bit deep). God will always love you and will always speak to you but when you lose your perspective, you won't see his plan.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Some roads are covered with flower. Some hearts are full with kindness.” ― Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion “If you walk in any direction walk in the direction toward your greatest dream.” ― Shannon L. Alder “Happiness has only one colour: The Bright! The bright of red, the bright of green, the bright of any colour! Happiness is bright! It shines, it sparkles, it glints!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan “I'm two days away from day after tomorrow Counting the hours to my upcoming sorrow Suddenly I look into the eyes of my child Then all sadness gone as I smile the way she smiled” ― Munia Khan “If negative emotions have gain access into your heart, it is because you have given it attention. If memories of pain and hurt dominates your heart, it is because you gave them attention. How can a memory hurt you when it has only happened? It can only hurt you when you give it attention.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The open door is never behind you; the open door is always before you. Quit looking at your past life and mistakes. Look unto Jesus who is the Author and Perfector of our faith. Your open door is not in the opportunity you missed ten years ago, it is not in some stuffs behind you that you can't get back. You can't gain your access by giving attention to your past life. Your past days are behind you and what God has for you is in front of you. Just pay attention.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “What you see and what you listen to will determine how high you will go.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Merecer la pena", qué expresión mas extraña. Yo quiero que merezcamos la alegría, no quiero más penas. No hay nada que merezca más lágrimas.” ― Lucía Baskaran, Partir “It's hard to know what happy is if you're not sure if you've felt it before.” ― Kelly Thompson, The Girl Who Would Be King “We see that happiness is not comfort. Happiness is the freedom to choose one's own way.” ― Chris Matakas, The Tao of Jiu Jitsu “Get soaked in adventures with your heart and mind.” ― divyaelizabeth “Because I love purple..” ― divyaelizabeth “On my journey from the fantastical to the practical, spirituality has gone from being a mystical experience to something very ordinary and a daily experience. Many don’t want this, instead they prefer spiritual grandeur, and I believe that is what keeps enlightenment at bay. We want big revelations of complexity that validates our perceptions of the divine. What a let down it was to Moses when God spoke through a burning bush! But that is exactly the simplicity of it all. Our spiritual life is our ordinary life and it is very grounded in every day experience. For me, it is the daily practice of kindness, mindfulness, happiness, and peace.” ― Alaric Hutchinson “Before reacting to any conflicting situation in life. Ask yourself a simple question: "You want to be happy or you want to be right?” ― Aditya Ajmera “Happiness is already in the future because your heart and mind took you there a million times already. It knew.” ― Shannon L. Alder “I am sure there are other versions of happiness, but this one is mine.” ― Lynsey Addario, It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War “El hábito de entrar en mí mismo hizo que perdiera al fin el sentimiento y casi el recuerdo de mis males, aprendí así por mi propia existencia que la fuente de la verdadera felicidad está en nosotros y que no depende de los hombres el hacer realmente miserable a quien sabe querer ser feliz.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau “Even on the silent days, believe your ship will come.” ― Shana Chartier “Declutter your life from the burden of all that stands between you and your dreams.” ― K.J. Kilton “You can't love me if you don't love you, you can't think of nothing to do with me if you can't think of nothing to do with yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself and tidy up, clean up the apartment until you get a house, do that job until you build your own company. Look at what you have and think on how to make it better.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “There is a throne up there and someone is sitting on it. It is not you, the economy or your government. My God is still on the throne and I shall not worry.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “My faith gives me the ability to say, whatever is next, I'm ready. If it is Hillary or Trump I am ready because they might sit on the desk but they do not sit on the throne.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “You don't have to feel grateful in order to be grateful.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “The size of a plane does not change the weather but it will get you above it. The size of your faith may not change your situation but it will get you over it.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “I didn't get to God by effort or title, I got there by invitation. God can lift you quickly if you let Him. He really cares.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “Knowing what's ETERNAL will sustain you through the EPHEMERAL.” ― Tehya Sky “And where do I go? Where on Earth does a person go when she realizes there's no place for her? You can't possibly try to fit in, because if you do, if you manage to carve out some beautiful niche of happiness for yourself, then one day it will be taken from you as surely and truly as the sun rises each morning.” ― Kelly Thompson, The Girl Who Would Be King “There is no where that life problem can take you that God's presence cannot reach you. There is nothing that people can do to you that can keep God from getting to you.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder “And my chest swells with an emotion I'm not familiar with . . . happiness? Pride? I'm not sure what it is, but I suddenly feel compelled to do things that will make me feel this way all the time, which gives me pause, since that seems dangerous too.” ― Kelly Thompson, The Girl Who Would Be King “You have a standing invitation to experience God's presence but you have to pay attention because attention creates access.” ― Patience Johnson, Why Does an Orderly God Allow Disorder